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Lily has never been quite like other people. Since she was a child, her wild imagination and strong memory have given her the talent to create her own home. A place in her mind away from the dangers of the world, to keep her dreams and memories safe.

But during a night out with her friends, something happened. Something terrible and now her life has changed forever. Help Lily use her imagination to unlock her memories and relive the events of that night.

Discover what happened and what is 103, a first-person mystery adventure video game developed by Dystopia Interactive.

  • Play through 103 simply by looking at objects to piece the story together. The more that you observe the environment, the more you understand. Primary instructions and simple riddles are given through two picture frames which direct you to progress.
  • 103 focuses on having a smaller, detailed environment that you can explore. Read messages, solve puzzles, view pictures and objects as well as experience events and encounter characters that all help you understand what happened.
    • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
    • OS: Windows 7, 8, 10
    • Processor: Intel i5 7600 or equivalent
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: GT 1030 2GB / RX 560 4GB
    • DirectX: Version 10
    • Storage: 2 GB available space


Posted: February 6
Product received for free

"Guard yourself and your conscience. No one else will, and know that a bad decision at the right time can destroy you far more surely than any bullet!" – James Clavell, King Rat

103 is Dystopia Interactive’s first game, and it is a short yet alluring walking simulation with some puzzles and psychological horror elements. As a beginning to the developer’s career, it is lovely, yet still bears some elements that can be invested in more. Let’s see, shall we?

The store page description is short and to the point: "Help Lily use her imagination to unlock her memories and relive the events of a night that changed her life. Discover what happened and what is 103." Sadly, through our half-hour playthrough not much that amplifies the narrative further will take place. We will never hear the name of Lily again or have any indication what this ominous 103 can be until the very end. I personally would prefer seeing more narrative pieces within the game, rather than encountering only two diary pieces. Yet, the symbolic narrative on what memories those can be becomes elegantly apparent once you reach the part. I wouldn’t like to give out spoilers but let’s say that Lily is a young woman with an artistic mind, who makes one dreadful mistake at some point. If you care to spare that half hour of discovery, I think most things will be cleared about the story by the end. It is depressive and even a bit existentialist, but hey, marionettes at the trailer should have been an indication anyway.

The display qualities of this short game are most assuredly breathtaking. Unreal engine makes wonders on the cute but creepy vibe emanating from the environment design. Candles, little play blocks, quotations and photographs on walls display the subconscious of our protagonist perfectly. The color palette and the utilization of light changes according to the mood of the memory, and sound effects are also one of the high points. Giggles, murmurs, footsteps echoing in the halls keep you on your toes, keep you interested. Everything within the small, 2 rooms and a 5-piece hallway environment keep surprising you with small, yet creepy changes. Soundtrack is also quite fitting and may even be considered a good buy after the completion.

Considering this is a really, really short game; there are only three actual puzzles to go through and only the first one can be considered somewhat as a challenge. Aside that, you have to walk around and take notice what has changed since the previous moment of realization. Sometimes a new line appears on a message board, sometimes the marionette starts to go through a new movement pattern, and you know a mood swing in the memory is on its way. The only mechanic that you should be aware of, is that you must look at things 2-3 seconds at every given time, for them to register in the story progression. If it doesn’t register at the first time you’ve discovered it, try looking away and looking at it again. You’ll know that it registered with a change in the sound or the light. Then, you start walking around again, to see what changed.

At the end of the day, 10 dollars is really steep for your purchase here, but on a decent sale, it is something you can enjoy as a walking simulation with psychological horror elements. Oh, and the soundtrack is a must, if you ask me.

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Posted: January 2
Original, clever and thought-provoking story which although is short will leave a lasting mark.

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The basis of the game is to walk around four corridors. The corridors are a representation of Lillie’s mind and memories. As you walk through the corridors you will see various pictures and reflections of her life. Most of these images will be visual only and act to paint a picture of the story we are about to unravel.

Some of the items on the wall you can interact with and they will alter and progress the story. You will soon learn which items you can interact with. There is no action button however. You can examine an object by looking at it. If the object can be interacted with the view zooms in on that object and it will either give a clue to what to examine next or it will further reveal part of the story.

My only criticism of the game is that the interaction between these objects is sometimes difficult. On a few occasions I have zoomed into an object and nothing has happened, but if I step away and try again it works. There is a slight problem with interactions triggering events. It looks like you will have to be in the exact spot or else it will not work. You will also have to wait a few seconds for events to trigger which can trick you to begin with. This is only a mild irritation however and didn’t spoil my enjoyment of the story.

There are a few puzzles in the game which aren’t too taxing but clever in their conception. The puzzles aren’t just random, they are all designed to add to the storyline and have a role in revealing events.

You will walk around the same four corridors continually until the game ends. It sounds boring and restrictive but it is surprisingly effective. Things are constantly changing, adapting and revealing. It’s a beautiful and extremely original concept.

I would recommend playing this game in one sitting if you can. It will take you around ninety minutes to complete. The manner in which the game slowly reveals the story is wonderful and there are plenty of original moments which are both shocking and exciting.

The game is essentially a short walking simulator with a few puzzles and a captivating story.


The sound is wonderful. There is an eerie soundtrack playing throughout, and the sound effects are used effectively to create drama. There are occasional voice parts which are performed professionally.


The graphics are very nicely drawn. They have a very individual style which works extremely well portraying the story. The characters are distinctive and full of detail and although the environment is limited it effectively creates a mood that intensifies the story. Dramatic events are illustrated exceptionally well and I was impressed by the way the graphics enhanced the ambience.

Original, clever and thought provoking. If you love walking simulators then this is an exceptional example of the genre. The puzzle elements were a welcome addition and very clever in their concept.

Graphics, sound and art style elevated the story to a memorable experience which I would highly recommend.

My only criticism would be that the interactive parts of the game were sometimes difficult to trigger and the price tag may seem a little high for the game time. Saying that however, it really feels like an exceptional and professional piece of work.

The game was received free through curator connect.

Lilly (◠‿◠)

Posted: January 26
Product received for free

It’s pretty hard to describe in words what 103 is, but one term comes to mind whenever I think of it: artsy. Playing the game is a truly unique experience and I hope you’ll be curious enough to give it a try.

One could say that 103 fits into the walking simulator category, yet it doesn’t adhere 100% to the genre. The whole game takes place inside a mysterious mansion whose corridors you’ll be walking up and down in a looping manner, searching for those elements that will trigger the story forwards, but there are also a couple of mini-puzzles to figure out.

One thing that I really liked about 103’s story design was the way that the developers chose to unwind it: instead of having a cursive flow of events, the story is revealed bit by bit, like a jigsaw puzzle, by interacting with various objects. For the most part of the game, you will not have an idea of what actually happened, why you are there, who you are or what you are supposed to do, but in the end all the pieces come together as a surprising revelation.

The objects you need to interact with are not highlighted in any way, and even more than that: they “activate” only when you take a close look at them for a few seconds. This compels the player to explore, to look around and to keep a slow pace overall. And there is a lot to see – the amount of details that the artists put into 103 is substantial. The beautiful graphics and the eerie music grant the game a strong sinister vibe, but also a warm feeling given mostly by the numerous candle lights and other light effects.

103 has a peculiar way of inducing a calming state mixed with the ghostly mood that anticipates a jump scare. The emotional build-up of the game culminates with a powerful and dramatic ending that will bring you comprehension of the story but will also give you some chills on the spine. It’s a satisfying experience, but alas a very short one – it takes roughly 45 minutes – 1h to go through the whole game, even at a slow pace. This might, or might not justify the spicy price – if not for the length then maybe for the beauty of the art.

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Posted: January 6
That was the best hour in gaming Ive had in a long time. Typically I am not a fan of very short games but this was just right in length for the message it sends. No replayability but Id replay it just to experience it again.

Lucafg – Video Games & Art

Posted: January 5
Product received for free

Short mind bending narrative game expressing significant content. Really pleasant aesthetics and enchanting soundscape create an experience worth to be played. Light effects are impressive; I liked also the scary dolls and mannequins. Staring at objects is the main interactive mechanic; it should be improved, it’s not always clear when you are doing right. You are walking back and forth in a narrow circular corridor, but at every turn you are finding always something different and new; that reminded me of Layers of Fear by Bloober Team. However this is not a horror game, even if chilling atmosphere keeps you thrilled. You need just two hours for the whole experience.


Breve gioco narrativo in grado di esprimere contenuti significativi. L’estetica molto piacevole e l’incantevole paesaggio sonoro contribuiscono a creare un’esperienza che merita di essere giocata. Gli effetti di luce sono notevoli; ho apprezzato anche l’utilizzo di bambole e manichini inquietanti. Fissare gli oggetti con lo sguardo è l’unica meccanica interattiva, ma dovrebbe essere migliorata perché non sempre è chiaro quando si sta facendo la cosa giusta. Sostanzialmente si cammina su e giù per uno stretto corridoio circolare, ma ad ogni svolta si trova sempre qualcosa di nuovo o differente; mi ha ricordato Layers of Fear del Bloober Team. Comunque non è un gioco horror, anche se l’atmosfera tesa crea una certa suspense. Bastano due ore per completare l’esperienza.


American Beetle

Posted: December 21, 2018
103 reminds me of the Silent Hill playable teaser in terms of how it was formatted. The game is essentially a walking simulator that takes about 60-90 minutes to beat. I would not consider it a horror game, although it was a little spooky – more like a dark fantasy than anything else. You have a very small area to explore which loops around, but there are many psychological effects and cool visuals that will add some variety. Fortunately, I did not run into many technical problems except for one of the puzzles. However, based on what I see in the forum it seems like the game could have some issues. I will say that my system specs were below recommended and the game run well with no lag. The video settings are very limited, only providing a few preset graphics options and volume control. I think the game is gorgeous so I had no reason to play with the settings, but I can only speak for myself.

The only way to interact with the game is to look at the correct item for several seconds. That mechanic can be a little confusing because you might be looking at an object from a wrong position (or not doing it long enough), so you might assume that you doing something wrong when nothing happens. 103 has a few very easy puzzles if you want to call them that. Mostly the game is pretty linear and not very challenging. I had to restart the game for one of the puzzles to fix the glitch, but that only happened for that specific place. Even though 103 does not have a lot of space to explore, I do like its detail and visual effects. All those extra posters on the walls kinda remind me of Bendy & the Ink Machine . My favorite part was the music and how the developer used the sound effects, it always seemed like there was something happening around the corner – giving the game a nice atmosphere.


+ immersive atmosphere
+ cool psychological effects
+ creative visuals
+ mysterious narrative


– limited game settings
– I run into one serious glitch
– interacting was a bit clunky

Overall Thoughts: 7/10

I enjoyed the game despite a few problems, especially its format which reminds me of PT. It is admittedly a little short, I could have beaten it in 1 hour, but I found myself looking at all the posters in the game for several minutes. Also, I feel like the developer should have put many random events for replay value. Overall I do not regret buying this game, but you might run into a few technical problems.


Posted: December 21, 2018
First off, The video above is the FULL GAMEPLAY WALKTHROUGH^^
Here’s a full review of the game :
This game is a 25-40 minute IMMENSE walking simulator story… Honestly it gets pretty emotional towards the end (No spoilers here (; haha) You’re set in one location the entire time which is okay because stuff happens throughout the game to make the experience amazing. THIS IS A HORROR GAME! Not full of cheap jumpscares but paranormal activities happen throughout the game which makes you feel uneasy and frightened. The short and unspoiled story behind this is that you’re dealing with past tradgedies and remembering what happened that night. I STRONGLY Reccomend you give this game a shot. I enjoyed it and im 100% positive you will too… Now for some PROS and CONS

Pros :
-The game looks beautiful
-Give you different graphic choices which will change the theme of the place just a little (Graphic setting 2 makes it look alot scarier) (Grapic setting 4 gives you some more light)
-Can’t run but you can move at a reasonable speed
-The setting is an older "mansion" like maybe 1800’s which makes it creepy o_0
-Its short and doesnt drag out for hours upon hours
-Story is to the point and delivers well
-Mannequins are actually freaky
-There are no bugs in the game
-Smooth and fluent movements

Cons :
-Don’t know if it would be clear for alot of people in the beggining of the game when its "look at me" you need to look at the note and not her.. Just give it a second and some new words will appear
-Not 100% clear on what you are supposed to do next but easy enough to figure out eventually

-Thats all I got! I really enjoyed the game ; Make sure to check out the gameplay above!


Posted: January 21
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A free walking simulator which tells a story in an interesting way. The music, art, and modeling in this game are all top-class, but unfortunately the story and gameplay fall short.

The entire game takes place in a single hallway, which you walk slowly around in circles looking for what to do next — or rather, what to look at next, since all of the game’s interactions are triggered by looking at things. And unfortunately, that mechanic does not work well. I had to look at a guide five times over the short 40 minute game, only to find out every time that I had already done the correct thing, it just hadn’t triggered correctly.

The story itself is not a bad idea, but it lacks any sort of substance – the big "twist" at the end is the entire story. And unfortunately, the twist is painfully obvious from the moment you start the game, so the entire game consists of watching them slowly slooowly build up to the big reveal you already know is coming.

Overall, I think this is a great showcase that the devs are capable of creating a good game. However, this is not it. I don’t think this is worth the time to play, but if the devs release another game, I’ll certainly be giving it a chance.


Posted: January 4
I am giving 103 a thumbs up, due to it being a thoroughly beautiful and creepy experience, oozing of atmosphere, and featuring an exquisite soundtrack. It is definitely worth playing.

However, be aware that the game barely lasts 30 minutes, which you can maybe stretch to an hour if you replay in order to see things under the light of the revelation at the end, and/or you check out everything closely (which is worth it for sure).
You will have a great time playing 103, but I’ll leave it up to you to decide whether 30-60 mins of gameplay is worth the current asking price at the time you’re about to buy it. (buy the soundtrack though, it’s worth every penny)


Posted: January 4
Such a beautiful game. Love the idea and wow, what a powerful message. I will definitely recommend this game to everyone I know. Good job developers, everything came together wonderfully. So happy that I found you on Kickstarter, and so proud to have been able to back you.


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