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About This Game

Drift, Tricks & Fun!

Tired of 2-wheeled vehicles? ATV Drift & Tricks is the ATV game for you! A quads-only racing game, with 3 reasons to have fun:

Playable solo or in multiplayer with 8 wild game modes:
League, Time Trial, Quick Race, Hot Lap, King of the Road, Golden Helmet, Last One Standing and Hunter. Do a series of races on your own or split screen with friends in game modes with extraordinary challenges. Want more? Start an online multiplayer race with 10 participants to see who controls their ATV the best.

Varied tracks you can do over and over again:
Deserts, Forests, Mountains, Lakes, Rivers, Oases ā€¦ Settings that that will fill your eyes! No doubt, you’ll really see it all!

Crazy Stunts & Drifts to the Max:
Jump high into the air each time you do a stunt that will drive your opponents crazy! Come back down to the ground and rack up the drifts. Your tires will pay the price, and so will your opponents!

    • OS: Windows 7/8/10
    • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo CPU E6550 2.33GHz
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 1GB
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Storage: 12 GB available space
ATV Drift & Tricks-0
ATV Drift & Tricks-1
ATV Drift & Tricks-2
ATV Drift & Tricks-3
ATV Drift & Tricks-4
ATV Drift & Tricks-5
ATV Drift & Tricks-6
ATV Drift & Tricks-7
ATV Drift & Tricks-8
ATV Drift & Tricks-9
ATV Drift & Tricks-0
ATV Drift & Tricks-1
ATV Drift & Tricks-2
ATV Drift & Tricks-3
ATV Drift & Tricks-4
ATV Drift & Tricks-5
ATV Drift & Tricks-6
ATV Drift & Tricks-7
ATV Drift & Tricks-8
ATV Drift & Tricks-9


Posted: November 14, 2017
Umm. Must be the missing dlc from Moto Racer 4 season pass. Exact same tracks & UI + bathtubs.. that can’t drift. It’s called ATV DRIFT! On the upside performance is good and with further tweaks could still be fun. Nothing else to play and never played Moto Racer 4? Go for it. Otherwise I would suggest waiting for the bundle/giveaway. Nothing new here for anyone who did play it.

Rejutka Lupex

Posted: January 2, 2018
Only buy this if you have a controller!

There is no keyboard support to speak of.

The game may be fine – it’s most likely a copy of Moto Racer 4, they have the same ridiculous keyboard layout – but I never got to try it because I’m not going to sprain my fingers trying to reach the keys.
(Speed up/forward is Z, Brake/backwards is S, Wheelie is LEFT SHIFT. On my keyboard, Z is next to T, German layout switches the Y and Z keys.)

You can’t reconfigure the keys, you can’t easily change the language.

Beside that, the labelling of the on-screen buttons is horrible – as is, again, the keyboard layout – ENTER to proceed is normal, but backspace to get back? No to forget that quite a few buttons are labelled "RETURN". (To those who don’t know, that’s actually the name of one of the two ENTER keys on your keyboard. One is ENTER, the other is RETURN. Granted, nowadays not something everyone needs to know, but a developer should. And thus avoid labelling a button like that, especially if the symbol is the backspace symbol which does look similar to the return symbol…)

In case you’re wondering, yes I’m angry. I already bought Moto Racer 4 just to discover it’s useless to me, now I basically bought it again.
(Fortunately, I didn’t spend much it’s currently in a bundle on IndieGala.)


Posted: November 26, 2017
good for fun, a bit too much arcade game for me , gameplay is easy , works with my xbox controller šŸ˜‰


Posted: February 19, 2018
Graphics are decent and it is a really fun game. It reminds me of an old original xbox game that had a couple of Godsmack songs on it and this really takes me back. The physics feel good and its just a blast. Recomended.

Kosher Dave

Posted: January 26, 2018
This is a great game that i got on sale recently and don’t regret it one bit. The people with negative reviews on this game must have been using a keyboard as the controls for this game work perfect with an xbox one controller. Great graphics, great sounds and selection of music, tight controls, nice physics- game has an arcade feel to it but i like this and great selection of tracks and racers.

There’s single player and split screen for races as well as online for up to ten people which i love. If you are just getting this to play alone don’t worry as there is a career mode that gets more and more challenging as you progress up the rankings and unlock more and more racers and content as well. The achievements are a great addition as well and their are rankings and leaderboards to compete with your friends and steam as a whole.

Obviously I highly recommend this game and give it a 7 out of 10 rating due to immense fun but if i had to be picky i took it down a notch due to the trick system which i think could have been better implemented and more diverse. For a racer that is under 9 dollars and on sale at the moment, you owe it to yourself if you are an ATV racing fan to give the game a try as it’s great offline or online and has high replayability and bang for the buck!


Posted: March 1
Product received for free

I grew up playing ATV Offroad Fury on PS2 and I got this game to scratch that itch. Even without comparing the two, this game fails by a long shot. The gameplay is very arcade like, the physics are not very realistic, and controlling the ATV in the air looks not only bad but just plain wrong.

This game wouldn’t be too bad if it just focused strictly on ATVs and racing like most games of the like. But instead it’s a mixture of racing, a timing mini game, and points. The tracks are narrow and if you veer of track at all then you lose points. If you land long jumps or boosts then you get points. In order to do so you have to play a timing mini game at the bottom of the screen where you try to stop two solid, moving triangles in the middle of a single stationary triangle outline. All mixed together it just takes away from the thrill of racing and driving ATVs.

I feel less like Iā€™m playing an ATV game on my PC and more like I will be asked to insert a coin to continue at the end of the race. I appreciate the inclusion of having splitscreen but there isn’t even a free roam mode for simply enjoying the gameplay. Sure, splitscreen has a few more game modes to play but they all revolve around racing and points. I got this game on sale for less than $5 and I still want my money back. Certainly not worth the full price they ask for.


Posted: January 13, 2018
No keyboard binding, extremely hard to control.

osmanas mazurinas

Posted: March 27, 2018
this game laggs and has horrible controls


Posted: October 9, 2018
Racing games isn’t my usually cup of tea but this one catch my eye and turned out it is fun little game to jump for a quick burst here and there and relax a little. No story you have to follow or anything like that so you can jump after couple months and right away know what to do šŸ™‚
Good looking and quite enjoyable.


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