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An unrivaled clash of explosive proportions! The beloved BlazBlue franchise Crosses universes, Tags in fan favorites, and Battles it out in BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle! Created through an all-star collaboration between BlazBlue, Atlus’ Persona, French Bread’s Under Night In-Birth, and Rooster Teeth’s hugely popular RWBY web series, Cross Tag Battle celebrates the fighting genre for pros and newcomers alike! Choose your team in fast paced 2v2 team battles filled with the craziness you’ve come to love from BlazBlue, with all the tight mechanics, smooth gameplay, and gorgeous 2D graphics you expect from Arc System Works.

BlazBlue, celebrating 10 years of fighting game excellence in 2018, is a series long beloved by the fighting game community for its deep and engrossing story, its vast cast of balanced characters, and its quick and kinetic gameplay style.

Atlus’ Persona series, a worldwide RPG phenomenon and no stranger to the fighting game genre itself. Persona characters have appeared in Arc System Works games before, notable Persona 4 Arena and Persona 4 Arena Ultimax.

Under Night In-Birth is veteran fighting game developer French Bread’s first foray into an original title, coming hot off the heels of their success with the cult classic series Melty Blood.

Rooster Teeth’s animated mega hit, RWBY, has been a popular franchise for years, crossing both gender and age barriers to become a mainstream hit. Characters from the RWBY series have never appeared in a fighting game before. Until now.
    • OS: Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10
    • Processor: Intel Core i5 / i7
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: GeForce GTX 650 / Radeon R7 250 or better
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 20 GB available space
    • Additional Notes: Requires a 16:9 resolution monitor for optimal performance.
BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle-0
BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle-1
BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle-2
BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle-3
BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle-4
BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle-5
BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle-6
BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle-7
BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle-8
BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle-9
BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle-10
BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle-11
BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle-12
BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle-13
BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle-0
BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle-1
BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle-2
BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle-3
BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle-4
BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle-5
BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle-6
BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle-7
BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle-8
BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle-9
BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle-10
BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle-11
BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle-12
BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle-13


Posted: December 7, 2018
at least i can play persona franchise on PC…


Posted: June 5, 2018
Shini did nothing wrong.


Posted: June 7, 2018
At first I was skeptical of the game when it first revealed, but it grew on me slowly. Now that it has been released, I can give my impressions.

SP Content: Each series has its own episode that’s told in a visual novel style for the story. There’s a Tactics mode which teaches you how to play the game, explains each character’s moves, combos challenges, and just challenges in general like doing a tag combo with a minimum amount of damage. There’s the typical survival, training, etc. modes, too.

MP Content: There’s ranked (TBA), lobby, and rooms for multiplayer. The majority of your time will probably be spent in lobby where you can challenge people to matches that are best of 3. Room matches are rooms you can create that hold up to eight people that either take turns fighting with the option of turning it into a free for all. All these modes would be nothing without good netcode, though. It’s not the rollback everybody has been asking for, but it’s the best delay-based netcode I have experienced.

It’s true that the game has auto-combos, but that’s not where the meat of the game is. Every character plays uniquely and each series is unique. There’s are some universal mechanics like every character having an invicible reversal. This also happens to be the only air unblockable attack in the game. It’s also the one attack you can’t burst while being punished. Going into every mechanic would be a bit much, but the game has you covered.

I’ll try to simplify each series as best as I can. BlazBlue characters keep their drives, but they’re integrated into their specials or auto-combos. Persona characters can still use their persona but now they lose life when their persona is attacked. RWBY characters seem to have attacks that allow them access to solo air combos, and UNIST characters keep their traits and reverse beat.

I know I said I would let the game explain all the mechanics, but I love the tag mechanics. Being able to use three different attacks, swap characters during attacks, use them as a burst, and have both characters attack at once MvC style. It will have enough depth for fighting game veterans and allow casuals to do cool looking combos on their friends.

tl;dr I like the game, it’s fun, and I think it’s worth a buy.


Posted: August 4, 2018
Product received for free

Game appears easy since the combos are simple to execute.
Then I watched EVO and learned there is A LOT more to this game.


Posted: June 9, 2018
I’m one of the people who has run into almost no problems with the game, so I’ll review it from the standpoint that it works. (Save for a few crashes but that’s fine.)

*DS4Windows working properly with my controller. Don’t know about arcade sticks but I assume the same.

I’m a longtime fan of BB (since CT) as well as UNIB (since the infinite combos LOL).

I was actually a bit afraid of how ‘dumbed down’ the game would be with 2 buttons and a dedicated overhead button, but jeez, I was extremely wrong.

The complexity has just moved over, and maybe a little less, but it’s there. You have to worry about if your opponent has meter for a cross burst, mixup game is of course still there, and combos are extendable now with assists but you’ll have to think of if it’s worth the few seconds you don’t have cross burst available. If you do an oki do you have the bar to make an unsafe move safe with assist? Etc, etc. The complexity and fundamentals of a fighting game is still there, so don’t worry about that.

As for character diversity… HOOOOOOOOLLYYYYY. I have not been this impressed in a very long time. This has probably been the first time in a while that I have gone through each character and tried to mix and match people and try everyone out. I tend to stay away from grapplers but I even tried Kanji/Gord among other things just to see what I could do.

Sound effects, music (so glad they switched back to Continuum Shift iteration music where it was applicable), and VOICES. The english voices are such a breath of fresh air. I’ve longed to hear Patrick Seitz curse at me again as Ragna, and the UNIB voices are WONDERFUL. Ian Sinclair as Gordeau is my favorite so far. Of course, you always have the option of turning on JPN voices, or even mix and match if you like!

Netplay leaves much to be desired, but that’s how it always is. But the matches I can find with 1/2/3+ connections are fairly good and consistent.

Overall? Very good anime fighter. And for newbies? The tutorial mode is GREAT. Very happy with my purchase. Will pick up some DLC characters as well that interest me.

And remember, don’t be deterred just cause you got beat a few times. Getting good at a fighting game means learning from defeats, spending hours in the lab and doing research on your character. Dedicate yourself!

Pickle Pee

Posted: February 13
it has aigis


Posted: June 25, 2018
Just add Terumi or Adachi and my life is complete


Posted: July 1, 2018
+ Tracks from the 4 series were collected for this game, with a few originals; there’s something for everyone
+ RWBY’s music in particular comes in the form of special medleys; I like how the songs “shift” mid-match
+ English dubs are back after being absent in Central Fiction;
extra brownie points for dubbing the Under Night In-Birth cast (previously JP only)
+ Character voices can be mixed and matched between English and Japanese

~ Much like the music, most stages and characters are carried over from previous games
+ The RWBY cast’s sprites look great…
~ …But they unfortunately contrast against the dated legacy characters (e.g.: Ragna)
+ Color palettes aim to be exotic instead of bland or safe, referencing other characters, games, pop culture, etc.
+ The lobby/hub system from Dragon Ball FighterZ returns, but thankfully, the standard menus are paired with it

+ Cross Tag takes inspiration from games like MVCI and SFXT,
to come up with a unique 2v2 gameplay style with fluid partner switching

+ Auto (“smart”) combos are hardwired into the game,
resulting in most of your damage coming from chaining together smart combos;
it took some time to get acclimated, but I came to enjoy the system

+ Damage is very high overall, and most matches can end within minutes; I both love and hate this

+ Pushblock’s existence, praise be

– Running grabs return from DBFZ, and are somehow worse:
they don’t have a visual indicator,
are virtually unreactable at close range,
their viability is character-dependent,
you can combo off them,
and they can be occasionally wonky

~ All characters (ignoring RWBY) were modified from their original versions in order to fit into Cross Tag’s system; your mileage may vary

+ Story mode is short and sweet; you can decide whose perspective you’ll follow,
and seeing the interactions between characters is essentially the draw of the mode

– …Otherwise, story mode amounts to not much more than filler, which is disappointing,
as since this game is possibly the end of Ragna’s arc, and of 2D sprites from ArcSys,
the potential to give them both a grand sendoff was certainly there

+ Other core modes are here and accounted for:
training, tutorials, combo challenges, missions, survival, etc.

– Single player offerings are rather dry; there is no big “vs CPU” mode to sink your teeth into

+ Netcode quality is solid; your experience will heavily depend on your connection

– My online nitpicks:
Lobby matchmaking can randomly fail and spit out errors
All matches are “best out of 2” sets; you cannot infinitely rematch
Ranked matchmaking is unavailable (at the time of this writing)

Cross Tag gets my recommendation, though I admit $50 is a steep asking price
(Not even going into the DLC practices of this game)
The offline experience isn’t the best, so unless significant content gets added in the future,
this game will live or die by its online playerbase

Eitherway, I eagerly anticipate what ArcSys has in store for us next


Posted: June 7, 2018
coming from blazblue series all i can say is that this game very different from the previous bb games. MoriP was serious when he said to treat it like a new ip. moves and dds have been simplified and your characters loses health way too quickly.
even so after trying it out for a bit its actually quite fun, learning the tag mechanics/autocombos and what you can do with it was a blast.

the only problem so far is that during mp matches the game tends to drop to 5 fps during character intros as well as input lags.

its quite problematic since multiplayer is a big part of the game and i still dont know if im the only one whos having this issue. overall tho its a cool game and if you want to get into fighting games this might just be the one.

EDIT : turns out that most fighting games have input lags if youre playing online. However its not really that big that it’ll be unplayable, its just that you’ll have to adapt to it which i doubt wont take too long. Anyway this game’s fun and the community is always friendly (from my experience so far) heck there are some who’s even willing to help you train. It’s always fun playing this game from time to time, its just that there’s not really that many player around sometimes, hopefully that changes. (WAIT BURURAJI IS NOW WITH SUBTITLES!?)

just end my existence

Posted: June 5, 2018
Such a good game.

Awful PC port.

Hey arcsys could you actually give Shini a ♥♥♥♥ing better workforce and actively develop for pc natively, thanks.

btw check this mod for BBTAG https://steamcommunity.com/app/702890/discussions/0/1694923613855843759/

Current (the same as early CF ones lol) Issues:

Cutscenes (animated) uses some external codec, better work it out or its gonna crash your game.

Character select screen runs at 15 fps on some select PC setups (hey amd fans, hope you enjoy this, its like that centralfiction bug that never got fixed lol) A WORKAROUND YOU CAN DO DISABLING VIRTUAL SUPER RESOLUTION(Gpu scaling is not needed) ON AMD RADEON SETTINGS AND RESTARTING YOUR COMPUTER[cdn.discordapp.com](You will still have some slight slowdowns tho, just not 15 fps anymore.) (Also not a proper fix, it runs at 34 fps, still drops to 20 frames when too many character art assets appear, 60 fps when no character art assets appear (holding cursor in ETC).)

Sprites still have the same bug as CF day 1:1 in where the filtering is awfully wack. (RBWY’s ones look fine tho), btw, the Nintendo Switch ver of this game doesn’t have this issue because it doesn’t have any kind of filter, so it looks better by default. (Can’t toggle on PC, why?)
Example of this.[i.imgur.com] Fixed example[i.imgur.com] For a workaround, use Morphological filter on AMD or Apply antialising thru Nvidia’s control panel. (This will apply to everything being displayed tho.) (It will also not give you untouched unfiltered sprites, incase you wanted that.)

Rendering resolution is locked to 1080p AT ANY RES, doesn’t matter if you go to 720p, if you have a weak pc, tough luck, if you wanted to downsample or run at 4k, even tougher luck.
This will also make any asset be incredibly blocky on screen on under 1080p res. (Switch ver has 720p on undocked and looks fine, so why is there no option on pc? :thonk:)

Oh yeah btw I hope you like having a 50/50 mixup on fullscreen mode because it might explode your game or it might not.

Also resolution doesn’t go above 1080p, you only have 720p, 900p, 1080p(windowed all), and fullscreen 1080p.

Anti-virus programs will eat the .exe of this game. Fixed? Long while since somebody said something about it.

Input issues with keyboard, cannot bind space and also F2 button sometimes work and sometimes doesn’t (Known to be fixed soon apparently). F2 button fixed.

Key prompts spasm all over the place and you only get keyboard or steam controller (???) prompts switching in and out all the time, can’t choose to just have keyboard or controller.

Vsync is locked to 50 hz or the lowest hz you can have, instead of 60 hz. (Actually depends on the setup, might work fine for you or it might not, AMD thing?)

Achievements seem to be kinda wack too, you unlock things that you shouldn’t when doing an specific action.

There’s way more, like random crashes, but idk honestly, these ones up there seems to be the bigger issue, some other issues like low performance its just telling your pc to use your dedicated graphics card most of the times.

Sprites get glitched and show completely offputting colours on AMD cards(?) (also a old CF bug). Example 1[cdn.discordapp.com] Example 2[cdn.discordapp.com] Example 3[cdn.discordapp.com] Example 4[cdn.discordapp.com] Example 5[cdn.discordapp.com] Example 6[cdn.discordapp.com] Example 7[cdn.discordapp.com] Fixed.

Online lobbies have severe connection issues, the most infamous one not being able to connect to any player after playing some matches with somebody, needing you restart the game completely.

HUD takes a ♥♥♥♥ton of resources for no reason gimping your performance, going from 60 fps to 20-40 fps when health bars appear. (Apparently an Nvidia thing?)
Image 1[cdn.discordapp.com]
Image 2[cdn.discordapp.com]

After last patch most players are crashing trying to go into character select screen, some can enter character select screen once but they crash after if they try to do it again, apparently needing a restart. Fixed

After last patch character screen might be broken on some specific setups.

If these problems get fixed (specially of the love of god an option to disable sprite filter and a character select screen low fps fix) I’ll change this to a truly wonderful yes because this game is fuggin’ great m8 I tell you that.

Hardware don’t matter, but I got a HD7870 and some wack♥♥♥♥♥shit♥♥♥♥♥Phenom II X4 cpu, it runs at 60 fps all the time but has some graphical issues, that other games don’t have. (Tekken 7, DBFZ, SFV are other fighting games that work great for me at 1080p+, would this game run great for you if you have a wack pc like mine? It should.)

(Game runs great for me except for that codec issue that crashed my game, those 15 fps on character select, sprite colours and internet connection issues, just needs a spriter filter disabler for me.)

DBFZ worked so well out of the box too… how about you give a little help to Shini, arcsys.


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