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About This Game

An epic adventure awaits you in Castle Story, a strategy game where you command friendly creatures called Bricktrons. Have them explore, carve, dig and gather resources from vast, spectacular floating islands, reshaping the voxel-based world to your desire!

Design and build any structure you can imagine! From mighty and legendary castles to sprawling Bricktron villages. Beware, your Bricktrons will have to take arms and defend themselves against mysterious creatures, the Corruptrons. Build catapults and hurl explosive barrels at the invaders, or lure them into strategically placed traps! The physics system will also challenge the sturdiness of your architecture! A tower whose foundation is destroyed will crumble to the ground realistically.

Castle Story is also a multiplayer experience! Challenge your friends to a round of Conquest or join forces with them to repel the enemies in the Co-Op Invasion gamemode. Of course, you can also group up in sandbox and build together!

The maps in Castle Story are meticulously hand-crafted by the developers and we’re giving you access to the same tool we use! Create your own worlds with our awesome World Editor, share them with the community and try out other player-made maps!
    • OS: 7 and newer, 64-bit
    • Processor: Intel or AMD Dual-Core, 2.2 GHz+
    • Memory: 6 GB RAM
    • Graphics: nVidia GeForce 440 512MB, Radeon HD 4450 512MB, Intel HD 3000
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Storage: 1700 MB available space
    • Additional Notes: Playing on large, player-made maps might affect performance.
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Castle Story-0
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Posted: April 19
I had high hopes for this game…
I bought it a few years back in early access and had a lot of fun with it. No really, i loved this game.

But you can only love a game this long if it is unfinished and the devs are slower with updates than a handicaped turtle.

This game may say it’s finished, but believe me, it’s not. Sure, they added some new features as smithing and crafting over the years, but it still feels like an early access title. It’s bugged, slow and sometimes very unresponsive.
And that is after they hardcapped your units to 15, because they could not get their performance problems in check.

In short: polishing is a foreign word for them and they don’t seem capable of fixing existing problems.

So what now? Are they promising to fix their game into a better state? Are they gonna implement the features they promised on Kickstarter?

They have moved on to work on a new game silently. (They stated that in their forum in a clause)
So probably no fixes for this one.

I really like this game, but the devs are pathetic.
They punched all their backers and buyers in the face with the silent abandonment and restrictions of gameplay rather than fixing their core engine. Not that the problems were something new… (Excpet if your new is since the beginning)

Needless to say that this game is dead. The devs killed it without remorse.

The conclusion at this point is:
Don’t buy the game. It hurts me to say that, it really does. I just hope, that they can develop their new game better this time. We don’t want dev hell again. (A prime example of a semi failed kickstarter/ea game)


Posted: January 10, 2014
2017 Review: (Final Verdict: 5/10 – If you like building games and watching them get demolished then don’t read any further just buy it)

Well I never thought the day would come but this game is finally out of Early Access. I personally have been waiting for it for 4 years, others about 5. The main gripe stemmed from the period of 2 – 3 years where pretty much nothing happened with the game and the dev’s heavy handed tactics of dealing with the criticism. Nonetheless all that is history now and I shouldn’t be dwelling on that alone.

The game now is OK. There is a variety of modes and maps, performance has greatly increased as has some of the AI and building options. I would agree with some of the sentiment in the comments that the game is worth something like $10-$15 dollars if you are a fan of this sort of thing.

What the game does well:

Performance is decent. Just about everything in the game is visible. You don’t just put resources and items into storage, the little characters will mine and craft things right before your eyes and place it into appropriate storage where you can see it. Even when you craft the weapons kits every piece is always visible wherever it goes. Say you want to craft an arbalast, the crossbow, hat and bolts will be carried one by one from the crafting table to the weapons rack where you can see it hanging there. This might not mean much to some people but to me it’s a great touch.

It’s the same when you are building your castles. Each section can be destroyed individually and if some parts don’t have enough support they will fall where they will lie until your bricktrons pick them up and rebuild or place them in stockpiles. It makes it cool to watch the resources how they are collected and stored, transformed, and become parts of the construction.

The mechanics of the game are pretty solid and in my experience unique. The enemies are a little bland but they serve their purpose of creating danger and tension in the game modes that include them.

The tutorials and explanations are great and acceptable for those new to the game.

Also the community leader (Shato) I have to mention here. He is a much better people person than the previous one. I feel bad for Box because he copped a lot of flak but he also deserved it with what he was doing. Whether he was doing that under orders from the devs or not I have no idea but for a while there was a really really bad environment for the game community. So the guy that replaced Box is a big improvement, he seemed to have the will and patience to connect the devs with the public again and that is an understated accomplishment.

Things that are not so great:

Well this is a difficult one as I am slightly biased but i will get into that briefly at the end. The main issues I see with the game is a lack of content. The concepts in the game are great, it could have possibly been a genre leader with a little more building options and a little more creativity when it comes the enemies and gameplay. I really think a decent story (Castle Story???) and even a campaign could have been worked into this game. Working with the awesome concepts this could have really shined.

I would have been willing to bury the issues of the past completely and give this game a thumbs up. But alas even though there is a decent variety of maps there isnt much to do after a while unless you want to mess around with some friends in the limited multiplayer. Now this is just me, I am sure that there are plenty of people around that would be quite happy to play the game just to create different buildings so if that sounds like your thing then disregard my opinion on content.

So just to briefly sum up my reasoning for still not recommending this game, it is a personal taste and morality of early access issue on my part. This is THE game for me that made me very wary of early access, the years I spent waiting for content and arguing for more transparency left me coming away from the game wondering why I was stupid enough to buy it. Without the Early Access issues or with some decent utilization of the concept of the game I would have given it a 6 or a 7 out of 10. But in the end I am going to have to give it a 5/10, it’s not bad but its definitely not good. For me if given the choice I wouldn’t have bought it. But for you if you like building stuff and a little bit of resource management then go out and buy it. You won’t regret it.

Pre-2017 Review:

Fraud and Lies
OK I know that the mods are keeping a tight leash on the forums here and they are shutting down everything that is pointing out the truth so I am going lash out and hope that a few people see this before it gets locked or myself banned like many others have before.

There are a lot of Early Access games on steam. Most of them have a capable and dedicated development team behind them. We all know this, we are all playing their games. We know what to expect from Alphas, Betas, Early Access etc etc. And this isn’t it. This game has changed very very little for more than a year now. And they are still taking peoples money for it.

The people that originally backed this game are for the most part gone – they check in every few months hoping that something has changed but it hasn’t. At this stage the only people that are happy with this game are those that have recently bought it in the last couple of months and don’t know that a patch isn’t ‘just around the corner’, and those that are friends with the devs who jump on every negative review and defend it with the usual "Alpha", "Early Access", or "refactoring" excuses.

We aren’t stupid. We have played plenty of Early Access games before. They all need to be refactored a couple of times during their development as the scope of the interest in the game increases. All the early access games we are playing are doing the same. Castle Story is NOT unique in this.

The devs just use refactoring as an excuse for having not produced anything notable for more than a year. This is rubbish. They have accumulated near enough to a million dollars to work on this project and all they do is stall.

I know there are a lot of others out there that are just as fed up with this rubbish, and I hope it serves as a lesson to everyone to be very careful as to what they back with Early Access games. There a plenty of good ones out the with dedicated developers, but there are also a few rotten eggs.

I’d like to hear from everyone that has been through the same ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥e and all those that were banned for speaking out about this, but I know they probably have given up on this game plus anyway it won’t be long before this thread is locked down and removed anyway. I feel sorry for everyone that wasted their money – I had hoped for something special too.


Posted: October 25, 2014
Early Access Review

Update 22JUN17:

Hey, it’s the first day of the Steam Summer sale, you know what that means? Yup, it means Castle Story has a flurry of update posts after months of no-content updates! Gotta look like we’re making progress and grab that cash for the sales. For shame.

Update 20NOV16:

Just keeping this review fresh, it now has more content and updates than this game. Still no meaningful changes to the game, still barely playable, still missing features, still full of bugs. Feels like it has actually regressed, the early alpha from 4+ years ago felt more finished than this game does now. Really think about that. What were you doing in your life 4 years ago? How much has changed for you since then, professionally, personally? Have you finished any life goals, at all? The devs for this game haven’t!

Winter sale season is coming up soon, don’t be fooled by their ‘updates’ it’s all a gimick to look busy and net sales.

Update 10FEB16:

Just wanted to update again to keep this review current with development. Yup, nothing has changed since last time. Update done.

Ok, there are many patch notes, none of them actual content, all of them coincide with the winter sales event. Dev’s are still trying to grab cash while clumsily and incompetantly releasing trivial updates in time for a sale. Game has actually regressed, which I didn’t think was possible. UI continues to get worse with every iteration, less intuitive, more complex, less functional, and bugs with AI grow ever more intrusive. Avoid this "game*" at all costs.

* A game is technically any sort of interactive entertainment where choices by a player lead to and change a possible outcome. None of that happens here, there is no outcome other than you wasting time and money in anticipation of a crash or game breaking bug.

Update 30AUG15:

Well, summer is over. Another round of shotgun blast Sauropod updates has passed. Nothing of actual significance has been added to the game yet again. Just making this update to point out that every sale season (WInter/Summer) Sauropod blasts out a ton of updates right before the sale, so potential new customers will walk in, say "Wow, those guys really turned it around and get making progress!". When the reality is, they’re using the update ticker as a daily news feed for stuff they’ve thought about, and haven’t actually done. They will also roll a minor trivial change in something out as 3 or 4 updates. Don’t be fooled, there has not been an update. It’s a shameful and deceptive practice and really shows the developers for the dishonest incompetents they are. If there was any doubt in your mind about whether to label them as "Just bad developers" or "Actual thieves", this is all you need to know to decide.

Update 21DEC14:

I figured I would update the review considering how much activity the dev’s have had lately. But it seems it was all just lip service. Over the last few weeks they’ve been shotgunning loads of update announcements, but the reality of the situation is those were all just announcements for one single update. That update itself was absolutely trivial, and seems to have added nothing of substance to the game. The devs constantly give the excuse of "reworking" and "redeveloping" engine components of the game, but these changes never seem to result in any sort of actual impact to the game. For all their bluster, a disapointingly little amount has changed, and all assumptions about them have been confirmed. This is just shameless PR propaganda.

The sad fact is, if you’re the lunk head that invented a square wheel, taking a year off to invent an octagonal wheel leaves you as still a lunk head. I don’t think I’ll be revisiting this game until it’s final release, whenever that may be.

Final thoughts for now: Stay away. With luck they’ll go bankrupt and sell all IP to a competant developer.


Overall, I do enjoy this game, and probably had more anticipation for this than any other early access I’ve followed. So why do I not recommend this? Bullets:

– No updates! Years have passed and the game is still in a less functional state than their fictional tech demo.
– Current state is playable, but quickly reveals how broken it is. Terrible AI, limited functoinality of game mechanics, limited… game.
– Devs hate the community. Well probably not hate, but this is the crux of it. There appears to be absolutely no effort being made to update the game in an actual and meaningful way. When pressed for answers from the community as to when we can expect something new, the same canned response of ‘we don’t give deadlines’ is the answer. That’s fine after a few months, but not after a few years. The first major red light for me when nearly a years worth of dev updates were about how they spent a month and a half working on a new sound effect for an object that isn’t even in the game, or here’s a new soundtrack I’ve been listening to, or "Hey, we’re going on vacation!". While glaring issues remain untouched and unaddressed. PR people are hired to quell criticism and silence community dissent.
-Devs are in over their heads. A lot of people will call them theives, or scammers, I don’t see it as that. They are still around. They are still ‘working’. But it really seems like they’ve all retreated to their little comfort zones, and feverishly work on silly little things like a sound effect to the exclusion of actual game problems. Why would they do this? Well, it seems pretty clear that they have realized they cannot handle those bigger problems, and just seem to be hoping they’ll fix themselves tomorrow. Their production efforts are terribly misguided, and no one seems able to get the train back on the tracks. This is the main reason I think the community has given up on them. There are gracious ways out of this connundrum for them, but they seem completely unwilling to compromise, admit their shortcomings, and work with the community. For that they have failed utterly at making a game. A community college degree does not a game dev make.

– Build a big castle block by block, watch a nearly good physics engine crush it.
– If you give them enough money to keep the lights on, you get a t-shirt or something, someday.


Posted: September 4, 2014
Early Access Review

I foolishly paid money for this game when it first came out on steam, in the two years since then they have done nothing of note to the actual game. They’ve been to PAX east, they’ve ordered in Castle Story T-shirts and Castle Story plushies, they’ve hired bearded men to make videos of people looking busy, they’ve deleted my posts on their youtube videos and they’ve deleted my posts on the community hub and banned me from posting there again, they’ve got new gaming rigs, they’ve painted the walls of their office with a cool Castle Story mural, they’ve been out in the woods making noises, they’ve played Magicite, once again what they HAVEN’T done is anything of note to the game itself.

The game in its current state is "OK" for a buggy unfinished alpha, not much content to speak of, certainly not worth £14.99. These developers sold everyone a pack of lies and hired people to censor out anyone that calls them out on their unethical, thieving and unprofessional behaviour. I can think of many games that have far more content and regular updates and better developers (in terms of listening to and communicating with the community) that cost far less. An example of their lying can be found in the trailer, you are led to believe that there are two types of enemies, it shows a larger corruptron throwing rocks at the castle. This is an outright lie, there is no such thing in the game. The only other game I can think of recently with this kind of unethical misrepresentation of the product is War Z with its crawling zombies in the trailer.

The future for Castle Story is bleak, most people who were going to buy it have already bought it long ago when it first came to steam, since then the developers have completely failed to deliver. Any criticism of their unprofessional behaviour by the community is ignored or censored. They have all the money they’re going to get so there is simply no more reason to work on the game any further. Instead they are hiring more and more staff to sell it to people on the internet and make promises that will never be kept to create the illusion that they are still working on the game.

I expect that in time they will change the name of the game as War Z did to squeeze out those last few sales before it is consigned to the dustbin of history as yet another kickstarter project that made the devs very rich but utterly failed to deliver on its promises.

Do not give these unethical, thieving and unprofessional developers any of your money, to do so would encourage others to follow their lead.


Posted: November 1, 2014
Early Access Review

I bought this game because the concept looked cool and the game kind of fun. While I still think this could have been a great game, the developers have shown they are incapable of properly building a game. There are so many bugs that make building anything of scale impossible.

My only hope now is that some other real developers take over this game and turn it into something great, but until that time (if it ever happens), stay away.


Posted: October 8, 2014
Early Access Review

DO NOT BUY! Sauropod studios are run by a very small group of inexperienced, unapologetic jerks. If you bought in to this game through kickstarter or early access, they will treat you like crap on the forums.

The only thing Castle Story had going for it was the amazing work the Community Manager: Box, was doing. Box would try to give information to you straight, without breaking any of the company rules, which was very difficult to do. Box would always try to break information down to the community and calm people down who were angry about any of the situations. In the end, the company would give Box misleading information and then blame him for giving out any information to the community.

One of the primary developers for Castle Story is a dev named Thierry. Thierry has a tendency to berate the community for asking questions. On multiple occasions I’ve read post by him calling out individuals and virtually yelling at them, or the community in general and blaming them for being impatient. The game has been in development for years now, and there has literally been no visual improvement in over a year.

Originally there were weekly updates on what was going on, with an occasional skipping of a week or two. Now there are monthly updates on what is going on. I take that back. There are monthly video blogs about things nobody cares about. These "monthly" video blogs have only made it up to the 3rd blog before they seem to have stopped posting them. It has been six weeks since the last video blog, which is probably a good thing, because they’re useless information anyway.

TL;DR, STAY AWAY FROM THIS GAME. The devs will treat you like crap, and blame the community for asking too many questions, the game has been stagnant for over a year. The forums have started seeing posts deleted, and users are getting banned for giving out useful information, and asking real questions respectfully.


Posted: May 4
I’m really not sure how this is out of early access other than the excuse to more or less abandon a far unfinished game. I had high hopes for this when I saw it on kickstarter and decided to buy it on steam. It’s nowhere near what it was meant to be.


Posted: October 28, 2014
UPDATED 2017-08-22

After giving up hope on this game a few years back, I decided to give it another try when I noticed the game had been released.
Unfortunately, this game is still crap after it’s release and a few years went by.

  • The performance is a lot better since early access
  • Main menu redesign

  • The AI is still terrible and buggy
  • You cannot speed up the game
  • Content is very basic and you don’t have many build options
  • Gameplay is still the same as a few years back (nothing added)

This game is the reason why I’m sceptic about other early access games.



And here is why:

I supported them on kickstarter when it became available and have followed their progress for a long time now.
What I see now just keeps disappointing me and I already lost hope in this "chaos" of a project. Every time I saw steam updating this game I played it for a bit but didn’t see any game changes. The only thing I see every time is the hopeless same mess again and again, game start lagging (and I have a pretty high spec system), bricktrons getting stuck, glitches that make resources unavailable, etc.

  • Potential

That’s it. I can’t say anything good about this game even if I want to and still hope I will be able to.

  • Performance (after 3 years it normally must have been fixed)
  • Content (EDIT: Updates are coming in again, but the content is still the same unfortunately)
  • Gameplay (is their even any gameplay except for glitches and bugs that make the game unplayable – remember we are 3 years after the kickstarter)
  • Development (are they even doing anything, or just spending or money ?!) EDIT: They are updating the game again, after 3 years of doing nothing
  • AI (They get stuck most of the time, but they’re working on it now since of December 2014)

These developers made me skeptical about Early Access and now got me even to the point I don’t buy anything in Early Access unless it’s almost finished or the developers provide weekly updates and detailed information what Sauropod promised but never delivered. This concept was great and I believed in it, but Sauropod just flushed it down the toilet.

I will update my review if they ever bring something out that drastically changes the game. (But I don’t think this is going to happen after 3 years)

EDIT: some grammatical fixes and notices about the game being updated again.


Posted: October 26, 2014
Early Access Review

Kickstarter: Made the game with all its buggy features and people thought it had amazing potential…
1st Year: Hey guys we’ve finally added a new system that makes the sound work 🙂
2nd Year: So today we finally got the save button into place, hope you guys like it
3rd year: Here’s a video on what we’ve been doing in our studio, which has nothing to do with the game 🙂

I do not recommend this game to anyone.. Period


Posted: October 31, 2014
Early Access Review

I advise agaisnt buying this game (at least in its current state). It has been over 2 years since I purchased this game and there has been no new content added aside from temporary holiday bits. I suggest waiting for the full game if it ever happens. Over the course of the last 2 years, Castle Story has just recently claimed it will add a new map. Yes, 2 years for a map (and it isn’t even available as of writing this). This game has potential, but the developers are not delivering. To help understand, here is a complete list of what has been accomplished with the game (minus bug fixes and balancing) for the past 2 years. Note, Everything on these lists are taken directly from each company’s respective patch notes and version histories. I compare Castle Story to KSP and Prison Architect to quantify it. See Spoiler below. I can’t help but feel Sauropod is following a non-production business model.

Asset = significant addition / change to game play
UI = Change / addition to user interface to help with current assets
Aesthetic = Game Polish / Visual / Audio only
Technical = Change to game performance (but not game play)

Over the last 2 years:

From Nov 2, 2012 to present:
Castle Story has implemented:

Lumbar Zone Radius and Circles around selected trees (UI)
Volume Slider Options (UI)
WSAD controls (UI)
Linux Build (Technical)
Added Version numbers (UI / Technical)
Smoothed Day-Night cycle (Aesthetic)
Quick-Save (UI)
Transfer to Fabric (Technical)
Update Brix.core (Technical)
Reduce Memory use of Fabric (Technical)
Re-factoring (Technical)
Added Sound when enemy spotted (Aesthetic / UI)
Corruptron Footstep sounds (Aesthetic / UI)
Tutorial Mode (UI)
Yellow Crystal to Rock (Asset)
Pause Menu (UI)
"The Void" (Technical)

To compare this to Prison Architect and its 4 programmers:
From Nov 1, 2012 to present:

Fog of War (UI / Asset)
Staff only Zones (UI)
FireFighters (Asset)
Random Prisoner Risk Factors (Technical / Asset)
Prisoner Intake Settings (UI)
Name-in-the-Game (Aesthetic)
Only Guards cna open Jail Doors (Asset)
Graphics Options (UI)
Prisoner Labor (Asset)
Laundry Room (Asset)
Workshop (Asset)
Visitation (Asset)
Linux Build (Technical)
Ironing Board to Laundry Room (Asset / Aesthetic)
Hearses to Remove Dead (UI / Technical)
Land Purchases (UI / Asset)
Time Lapse (UI / Aesthetic)
Contraband (Asset)
Searches and Shakedowns (Asset)
Prisoners can tunnel out of prison (Asset)
Custom Punishments (UI)
K-9 Guards and Kennels (Asset)
Modding System (Technical)
Steamworks Sharing (Technical)
Armed Guards (Asset)
Reform and Rehab (Asset)
Balance Sheets and Grant System (UI / Asset)
Failure System (Asset / Technical)
Prisoner Addictions and Drug Therapy (Asset)
CCTV (Asset)
Confidentail Informants (Asset / UI)
Tazers (Asset)
Guard Training (UI / Asset)
Prisoner Reputations (Asset)

To compare to Kerbal Space Program:
From December 2012 to Present:

Ship Docking (Asset)
Maneuver Node (UI)
New Vessel Types (UI)
Rename Vessels (UI)
Automatic Fairings (Aesthetic)
More Parts (Asset)
Unmanned Vessels (Asset)
2 New Celestial Bodies (Assets)
Revamp Fuel System (Technical / UI)
Electricity (Asset)
Lights (Asset / UI / Aesthetic)
Air Intakes (Asset)
Music (Aesthetic)
Re-haul planet graphics (Aesthetic)
Gimbal Vectoring Range display (UI)
Gimbal Movement Speed Parameter (Technical)
Decouplers detach from one side (UI)
Tutorials (Asset)
Eeloo (Asset)
Scenarios (Asset)
More Music (Aesthetic)
Ported to Unity 4 (Technical)
Linux Build (Technical)
Reentry Effects (Aesthetic)
Animated Kerbal Reactions (Aesthetic)
Wheels (Asset)
General Purpose Structure Parts (Asset)
New Probe Cores (Asset)
New Docking Clamps (Asset)
Plant flags (Aesthetic / UI)
New Command Pods (Asset)
Time passes at command center (UI)
Astronaught Complex (Asset)
Hiring new Kerbals (Asset / UI)
SAS control entire ship (Technical / UI)
Revised Kerban (Aesthetic)
Revert / Recover Buttons (UI)
Improved Shadows (Aesthetic)
More New Parts (Asset)
Career Mode (Asset)
Science and Research (Asset)
Biomes on Kerban and Mun (Asset)
Subassemblies (UI)
New Engine (Asset)
Part Tweaking (UI)
Unity Upgrade (Technical)
Mobile Lab Part (Asset)
R&D Facility (Asset / UI)
Asteroids (Asset)
Yet More Parts (Asset)
Revamp part Joins (UI)
Career mode contracts and reputation (Asset / UI)
Finances (Asset / UI)
New Spaceplane Parts (Asset)
Administration Facility and Tactics (Asset / UI)
New Explosions (Aesthetic)
Space Center buildings now destructable (Aesthetic / Asset)
Re-Textures (Aesthetic)
Difficulty Options (UI)
Default NavBall vectors (UI)
Non-EVA crew Transfers (UI)


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