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About This Game

A brave warrior goes in search of a younger sister who disappeared after the curse that fell on the village. The protagonist, shoulder to shoulder with the hunter girl, unravels the wily intentions of the Warlock, the Witch and the King, who is also involved in this. But will the characters understand what happened and find the missing sister?

Corrupted – the mix of arcade, RPG and visual novel. Fight off the hordes of monsters and break through to the truth. Discover new skills and improve your combat arsenal. The ground under your feet will be strewn with skulls of enemies!


  • A full-scale campaign of 20 chapters.
  • Fight in forests, forts, corrupted lands, wastelands, on the town square and in the throne room.
  • A large arsenal and a wide variety of opponents.
  • A twisted story with a lot of characters – King, Witch, Counselor, Warlock and many others.

    • OS: Windows Vista/7/8/10
    • Processor: 2.2 GHz or higher
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 512 MB, Hardware Accelerated Graphics, WebGL support
    • Storage: 600 MB available space
Size: 580 MB


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Posted: June 6, 2018
Early Access Review

*update 15th june* devs have perma banned me from all discussion related to this and Wild Terra for simply saying the game was terrible.

awful game honestly, its just an asset flip of Wild Terra Online. Its a horrible Wave defense style game, pretty much everything about it is bad and is clearly another cash grab. DO NOT BUY. You cannot craft or build anything, you have very basic mobile style gameplay with terrible animations and such. There is no way the development will finish on this game, its a pure attempt to just pull in some quick cash sadly.

Already the devs are resulting in deleting threads which have negative opinions on the game.. RIP Corrupted

1st edit: Just to add, i was also banned from the forums for saying this game is rubbish!!


2nd edit: incredible was just totally banned from ALL Steam community features for 24 hours for warning users on the Wild Terra Online forum of these disgusting antics from the devs…

Also to add, it seems the devs have resulted into "boosting" their own reviews of Corrupted.


failed to realize though at this stage 2 seemingly unknowing users who both left reviews of roughly the exact amount of game time on the exact same day with the exact same profile pic!! Wasnt the devs of Guardians of Ember banned for the very same thing?


Posted: June 7, 2018
Early Access Review

I played for about 10 minutes.

I realize it is early access at this point, but I will list what I see as the major outstanding issues.
For the moment, I will not discuss the character customization or the cutscenes, as I imagine these features are currently placeholders for future assets.
Instead, I will focus on the gameplay while in a level.
Currently, the game has you playing a standard defensive role of shooting enemies as they show up. This is executed reasonably well, although it does feel a bit lasckluster at the moment (again, it is in develop,ment, so hopefully there will be more to come here).
There are still some frustrations present as well. The AI allies had trouble pathing when I played, so when I ordered my melee companion to form on me because he was nowhere near the spawn point, instead my companion wound up stuck behind a wall. I had to stand close to him, order him to form up on me, move a bit, and repeat about a dozen times to get him unstuck.
For the moment, I would say I don’t recommend this one, mostly since I don’t think there will be many people interested in paying for this in it’s current state. At the moment, this is a good tech demo for something that shows a lot of promise, but anyone looking to play a game will likely be disappointed.


Posted: December 21, 2018
I really wanted to give this game a shot and like it, I really did, but…no. I ran through chunks of it pretty quickly and got fair in the 20-30 minutes I could play and that was enough.

-The writing is either poorly translated or just regular strength poor. Bad grammar, clunky exposition, etc
-Aiming and general gameplay is not what I would call "intuitive". The hit boxes for the arrows don’t really make much sense for the size of the characters.
-(totally subjective) The leveling up and equipment are basically just there for show. You can control what you equip, but levels and the equipment themselves are all basically just attached to the story missions. This is not unique to this game but I personally just don’t like it.
-Controls are… not the worst, ever, but not in the realm of "good". Similar to the aiming mechanics, you don’t always go where you want to becuase you are basically a sprite on a jpeg with random invisible walls thrown in.

-The art is not bad (such as the bloody looking crystal) but the between missions images and the art in the actual gameplay do not quite fit together
-There is some skill customization once you get past the first several missions so certain tactics are not forced upon you. You will unlock more as time wears on.
-I’m super into the dude.

Honestly, I’d say that with just a few improvements to debug a few things, I could have recommended it, but it’s not there yet.


Posted: July 12, 2018
Early Access Review

I don’t know what is when I’m playing…


Posted: June 7, 2018
Early Access Review

Great game. A lot of different equipment and skills, but I would like moooore blood

Pink Diamond

Posted: June 6, 2018
Early Access Review

I like it. The mix of VN and Swarmer.


Posted: April 5
The game is pretty bad, but the thing that stands out is how bad the aim is, pretty much unplayable. Good idea though.