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About This Game

DEAD IN VINLAND is a survival/management game, mixed with RPG and adventure elements, about a Viking family trying their best to survive on a mysterious island.

Exiled on a faraway and unknown land, lead Eirik and his family on their quest to survive.
Manage their physical and mental health, explore the island, organize your camp and deal with other human beings. Some will help you, and some will be less… friendly.
Unveil the esoteric mysteries of Vinland. They could save your life… or lead you to your demise.


  • Deep survival management simulation : find and gather resources, secure a supply of food, take care of the mental and physical health of your characters, fight diseases and wounds, ration your water supplies, endure the elements (storm, drought, rain…).

  • Challenging: the game is turn-based so you have time to take the best decisions, but the challenge is high! You’ll have to adapt to the crisis the game throws at you, with your own reasoning.
  • 3 modes of difficulty: if you just want to enjoy the story, we added an easy mode and, for the crazy lunatics, we added both an extreme difficulty and iron man mode, that even the developers of the game can’t beat!

  • Build your camp: expand your shelter with 18 activity stations, each one with its own mechanics. Craft more than 130 upgrades and dozens of items to give you precious bonuses. Choose well, you won’t be able to craft everything.

  • Manage a community: 14 playable characters, each one with their own strengths, flaws and stories. Influence how their relationships evolve with meaningful dialog choices, achieve one of the 7 possible romances or kick annoying characters from your camp and recruit new ones. And some surprises!

  • Explore the island: 150 areas to discover with hundreds of objects to interact with. Unveil the many secrets of the island and its beautiful, hand-painted landscapes.

  • Don’t just survive, settle: you can hunt, harvest, fish… but you can also grow a garden and breed sheep! Advanced camp stations with special mechanics.
  • Live your own adventure: complete 70 non-linear quests to reach the end of the game. Depending on your choices, learn about what happened to your characters after the end.

  • Animosity and tribute system : be “welcomed” by the infamous tyrant Björn Headcleaver and his merry band of robbers. Bend the knee and pay him weekly tributes, or rebel… and face the consequences.
  • Full RPG system: 5 health states to care for, 20 skills to develop, more than 600 character traits, 100 items to collect, 30 diseases and 20 wounds to die from… Customize your characters: choose from 5 randomly generated special traits every time they level up.

  • Turn-based tactical combat: quick and deadly 3 vs 3 battles against Björn’s minions. 5 unique playable character classes, each with its own set of fighting skills, and 5 passive classes.
  • HUGE content: more than 150 000 words – twice the size of the first Harry Potter book – telling a mature yet humorous story.


    DEAD IN VINLAND is the second installment in the “Dead In…” universe, after DEAD IN BERMUDA. The two games are standalones, but you’ll learn a bit more about the secrets behind these strange islands and the general background in each game of the series.
    • OS: Microsoft® Windows® 7 SP1
    • Processor: AMD Athlon II X4 640 3.0GHz
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: GeForce GTS 450
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
    • Storage: 2 GB available space
    • Additional Notes: 1280×720 minimal screen resolution
Dead In Vinland-0
Dead In Vinland-1
Dead In Vinland-2
Dead In Vinland-3
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Dead In Vinland-6
Dead In Vinland-7
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Dead In Vinland-11
Dead In Vinland-0
Dead In Vinland-1
Dead In Vinland-2
Dead In Vinland-3
Dead In Vinland-4
Dead In Vinland-5
Dead In Vinland-6
Dead In Vinland-7
Dead In Vinland-8
Dead In Vinland-9
Dead In Vinland-10
Dead In Vinland-11
Size: 767 MB


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Posted: April 15, 2018
Honestly, I really enjoyed the first 8-10 hours of this game. I found myself hitting a brick wall fairly early on, so I restarted with the knowledge I had gained and had a lot better luck my second time around. Unfortunately, around the 10 hour mark I realized there I was, chin resting on my fist. A dull repetition had set in and I was just going through the motions. I no longer felt like I was juggling tasks, my task was clicking the mouse button, over and over, sometimes healing a character, or sending one to rest, but mostly I was just gathering food and water, cooking, exploring, and crafting. While in most games I would consider that exciting, in this game the constant monotany of clicking was just dragging my spirits down. Every game day felt the same. On with the pros and cons, I guess.

+ Interesting characters
+ Exploration events are fun
+ First 10 hours were great
+ Combat is enjoyable

– Game is too RNG heavy
– It can become tedious finding party equilibrium
– Little replayability (My second playthrough was identical to my first, outside of RNG exploration)
– Crafting becomes less enjoyable as time progresses
– Game becomes monotanous

Honestly, the thing I disliked most was that I wanted more members to complete each days tasks, but for every character you add, you’re also setting yourself back on food, water, and medicine. The more party members you have, the more spaces you need for resting and healing. I never felt like I was building a well oiled machine of a community. Sure, the game says something along the lines of "More people more problems" when it nudges you in the direction of adding members, but while a larger community should have it’s setbacks, it should ultimately feel rewarding. In my case, I never managed to reach that point.

It’s a mixed bag for me. I don’t regret the purchase, but I ultimately can’t recommend a game that I myself am unwilling to see through to the end.


Posted: April 13, 2018
Beautiful game so far. The management aspect is interesting and you have to make though choices sometimes. But its main appeal for me is the story of a family trying to survive in a harsh environment. I have to say that the writing sometimes is a bit "simple" but still serviceable. I feel the beautiful setting that is being created by the story and art suffers a bit because of that. Perhaps i’m nitpicking. Looking forward to see how the story unfolds.

If there are any glaring fault to be detected i will be updating this review.
Also its a shame to see the game is not getting a lot of exposure, so i hope my positive review will contribute to that, such a shame if these developers wont be recognized for this lovely product.

Edit1: After 30 hours i have two important things to add.
1. The random element in Dead in Vinland is similar to Darkest Dungeon, and that is not a good thing. I did not like it in Darkest Dungeon, but i dislike it even more in Dead in Vinland. The game can be really easy with lucky rolls, when this happens you are not really aware of the random nature, but most of the times you are pulling the hair out of your skull because of frustrations over ridiculous bad luck.
This ruins the game for me, i already restarted twice, one after a bug/design oversight that ruined that run for me(Should be fixed by now), and the second where i could just not get going.
Example 1 for randomness; Fishing gives you something like a chance of catching 2-10 fish, which you then have to cook into meals, 40% chance to fail that (I think). This means sometimes i’m overflowing with food, other times i’m starving. But when you get 3 unlucky days in a row, things just go downhill.
Example 2 for randomness; The weather, rain and storm means sickness and depression, but free water. But 3-4 days of rain means you cant even keep up with the diseases, and you have to cure them otherwise the "sickness meter" builds up, causing work efficiency to suffer, etc, etc, into a downward spiral of frustration. Sure, you can survive this, but then your wasting days, and you need to improve infrastructure to survive. This is where point 2 comes in.
2. 120 days is the maximum of days you have, so you dont have time to dally around. I like to experience the game at my own pace, never have I enjoyed a hard time cap in a game (Was changed in an update.)

edit2: I would like to add that the game gets repetitive if you manage to establish yourself. A lot of clicking to do the same thing over and over again.

As a final note i would like to say that even though i mentioned a lot of negatives, the game’s story and mystery has kept me invested, and i’ve enjoyed the experience. I can imagine that any of the negatives are really offputting for you i would avoid this title. But some negatives like the rng can be overcome by proper planning, but the feeling of frustration remains.
For that reason i would also like to mention the only way to save scum; The autosave will make a separate save the first moment of every day, and one save file that gets overwritten everytime you exit the game(Also if you end the process in the task manager. So there is no way to avoid it as far as i know.). So in order to save scum you will have to do the rng events at the start of a day, and if you fail you can load the autosave of the start of that day. This way you can retry some events until you get the desired result.


Posted: April 23, 2018
This game is sadly hindered by too many systems hiding too much information from the player.

The game is based on the assumption you will replay over and over again trying to reach success while learning a little bit more every time. I usually love that, roguelike fan here, also a fan of RNG. Dead in Vinland however makes it a chore to get an overview of the RNG you are tasked with managing.

I know how the game works, I like the actual game but the hours of boring chores you have to trudge through to get to the fun parts are too much. It would be one thing if the game at least helped you speed things along but no, it makes some puzzling design choices that makes everything take time.

You are managing you characters different states in this game and if say you have to make a decision if you should let a character chop wood when he is at fatigue level 75% then you need to figure out of it is safe for him to do so. Alright lets go through this, first you need to check that characters base stat that effects the level of fatigue increase when chopping wood. Alright, now you know his/hers fatigue will increase by 12-20% after chopping wood. Well thats only the start, what is the weather, does the wather increase fatigue increases? No, alright then, does your character have kind of negative effect on him that would increase his gain of fatigue or make him gain fatigue during the night? No, alright now you know it is "probably" a safe decision to let the character chop wood. Note that all these checks takes you across multiple sceens 3-4 different ones and you need to make the math calculations yourself if possible.

Note that the above example is only 1 character, you could be managing 8 every day and most days are just a chore to get through on your way to the interesting choices or plot points.

The absolute least the developers should do when having this many complex intricate systems that work together is to show you the information. This character when chopping wood will in total gain 15-20% fatigue and 3-6% depression. When its night you should show what the different effects that are on the characters will bring during the night. This way if a character might die due to that, you could see it and maybe use items to put him on the safe side or at least increase his chances of survival. Looking through different screens looking for information the game should readily show you gets tedious really fast, especially when this game often pulls something from behind the curtains and end your run from nowhere. Time to restart and trudge through this badly designed management stuff.


Posted: April 17, 2018
There’s a great game in here somewhere. Too bad it’s buried under constantly punishing bad balance and really terrible rng.

The devs have been making a little progess on this but not enough in my opinion.


So after playing a LONG time of truding through tons of bad events, crap rng rolls galore, and finally starting to have a party strong enough to maybe finish the game….it ended.

Day 114 the Big bad guy of the game just walks into my village and kills everyone.

So yeah that’s fun.

I need another thumbs down so I can save people from wasting hours on this game like i did just to have it end without warning.

I just got trolled hard.


Posted: May 28, 2018
Good points
– A dense survival game, with many game mechanics that perfectly fit together
– The challenge and the pressure of death present at every moment
– A successful balancing that leaves us on the razor edge, despite all the elements subject to the random
– Character design, atmosphere and Viking folklore convincing

Negative points
– The gameplay shows its limits and becomes monotonous over the time
– A greater management of combatant’s equipment of would be better
– Limited combat system

and finally I’ll just say one more turn

Sorry for my limited English but I wanted to share my evaluation with as many people as possible


Posted: January 13
I love games that focus on storytelling. I love games that mean a delicate management of resources and strategy.

This game is wonderful at both.

There are random elements, but the randomness is within contained possibilities. The slow growth of your camp and the build up of relationships between the characters…. love it.

The combat system isn’t perfect, but it’s a pretty good turn-based system, and challenging.
I strongly recommend it to anyone who likes base-building, resource management, story games… and a challenge.


Posted: May 1, 2018
There are a lot of things to like about this game, but the experience is just so frustrating in certain ways that I can’t recommend it.

Here are a couple examples of what I mean. The only way I can get rope is by harvesting hemp from a building I can build. However, the only way I can build that building is if I already have rope. The game does give you some to start but I didn’t know the predicament I would be in until it was too late and used the rope I was given on other buildings. I now can’t build anything else because I can’t get any rope and I can’t get any rope because I can’t build anything.

Second, combat. Its simplistic, boring and frustrating all at the same time. The game will claim you have a certain percentage to hit, but that percentage is not real. I noticed I was missing a ton so I decided to use only an 85% chance to hit attack on my next few fights and count my hits. In 5 fights I missed on average 50% of my attacks averaging 6 attacks per fight. At 85% to hit. This is also prevalent in other areas. The game says there is a 15% chance for your drying fish/berries to be stolen off the rack. Out of the 34 I have put on the rack, 15 have been stolen, which makes the percentage nearer to 50%. I also got combat encounters on 3 scouting missions in a row at a 30% chance. There are just too many examples for me to just be unlucky. I understand that the game is meant to be challenging but if the challenge isn’t fair then its just not fun.

These and other minor issues just make the game more frustrating than enjoyable. I’ll keep playing to get my money’s worth but I would wait for a sale to try it out.

DG Dobrev

Posted: May 13, 2018
It is very rare for me to bash a game, but there it is. It happened.

Dead in Vinland is a beautiful game with very interesting characters and a ton of replayability, based on whom you find and how will you approach the game. I easily got my money’s worth from it. I bought it because I recommended and thoroughly enjoyed Dead in Bermuda – but this game is pretty far away from what its predecessor did.

In my fair and honest opinion, this title commits some of the most glaring and ultimate game sins:
1. Your choices do not matter – or if they happen to do so, there is a huge chance they will be terribly screwed by the ever-present RNG.
2. Even if you perfectly optimize, you will either need to replay day after day with little to no reward, or be screwed by the RNG again. Great.
3. The repetitive gameplay and the RNG are the downfall of this game and destroy the otherwise great story.
4. EVERYTHING is an RNG. Even if you min-max your brains out, even if you do everything the right way, RNG might cost you the game. That is not something I find entertaining. This game is not XCOM, where you need to think about your thought process and whether you made a mistake getting to a certain predicament. In this game, regardless what you do, you are a slave to the RNG. Your best fisherman might bring only 2-3 fish for a village of 12, which might spiral out of control easily, making you feel dumb as hell.
5. There is no management aspect of this game. Even if you work your brains out, it is still all about RNG. Even if you play to the strengths of your village not to 100, but to 200%, you can still lose the game due to the damn RNG.
6. Since RNG is ever-present, and the game map is largely procedurally created, you can find villagers who want to join of the type you really don’t need. This puts you in a number of terrible situations, which might cost you the game, as everything seems to be stacked against you.
7. It is hard to try and follow the story, which is otherwise beautifully created, when you are busy wondering how the hell should you deal with the next RNG ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥t the game has thrown at you, as you see everything spiraling out of control, and your people suiciding (which for the main cast means an automatic game over for you).


I will still finish this game, because I want to see how will it unfold and how the story will end. However, I absolutely do not recomment this game to anyone with rage issues, and to anyone who hates being driven by the RNG. This game generates more frustration than pleasant, chill gameplay which is expected of it. It gets a huge thimbs down from me, and I only hope that the developers can redeem themselves in the next installment.

Nui Master

Posted: July 24, 2018
A moderately intricate game, with vastly different difficulties for anyone who just wants to see the interesting story and dialogue options, to someone who wants to min/max every stay and day cycle. You can choose which characters like who, which in turn can moderately change your late-game synergies.

The combat is one of my favorite parts of this game – as it’s not overwhelmingly constant, it’s pretty quick for turn-based combat, and it can be either incredibly rewarding or very punishing based on both your out of combat and in combat stratagies.

This is my first games like this, as I never tried Persona or anything, but Dead in Vinland steals hours from you, sucking you in to all the different aspects of the game, and throwing in a bit of RPG randomness to keep it interesting.

A key note, is don’t expect a perfect playthrough on your first try, even on the easiest difficulty.


Posted: June 3, 2018
Dead in Vinland is one of those games that you will like and hate at the same time.
I thouroughly enjoyed my play time, and the game overall. But as the mixed reviews say, there is a few glares that may make this game a love or hate for you.

Beautiful art and presentation. While animation is a bit limited, the game is pretty look at.
A challenging game of Survival and Stat managing. With choices that effect what happens to you.
As of the date of this review (6/3/18), the Developer does reply to discussions and has plans for patches and other content. So potential for updates or DLC is there.

NUETRAL (PRO or CON depending on your View)
DIfferent difficulties you can choose to help ease some of the challenge.
Different characters do add some replayability, though the main story does not change regardless.
Very little Hand Holding, you will have to figure out most things yourself.

As other reviews have said, the RNG on actions in this game can be downright infuriating. While you can see the percentage, even at 95% I have still had choices fail multiple times in a row. Or have had 3% chances succeed the first try.
I’ve played enough MMO’s to expect RNG and what it can do, but in many cases you plan more for the RNG factor, which can really put a damper on the fun and immersion of the game. A litle of it to create some tension or worry is fine, but this is otherworldy kind of RNG from Helheim here.
I did have some load lag occasionaly where images didn’t load in Camp. A reload seemed to fix it with no other trouble.
A few grammar errors, but this is very minor compared to other issues.

If you have no issues with challenges, and in some cases the challenges being stacked against you, this game is worth it. The story of survival and exploration makes it interesting enough to hang onto. Just be patient and expect a bit of frustration in the process.


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