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About This Game

Defense Task Force is an infinite waves tower defense game for PC. Featuring Large Scale Procedurally Generated Tower Defense Battles with FPS Quality Visuals. 10 tower types with different attack behaviours, each with 3 upgrade levels, plus many levels of boosts. 25 species of enemy alien units plus 3 which are spawned by other enemy alien units. Enemy alien classes include Regular Units, Swarmers, Racers, Cloakers, Healers, Boss Units and Spawners.

Your role as commander is to defend the platform that’s built to harvest energy and power Earth. You can defend by strategically building fortification towers to defend the harvesting platforms against aliens called Kraken. As commander it’s upto you how you use your resources against the Kraken.

Game Overview

The game is staged on a beautifully rendered planet with dynamic procedurally generated scenery. Many elements of the game including the enemy waves are generated procedurally offering a unique experience each game. Rather than a single master solution to each game level there are a whole multitude of possibilities. Instead of a linear 20 mission campaign, each mission is in part designed by the players choice of planet region, sector, and game level layout. Additionally a tech research tree provides an opportunity for the player to develop even more strategies as they progress through the game.

Defense Task Force features 25 different types of enemy units versus 10 types of towers deployed by the player. Each tower features completely different attack behaviors, 3 upgrade levels and individual attribute boosts. The player needs to invest their rewards from winning each game level into researching a deep technology tree to unlock these before they may be used in game. The choice of which technology to research has a direct impact on the strategy options available to the player. Great care is being taken with respect to game balancing such that there is no single super tower. The attack behavior of the ten tower types are both different and complementary to each other.

Once each mission is won you may proceed to the next mission or continue and try survive as many waves as you can.

Game Features

  • Large Scale Procedurally Generated Tower Defense Battles with FPS Quality Visuals.
  • The main storyline features a campaign of 20 missions which would provide at minimum 15 hours of gameplay. The campaign structure is significant non linear aspects which make each level replayable in multiple different ways.
  • The enemy waves are procedural generated with randomness for infinite mode gameplay of never ending waves. Additionally when playing the same mission a second time the wave composition will be different. The waves are composed of a total of 25 different types of alien enemy units plus 3 additional units which are spawned by other units. Each type of unit has differences based on speed, hit points, shield, strengths/weaknesses against tower types and special abilities providing for a large multitude of strategies to beat the players towers.
  • The game features dynamic environments based on: procedurally generated background terrain and weather. Additionally the game level itself is based on a combination of environment and player selected game level layout (blueprint). These combinations provide very high replayability and variability of the same mission.
  • The campaign is divided into 5 regions each containing 4 sectors to create a total of 20 missions. However the game level layout of each mission is dependent on the blueprint (energy mining platform) which the player researches and deploys for the mission.
  • Ten types of towers are provided each with 3 upgrade levels. Additionally the third level tower can have its individual attributes such as rotation speed, damage, etc… upgraded individually. All of these upgrades must first be researched in a deep skills tree before they can be used in the game. Each tower type has a unique attack profile allowing the player to build a very wide variety of tower combinations. No tower is superior to others and to win the player must use a range of towers.
  • Skills, unlock and research tree. The player uses energy gained from winning missions for both unlocking and researching. For the missions each region and sector must be unlocked before they can be played. Each blueprint (game level layout) must be researched before it can be deployed. Each skill such as global skills as well as tower upgrades must be researched before they are available in game.

System Requirements

Absolute Minimum Lowest Spec for lowest graphics quality at 1280 x 720
Laptop Video Card: NVidia GTX 620m / AMD Radeon 5570
Video Card Memory (VRAM): 1GB or better
CPU: Dual Core I3 CPU 2.4 GHZ or better
Ram: 4GB or more
Note: With this spec launching the game with anything higher than lowest graphics quality will most likely crash the game. Framerate may drop on large blueprints due to the minimum CPU spec

Minimum Spec for low quality at 1920 x 1080 resolution or medium or high graphics quality at 1280 x 720 resolution
Video Card: NVidia GTX 650 / AMD Radeon HD 5830
Video Card Memory (VRAM): 1GB or better
CPU: Dual Core I3 CPU 2.4 GHZ or better
Ram: 4GB or more
Note: Framerate may drop on large blueprints due to the minimum CPU spec

Recommended spec for high graphics at 1920 x 1080 resolution
Video Card: NVidia GTX 680 / AMD Radeon HD 7970
Video Card Memory (VRAM): 2GB or better
CPU: Quad Core I5 CPU 3.0 GHZ or better
Ram: 6GB or more
This system specifications should comfortably support high graphics quality.

Enthusiast spec for 60 FPS at highest quality graphics with full 4K resolution of 3840 x 2160
Video Card: NVidia GTX 980 / NVidia GTX 1080
Video Card Memory (VRAM): 4GB / 8GB
CPU: Skylake Quad Core I7 CPU 3.0 GHZ / AMD Ryzen or better
Ram: 6GB or more


Defense Task Force is made by an indie team of 2 best friends plus 1 developer. As a team we have bootstrapped this project to bring this game alive and will continue to extend the game keeping it fresh and entertaining to our players. We hope to raise the bar in the Tower Defense Genre.
    • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
    • OS: windows 7 64 Bit sp2+, Windows 8.0, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
    • Processor: Dual Core CPU 2.4 Ghz or better
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: DX11 (shader model 5) GPU 1GB VRam (NVidia GTX 650 / AMD Radeon HD 5830) or better
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Storage: 9 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX 9.0-compatible, 16-bit
Defense Task Force - Sci Fi Tower Defense-0
Defense Task Force - Sci Fi Tower Defense-1
Defense Task Force - Sci Fi Tower Defense-2
Defense Task Force - Sci Fi Tower Defense-3
Defense Task Force - Sci Fi Tower Defense-4
Defense Task Force - Sci Fi Tower Defense-5
Defense Task Force - Sci Fi Tower Defense-6
Defense Task Force - Sci Fi Tower Defense-7
Defense Task Force - Sci Fi Tower Defense-8
Defense Task Force - Sci Fi Tower Defense-9
Defense Task Force - Sci Fi Tower Defense-10
Defense Task Force - Sci Fi Tower Defense-11
Defense Task Force - Sci Fi Tower Defense-12
Defense Task Force - Sci Fi Tower Defense-13
Defense Task Force - Sci Fi Tower Defense-14
Defense Task Force - Sci Fi Tower Defense-0
Defense Task Force - Sci Fi Tower Defense-1
Defense Task Force - Sci Fi Tower Defense-2
Defense Task Force - Sci Fi Tower Defense-3
Defense Task Force - Sci Fi Tower Defense-4
Defense Task Force - Sci Fi Tower Defense-5
Defense Task Force - Sci Fi Tower Defense-6
Defense Task Force - Sci Fi Tower Defense-7
Defense Task Force - Sci Fi Tower Defense-8
Defense Task Force - Sci Fi Tower Defense-9
Defense Task Force - Sci Fi Tower Defense-10
Defense Task Force - Sci Fi Tower Defense-11
Defense Task Force - Sci Fi Tower Defense-12
Defense Task Force - Sci Fi Tower Defense-13
Defense Task Force - Sci Fi Tower Defense-14
Size: 5 GB


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Posted: June 19, 2018
Fun but hard. Expect to fail a lot until you build up your research.


Posted: June 30, 2018
06/30/2018 build 01.07.22

I thought the tower defense genre was dead which was very sad because I’m a huge fan of TD games but then Defense Task Force was available on steam and I bought it. At first it was marked as not interested because the videos on steam didn’t tell much about the core game mechanics. It was just the usual bling bling stuff which I’m not a fan of but a video of Xterminator on Youtube changed my feelings about Defense Task Force completely and I’m happy to have the game now.

The basics of this tower defense game
You play on a map where you have to defeat creeps with different weaknesses. If too many creeps reach the extractor on the map it is over and you have to start again. You’re getting energy for defeated creeps to build different towers like…
  • machine gun
  • cannon
  • missile
  • proton pulse
  • plasma beam
  • fire (flame thrower)
  • space-time (slows down creeps)
  • tesla
  • toxic
  • sniper

After collecting enough energy it is time to unlock higher tiers of every tower that I’ve mentioned in the list before, upgrades to improve player stats and perks for towers. These perks are only available when a tower is fully upgraded to tier 3!

I’ll pick two of my favourite towers. Just to get an idea how much everything costs.
(1) perk’s name, how many points to spend and what the perk does
(2) upgrade cost for each point
(3) boost (how much more bang for your buck do you get for one upgrade)
    machine gun
  • (1) rotation speed 0/10 (boosts the rotation speed of the tower)
  • (2) 50
  • (3) +20%
  • (1) damage 0/100 (damage boost)
  • (2) 59
  • (3) +10%
  • (1) range 0/5 (range boost)
  • (2) 150
  • (3) +10%

  • tesla
  • (1) extra chain jumps 0/5 (boosts the rotation speed of the tower)
  • (2) 100
  • (3) +20%
  • (1) range 0/5 (damage boost)
  • (2) 50
  • (3) +10%
  • (1) range 0/100 (range boost)
  • (2) 50
  • (3) +10%
  • (1) chain quality 0/5 (improves the chain effect and grow faster to another enemy)
  • (2) 50
  • (3) +20%

It is also possible to improve the global player stats a bit to get more energy and higher defense for the extractor… that thing that we have to protect.

  • global skills
  • (1) initial mission energy 0/10
  • (2) 101 (no typo)
  • (3) +1%
  • (1) extractor hp 0/10 (damage boost)
  • (2) 100
  • (3) +10%
  • (1) extractor auto-defense system 0/10 (increases the mirror damage inflicted by the
    extractor to attackers)
  • (2) 100
  • (3) +20%
  • (1) extractor capacity 0/5
  • (2) 50
  • (3) +20%

At the beginning there is one map for free on every planet that cost no energy. If you want to play other maps you have to unlock them first and everytime you have to pay a specific amount of energy to be able to play them again. The moment when you’ve spent too much energy for research stuff and not able anymore to play the favourite map which cost 200 energy… priceless. 😀

Sometimes a specific rank is needed to unlock higher tiers for some towers or bigger maps. Starting as a cadet to general takes quite some time. I don’t really know how this works exactly but I just play maps over and over again to reach the rank that’s needed.

What do I think about Defense Task Force
All in all… I really like it because I’ve finally found a new tower defense game that I enjoy. It is a bit hard, especially around wave 20. If you upgrade stuff just a bit too late you’re toast just a few waves later. You have to be well prepared to reach higher number of waves. My highest wave was 128 so far but I have absolutely no idea how to reach more than 500 pretty easy like other players did but I don’t give up to find my own recipe to get it done one fine day. Yes, 500 and more waves is correct. After reaching the goal of let’s say 30 waves you will be asked if you want to continue or not. If yes… the game is endless until you’re not in mood anymore to watch endless hordes of monsters trying to chew on the extractor.

07/01/2018 edit: I’m still struggling to get the key how to make it to higher numbers of waves after 25 hours of playtime pretty easy even after getting some help from the steam forum. I’ve played most games of the tower defense genre and enjoyed all of them. (Defense Grid, Kingdom Rush, Defender’s Quest, GemCraft, Alien Robot Monsters) During the last 25 hours I noticed that all of these games were very forgiving when you made some mistakes… upgrading a bit too late, using the wrong towers. It was still possible to rearrange some things and winning the map. As much as I’m happy to play Defense Task Force I have to say that this game is very frustrating for me as well. If you miss the point to upgrade towers on time it’s over. You might survive few more waves but it’s just a matter of time when more and more creeps getting through the defenses and make their way to the extractor. There’s always this feeling that I don’t have enough money to build my defenses strong enough to say that I’m safe for a while. I really don’t like that. This is why Defense Task Force won’t be my favourite TD game. I’m enjoying it but too frustrating for me.

Special thanks to the devs for the sound of Defense Task Force, especially for the tower soundfiles. The tesla tower, plasma beam, proton pulse and space-time tower have awesome sounds. I really love to hear them. Best of luck for you guys and huge success for Defense Task Force. You guys deserve it.

  • Ripoff
    Some may say that Defense Task Force is a ripoff or it looks too similar to Defense Grid. I really don’t mind if that’s the case because it doesn’t matter as long as I enjoy playing the game. I don’t get it why people complain about it over and over again. Just play the game and have fun. There are so many awful TD games available on steam. Feel free to be happy that Defense Task Force made it to steam and have fun with it… like me.

  • Hardware
    Some players mentioned that this game eats hardware like nothing… even high end machines do have problems with it and other comments. Let me tell you something: Speedy (my pc’s name) is 12 years old and I’m still able to play the game! I bought him back in 2006 and this reliable thing might be ancient but is still in good shape with no surgery needed so far. 🙂
    Many people would have bought a new PC at some point, even the Borg queen would say… nah, I don’t assimilate that ancient thing of technology. I played many games with Speedy and had just no reason to buy Speedy 2.0 so far but I will in the near future. Just don’t tell Speedy. He’s very sensitive. 😉
    No error, game freeze or crash has occurred during the whole playtime. Well, loading the game takes some time but that’s ok. Speedy is not the fastest anymore. I cuddle with my cat during loading process… my kind of workaround. 😀 Lilly (my cat) likes it when I play Defense Task Force… snuggles guaranteed. 😀

  • Pricetag
    Yep, this game, made by a small indie studio with only two people, cost round about 20 bucks. It might be very expensive at first sight but keep that in mind when you guys out there who complain about the huge pricetag want to buy the next so called AAA game like Call of Duty for 60 bucks. I remember playing these games. You pay 60 bucks for a game that you play only for the campaign and dump it afterwards… after almost eight hours and never touching it again. So many indie studios offer so much more replayability and fun for just 20 bucks that I usually don’t buy these so called AAA games made by big studios. I don’t really care about the pricetag as long as I have fun with it… and don’t let the 14 hours fool you. There will be a lot more in the future. I’m just too busy to play it more.


Posted: June 20, 2018
Product received for free

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In A Nutshell
Defense Task Force (DTF from now on) is a classic style tower defense with some original mechanics put into it, set in a sci-fi universe. Like in any TD, the core gameplay will consist in organizing a defense strategy against increasingly powerful hordes of enemies. In each level, you need to survive a minimum number of waves before you can unlock the next mission, and be able to keep playing until you get overrun without penalties, to maximize Energy gain, the currency of the game used to purchase Research upgrades in a dedicated tech tree.

The Research tree features several, role-focused turret types with three upgrades each, plus a series of modifiers called Boosters, acting as late-game upgrades. Before you are able to upgrade anything in battle, you first need to research it in the Tech Tree. Energy is also used to research and deploy different types of forward bases, acting as "map templates" in each mission, with different spots to place turrets, becoming larger, and more expensive types, as you progress. Getting a better forward base also means spending more energy for it, and in case of early loss you can go negative in your energy budget.

While the core gameplay and mechanics are quite good and fairly balanced, the downside of DTF is how the Energy system itself works, as it forces the player to replay the same missions many times to grind energy points to get better turrets and forward bases in Research, or even to play new missions, as also accessing new missions costs energy. This rather annoying grinding wall artificially inflates the playtime a lot, without adding much depth to the content or gameplay, and can honestly result annoying and boring after some time.

Gameplay Analysis

General Gameplay
DTF offers a classic Tower Defense gameplay, exception made for the forward base mechanic which is rather original, all the rest is based upon the regular, tested game formula of TDs. You will be able to add, upgrade and sell turrets at will, in the pre-determined slots depending on what forward base you chose. Building the appropriate towers and upgrades, and giving the right target priority orders to each tower are fundamental steps to maximize efficiency and DPS, and not get overwhelmed by the enemy before reaching the target wave.

Enemy variety is quite good and each enemy will have its own weaknesses and resistances to certain towers. Towers cannot be destroyed or disabled.

An almost missing feature critical in tower defense games is the possibility of freely deciding the enemy path by building towers in locations of your choice: instead in DTF, your freedom in this regard will be quite restricted until very late when you unlock the last and most powerful forward base type, that allows some more freedom. This may upset hardcore fans of the genre.

An introductory cinematic will tell you about the story leading to the current events, but besides that, there is not a real storyline going on during the campaign. It is expected for a TD game.

Combat System
Combat is what you would expect from a TD game, classical style, the player is only in control of turret positions, priorities and upgrades, while everything else is automated.

Content & Pricing
The game can take quite a long time to research everything and complete all levels, mostly because of the previously mentioned Energy system, as it considerably inflates the game’s length, but not in a meaningful way.

The current price of 20$ is not justifiable for the amount of effective content offered, and I recommend getting this game only when on at least 30-50% sale, get it full price only if you REALLY are a Tower Defense enthusiast and just need some new TD to try.

Balancing & Challenge
On Medium difficulty, the game already offers a good challenge, while on Hard it becomes tough. Challenge is mostly tied, however, to your tech progression and so to how much you "grind" energy to get research unlocked. Some degree of tactical planning is required.

Technical Analysis

DTF uses Unity 3D engine, delivering adequate graphics, but not brilliant. Models, textures and environments are of sufficient quality for a tower defense, and in general the visuals do the job, but nothing more than that. For being an indie game, graphics is on more than sufficient standards.

Effects, music and sounds are of average quality and do not particularly stand out in anything.

Performance & Stability
GPU utilization is completely off-scale for a game with such requirements. In battle, it used almost 90% of a GTX1080, at 1440p, which is completely absurd given the rather simple graphics it delivers. Optimization issues are most certainly present regarding memory usage, probably related to Unity’s well known performance issues.


Quality of Life
There is no realtime-pause during matches, which is not uncommon in TDs and could be useful in planning while overseeing the battlefield. You can see incoming enemies of next waves, however the game lacks detailed information about them when hovering on the enemy icon in the wave queue, leading to confusion regarding what comes next. These two factors combined lead to players having to frantically click on enemies while on the field, and read about their weaknesses / strengths there, losing precious time usable instead to organize defenses.

Bugs / Issues
Resolution resets to native used display resolution each time a level is started and must be changed again if a different resolution is desired.

Conclusion & Rating
Defense Task Force is a classic tower defense done mostly right, the core systems are in place, work well, and the original mechanics are good, even if not game-changing, as most of the gameplay remains very classic in formula. The problems mentioned before in the review, all together, manage to cripple the game considerably, not enough for it to be a bad game sure, but preventing it from really standing out.

RATING: 6.5 / 10


Posted: July 1, 2018
I like the game, but since it’s not possible to save your progress I can’t recommend it.

If the developers implement a rewind system (like Defense Grid, for instance), I will be glad to change this review, but just now if you want to progress in the game you need a good memory to remember where your towers were an then place them again and use the speed up button, or a lot of time to play 50 or more waves.


Posted: June 20, 2018
Defense Task Force

DTF is, in my opinion, a well paced tower defense game. Its focus is on classic tower defense gameplay and there’s a lot of replayability in there as you push yourself to getting to higher and higher waves on levels you’ve already conquered. It reminds me of several other TD games I’ve played but is also different enough that it doesn’t feel like a copy of anything I’ve played. It seems a little expensive, but I think I’m going to get value for money.

The basic mechanic of the game is collection of resources (energy) and using those resources to defend your energy harvesting equipment. Each of the five levels is comprised of four areas and each of those areas can access multiple blueprints for layouts to mount your defensive strategy with. You start with access to one area, and a few blueprints unlocked; though you may have to pay to research them. As you progress through the game, various aspects — XP level, research, exploration, wave completion — allow you to unlock more blueprints, equipment, and more areas.

On each blueprint there are a set of designated spots where you can build platforms. On these platforms you can then place towers. Each blueprint gives you differing challenges and benefits. The cheaper blueprints give you a simple path to utilise, the more expensive blueprints give you more options for paths but also cost more to effectively defend them.

The benefit of the more expensive blueprints is that you recover more energy with them. Because of this, part of your strategy needs to be choosing the right blueprint for your current tower capabilities. If you choose an expensive blueprint without having unlocked effective towers to defend it then you’re possibly going to take a hit on your resources, you might still get suitable XP from doing so to progress other aspects of the game, but this will lead to a lot of grinding.

DTF uses a research tech tree for gaining access to tower upgrades. The research tree allows you to upgrade to higher level towers (harder, better, faster, stronger), unlock new towers, and eventually give towers further tower specific upgrades. You also have the ability to research upgrades for your energy harvesting equipment to make it more efficient or better at defending itself.

As you progress through upgrades your strategy on each blueprint may change, this is where a lot of the replayability comes from. Going back to earlier levels and using newly unlocked towers and upgrades to fix a weakness you had previously can return significant dividends. I found myself pushing up from 40-50 waves completed to 60, 70, 80, and then 99 on the same level.

The back story is a little inconsistent, but it’s still nice to watch the intro and the plot holes are no worse than those in Quake. It reminds me a lot of Unreal Tournament’s (99) intro. The intro is skippable…
\ o / (yay) | / \
The game utilises procedural techniques for deciding on the enemy waves, so no two play-throughs are exactly identical, but they do seem to be weighted towards having about the same level of damage required to overcome the enemy horde waves.

The game menus/navigation are sufficient for need. The navigation through the main menu can feel a little excessive at first but you soon get used to the process needed when entering a new level for the first time. There are a few niggles such as you can’t scroll the blueprints window with the mouse wheel, but the interface all works. One great thing that ChillX did was adding the ability to replay your current chosen configuration of level, area, and blueprint; saving having to navigate back through all the menus just to replay a level you knew you could do better on. Hopefully this means that ChillX will be able to find time to clean up a few of these things.

The in-game controls are logical and fairly clean. Standard fare for a game of this type, they do the job they are supposed to do without being overcomplicated. A few things have been missed in the final QA when it comes to some of the edges. For example, the tutorial videos still use an earlier version of the game. This doesn’t have any effect on the gameplay of course but it’s a sign of a small team working hard to actually release. A few elements are a little confusing until you’ve played the game for a bit. One such thing would be the upgrade button, which looks like it should do something even when you haven’t yet researched upgrades.

The included encyclopedia is well worth a quick flick through. The effects of tower types on enemy types is worth knowing.

The graphics are well presented both in the interface and in-game, and zooming right down to the level of the platforms and enemies is possible and recommended.

The music and sound effects are well done, the music score particularly lines up well with the empiric conquest element of the background story (Hey let’s invade and take their natural resources because we’ve used all of ours).

Initial load times, if you’re running off of a spinning disk, are quite long but it’s only the initial load that takes time for me. Once I’m in the game it’s pretty nippy.

Overall I love playing the game as both a casual game where I just grind a level for energy and when playing a specific strategy towards trying to advance my abilities and wave level.

Hopefully, as a potential purchaser, you’ve found this review useful.

As for me… I will be buying this game. Even if ChillX are gracious enough to gift me a copy for my feedback in the beta I’ll still be purchasing it for a friend.

For full disclosure, I backed this game when it was a kickstarter and was massively disappointed when they didn’t secure funding. ChillX kept in contact though and said they were going ahead anyway. A few weeks later I was lucky enough to be given a closed beta key for Defense Task Force.

I bought a new graphics card just so I could play this game in all its glory. I wasn’t disappointed.

I’ve seen the development team take feedback from people such as myself and improve the game and polish it up over the course of the last couple of months. I’m hopeful they will continue to do this on those edges where it’s still a little scuffed.


Posted: June 19, 2018
Product received for free

Defense Task Force – Sci Fi Tower Defense is a Tower Defense game that follows traditional TD gameplay.

The story starts with humans on the brink of extinction due to rapid depletion of the Earth’s natural energies, but suddenly a new planet forms nearby that has the energy that humans would need. Upon attempting to harvest the energy from this planet, an alien race overruns any establishment/base that is formed on that planet. Your job is to lead the humans against these aliens by building defenses so that humans can extract the energy sources for their own use. Thus in this game, energy is everything. It is your means of building, upgrading, research, deployment of different map layouts for use. Essentially, energy is money here.

You have the option of generating 8 different playable profiles for this game. Each has 4 different difficulty options. There are tutorials in text and video, but no interactive ones. There is an encyclopedia that is available to tell you everything you ever wanted to know about your own towers as well as the enemy race and species. While useful, it’s best to just jump in and play the game through trial and error.

When starting a mission, you choose between different regions, and each region has different sectors to complete. These different sectors show how many waves of enemies you must withstand for a successful mission. Once you pick a region, you will need to use a certain map/blueprint of a base that you can then deploy to ward off the aliens.

You start off with a map, the simplest is for free, whereas other maps cost energy to research and then to deploy for each use. On each map, there are specific locations where you can build basements upon which you can then place your towers. Towers can be assigned to attack different types of enemies first, ie. the fastest or the strongest.

You can use the page up and page down keys to change the speed of the waves of enemies.

Killing enemies gain you energy, which is then used as currency. Everything costs energy for building, for upgrading within missions. If you have survived through the waves of a mission, you can still choose to continue playing. By choosing this option, you can gain more energy. With a surplus, you can then use it toward research back in the meta-game.

Each sector has various map blueprints, and most of them need you to research them to unlock. These blueprints allows you to set up different defense methods to ward off enough waves of enemies so that you can be successful.

Through research, you unlock new map areas, as well as tower upgrades, new skills, etc. Then when you have the upgrades researched, you can then go back into missions in order to use these upgrades against your enemies. The upgrades cost an arm and a leg while you play, so blindly upgrading could help or hurt you during missions.

After each mission, you gain an energy surplus that gets added to your total in the meta game. The surplus only occurs when you succeed in a mission and continue playing. In addition, you also gain experience. With enough, you will be promoted in rank. Only with the increase in rank can you then upgrade your towers to match that rank and be more powerful. Once again, you have to use your energy gained efficiently because with upgraded towers, unlocked blueprints, etc, the costs incurred to you during both the meta-game and the actual survival missions spike significantly.

The graphics are very colorful and bright, and very pleasant to look at. The introductory video gives a nice cohesive story to the game, but once again, for a tower defense, the story is a nice addition, but does not change the gameplay. However, the optomisation could use some improvement, the loading times when starting up the game are rather long.

The gameplay seems rather repetitive, especially when you have to grind quite a bit in order to get more energy points for further upgrades and unlocks. You only gain experience from exploring different regions and achieving success in different missions. Replaying missions yields additional gold for research, but does not increase your experience, so you cannot just grind on the base levels until you are completely overpowered for the enemies. But you can grind to further your research with the energy excess that you find each time once you reach the appropriate ranks.

If you have played other tower defense games, you know more or less what to expect. With progressive unlocking/upgrading and the need for some grinding, you can expect a decent amount of gameplay.

Even though it’s a decent game, it is a fairly straightforward Tower Defense game. It is difficult to recommend at the asking price of 20,99 Euros or 24.99 USD. Best to get this game on 50% sale. There is not enough from this game to stand out from many other Tower Defense games to be worth this much.

The game also crashed a couple of times during the game, once when trying to browse through the encyclopedia, so it could really use some improvement on optimisation.

This is a game that is difficult to give a thumbs up or thumbs down. On one hand, it offers decent gameplay and a nice campaign. But on the other, the price is just too high. I really want to give it a thumbs up, but I can only honestly do that at a lower base price or for when it is on sale.

Disclaimer: The copy of the game was provided by the publisher, however, it did not influence my opinion in any way.


Posted: June 20, 2018
Product received for free

Overall a good, fun game! It has a cool cinematic at the start with an interesting back story which helps add to the gameplay because you actually know what/why you are defending this power crystal thing.

As for gameplay, it is pretty similar to most tower defense games, with the ability to place turrets in designated spots and then upgrade them to better versions. There are quite a few different types of turrets which is cool. The variation in enemies is what I really like. There are probably 15-20 different enemy types that all have different strengths and weakneses and traits.

The graphics are very nice and I was honestly fascinated by just looking at each type of enemy and examining the turrets I built.

Overall a solid tower defense game that I can see myself spending quite a few hours in. If you’re a fan of tower defense / wave defense genre, definitely recommend giving this a try.
I did a Lets Try video demonstrating the basics and taking on the first two missions:


Posted: June 30, 2018
Having every aspect you could want from a tower defense game; Defense Task Force offers exactly what you crave from a game of this genre. The overall quality of this game excels beyond expectation and the detail put into it’s design adds an essence of illustriousness that is almost unparalleled by games in it’s genre. In this game you aren’t just defending your base, you are defending the fate and future of the world itself.
Visit: https://indareareviews.com/defense-task-force, for the full review on this fantastic game!

Hugh G. Rection

Posted: June 22, 2018
Product received for free

Defense Task Force is a Sci Fi tower defence game developed by ChillX Ltd.

The game features multiple maps and missions for you to undertake and plays out like most other tower defence games as you would expect it to, you begin the game with the ability to place foundations and different types of turrets in set areas of the game map and are then met with waves of enemies that get harder and harder with each passing wave, this continues untill the enemy is able to destroy your base., at the end of the game you are rewarded with points whch you can spend on reaserching different upgrades for each turret available to you as well as unlocking other bonuses to help you survive longer.

The game has almost infinite replay value as you can play arround with different turret positioning and using different types of turrets and upgrades to see what wave you are able to make it to each time round.

I would deffiently reccomend this game and say it is well worth the money even at full price if you are a fan of this type of game you will find you will get hours of enjoyment and fun from this challening but fun game.

Overall Score 8/10


Posted: June 20, 2018
Product received for free

A simple game with complexities underhood.

Defense Task Force runs well with good animations even at the lowest of graphics settings. There’s a lot to master with this game that both levels you up and your towers with repeated play.

I was supplied the game as part of a beta test and the improvements made since then just hilight the team’s dedication and continued outlook for the game.

See you out there Commander, the world needs that Zero Point Energy and only you can help the United Federation of Nations.


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