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About This Game

Deiland is a single-player adventure RPG with several sandbox elements, such as farming, crafting, and building.
Put on the mantle of the Little Prince of Deiland and rule over your own planet!

Tend Deiland
Your planet is your home, turn it into a unique and special place. Improve your skills, craft tools, cook delicious food, brew potions, and create many more items that you can manage and trade.

Enjoy the story
12 available characters and over 100 quests. Your little planet will attract lots of neighboring merchants wishing to trade materials and rare ingredients.

Play and relax
Smooth and cute graphics as well as a relaxing soundtrack to ease up the bustling everyday routine. Experience the nature’s versatility in the form of storms, hurricane winds, Aurora Borealis, meteor showers, and shooting stars.

It is recommended to play with the controller for the best experience, but the game is also compatible with the mouse and keyboard.
    • OS: Windows 7 64-bit
    • Processor: Intel Celeron G1820 / AMD Athlon II X3 455
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GT 430/ AMD Radeon R5 240
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Storage: 2 GB available space


Posted: August 21, 2018
This game seemed to be exactly what I was looking for, and I have definitely had fun playing it, but it has room for a lot of improvements. It feels like an early access game, something incomplete and lacking.

1. There are some bugs. For example, when I upgraded the home with a laboratory, the lab never showed up and all my items disappeared. The house did not upgrade.

2. The characters don’t have any depth to them, the NPCs don’t make much sense, it’s curious why the main character just goes along with what strangers ask him to do without any question. THe quests don’t feel satisfying and are too easy. There is very little point in farming past a certain point.

3. You don’t have much room to move things around. For example, you begin the game with 3 crop fields and can’t move those at all to any other location. You can’t move your house around either. You have a limited space in which to grow trees and bushes as well.

4. The fishing system is a disaster, you can’t really fish, except maybe once a day.

5. There is no way to have two save files. If I start a new game to show a friend, my game is gone.

Overall this game feels very weak and incomplete, but what little content there was was very enjoyable, I hope to get more similar content. I hope this game can grow into something worth playing, but as it is I cannot recommend it.


Posted: February 20
Alright, Review time! Let me sum this up real nicely:

I knew from the first 10min of gameplay that I would be recommending this game on to the next gamer and that excitement wasn’t dimmed until the very end of the game. (Sadly)

Now let me tell you what Deiland is about. Deiland is about a young man, a child, who lives alone on a planet. Here he takes care of the land, collect berries to survive, and enjoys the solitude. One day a pink haired woman lands on the planet, an officer of space apparently, and decides to give the little boy some tools to make his life easier.
And so the journey starts with the boy getting more and more adept at farming and collecting and crafting while other space travelers pops on by and gives advice, quests, and friendship.

Now, the good:
+ Graphics are nice and consistent.
+ Unique viewpoint of living on a small planet you can see the curve of
+ Simple, and familiar, farming, ore and wood gathering.
+ Meteors land on the planet bringing seed from other planets
+ The beginning of an interesting story

And the bad?
– It’s short,
at 8 hours I was DONE with the game, but I stubbornly wanted more achievement and finish of a sidequest or two. The problem with this is that out of the 6 NPCs that visits the planet, only two of them are people I can call. Meaning I had to twiddle my thumbs and wait around for them to come visit my planet before I could pick up the next quest in the line.
– Story feels incomplete
I mentioned at the beginning.. that it had an interesting story. the BEGINNING of one. I was very disappointed at the end because it didn’t feel complete. The story is about a boy, and there are obvious signs that says "obviously he’s a prince" (obviously inspired by the classic story "The little prince"). And across the story this becomes clear, we get proof, he finds out himself, etc, etc. And then there is the mystery: A dark voice he sometimes hears in his dreams. A cloaked person stealing old charts and books and *gasp* attacking people. But…
in the end you don’t defeat "the big bad", you defeat a lieutenant of some sort and you never even SEE the big bad. You discover the heart of the planet but nothing happens with it. It’s like the game is incomplete. It’s like it’s half-made and waiting for the second half.
A plus is that you get to SPACE TRAVEL to other planets, get materials there and do more quests. BUT! IT IS ONLY ONE PLANET!! It’s absurb.
and the news lists "new planet coming soon" so I was like. Yeah. Sure. great. it’s a newbie game and updates coming soon..

Not true. It’s a WHOLE NEW GAME!
One can speculate about this. Deiland was made by a devteam of three people, and they’ve expanded. Summers in Mara is a game much like this one, with farming and crafting, and upgrading your land. And it’s set in THE SAME UNIVERSE!
Meaning we might see some characters from Deiland there,
Meaning the "Big bad" we got introduced to in Deiland could ALSO be in Mara, and that is why it wasn’t defeated in this game.

Should you play this game? It’s roughly 10 bucks for me, and I played for 11 hours. To me, thats money worth. I’ve eaten 6 dollar icecream under an hour yfeel me?
From the screenshots this was a tiny planet, I wasn’t EXPECTING there to be a story. I wasn’t expecting there to be characters I liked, even with the limited dialog they gave us.

I had fun, and first 6 hours flew by with me barely moving from the PC.
I’m really looking forward to the next game, a bigger better version of this. I’m looking forward to getting to know this devteam and what they’ll do.

So, you in the mood for a short little crafting/farming game?
Get Deiland, fall inlove, and.. maybe check out the kickstarter for the next game?


Posted: August 11, 2018
Wonderful game, lots of fun dialogue and leaves you with a feeling of peace while playing. Plenty of different ways to explore, have fun and create, allowing the player to decide what to do and when to do it. If you’re on the fence about buying this game, here’s a few questions to ask:
Do you enjoy lighthearted tales?
Do you enjoy an adorable set of characters?
Do you enjoy RPGs without a strict path to follow?
Do you like to love the main character?
If so, then I would recommend the game, as those are the four main reasons I believe this game is so special.


Posted: August 18, 2018
Hallo erstmal 🙂
zuallererst muss ich sagen das ich nicht zu vielen Spielen Reviews schreibe da es nicht viele gab die jetzt unbedingt supportet werden mussten bzw es nötig hatten. Aber bei diesem Spiel glaube ich das dies sehr wohl nötig sei und berechtigt! Denn ich habe mich wirklich in die kleine Welt von Deiland verliebt.

Hey there 🙂
First i have to say that i dont write many Reviews because i dont think that it was necessary but here is it different!!
I want to support this game and srsly, its long ago that a game made me think about it like that.
Because i rly fell in love with this little game.

Zu allererst eine kleine Einführung in die kleine Welt von Deiland.
Es ist ein ruhiges Spiel wo man mal abschalten kann. Einfach mal in deine eigene Welt von Deiland eintauchen und dort dich um Ernte kümmern, Handeln, Craften und auch ein bisschen Kämpfen. Neben all diesem läuft eine kleine aber feine Story über den Prinzen, Deiland und deren Besuchern.

First things first a little introduction to the little World of Deiland.
Its a calm Game where u can come down and enjoy the World of Deiland. U can take care of ur harvest, trade with visitors, craft and u get some fights too. Meanwhile u can see a little but cute Story about the Prince, Deiland and ur Visitors.

Dann kommen wir zu aller erst zu den Positiven Dingen von dem Spiel:
– Ich liebe den Grafikstil sehr 🙂
– Süße Story
– Man kann wirklich gut abschalten
– Die Charaktere sind alle sehr liebevoll gestaltet
– Schöne Musik
– Einfach weil das Spiel 😀 reicht das als Begründung?

First the good parts:
– I rly love the graphic Style
– cute Story
– u can calm down rly easily
– All characters are lovely
– nice music
– Just because. The game is reason enough c:

Leider gibt es auch dinge die ich noch als Negativ bewerten würde:
– Leider zu wenig Content (nach ca 10-15 Stunden bist du mit allem durch)
– Kleine Bugs (die mich aber an sich nicht gestört haben)
– Ich will meeeeeeehr conteeeeeeeent 😀
– Ich wünschte es wäre alles etwas schwerer. Das die Crafting Items usw Teurer wären. Das hat man alles so schnell geschafft
– Bei manchen Quests, kommen NPC’s manchmal mit Dingen an wo du wirklich keine Ahnung hast wo du das herkriegen sollst. Ein kleiner Tipp wäre doch hilfreich. (FROSCH -.-)

Now the "bad" Parts:
– Not enough Content (Only 10-15 hours)
– A Few bugs
– I waaaaaaant mooooooore conteeeent! 😀
– I wish everything would be a little more harder. As Example that the crafting Items need more ingredients. It was to fast ^^
– There quests where u just dont know where to get it, or what to do. A little tip to that would be helpful. (THE FROG!-.-)

Also zum Fazit:
Dieses Spiel ist wunderbar auch mit seinen kleinen Bugs, wenn man mal bedenkt das das Spiel sowieso erst seit kurzem draußen ist kann man noch ein Auge zudrücken. Allerdings wünsche ich mir wirklich mehr Content da ich dieses Spiel sehr gerne spiele. Die Atmosphäre passt einfach und ich möchte einfach nur mehr davon 🙂 mehr Quests, mehr Crafting Sachen, vielleicht Sachen die wirklich schwer sind zu bekommen. Einfach einen Grund geben es länger spielen zu können.
Ich würde mich wirklich auf zukünftige Updates freuen die mehr Content bringen und hoffe das dieses Spiel noch bekannter sein wird^^ denn genau sowas hat es wirklich verdient.
Ich lege jedem dieses Spiel am Herz der das liest 🙂
Danke für dieses wunderbare Spiel!

As result:
This Game is a wonderful peace of work even with this few bugs, but think of it that the game recently released so u can turn a blind eye. But i wish a lot more Content, because i rly love to play this game more. The atmosphare fits so good and i just want more of it! more Quests, more Crafting Items, Maybe Items which are harder to get. Just Reasons that i could play this game more.
I’d rly love to see updates who brings more content to the game and that the game become more popular. Because this game deserves it!
I recommend this game to everyone who reads this!
Thanks for this wonderful game.


Posted: October 14, 2018
Ok for android game, not for PC. Also there are bugs in the game that will make you impossible to advance in history.


Posted: August 27, 2018
A cute survival game with a fun premise, unfortunately it has several big flaws keeping it from being enjoyable.

First, it suffers from being too long for its content. What took me 18 hours to complete (story and all side quests) should have taken 10-12. This ties into the second flaw of the game’s artificial difficulty. Most of that wasted time was spent mindlessly grinding waiting for random events/monsters to spawn, and while I’m the type of person who thinks ‘Numbers Go Up = Fun’, this was tedious. The rest of the wasted time was hitting progression walls every couple of hours, big enough to make me quit the game to search for hints because the game wasn’t telling me what I needed to know.

In conclusion, at this point I see no replayability from this title, even just to see if i can do it faster. I will give it one solid point, however; none of the promo material that I saw gave away the best character in the game. Other than that, another title gathering digital dust in the library.


Posted: August 10, 2018
Very well made relaxing and easy to play game. Overall very pesant and I very much enjoy playing it. If you enjoy games like stardew valley or staxel this is probably for you.

Although there is one big minus on the Deiland horizon at the moment: The game is optimized for gamepad use, but there is not configuration options for your game pad and the game does not work propperly with every game pad. Also no keyboard configuration and though keyboard input does exist, the keys are not even displyed or explaind in any way.
For a PC game not to prvide any kind of input configuration is a very big fauxpas.


Posted: February 4
Suggested pairings: Cookies, patience.

How to react to this one? As a game, it’s okay; as a spiritual adaptation of The Little Prince and as a way to unwind, it’s pretty exceptional. However, it’s lengthier than it needs to be for the content — and much as I enjoy it, it’s not on the list of things I mention when people ask if I’ve played any good games recently!

This UPDATES my original review, when there was only one planet to go to. Since there’s not a clear path to the other one that the update says it’s added, I’m still going to keep the following:

The play experience itself is utterly charming. The characters are a delight (Lily’s design is GORGEOUS). There’s a genuine sense of accomplishment in arranging your little planet to your liking. On the other hand … the game’s mechanics feel distinctly under-utilized. (Why have travel when there’s only one place to go? It sets up a sense of discovery for there to be different plants, different monsters, etc., but payoff and progression feel halting and arbitrary.) And it’s altogether too easy to run into painfully artificial roadblocks in the questlines because you can progress at different rates with different characters, but there’s no indication of where to get some of the things you need, and one of the important items is a totally random drop which may or may not happen, and I have a strong suspicion they might just be handing them out when they do game updates …

The game is sweet, relaxing, utterly beautiful. Every so often I go back and play it for a couple of hours, and I find the landscape welcoming, the weather effects breathtaking, the experience of stewardship of the little planet appealing all over again. Then I get tired of being told I haven’t got what I need for various "chores" and give up for a few more weeks. Since a recent update apparently added on more questlines and story content, I’ve taken it off the shelf to play again, but the game still feels unfinished enough that the pleasant experience is mingled with frustration.


Posted: August 9, 2018
Very torn on this game. It seems to be a very nice game with nice illustrations, with just really unconventional controls that can not be changed. This is not really a reason to give it a bad review. It´s still a nice game.

However, the Motion Sickness in this game is real!! I have never in my 30 years as a gamer ever felt such hardcore eye strain and motion sickness. Considering that there is absolutely no reference point in this game makes it quite obvious that some very basic game development features were not fixed. Even the background (stars/sky) moves continuously. I´ve tried to play the game 3 to 4 minutes at a time to see if I can get used to it but the fact that I even have to attempt to do this is reason enough to give it a big thumbs down.

Quite sad; would have loved to be able to play this game since I can see that a lot of effort was put into it.

Sinter. #Mg

Posted: October 22, 2018
The game starts off nicely, but in the end there is too little content to keep you going.


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