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About This Game

Diluvion: Resubmerged has been rebuild from the ground-up and introduces brand new features which add more strategic depth to looting, managing your unique crew, and upgrading your different submarines to fit player’s needs- and playstyles. Salvaging is more dynamic than ever with hazard battles that require your crew’s abilities and items to overcome, and a new forging system offers greater customization of your vessel with upgrades for armor, depth range, life support and more. The update also includes enhanced visuals, mappable gamepad controls, new graphics settings, a complete UI overhaul with improved quest tracking and waypoints, the ability to save anywhere, and revamped landmark, navigation and pathfinding systems. Lastly new side quests, artwork and music alongside a number of quality-of-life improvements.

Forced into the deep oceans by a Great Flood that occurred countless centuries ago, humanity now lives trapped under a thick layer of unbreakable ice and their survival hangs by a tenuous thread. However, their penchant for perseverance is strong, and a new civilization has emerged with distinct kingdoms, religions and cultures. By a twist of fate you, an aspiring submarine captain, have been given the honor of commanding your first sub. With a brave crew at your command, you now venture into the unknown on a quest to discover humanity’s greatest secret.

Explore the dangers of the depths in this beautifully realized flooded world, and unearth untold riches and glory. Discover the remnants of civilization in numerous unique towns and learn their local lore, trade stories and treasure, and hire crew new members.

Continuously improve each of the game’s 9 unique pilotable submarines using a deep upgrade system, and gain access to new areas and loot. Discover numerous types of cannons and torpedoes to help you overcome the dangers of the deep, and assemble your own unique crew to brave it alongside you. Whether you wish to play as a silent hunter or a guns blazing dreadnought, arrange your crew members and weapons to fit your playstyle.

Game Features:

  • A Beautiful Underwater World to Explore: Three massive and beautifully realized open sea zones to explore, each with their own factions, local stories and more
  • Innovative Combination of 2D & 3D Graphics: Experience the mysteries of the deep in beautifully rendered 3D graphics as you navigate your submarine, and seamlessly switch to meticulously hand-painted 2D graphics when exploring towns and cities
  • Thrilling Real-Time Submarine Combat: Utilize an arsenal of underwater weapons to engage in life-or-death firefights with other submarines and deadly terrifying creatures
  • Crew Recruitment: Assemble your own unique crew to fight alongside you by recruiting different Helmsmen, Gunners and Sonar Technicians. Utilize each of their special skills and personalities to change the flow of combat and exploration.
  • Upgradable Submarines: Continuously improve your vessel by acquiring new weapons that can dramatically change the tide of battle
  • 9 Pilotable Submarines: Explore the world to uncover 9 unique pilotable submarines, each with their own feel, strengths and weaknesses
  • Resource Management: This world is not for the faint of heart, as resources are limited and survival is a constant battle. You’ll have to actively manage your food supplies and oxygen levels should you wish to keep your crew alive and overcome the perils of the sea
  • Upgradeable Home Base: Build- and grow your own base of operations under the sea to house all your stand-by crew members and submarines. Upgrade your base to increase your notoriety and wealth, as upgraded bases can also house valuable opportunities, such as rare item merchants and bars with notorious sailors as patrons.
  • Loot System: The world is filled with rare loot and hidden quests to discover…. Especially for those who dare to venture off the beaten path
  • Terrifying Underwater Foes: Explore the world and test your bravery against giant sea creatures and mysterious undersea anomalies!
    • OS: Windows 7, 10
    • Processor: Intel i5 (or equivalent)
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: GeForce GT 300 series (or equivalent)
    • DirectX: Version 10
    • Storage: 5 GB available space
Diluvion: Resubmerged-0
Diluvion: Resubmerged-1
Diluvion: Resubmerged-2
Diluvion: Resubmerged-3
Diluvion: Resubmerged-4
Diluvion: Resubmerged-5
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Diluvion: Resubmerged-7
Diluvion: Resubmerged-0
Diluvion: Resubmerged-1
Diluvion: Resubmerged-2
Diluvion: Resubmerged-3
Diluvion: Resubmerged-4
Diluvion: Resubmerged-5
Diluvion: Resubmerged-6
Diluvion: Resubmerged-7


Posted: June 8, 2017
+ the graphics are really nice and stylised to show the intriguing world
+ they merge 3D graphics with amazing Gorillaz-style drawings of very peculiar characters (which reminds me a lot of the "Melancholy Hill" music video).
+ the combat can be challenging and exciting
+ the resource management is hard and unforgiving
+ the music in the game is nice
+ the bosses have cool designs
+ the story is nice
+ I like the Jules Verne style of it
+ the developers listen to gamers and improve the game with constant updates

– the music is nice but it could just STOP when the game is paused!
– the interface is clunky and needs work
– I don’t know why so many things from your inventory can’t be just sold. We don’t need them onboard anymore and the game even gives us their value. Considering how money plays a big part here for survival it is a problem
– the ending is disappointing and is supposed to have some message but I completely missed it. It seemed "meta" for the sake of it
– the resource management is hard and unforgiving… which for some is a huge deterrent

~ the controls could’ve been better, especially for someone who’s using a controller (which I think is MANDATORY here) there’s a lot of sections where you’re supposed to use the mouse


you like the works of Jules Verne, abstract stories, harsh survival, and submarines.


Posted: March 27, 2018
Say what you want about this game, it’s extremely Unique from both a mechanical and a graphical standpoint. the sound design especially is amazing.


In it’s current state, it’s essentially a large demo. there’s not really much to do, essentially no sidequests to follow and the story and acessible areas are minimal at best. wide as an ocean (har har), shallow as a puddle.

I’ll quickly go over the pros and contras, and then give a fazit at the end.


-Amazing sound design. From the sonar to the music to the sounds your sub makes when you drive it, all are on point. some of the more esotheric sounds are also sufficiently alien.

-Amazing graphical style. Say what you want, but this game looks great. 3D-Rendered during normal gameplay, but 2D papercut style when interacting with structures and your sub. gives it a very nice feeling.

-while the story is slightly lacking, it is still well written. the worldbuilding is there, just not realized. Why is the earth a snowball? why is there no surface? who are the various factions? who were the old earth humans? who built all the advanced tech down there? all valid questions. they make you want to find out more.


-As said before, the story is lacking. you never find out the answers to these questions. The game was originally planned to include more sections, which explains the rushed ending, but alas, these were never implemented.

-There is nothing to do apart from the main quest. You can loot submarines and fight endless pirates, but that’s about it. no in-depth exploration, no lore, nothing.

-no gameworld persistence. apart from scripted events, the gameworld resets. bizarrely too, some bosses simply respawn, quest-specific dialogue fires everytime you enter its trigger range, it’s all so weird.

In its current state, the game is essentially a skeleton. it could be so much more, which I hope it will someday.

but currently, I would only buy this game if it goes on sale.



Posted: July 1, 2017
What is Diluvion:
An arcade Style submarine deep sea exploraion game in an open 3D underwater world and handdrawn 2D interiors all inspired by Jule Verne Fantasy with minor micomanagement for crew and inventory.

What Diluvion is not:
Its not a submarine simulator at all and If you are looking for something like Aquanox, there is no "real cockpit or bridge" and combat is 3rd person based. you always have your submarine in front.

The Game:
Diluvion’s world is based on 3 underwater maps where a simple but intresting story is leading you around. In the beginning you can choose from 3 different submarines : a combat sub, a trader sub and a scout sub.
they come in diferent style and have limited armor, wepons, cargohold and speed for their "class"
There are 4 Main Stations on your sub: the bridge, gunnery station, sonar and depending on your type of submarine the torpedo room. then there is also a cargohold that acts as your inventory and the crew room for not assigned crewmember. if it comes to steering your vessel i recomend the arcade version where your sub alwas follow your mouse pointer (similiar to mouse steering in War Thunder arcade air battle). in simulation mode you steer your submarine with keys and your view with the mouse. i didnt try set up a gamepad but there are control settings so it might work.

While you constant need to watch your amount of oxygen (can be increased with extra O2 bottles) there also is food to keep your crewmembers at work and Scrap Metal/Torpedos for your weponry. once you get more crew they can be added to the different staion so you get a boost to like weapon reload or sonar range etc or if they stay in the bunk they will autorepair your sub. sometimes you find repair kits as loot or at vendors but those have an anoying side effect: sadly there is no setting at what amount of HP/armor your kits get used so they will be instantly used (only if you have free crew) once our subs gets damage even its just a couple HP.
During your travel you sure need to "ping" alot around with your sonar to get a rough view of your surrounding and discover hidden/sunken/abonded stations and wrecks for loot and to "see" underwater citys, friendly and hostile vessels/objects. Every "Object" that can be entered, like a station or subwreck etc, has a "docking port". when you are in range you can shoot your "docking harpoon" at it and pull yourself closer (quite awesome and frustrating at times). Once you get the hang of it all, let the atmosphere catch you while traveling around on your underwater adventure and beware of some sure creepy areas. oh, and watch the dive limit of your sub or it get crushed.

So far behind all that deep sea explorarion and sub combat, Diluvion is a rough gem that still needs a bit of polishing here and there.

-Missing some crew portraits for assinged crew members
-rescale of the questlog and undock it from the map
-rescale and better inventory management (not that there is so much different stuff to manage but i hate scroll bars there)
-would like something like mousewheel zoom in/out when docked. autozoom/scale isnt that optimal.
-repair kits need some "use at X% hp" setting


Posted: September 29, 2018
Alright, I wanna start this off with a short and simple summary. I got this on sale for 5$ and I defintely feel like I got my money’s worth already.

It’s a medium to slow paced exploration game with rudimentary ship to ship combat. It revolves around a point and click style salvage minigame as its primary source of income, and during these outtings you’ll encounter text based scenarios where your team’s stats will play the major deciding factor in whether you pass or fail.

If any of this isn’t for you, that’s fine. If you’re interested, I’ll go a little more in depth.

The bad:

Early game combat feels slow and clunky. Ever played a third person shooter with a bolt action rifle at close range while everyone else has automatics? Feels a bit like that.

Gameplay can start to feel repetitive quickly. You spend most of your time on salvage duty, and salvage is a fairly simple minigame that doesn’t deviate much.

Navigation can be a bit disorienting, even with the multiple overlapping systems in game to guide you to your goals.

The good:

The style and scenery is beautiful inside and out. Pretty to look at, fun to explore. Dark foreboding depths and bright shiny loot are a perfect combination as well!

It fairly seamlessly meshes three styles of gameplay: 3D ship to ship combat, 2D resource management/point and click salvage, and text based adventure. Though it lacks a bit of variety so far, it’s done very well and I think it’s been fun.

Though early game ship to ship feels slow and clunky, I recently picked up a tier 4 ship that changes how I look at the game as a whole. With 11 mounted cannon points, it’s kinda like going from a bolt action rifle to a chaingun. I suggest grabbing a ship upgrade as soon as you can (save about 20k and you can pick up a pretty piece along the storyline).

Exploration appears to be slightly randomly generated (things appear in a general area, but not always the same objects and configurations) and leaving an area resets things, meaning no trip is without the potential to pick up some loot along the way. And you know we’re all in it for the loot.

All in all: Is it perfect? Nah. Is it good? Yeah. Is this all a matter of opinion? Obviously. It’s worth it to me, so that about sums everything up.


Posted: November 22, 2017
This game needs a lot of polishing.

To start with, the game economy seems to assume you’ll spend a lot of time going in circles, looting the same collection of pirates and salvage sites over and over again, because that’s the only way to make money. And you’re going to need a lot of money to pay for ammunition, food, crew, upgrades for your sub… it’s very tedious, and the only alternative is to go out into the ocean with minimal equipment and hope you don’t get sunk.

For seconds, the game is swimming with features that don’t seem to have been fully implemented. For example, you can buy expensive wooden amulets that don’t do anything. Your crew’s stats don’t affect how good they are at repairing your ship. The kickstarter promised interactions with the crew, and although there are multiple distinct personalities for non-officer crew, none of this seems to matter as far as managing the ship is concerned.

For thirds, the game’s controls are kind of clumsy, especially if you’re using a controller. Your radar, steering, and depth control are all tied to the left thumbstick, so its easy to veer wildly out of control if you’re not paying close attention to how you’re moving.

The game is pretty, but the draw distances are artificially limited to the point that even your radar doesn’t let you see much. I suspect this is to conceal how small the game maps really are.

The plot is kind of thin from what I’ve seen – there’s only just enough to explain why you should go to a particular part of the map and gather certain objects. Beyond that, there seems to be little point or explanation for anything you do. And your ship’s officers are bit flat.

Buy it on sale, if at all.


Posted: March 27, 2017
I was really looking forward to Diluvion, sadly it’s the victim of careless development. Numerous times throughout my playthrough I asked myself if what I just experienced was a bug, feature, or just laziness.

-Repair kits are wasted constantly when not in combat and when they are not needed, making them a waste of money and time to try to use.
-The game doesn’t track conversations across saves, so dying or loading the game results in every conversation popping up all at once.
-The ship auto-assigns crew very poorly, sometimes a 4 man crew on my engines adds 100%, other times it adds 10%, because the game doesn’t know which crew to put there and I can’t pick specific members.
-Enemies respawn any time you dock anywhere, meaning even though I already killed pirate band X, I now have to kill them all again on my way back to town. I spent a very large portion of the early game consistently running out of ammo.
-Some enemies just become hostile, seemingly for no reason. The Atlantica, a massive battleship that sits outside one of the game’s leading faction ports, decided out of nowhere to start blowing me to pieces once as I undocked.
-The drone enemy in the game is at least five times faster than you, and its pathfinding makes it just ram you then spin around the hull of your ship, making it nearly impossible to aim at. Three or four of these at once quickly becomes a hassle rather than a fun combat experience. By the way, I didn’t finish the game. At 13 hours I entered the leviathan area with at least ten drones and a few other enemies all attacking at once, where your hull goes from 40 to 0 in less than three seconds. It’s definitely possible, but only by cheesing it and staying far enough away that they never see you and just firing torpedos ovre and over, which by the way the enemies don’t attack you for doing.
-The "limited edition" Manta sub is really cool, however for some reason its crush depth doesn’t upgrade properly, in fact only the starter sub upgrades properly, meaning by the time you reach the endgame it’s the only one you can use.
-The angler from the demo was left in the game, which was a fun way to end the demo, but a really dumb way to punish players who don’t know that docking there is an instant and guaranteed death (especially since it’s not near a save area). Did I mention that your crew directly TELLS you to dock there?

As a final note, throughout the whole game I had virtually no repair kits and barely enough torpedos, but as you go toward the leviathan you get put through several relatively easy fights that net you nearly 100 food, 90 torpedos, and like 20 repair kits. It feels cheap and defeats the purpose of trying to stockpile things up until that point. I guess it makes sense to get such a ludicrous amount of torpedos given that the next area has to be cheesed with them just to get through, and after cheesing my way along for fifteen minutes and dying only to find out you start the whole thing over, I gave up on this game.

Final verdict: It seems unfinished. It’s as simple as that. Not a lot of forethought was put into replayability either given how long the game is and how unrewarding the progress is. It would’ve been infinitely more fun if it was randomly generated as a rogue-like rather than the lame story that just seems to drag you through terrible fight after terrible fight.


Posted: February 2, 2017
I honestly don’t see why this game is getting such harsh critisism, sure the controls can be finicky but thats why you have to learn them. I personally find the visuals to be stunning, the map to be easy to understand (if you have any sense of direction) and the combat to be engaging and fruitful if your competent. I love the atmosphere and the soundtrack, combined and seperately. The game delivered what it promised and did it in an intuitive and beatiful way (and before graphics are mentioned, I happen to like the minimalistic style), the crew management makes sense and the looting feels good.

This game is basically marmite, you either love it or hate it. Just don’t kick it down and scare off others that might enjoy it (or beat down the devs for something that they spent many years making).

And obviously this is my opinion, so some are bound to disagree, just give the game a chance, refunds exist for a reason.


Posted: November 3, 2017
Sooo is it weird to buy a submarine game in order to scratch your freelancer itch?

Pros: The sound track is top notch, the world design is beautiful, and the 2d animation is disney level.

Cons: This game comes really close to the Freelancer formula of game play, having Hub stations that distribute quests within an open area that you are working, You slowly progress through the area completing quest after quest until you move on to the next area. Great, except they made the areas too big, nominal on the surface but this one small detail makes what could of been a perfect "scratch to the itch" for a genre much lacking in good games and turns it into a slow and grindy travel sim. The quests points are spread out sooooo far from each other that a large portion of the game is spent waiting to get from point A to point B. This would be fine if along the way it was littered with points of interest, but its not. Its a fairly empty expanse with small generic almost randomized stopping points with random loot tables.

A HUGE amount of potential for this game, but in its current state I can not recommend it.

*Huge props to the developer for putting what they have into this game, Art wise and just pure content is beautiful and kept me playing for sometime, but eventually spending 10 minutes at a time pressing W gets old enough for me to lose interest in admittedly a very charming and fleshed out story.

Id rate it 2/5


Posted: December 15, 2017
This is, in fact, a wonderful game, but I didn’t accidentally hit the thumbs-down. I’ll explain.

The good: realistically, if you *love* submarine games, if you *love* games like X3:TC, X: Rebirth, Endless Sky. and want to see a submarine take on the whole thing, then yeah, pick this game up. Stop reading reviews and pick it up- if your alternative is doing nothing to fulfill your lust for games like the above, that is. If you *love* feeling alone in a universe too distraught to be concerned with your safety or well-being, this game is for you.

The meh: controls feel like you’re going through gel but that was clearly a design choice. A lot of people won’t like this. Also, it has full controller support- USE ONE.

The bad: Let’s start with the really bad. This one’s a sin. The item storage DOES NOT WORK. Do not trust it! It will delete itself if you so much as look at another item storage. Solution: get a giant boat and never bank. Secondly, in 2 hours, I’ve had 3-second lock-ups three times. To the credit of the devs, it stops time during these lock-ups and always seems to recover from them, so that’s cool. They often occur during saving, which is automatic and not your choice- which is cool…EXCEPT IT FILLS YOUR SCREEN WITH LAGGY GREEN FISH. Now, don’t get me wrong, I have a decent computer. I run Elite: Dangerous on high (not extreme) with over 60fps but those green save fish, man… This game is not new, the devs were made aware of these problems a long time ago.

Some minor issues: okay, lemme explain something. Your sub has 2 life resources: food and air. Air, you can’t live without. It’s refilled in a couple ways including visiting stations. Simple. Goes down with time. Now, food, works a bit different. If you don’t have food, all that happens is your crew goes on strike and refuse to leave the living room (which is fine by me: that’s where I like them! When they’re in there they repair my boat and yes, they’ll do that during a hunger strike). So, instead of buffing the engines or the guns or whatever, they repair the ship. Cool. And to save on food, you might just keep them in the living- NOPE. If there is food, they’ll eat it. If there isn’t, they just won’t do SKILLED labor. So forget about having a massive crew unless you’re like me and keep food-starved personnel to repair the ship and take on risky points of opportunities (that’s a thing, too. You can risk your crew’s life in an ‘event’ to resolve the event. I like this – there are other ways to end the event that other people prefer, such as ones that like their crew, but not me- no sir, I’m a slave driving homicidal maniac). So yeah, the whole crew thing and not being able to store them or ‘turn them off’ is weird even though I can just not carry food.

Also: why is everything on my map but home base? You just kinda memorize that in 3d space? That’s weird, fam.

The "to be honest": I’m gonna end up with like 30 hours played in this game, I’m sure. That has nothing to do with my review. My review reflects the level of polish this game has. At 1 hour in, I sat down and thought about if I wanted a refund long and hard (40 seconds) before I continued. I decided that because this game was so clearly for me, it gets a pass on my "don’t release unpolished, unfinished games if you don’t want me to chargeback" rule.


Posted: February 3, 2017

The game developers just released a patch to fix the camera settings so you can edit them to your liking.

– Amazing graphics
– Magnificent soundtrack
– High framerate and no lag
– Very good AI
– Amazing storytelling
– Nice 2D & 3D environments (looting is in 2D)
– It’s underwater FTL

– Camera (New update fixed issues with FOV)
– Ship Movement (Easy to learn, but hard to master)
– Combat (Easy to learn, but hard to master)

– Bugs (text repeats iself after loading a save)
– It doesn’t tell you if you’re looting and being attacked so you have to listen
– When in 2D environments, sometimes you can’t move the zoomed in view. However, you just have to click once or twice and then you can move your view again.