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About This Game

Door Kickers: Action Squad is a crazy old school side-scroller action game that puts you in the role of a SWAT trooper and sends you to deal with the bad guys in Nowhere City USA.

Choose your gear, then kick the doors down and face the action. Adapt and react by the seat of your pants, and if needed – restart without a care and rethink. Master weapons recoil and time your reloads, use distance and cover to your advantage and use the in-game Strategic Abilities to decide for yourself when healthpacks or gear refills are needed, or if that team-mate of yours is worth saving. Or just save up the Points earned and unleash your Ultimate to waltz through that tricky final room.

And when it gets too hard, bring over a friend to help.

Quick Points:

  • High detail retro graphics
  • 5 playable characters, each with unique gameplay and level up options
  • Unique in-game Strategic Abilities system
  • 60 non linear levels to complete
  • over 40 weapons and gear items
  • 20+ enemy types and 4 mission objectives
  • Unlock player and squad abilities and use them wisely
  • Couch and Online Cooperative Multiplayer
    • OS: Windows Vista
    • Processor: 1 GHz
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • Graphics: 3D Accelerated 128MB Graphics Card
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Storage: 100 MB available space
    • Sound Card: Yes
Door Kickers: Action Squad-0
Door Kickers: Action Squad-1
Door Kickers: Action Squad-2
Door Kickers: Action Squad-3
Door Kickers: Action Squad-4
Door Kickers: Action Squad-5
Door Kickers: Action Squad-6
Door Kickers: Action Squad-7
Door Kickers: Action Squad-8
Door Kickers: Action Squad-9
Door Kickers: Action Squad-10
Door Kickers: Action Squad-11
Door Kickers: Action Squad-12
Door Kickers: Action Squad-0
Door Kickers: Action Squad-1
Door Kickers: Action Squad-2
Door Kickers: Action Squad-3
Door Kickers: Action Squad-4
Door Kickers: Action Squad-5
Door Kickers: Action Squad-6
Door Kickers: Action Squad-7
Door Kickers: Action Squad-8
Door Kickers: Action Squad-9
Door Kickers: Action Squad-10
Door Kickers: Action Squad-11
Door Kickers: Action Squad-12
Size: 50 MB


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it’s free real estate

Posted: November 18, 2017
Early Access Review

Door Kickers: Action Squad review

-The game looks fantastic, the retro look combined with good graphics is a perfect combination.
-The sounds are okay, not too great, but it’ll improve hopefully.
-Although there are only 3 charachters, each one is unique and fulfills a different role.
-The maps are great, with alot of variety and different approaches.
-You can 100% trust these devs to make a great game, I’ve seen them do it with Door Kickers (the original), so they are absolutely going to improve the current state of the game.
-The music is great too.
-The gameplay is good, it’s really fun with two people behind one keyboard. (it plays similarly to Nidhogg in that remark)

-There is not alot of content. (They’re going to add more content, though. N. B.: This sentence can be applied to most Cons )
-There are not alot of weapons.
-Grenades and flashes are not useful IMO.
-There are only 3 charachters.
-I haven’t seen randomised placement of enemies. This would give the game replayability. (Sidenote: while there is no randomisation, the game does have a star rating system, so you can replay until you get those 3 stars. Maybe you consider this replayability.)
-Not alot of levels, and seeing as I found those levels to be the same when replaying, it may be better to wait until there is more content if you want to buy this game.

Final Verdict:
This game is an obvious masterpiece in the works, but not in its current state. There is not alot of content, not alot of replayability but it is amazing. I personally recommend this game, because I know the devs will add tons more into this game, but if you have had bad experiences with Early Acces games before, don’t buy this. The devs said the first major update will come out in December, which meanse there’ll be alot more content in just a few weeks, which would resolve, or try to resolve one of the major issues with this game: lack of content. If you don’t trust the devs, or if you are impatient, wait a few moths and then come back. I guarantee that you will see a completely new and fresh experience. For the more trusting and patient people out there: get this game immediately, it will provide you with some quality time.

8.5/10 devs pls make nades gud

I finished all the levels with the maximum score (3 stars) in about 6 hours, so don’t expect alot of content. It is possible to finish the game entirely in about an hour, or even less, if you are a dedicated and skilled gamer.

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Posted: August 25, 2018
Gamescom 2018.

So i walked through the dark corners of the indie boots not wanting to wait 3 hours to get a glimps of super smash brother or the new battlefield.
just wanted to play a game.
walk past by all the boots and there in the middle the was one screen with 2 free controllers.
So me and a friend of mine took those controllers and played this game called Door kickers: Action Squad.
we hitted that fire button and picked one of the 5 classes and loaded up a level.
We kicked open the first door and start shooting our way true. open a door and there was a suicide bomber who blew up us 2 we laughed and immediately hit that retry button.
After 5 tries of the first level we played we got true the level.
Behind us there where 2 other guys wanting to play so we painfully had to let go of our controllers and left the boot with as a goody some cold spring rolls and a card of the game.
but we couldnt let the game go out of our mind.
next day of gamescom we went back to the boot as we graved for more gameplay.

So back to the boot There was the game again with the same springroll goody.
We played true the 3 playable levels.
Had loads of fun tried all the classes.
There were guys waiting for the game but we couldnt let go.
A guy from the boot came to us and offered us a challenge and took us to a level you couldnt play and told us if you guys die you need to go.
challenge accepted. 1 min in the level we both died and sadly we had to let go of our controller.
The guy told us if you want to blame someone for the level design blame me. He is pure evil

So we talked to this guy after we played only to figure out that the game is allready in early acces on steam.
And that the spring roll goody was actually his colleges lunch..

So the best game for me at Gamescom 2018 was for me Door Kickers: Action Squad
Ty guys for realeasing this beauty of a game.
And sorry for eating your lunch.

Gabriel Santos Mariano

Posted: March 10


Posted: December 5, 2018
If the 80’s were a sidescrolling shooter Broforce would be the first film and this would be the sequel.


Posted: January 5, 2018
Early Access Review

What is it?
Tactical Broforce with local co-op for two.

Should I get it now or let it boil in Early Access for another year?
Now! It’s a full and well-polished core experience already. Which can easily offer several hours even on quick playthrough. I can imagine much more challenges, weapons and abilities, but it will be alright to play again or continue where one has left it.

The original Doorkickers wasn’t really my thing, is it anything like it?
The relation between two may not play well for the developer. Essentially these are two very different games. First one was a real-time strategy and this one is action, where you have to think your moves and coordinate with your co-op partner. What it takes from the original Doorkickers is the metagame: you get 1-3 stars for finishing the mission and you use these stars to upgrade your gear.

What was the test environment for this game?
Two Steam Controllers and 7yo son, all worked exceptionally well with not much shouting upon for rushing and getting us all killed.

9/10 when imagined full of content. One of the best games in Early Access. Shared screen co-op GOTY award.


Posted: November 23, 2018
Awfully underrated.

Gameplay is solid.
Soundtrack is the absolute best and fits perfectly.
A must-have if you’re into Hotline Miami.


Posted: September 11, 2018
Do you want to be a loose cannon cop that doesn’t play by the rules but gets results?


This game lets you do this, kind of.
It’s basically BroForce meets Door Kickers. You clear 2D environments preferably with a buddy by your side.

The 80s Synthwave soundtrack is also highly recommendable!


Posted: November 17, 2017
Early Access Review

This game is both relaxing and tactical, a perfect blend of arcade games. The local coop or online is seemless and bugless, its got about 15 hours of unrepeated gameplay(if ur looking to get max 3 stars and are good players).
I have played this game with my girlfriend and gameing bros, each presenting different playthrough and both fun.
*at later stages, this game can be very tough to 3 star a mission.
Congrats Killhouse games on another great installment from your universe!

No One

Posted: February 17
Kicking doors was never this fascinating!

We demand a 5 player co-op mode so we can call it ‘The 2D Rainbow Six’.

Ryan Dorkoski

Posted: September 26, 2018
Door Kickers: Action Squad is definitely fun and has plenty of content, but there are a few things holding it back from true greatness. First off, this title has a lot in common with games like Gunpoint and DEADBOLT. It’s all about learning the premade levels to perfect your playthrough. Now Door Kickers: Action Squad has RPG-like leveling up and buying gear which, on one hand, adds some neat variety in loadout options, but on the other hand it sort of flaws the whole thing by rewarding the player for not perfecting runs early on. What I mean is this: why would I take the time to perfect level 1 with the base build when I could simply ‘just get through it’ and then come back and crush it when I have much better gear? Now this isn’t a deal-breaker, but I do have to question why it was constructed this way.

Other than that, we have some really nice pixel art and totally decent music and sound effects. Co-op would be a blast if you can find someone to regularly play with. Just understand this is an action game first, and a strategy game second. It’s a close second, but there are absolutely moments where it’s just ‘go in guns blazing’. I don’t think that part is avoidable, and that’s fine.

+It’s fun.
+Good bit of content.
+The pixel art is quite nice.
+Co-op is fun.

=There is something about simply memorizing the best way to run a premade level that never feels great to me. Now some titles do it better than others, and Door Kickers: Action Squad is pretty middle-of-the-road for me. I feel like maybe there was a missed opportunity to add in just a bit of proc gen elements, and create some sort of hybrid. As it stands, there is nothing in this title that hasn’t been directly done before. And again, that’s okay.

-The metaprogression rewards the player for waiting to upgrade gear before trying to simply rely on skill alone to 100% a level.
-The different character ‘classes’ essentially reflect difficulty modes. I’m not sure I like this way of doing it. Not sure what else I can say about that.

Unless this is totally your jam, I’d wait for a sale.