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About This Game

Get ready for an adventure in history! Logic Artists, the makers of Expeditions: Conquistador, are pleased to bring you Expeditions: Viking.

Prepare for a grand adventure

As the newly appointed chieftain of a modest Viking clan, you’ll have a village of your very own. But to carve your name into the runestones of history you’ll need great strength, and great wealth to grow your village’s prosperity and renown. There is little left to be gained from the Norse lands and so you must set your sights on the the seas to the West, where tales speak of a great island filled with treasure ready for the taking.

Seek your fortune

Your trusted huscarls will follow you to Valhalla if that be the order of the day, but you’ll need more than loyalty to leave a legacy that will be remembered for a thousand years. Now assemble a worthy band of warriors, build a ship, and seek your wealth and glory across the sea. Britannia awaits in Logic Artists’ Expeditions: Viking.

Main features:

  • Create your very own Viking chieftain! Carve out your character from our unique character system, where stats, skills, and abilities define your character’s role.
  • Raiding or Trading? Vikings were known not only as violent warriors, but savvy tradesfolk. How will you find wealth, with the carrot or the stick?
  • War and Politics: Side with various factions be they Norsemen, Picts, or Angles.
  • Reputation: Be mindful of your choices, the stories of your actions may bring others to fear you, but will they trust you?
  • Step into the pages of history: In a beautiful and visceral telling of the Nordic history.
    • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
    • OS: Windows 7
    • Processor: Intel Core2 Quad Q9400 2.66 GHz
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTS 450
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Storage: 12 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX Compatible Sound Card
Expeditions: Viking-0
Expeditions: Viking-1
Expeditions: Viking-2
Expeditions: Viking-3
Expeditions: Viking-4
Expeditions: Viking-5
Expeditions: Viking-6
Expeditions: Viking-7
Expeditions: Viking-8
Expeditions: Viking-9
Expeditions: Viking-10
Expeditions: Viking-11
Expeditions: Viking-0
Expeditions: Viking-1
Expeditions: Viking-2
Expeditions: Viking-3
Expeditions: Viking-4
Expeditions: Viking-5
Expeditions: Viking-6
Expeditions: Viking-7
Expeditions: Viking-8
Expeditions: Viking-9
Expeditions: Viking-10
Expeditions: Viking-11


Posted: June 10, 2017
Quickly to the point:
– awesome story without dull moments
– sense of urgency will keep you on your toes and always working towards your goals
– plot changes depending on your own agenda
– combat is quite complex and doesn’t seem to suffer from the whims of RNG
– exploration is key, campaign map is huge and varied
– quests usually have more than one way of handing things and generally stick to shades of grey when it comes to morality of your actions
– your actions have impact on both the world around you and your team
– not sure how historically accurate the game is but it feels pretty solid

– many, many bugs – haven’t encountered a game-breaking one yet, but there’s dozens of smaller ones
– long loading times, SSD is a must (fortunately the game is quite light)
– lack of ability to skip/speed up animations – they do get pretty repetitive
– random events seem to pull from a fairly limited pool making it very easy to see repeats

One of the best RPGs I’ve played in the recent years. If you can get over the slightly janky technical side of things you’ll find a real gem here.

Edit: Reviewing my review for Steam Awards, the game is still great!


Posted: May 26, 2017
I played it from start to finish and I must say its my surprise game of the year. The many little details everyplace was so amazing. The story, music, gameplay, the builds, the quests, the loot, the battles, the camping, the crafting, the repairing, the timeline(which gives you plenty of time to do all you want). Just so much I got out of this game. It was bittersweet to finish, everything depends so much on what you choose. I LOVE IT!!!!!.


Posted: July 8, 2017
Finally. After years of searching for a party based RPG that would draw me in to another world and existence, I have found it. I’m a jaded old gamer of 60 that has played every CRPG/ARPG since Ultima and Wizardry, the SSI Gold Box D&D games, Interplay and Blizzard, and everything since up through current releases. More recently I found the occasional game that scratched that itch, but there were a lot more disappointments than hits. While I was able revel in the Witcher series, loving each one more than the last, I was still longing for a party based RPG. This game is what I have been searching for.

Beautiful graphics, scenery.
Amazing and perfectly fitting music ( one of the view games I haven’t muted the music for).
Great writing and really captures the Viking Saga feel. I am a bit prejudiced here, having Norse ancestry via Ireland.
Exciting and challenging tactical combat, with "magic" being more psychological/religious, not mystical.

Regarding all of the "bugs" posts, I didn’t experience a single one. So no idea on that front, but flawless for me. Maybe because they have all been patched by now.

Having just finished the saga, I’m immediately starting my second playthrough. There are so many paths still to follow. I’m excited already just thinking about it.

Oh, and to the developers, Logic Artists. I happily signed up for your newsletter, so if you can create any DLC’s in the future expanding on the storylines, I’ll happily throw money at you.


Posted: November 5, 2018
Game is fantastic! Even better than the PoE or Divinity series (which are all great!), because the viking-story is highly atmospheric and very plausible. Fewer, but better quests, that really let you feel like a Thegn! Like in Tyranny, you are a leader and you feel it. You have choises to make – with different outcome and allies.

Instead of protecting it from bandits, I just plundered a monastery (I negotiated the "so called bandits" to help me), slaughtered all inhabitants (unnecessary), and even got away with it, because of a high diplomacy skill. I just lied the regional king straigt in the face and blamed the "bandits", who where in fact merchants. But dead men tell no tales… There are many examples like this. You can act out your inner Viking here, but most of the time, there is also a peacefull solution.

Together with complex, turn-based tactical combat, an easy resource-, party- & village-management, great crafting system, good reputation+moral system and a highly scaleable difficulty, the DEV’s have everything covered here! This is a work of love and a piece of art, easily worth double the price compared to other so called "AAA’s".

This is no game for newbies, you have to familiarize with the rules and it starts a little slow in your (yet) humble longhouse in your (yet) defenseless village.

9/10 must buy for rpg-fans.

P.S. The game’s time-limit is very generous. This is beause of the game design (different regions, no open world!) and it is easily doable. I am a very slow gamer and usually hate time-limit’s, but this one is okay.


Posted: March 20, 2018
One of the best games of 2017!

Expeditions: Viking is truly a hidden gem. A game that deserves way more attention and is very underappreciated.
It’s fresh, original and overall a fun and a good game.
Sure, there are plenty of viking themed games out there but this one is different. It’s a true RPG with decision-making, it has turn-based combat and it’s more historically accurate. No spellcasting, magic weapons or mystical beasts in this game.
Just you, your clan and your enemies.
You can make allies or you can be a true viking conqueror.

What is best in life? To crush your enemies, to see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women.

The story of the game is quite simple. It’s your basic revenge story with alliance building…Well sort of.
You’re bound to go to Northumbria where you will discover three kingdoms. The choice is yours: Ally yourself with one of the kingdoms and crush the other two and in the progress you’ll befriend a powerful kingdom which would support you in your troubles or you could simply conquer the entire Northumbria. Not an easy task but fun and doable.

The combat is sort of like in the XCOM reboots. You can build your own little party and each party member has its own skills to use. You have your archers, tanks, healers and dps characters. Ofc each character has skilltrees as well. It’s a nice blend of RPG skillsystem meeting turn-based strategy. Kind of like in Divinity: Original Sin but without magic.
You can, of course, "upgrade" your home village as well. Build fences, upgrade forges etc. It’s pretty basic and doesn’t affect much.
On to the most important point in my opinion: Like any decent RPG, unlike Skyrim which is just a first-person Diablo, it has choice making. You can be neutral, evil, good and all that stuff. You can be reasonable, emotional…You can be you. You can be a conquerer or a peacemaker and yes, you do have romance options.
Can’t be an RPG without decision-making in it and this game not only has it but did a darn fine job in it as well!

It’s not too often you see a well done RPG, a TRUE RPG, with actual choice making.
What else to say? Turn-based strategy and roleplaying put together is just a wonderful combination and the developers really did a good job in it. It’s just a well developed and fun game with a unique and interesting setting.
The price tag is also reasonable so I’d recommend getting it either it’s on a sale or not.


Posted: November 2, 2017
Despite a rocky launch, this is now a really great tactical RPG in a historical setting. It’s honestly one of the most atmospheric games I’ve ever played, and the excellent soundtrack and narrative do alot to immerse you in the Viking Age. This was my first real CRPG expereince and its absolutely set the bar high for future titles in the Expedtions series. Can’t wait for the next entry and I hope the studio sticks to and expands upon the RPG elements.


Posted: April 27, 2017
So far I recommend this game, however this review is subject to change. I’ve not spent too much time with Expeditions yet, but so far it’s almost everything that I hoped it would be. I’ve been waiting for a proper period Viking game for quite some time (instead of silly rinse and repeat Viking tropes), and to finally have one that is modeled after the old Infinity era games (i.e. Baldur’s Gate, Planescape Torment et al.),for me, is a dream come true. In this game you get to forge your very own Viking chieftain, your goal is to advance the interests of your clan, while also trying to maintain your rule. You do this in a number of ways, but mainly through choice of action, and words. At the moment I can’t speak too much about different consequences, however, right from the beginning of the game, your choice of stats shapes npc perceptions, and molds your personal biography (the biographical aspect needs a bit of polish, as it doesn’t mention your father’s name, but a place holder). Furthermore, your actions shape how the members of your party or hird-as the game calls it-view you, how they view you affects their morale and morale influences how well your party fights.

The English writing is localized well, and I enjoy how the developers allowed a few Old Norse names and words into the dialogue. There is some voiced dialogue, but it works similarly to Baldur’s Gate where an only a small portion of the dialogue is read by an actor. The little that is there, in my opinion, sounds fine, and there are some proper Scandinavian accents. I will add that I wish that the dialogue was a little less ‘modern’, but that is something more for real history aficionados, so I won’t hold it against the writers. The music is also rather good, typical, but it gets the job done, it does not have the exotic quality of an OST like that of the History channel’s Vikings.

Graphically, it looks nice. The game looks similar to Pillars of Etternity’s engine or the Conquistador game, thus the characters are a bit on the rough side, but the locations, and world look rather nice.

There is some decent character customization, but I’d defiantly welcome more. There is enough to keep it from feeling shallow. Your options are not extensive (you can’t change every aspect of your characters face e.g. nose and eye shape etc) but there are enough options to personalize your character. You also choose from a few character portraits that are used during dialogue, in time there will probably a mod to add more, or a way to add one’s own files for the portrait selection.

The RPG element gives you a decent amount of skill customization, and it was seemingly designed to mix and match a few roles. Your stats consist of strength, endurance, finesse, perception and sense. Each of said stats will dictate the role you play (warrior, archer, rogue etc.) When you level up you are given multiple points to spend on passive perks, and combat skills.

On the world; you travel around as one would in an old CRPG game, with you leading and your party following behind travelling about the world space. This game world is supposed to be open, so far I’ve noticed a few closed off areas, but I’ve not really explored enough to rightfully critique the exploration aspect of the game.

Combat is a turn based tactical/strategy game, it is similar to the other Expeditions games, you move on a hexagonal battle map, and take turns attacking the enemy with your party.

Story wise, it’s essentially like an old Viking tale without the romanticism, you are the new chieftain vying with your rivals for survival as well as honor and glory, so as to reach the halls of Valhalla. I’m not expecting too many twists and turns. But who knows? There could be a few surprises; I’ll speak more on this once I finish the game. Character interaction so far has been well done, there are branching dialogues and multiple options; however I did notice a few options that had the exact same outcome (I reloaded a save, to check this). This game is also supposed to include romance options, but I’ve not played long enough to speak of them.

If people are looking for a more historically accurate Viking game, with a real story and character interaction like an old Infinity Engine game, this is the one to get. I think that the devs put a great deal of love into this game, and they also seem to be sending out patches as I write this.

Tentative, 8.5/10. *I will update this review once patch 1.06 comes out, and I play through th egame again.*


Posted: April 27, 2017
Expeditions Vikings, The first 30 minutes.
Well I thought it was 30 minutes turns out it was the first two hours. TIme is flying.
The character creation options are great. Lots of different options for different play style and honestly my first impression is that replay value could literally come from wanting to try different kinds of characters. Want a super melee? A skilled leader with diplomatic options? A ranged titan with an eagle eye in perception and sense. I am so torn between going melee or ranged spec its crazy.

The game starts out with a really interesting story and characters, the dialogue is good and the conversation options, including the special ones you can unlock with skills is great. I really thought this would be a one playthough game from other types of games in this genre, yet the subtle ways conversation and choice can impact what happens and who your companions are and how they respond to you is really very vast and I doubt One playthough will be enough to satisfy my curiosity as to what would of happened had I done this?

Honestly my first two characters were super spec melee and I ended up losing my trail by combat. I decided I reroll as a shield and sword spec and see if I do better that way with a few different skills selected then the last time. Happy to say 3rd time was a charm, I was able to win the duel with no optional help! How did you do your very first time fighting that duel? I’m very happy with my character now and can continue on knowing I’ll be ready for future fights with a better understanding of how to build my squad mates and what skills to take from what I learned from these fights.

*Combat is excellent. Finally a turned based squad game that does it right. Easy to learn in theory but defiintely will take a few battles to really learn and understand the best ways to use your troops and skills to maximum effect. Finally a game that allows you your true turn. In your turn you can use any character you want in whatever order you want. You can move and attack or attack and move. Example:

I move my main melee up to an enemy archer, clearing my archers line of sight, I attack with my archer on the enemey, he hits, I have now harried my enemy and since for my main I took that skill, I’ll get a 50% damage boost for hitting a harried enemy. So now I use my main to hit the archer and boom! Archer goes down! With the way they did combat, you have so many variables on how to take down the enemy including traps and so on….really excellent job on combat.

I already love the game, which visually is great as well. In short this game offers a multitude of choice within the story and combat, skills and choice are worthy of dragon age origins. If you like squad based tactical combat, with choices that really matter and change how your play through is gonna go… Expeditions Vikings is the game for you.

I just wanted to add that this isn’t all about combat. Careful management of your home villiage, skills you use and spread through your party are the keys to not only battle but a successful camp to ensure your people are feed, rested, guarded, scouting is done and any crafting you want to do…which is very powerful a skill to have. How you manage your relationships based on your choices throughout the game, the skills for camping when you are traveling and how and when you start upgrading your home (right away) are all key to having fun and being a good leader. Fail at any of these and its going to be a rough road for you and your companions.

The game is an upgrade in every way to expeditions conquistador and My only complaint is that they went with a pretty close view of the world eagle eye wise instead of letting you zoom out.
they did this purposely I was told via the forums, the devs are very very active with the community on the boards, and Jonas said he did it for performance reasons. While I would perfer to be able to zoom out, I do get it. Like anything else its just a choice that while i find less then great, it would of cost performance the other way so I’m getting used to this super close up view.
(not that we have a choice lol)

Its really a great game and its going to be bitter sweet when it the journey finally ends.

****Side note……The music is actually great. Reminds me a little of that old movie last of the mohicans when they were on the move!

******Pro tip, be sure to loot the bodies of your enemies and search the maps you are on, there are a lot of items and materials to be found in containers and so on…even a side quest to be found very early on if you search the farm well enough

Hektor Hernández

Posted: May 14, 2017
This is an amazing RPG. Tho, a very combat focused one. If you’re the kind of person who only ever wants to play pacifistically and solve everything by dialogue, don’t even bother reading any further.

But if you like hitting things with your axes, this is an amazing game to do it in. The encounters are mostly very well designed (There are virtually no random encounters, i had two throughout 25 Hours of play) and the combat is fun. Seeing arrows flying into someones face or being blocked by a shield feels and looks very well.

The combat got enough depth to be challenging, and good lord, some fights can be extremely challenging, but it’s not quite extraordinair. Sometimes you’lll still find yourself hitting things rather mindless, like when raiding a church full of civilians.

Which brings me to the next point, killing civilians.

The game is rather sandboxy in its main quest and allows for a lot of different routes to go down on. The basic premise is that you, new appointed thegn of your families viking clan, are deemed a weak ruler and have to defend yourself and your clan in the next althing at the end of the year. In order to gain strength and propserity you seek out the british isles, while running against a (not very pressuring) clock.

But what you do there is entirely up to you. Try to establish trade routes with the kingdom, raise an army and conquere britain, be part of political schemes in order to gain alliances or just raid, murder and pillage everything and build a strong clan with all your money.

I, Hegdor, and my crew from the warship Mabufudyne decided to reinstall a new king in the kingdom of Northumbria, wage war with the picts of the north in his name and make the entirey of britain my ally in the process.

The game is extremely reactive in how you do about things. This also includes fail states! More often than not, losing in a fight does not mean the end of the game, but a new, different outcome to your quests and a different story progress resulting out of it. All RPG’s should be like this.

In addition to that, the game also allows you to toggle the lethality of your attacks in a fight. It’s entirely up to you wether you want to kill or only defeat the enemy. Even this can sometimes, tho not always, make major or minor impacts on your quest progress.

The third major gameplay pillar of the game is the camping. When traversing the world, your party will get fatigued and hungry which forces you to rest in a camp, as your party will become weak and fragile.

The camping allowes you to give all of your party different tasks for different shifts, such as guarding the camp – to prevent being attacked by wolfs and such in the night -, healing Injuries, hunting, cooking and a lot more. It’s a very integral part of the game and it’s worth having party members specialised in different camping skills as otherwise you’re quickly going to run out of food or medicine and will slowly wither away.

Basically, it’s more of Expeditions: Conquistador, but with a new setting. If you like one you’re going to like the other.

Very highly recommended for everybody that likes turn based strategy and RPG’s.


Posted: August 13, 2017
Do you like turn based games with focus on positioning? Go play it!
Do you like viking theme? Go play it!
Do you like turn based games with viking theme? What are you waiting for? Go play it!

It’s a great game with a lot of strong features. But it has some problems.

+ A lot of skills you can use. Many of them are weapon specific.
+ Positioning is important. Arrows fly in straight line, not on curve, so you can block whole line of companions with shield or protect yourself by using environment as a cover.
+ Character progression is satisfactory, even though I would like to manage characters in more ways than just by attaining new skills.
+ Item progression is good. There is a lot of weapons to choose from. The number of armors could be better, but still, it’s pretty good. There is a lot of miscellaneous items for de/buffing, blocking the path, traps…
+ Some of the guests are really good. Far better than anything in Skyrim or other "full–fledged RPGs".
+ Your companions have distinct personalities. They are well written.
+ Crafting is pretty robust.
+ Managing the party and camping is nice change of pace.
+ Great soundtrack.
+ Graphics are really good for this type of game.
+ Animations are good.
+ Atmosphere is great. The feeling that life is hard is palpable. You can see that people die because of weather, or nature or by crossing the path of a wrong person.

– Some of the skills are useless. You’ll be using the same set of few skills most of the time. Patch focused on balance could help.
– Game is trying too hard to show that everything is not black and white. Some quests don’t have a good ending. That would be fine, if it was achieved in a logical way. This is unfortunately not the case. Game artificially limits the options to deal with the quests. You can’t even abort a quest if you can’t role play it properly because of artificial limitations.
– UI is bad. Managing the camp is a chore. Entering an area is a chore – why do you always have to select companions if in most cases they will always be the same? Why aren’t they pre-selected? Why aren’t they at least ordered right next to each other for easier selection? Why is their order changed randomly? There is a lot of UI problems, which will get on your nerves the more you play it.
– A lot of bugs. Game crashing. Quests which cannot be finished. Characters falling under the terrain. Half of the area inaccessible due to invisible walls, etc. They tried hard, I can tell. First few hours are basically bug free. But they evidently didn’t have enough time/resources and majority of the later game is full of bugs.
– There is only four or five different camp maps, and if you’ll set out to clear all of the camps, it will get tiresome pretty fast.


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