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About This Game

"In the beginning, there was only an excruciating, screaming void, wherein twisted souls writhed about, imprisoned in nothingness. Then the darkness was pierced by Luce, and with her came warmth and order. The time of men had begun, and would last many eras. But the 14th era is one of Darkness…"

As Nyx, an old, retired warrior, evade the Shadows and find your way through the crooked corridors of gloomy dungeons, navigate the treacherous pathways of the darkened overworld and fight emissaries of darkness in long-forgotten temples. Many puzzles and deadly traps stand between you and your goal – to bring your daughter Aether to the last place on the face of Earth that still sees light.

Inspired by games such as Dark Souls and ICO, Fall of Light rewards those who explore the world on their own and draw their own conclusions. Meet odd characters, search through every nook and cranny to unlock hidden secrets and learn more about the history and lore of the somber world around you. Pick your favorite combination of close-range weapons, crossbows and shields, determine your fighting stance and get ready to face hordes of crafty enemies. And above all, keep your daughter from harm, as she is the light piercing the darkness and the key to unlocking forbidden passages.


  • 20 different battle stances, including two-handed and dual-wielding
  • 10 weapon classes covering both short-range and long-range weaponry
  • Guide and protect your companion – Aether, the Indigo child
  • Fight Shadows, soldiers of darkness and underworld bosses
  • Explore the overworld, scour dungeons and temples to gain and use special powers
  • Uncover many secrets and solve various environmental puzzles
    • OS: Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10
    • Processor: Intel Core i3 or equivalent
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: GeForce GTX560 Ti 1GB VRAM or better
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Storage: 1 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX® 9.0c compatible
    • Additional Notes: Please note that the minimal required hardware will allow you to play the game in 900p/30fps on LOW settings
Fall of Light: Darkest Edition-0
Fall of Light: Darkest Edition-1
Fall of Light: Darkest Edition-2
Fall of Light: Darkest Edition-3
Fall of Light: Darkest Edition-4
Fall of Light: Darkest Edition-5
Fall of Light: Darkest Edition-6
Fall of Light: Darkest Edition-7
Fall of Light: Darkest Edition-0
Fall of Light: Darkest Edition-1
Fall of Light: Darkest Edition-2
Fall of Light: Darkest Edition-3
Fall of Light: Darkest Edition-4
Fall of Light: Darkest Edition-5
Fall of Light: Darkest Edition-6
Fall of Light: Darkest Edition-7


Posted: September 28, 2017
Thanks to the developers at RuneHeads and the publisher 1C Company(who knew they were still around?) for creating and distributing a good game for me to escape, explore and enjoy.

*Note There is a demo for Fall of Light. I would recommend go and try as it is an excellent representation of the game. I do not know if it receives patches.

A few years ago i reviewed  a game, Aarklash Legacy(2013), that at the time ignored everything that was expected to be in an rpg by stripping itself down to nothing more than the basic needs for the player and successfully focused more on the combat. I think Fall of Light has done the same. Its strips away everything you expect you need in today’s rpg world to the core and keeps the focus more importantly on an engaging story and brutal combat.

Fall of Light is a third person action game that is a story about a father and daughter and their journey to see the last reminisce of sunlight in a world that has been plunged into darkness by the evil Pain. As a child of light, Aether(your daughter) can destroy the evil and return the world back to light by finding three artifacts. It’s a successful journey to undertake as it has rewarding exploration, combat and storytelling. The ending boss fight is a highlight and the story conclusion is somber depending on which ending you achieve(i only got the bad one).

As you begin the journey you are given a tutorial of most of the basics. Your daughter who glows with an aura of sunlight is the main light source on your quest and she will add some passive abilities during combat if she is in close vicinity. Combat is pretty basic with heavy, light attack, block and roll and is also tied to a stamina meter. There is a good variety of one handed/two handed weapons to cater to your style though i felt two handed were almost impossible to use. There is also a good roster of enemies and most have different moves to learn in order to survive. For the most part enemies are aggressive, so much so they will chase you clear across a map. I beat the game prior to the first patch and all i can say is the game is way easier and more forgiving now.

My favorite part of Fall of Light, besides the story, is the exploration and unknown. Level design is key as the world is full of secrets, shortcuts and rewards. I’ve played through the game almost twice now and still have yet to find two upgrades for Aether. The game also looks amazing(i don’t know what the style is called) and it ran flawless at 1080P Ultra Wide. There is a good variety of locations and all with their own unique identity and enemies to encounter. As you explore you will come upon pillars/monuments that are used as checkpoints. Anytime they are used or you perish it will reanimate all fallen enemies. These monuments are also used for upgrading which is limited to additional health. There is no deep skill tree of weapons, armor, health, etc. and there are no potions, crafting, or spells. There is also limited inventory of 4 slots(2 handed takes up 2 slots) so no overweight or huge inventory to maintain.

Fall of light does two things a lot of games are afraid to do, it strips what you think you need in an RPG and then adds an easy, emotional story to follow. The simple mechanic of holding your daughter’s hand as you explore for some reason made it more meaningful to reach the end than i ever spent wondering if I was almost ready to level. I wish more developers would focus as Fall of Light on presenting a solid game experience rather than flood my inventory and lose focus with meaningless objectives.

Emotional ending
Exploring is rewarding and satisfying
Good level and sound design
Challenging and fair combat
Learning the unknown
NG+ makes the world darker

Too many shards to collect
AI needs tweaked- kamikazes that will chase you across the map
Level limit
Checkpoint locations
Some weapons felt impossible to use
Really bad puzzle at the end
No impact or feel on a deathblow like when hitting shields


Posted: September 29, 2017
I just finished the demo, and wow, I love it. Here are my notes:

1. People say this is like Dark Souls, BUT…
I want to clarify this. Fall of Light is its own game. Yes, you die a lot like Dark Souls and the number crunching is minimal. You have squares that represent HP, you start with 5, so it’s very simple, but not in a bad way. I like number crunching a lot, but I was not detered by this system. But this game is very much different. I love the camera (it does not jack with you), I love how it feels like an isometric ARPG in its presentation, but it is not an ARPG.

2. The comabt is really well done. There was a game called "Examina" that tried to do very physical-based combat, and this has strains of similarities, but Examina failed miserably. The targeting makes this game awesome, but even without, it was far far better than Examina. I liken this to the combat from Gothic 1 and 2 (LOL Gothic 3 was terrible). You have to learn enemies and time your attacks and defensive moves. Once you learn an enemy, you can dominate him.

3. There are fresh ideas in this game and they are good ideas. The companion you bring with you adds some really cool elements. The aesthetics are fantastic.

Really well done devs, well done. I immediately bought this game upon completing the demo, and the price is right!!


Posted: September 30, 2017
"Inspired by" is lightly used here, this is pretty much Dark Souls from a diablo perspective.
Controls and combat feel wonky at first but once you get a hang of it, its not too bad.

+Environments are interesting and feel lived-in
+Dark Souls-esque

-Hitboxes could use some work
-Wonky controls feel a bi sluggish
-Could use more bosses


Posted: March 3, 2018
Product received for free

Fall of Light

was one of my more anticipated games of 2017. So, I was pretty thrilled when a copy slid across the ethereal surface of my existential desk. I have a particular love and fascination with Soulsborne games, and this seemed like it might fill the void between Dark Souls 3 and whatever new IP FromSoft is working on. That said, I also was careful to temper my expectations. I loved Darkmaus, but it wasn’t without flaws, and I figured this Indie might be similar given its isometric approach to gameplay. So, how does Fall of Light stack up to the Soulsborne genre of which it is a part?


The story in Fall of Light is pretty interesting, such as I was able to experience. The world has been cast in shadow and darkness and civilizations crumbled. The remaining people by and large have succumbed to madness. You are a knight, whose daughter radiates light which helps repel the darkness, both literally and figuratively. However, she is frail and creatures of darkness would love nothing more than to separate her from you and kill the light before it grows and dispels the darkness throughout the land. Your goal is take your daughter on a quest to see sunlight one last time. There is more to it, and that is definitely an oversimplification, but the lore that was written into this game was stellar in my estimation and the story was compelling.

8 out of 10


Fall of Light is an isometric action role playing game, and I found that to be a compelling medium for a Soulsborne game with Darkmaus, and no less so with Fall of Light. It makes for an interesting perspective and gives a little bit of a metroidvania type feel to the game despite being open world simply from a top down perspective.

Fall of Light forces you to adapt to the natural ebb and flo of Soulsborne combat while giving you a better overall vantage to plan out your next move. This is a very successful marriage between classic isometric ARPG cameras and Soulsborne combat/exploration.

As you would expect, proper timing, dodging, and parry/riposte are staples of the melee system. The type of weapon you use will determine your attack speed and the enemy types you face will largely determine which weapon you will be using, especially once you have found a pair of melee weapons that particularly suit at least two styles of melee (you can only retain two melee weapons at a time in your inventory). Shields are equally impactful. You can also find ranged weapons. The crossbow is my favorite. Like any Soulsborne game worth its salt, you will find better weapons as you go along. You’ll definitely need them.

Cautious exploration is the way to go until you’ve learned enemy placement, which doesn’t ever change. Either they are stationary or they follow a specific path. Once you’ve got that down, you can afford to be a bit more bold, but never forget that a Soulsborne game always punishes arrogance. Fall of Light is no different.

What really sets this game apart however is the escort mechanic. You will be escorting your daughter throughout the game. As long as she is near you, your power increases substantially. You can ask her to stay put though, sacrificing the buffs in favor of trying to clear paths so she doesn’t face danger. Both are viable and you’ll find yourself doing both alternately. Additionally, spirits will come and kidnap your daughter if you aren’t cautious. If that happens, you have to find where she is caged and free her. She will be quite vocal, so finding her isn’t too difficult, although the enemies guarding her cage might object.

In addition to weapons, you also have a lantern to help light the way. You gain a few special abilities as well that will have a big impact on your progress through the game. There are shrines found throughout that serve as this game’s version of a bonfire. It’s where you will spend souls to level up and just catch a breather. However, using them does come at the cost of respawning enemies. It’s worth it though to have the save points and such. Should you be killed, you can return to the scene of the crime to claim your lost souls, of course. You will often also have to find your daughter, who will stay where she was when you died (unless she is also killed).

While combat is pretty approachable, there are some notable issues with clipping, and more importantly, a giant difficulty spike. The enemy assassins with the shields in particular were far too difficult in my opinion. They never get stun locked and you can’t riposte because they will instantly duck behind a shield only to equally quickly stab you when you come out of your attack. They aren’t unbeatable, but I always felt like it was more luck and less skill when I did so. Issues like this definitely took their toll on my play through.

This is not a bug, but it was a comical aspect of gameplay that I thought I’d bring up. Once you aggro an opponent, it will literally follow you throughout the level until it finally catches up to you at some point or you enter a building, leave the map area, etc…this can lead to you having quite the entourage if you choose to try to run past enemies rather than engage them. Enemies can injure each other though, and so depending on how you handle things, a lot of work can be done for you at the cost of having to fight a large amount of enemies at the same time.

All in all however, despite some flaws in the system, this game handles pretty nicely overall and is fairly well what you could expect from an Indie Soulsborne experience.

7.5 out of 10


The graphics in Fall of Light are at times breathtaking, but always interesting and beautiful in a haunting and corrupted way. This is a world of darkness, and gloom is ever present. However, it’s the splashes of color that show that bits of light remain, that really highlight the dichotomy of the world. The level designs are nice and the architecture and character designs are also top tier. This is a really beautiful game.

9.5 out of 10


I felt the audio in Fall of Light was ideal for what the game is attempting to achieve. Atmosphere was shaped immaculately and the world itself sounded eerie in its mostly darkened state. This is a game where the audio definitely added from the game while being unobtrusive.

8 out of 10


At the end of the day, Fall of Light was a positive experience for me. The game itself is beautiful, the story engaging, and the gameplay fairly spot on, albeit with a few problems that set it back a little. For fans of Soulsborne games, I think you will find Fall of Light a solid entry in the genre. It can be a little unfair at times, but mostly preserves the integrity of the genre while presenting some new ideas, most notably the escort mechanic, which was handled brilliantly in my opinion. Expect a difficult but rewarding experience if you choose to leap in.

8.3 fragments of radiant light expressed through the purest of souls out of 10 possible. I think the light may have faded in the remaining 1.7….

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Posted: February 26, 2018
At first this game will frustrate you as it has a decently steep learning curve. However once you get the mechanics down it is a very fun game with a lot of variation between weapons and tactics. The story is intriguing and, while the plot moments are interesting and well thought out.

The response by the game authors when posting in forums is insanely good. I have never gone 24 hours without a post being answered or a problem addressed.


Posted: October 31, 2017
Fall of light, where to start.
The game certainly has it’s ups and downs and can be extremely frustrating at times and very rewarding as well.

The game will definitely not work for all but for me it was very fun.
It is similar to a degree to Dark Souls which is what caught my attention.

I was on the verge of rage quitting a few times but managed to pull through and find a way to get better at the game.
Similar to Dark Souls it does have a steep learning curve, you can’t just come in to it with the expectation that since you’ve beaten DS many times you can cruise through this game.

The game has some balance issues and some quirks that needs polishing but nothing game breaking.
It’s just a matter of understanding the quirk and learn to work with it.

I would strongly recommend playing the game with a controller (I’m using my PS4 one) as the keyboard and mouse controls just had me screaming at the screen. 🙂
I’ve only played DS on Playstation so maybe I’m just used to playing these kinds of games with a controller.
The controller just gave me so much more control of the character and timing attacks/rolls which is essential is these types of games.

It’s fun exploring and solving puzzles, combat is hard but gets easier when you learn the enemies attack patterns and weaknesses.

Would I recommend this game?
Yes I would, but with a disclaimer that it is not suited for all players.
It is NOT a DS clone, it works differently and has its own strengths and weaknesses as any game does.
With that in mind you need to like tough games that will beat you again and again.

If that is to your liking then there’s a good chance you will enjoy this game as well.

Sage Pirotess

Posted: September 28, 2017
Overall it is not my type of game. I do love the artwork, and game looks good in story. I do wish they add an easy mode beyond normal. I am not the best action player so after awhile I lose focus and give up. Going back to other games. Would love to finish this game though. And i would recomend it to people who like harder action game.


Posted: November 17, 2018
The game doesn’t tell you that when you beat one of the shard bosses, you have to carry the girl to a far away, unique shrine that for the vast majority of players, probably had gotten to the dungeon before even coming across this place. Why is this a bad thing? Because if you don’t make it in time, it’s literally game over! You have to start from the very beginning of the game, and not just a checkpoint, if you want to get the correct ending. This mechanic appeared over four hours into the game.

Other places the developers troll you in the same dungeon is a lever you have to climb up a wall of coffins to get, while every other wall of the exact same look is not climbable. Look in the discussions, and see how many people didn’t know where to go after solving a pillar puzzle in the Water Shard dungeon. Another reason why this sort of thing is so infuriating is that there are so many places that look like you should be able to reach, but the ones you can reach are the ones you shouldn’t be able to.

This game is simply a souless attempt at making a Dark Souls game in a top down perspective, and where the developers here got From Software’s philosophy of fair but challenging gameplay confused with trolling their consumers. You are constantly slapped in the face in this game, and unlike the other games of the genre, it’s not your fault.

What makes this worse is that the game *should* be good, but too many times the developer breaks the logic of the game’s design to♥♥♥♥♥♥off the player. It’s almost like they purposely waited till the game was far enough along to do something especially cruel, because at that point you couldn’t ask for a refund. This game is a joke, where not only does it disrespect the time of the player, it does it to the degree that I’ve never before experienced. This coming from someone who has played all the Dark Souls games, Platinumed Bloodborne and annihilated Hollow Knight. It broke my spirit in a genre that I play all the time, and for that very reason it’s the worst one of them all, and the most disrepctful game I’ve ever played 1/10 (I’d give it a 0, but when it works it works, but then they go and slap you in the face)

I might regret this, but I’m allowing comments, but I want to hear from both the developers, and from the players who have experienced my issues


Posted: January 17, 2018
—First Impressions—

I bought this looking for a souls-like game. I don’t write normally write reviews that often but wanted to inform those on the fence on buying this, here’s what I have to say about it after playing 30min:

General Pros:
* Art design – Simple colors along with very simple geometry. Not overcomplicating
* Level Design – at least in the first 30 min, the level design is top-notch. Can tell that they really studied how FromSoft designs their games and emulates that here.
* No hand holding
* Difficulty – feels definately like a souls title

General Cons:
* Lack of general options. Barely any video and sound options
* Random damage count on same mobs. Seems that the undead guys take 1-4 hits to kill; doesn’t feel consistent. Design choice?
* Sound effects lackluster. Hitting enemies sounds like you are poking them. Weapons don’t sound weighty. Need to make it so that it sounds like you are doing damage. Also seems to use lots of stock sounds
* Frame drops – I have a pretty high end build, not sure why at certain points I was getting below 60fps

Room for Improvement:
* Voice acting is hit and miss. The voice acting in the intro is very bland and weak. It does its job explaining info but sounds dull
* UI lacks polish. It does the job but feels like it could be improved upon to make it blend with the style of the game
* Animations are a bit stiff. Very noticable in cutscenes
* Level of detail on player character and models in general when in cutscene could be better
* Rolling – unsure if this was by design but when locked onto a target and rolling next to an enemy, the player character circles the enemy. This can get annoying in situations when you want to roll out of an attack.

Personal Gripes:
* Immersion broken with tombstones talking about devs and creators. Understand the intent (to recognize the people that made this game) but this could be added better.
* Small grammatical things such as "keep pressing A to recharge when it should be hold A" Capitalizing random words in the intro for no reason…

I’m liking the game so far and will keep playing. There needs to be a bit more polish but there is definately a good game here.


Posted: February 12, 2018
I absolutely love this game.

Not just for the combat, which is so fluid and responsive.

But for the not so simple fact that I now feel like a father, fighting against the dark for the sake of my little girl.
I feel real sorrow when I let her die because of a stupid maneuver I pulled or because I was caught unaware.
In this sense, the game really does punish you for sucking, and it hurts… it genuinely does. Because I genuinely care for that little girl.

So, now I’m sitting here, tears in my eyes, snot and slobber running down my shirt, bawling my friggin’ eyes out, all for the sake of that precious girl who can only express three or four sounds because I want to see a gaddamn happy ending.

Long story short. Buy this game.

oh, also, the graphics are pretty charming I guess.


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