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・"That" EX Series Is Back! FIGHTING EX LAYER

After a long while, the EX Series loved by Fighting Game fans around the world has finally returned!

・The Characters Are Reborn With Beautiful New GraphicsFIGHTING EX LAYER

Kairi, Skullomania, Blaire, Pullum and the rest; in total 15 classic characters have been recreated with beautiful new models. Watch as the EX series is reborn and the battle unfolds with the latest graphics!

・The New "Gougi System" Plays A Huge Role In BattleFIGHTING EX LAYER

By fulfilling certain requirement mid-battle, your character is given amazing new abilities- that’s "Gougi"!
5 Gougi make up 1 Set which is called a "Gougi Deck". There are 15 different Gougi Decks ready for you to try.
Experiment with the different characters and Gougi Decks, and find the combination that matches your own style!

・Two Unique Input StylesFIGHTING EX LAYER

The game features two different input styles; "Progressive" which is a simple style that doesn’t require any complicated command inputs, and "Classic" which keeps the inputs that same as classic Fighting Games.

・Various Modes to EnjoyFIGHTING EX LAYER

Of course there is Online and Offline Versus modes, but there are also Arcade Mode and Training Mode for you to enjoy single player content.
And then the legendary Expert Mode from the EX Series makes its return; try to clear it with every character!

FIGHTING EX LAYER Regarding the In-Game Descriptions FIGHTING EX LAYER
In Ver1.1.1, the set Menus and Options (i.e ONLINE VS, RANKED MATCH), Information, and some other sections are displayed in the English Alphabet, but now the description sentences will support 12 different languages.
Supported Languages: Japanese, English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Arabian, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese
    • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
    • OS: Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit OS required)
    • Processor: Intel Core i3-4160 @ 3.60GHz or equivalent
    • Memory: 6 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 2GB, GTX 750Ti 2GB, or equivalent
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 4 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX compatible soundcard or onboard chipset


Posted: November 29, 2018
Really enjoying the game. The music is upbeat and the art & menus look great. Gameplay is fun and the characters are just as great as I remember from the Street Fighter EX series. It an unreal engine 4 game and runs great on my machine. I also appreciate the fact that they included a resolution scale in the graphics options. No DRM or Denuvo either! Works great with my Dualshock 4 controller.

[ ! ]

Posted: November 29, 2018
The game is awesome. If you like the SF EX series and/or want to try some original game mechanics aside of boring traditional fighting games like SF5 this is your game. The only HUGE disappointment you are going to find here is the netcode. They need to improve (or change it) it because it is a game killer.

UPDATE 30/11/2018: ARIKA released a fix on the netcode. Will try it and update my review later.

UPDATE 3/12/2018: Had my first match today after the fix. The netcode is not the best out there but it is playable now. Hope we got a netcode rework/update some time. GGPO V3 is outhere ARIKA :D.

Mufausa The 3rd

Posted: December 2, 2018
Before I discuss about this game. If you want to know whether you should buy this game?

Here’s a checklist that should determine whether or not you should buy this game:

– Do you want to play a new/fresh fighting game that has a unique mechanic that stands out from the current games?
– Do you want to play a fighting game where you might have to rely on Discord to find online matches?
– Do you care about having a lack of single player options in your fighting games?
– Are you ok with spending money on overpriced colors in return of getting character DLC for free?
– Do you want to support a Japanese dev team who is very active with their North American fanbase?

If you agreed to 3 or more of the points. Then you should buy this game right now. Especially at it’s discounted price (25% off)

Now to talk about FEXL (Fighting EX Layer). Originally teased as an April Fools joke last year and was requested by many fans to actually turn it into a real game. FEXL is essentially the spiritual successor to Fighting Layer which was a 2D fighting game with 3D elements developed by Arika in 1998 and was distributed exclusively in Arcades by Namco (Bandai Namco) on their System 12 arcade board (A heavily modified PS1 arcade board).

What’s different about FEXL from its’ predecessor is that it now completely drops the pseudo 3D elements of movement and is strictly a 2.5D fighting game while maintaining the game’s traditional 6 button layout. This is now more similar to games such as Street Fighter V and more.

In FEXL. There’s a new system mechanic called the “Gougi System”. With this system. You can select one out of “15 card decks” and within each card deck contains five different gougies that can supply abilities such as meter drain, teleports, short hops, damage buffs, and much more.

A Curry Dish

Posted: December 30, 2018
Simply amazing. It’s the fighting game that gets simplified inputs RIGHT – the best "stylish/progressive" system I’ve seen in a game that offers it. It offers a simplified input system (direction + button) but retains the same cancels of classic. It doesn’t feel like you’re playing a neutered version.

Support ARIKA, they absolutely deserve it.


Posted: November 30, 2018
This was a game I was waiting for to come to PC when it was first announced. I’ve been a great ARIKA fan for a while and always enjoy their games. Game feels great, fast paced and with fantastic music. The replayabilty is top notch as always and character designs in their games are always the best to me.
Very good game.


Posted: December 28, 2018
I bought this even though I already bought the full version on PS4.

Why? Well a number of reasons.

The game devs for FEXL are doing this out of a labor of love and with the absolute minimal of resources. So I’ll support them in any way possible, even though Tekken 7 is my current main fighter.

On PS4 I would need to buy a subscription of PlayStation Plus every year I wanted to play against others online. This year I decided to let my subscription expire and instead spend that money on a game like this for the PC, where I do not need to pay extra to play against anyone.

The game looks beautiful so far in fullscreen 1080p, on a desktop that is at least seven years old.

Only downside so far has been matchmaking: there is admittedly a small playerbase for this game so you will likely need to resort to external platforms like the FEXL Discord to find matches. However that should not be a reason in of itself to buy or not buy this game. The marketplace needs devs like ARIKA, who are making this game out of pure passion for the fighting game community, to keep the bigger companies in check who might only see things in terms of return on investment. Support games like this and the playerbase will come.

Positive Ink

Posted: November 30, 2018
This has been a really fun throwback to the old EX games. It’s not a series I ever expected to see again, so seeing all of these characters revived has been pretty dope. I’ve waited quite a bit for this to come to Steam, and held off on a console version with the hope this day was coming!.
Thus far, I’m having a good time with it. Combat is relatively smooth, and the special move inputs are refreshingly different than the norms Street Fighter has me used to. It’s lacking in the showy special effects, and the impact sounds are noticbly dated, but given the price point of the game and the fact this is a smaller company/team making this, I get it.
The character designs have developed very well since their blocky PS2 days, and it’s been a treat to see how well people like Darun look in their new style/engine. They look great, and despite the backgrounds being kind of random, they also look very nice once things are in motion. The music is alright, vaguely familiar, but not to the levels we see in other titles, but again this goes back to the small team making this, and I totally dig that too. I personally would have liked a bit more of a story mode, but I understand that wasn’t what this game was made for, and i respect that, and will be satisfied with goofying around in arcade mode when I don’t want to get pummeled online.
That all said, this is a pretty solid fighter, chock full of notsalgia if you had played the old games. It’s definately worth a play, with the mindset that this game is still very much a work in progress.
In cases like this, supporting the developers is key. It was not assured we would even see this on PC, nor has the future added characters ( Terry, Area, Sharon ), been confirmed. It’s through support that we will see this thrive, or die off…and I for one have zero issue tossing down some cash to see these guys continue to do their thing.

Nigga V’

Posted: November 29, 2018
good $hit, just fix your netcode pls
Edit: They fixed it, NEAT. must buy


Posted: November 29, 2018
I have played many hours on my PS4 for this game and to be honest, as for someone who barely touched a Street Fighter EX game back when I was more into like Mortal Kombat and the VS series, I would really recommend picking this up.

I’m also going to say to just pick it up just to support Arika for all their hard work put into this game because I remember when this was first announced on April Fools of 2017 in Japan and people thought to themselves this would be fake considering it was April Fools. It was until the demand went up and it became a real game.

This game has a lot going for it, especially when it’s $30 at the moment:
– 15 characters at the moment (Also the best part from when V. Rosso and Pullum came out, they were free and I believe future characters will also be free, it’s the main reason why I’m supporting this game).

– Arcade mode (Just your traditional ladder of opponents to fight and get an ending quote).

– Offline/Online VS

– Training

– Expert mode (Trials for characters, pretty unique ones too)

– The Gougi System (I have weird feelings about this system in a fighting game but it’s pretty unique tbh. I have’t gotten online since I’m hearing about some issues about it, but from the last time I played on the PS4, you had to choose a gougi deck to play with online, which tbh, doesn’t seem right. I’m hoping there is just a standard gougi deck everyone has to use or none at all for ranked matches).

I literally got this game twice because I want Arika to succeed on what they have created and I’m really happy they came back just to make brand new fighting game for the FGC. Thank you Arika!

I just want to get this off my chest because this is the greatest thing ever to get in this game:

While I do really like the style of the game, I just wish one thing could change in the future is the input display for the Expert mode. It’s really nagging sometimes to look up the move in the command list just to advance on, I really hope it does change.

Agro, Died, Etc

Posted: November 30, 2018


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