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About This Game


Pacer is an anti-gravity combat racing game set in the year 2075. Work your way through the SinglePlayer Campaign, unlocking craft, tracks and your inner rage. Develop your racing and combat skills to climb the Leaderboards. Race against the world on-line in the 10 player Multiplayer W.A.R (World Anti-gravity Racing) Our garage gives unprecedented craft customization for performance, weapon loadouts and skins.

Please checkout our Discord Channel for on-line racing action and chat.

8 tracks with night and reverse *a variants – 30 racing scenarios in total
5 fully customizable Craft
Garage for customizing Craft, setting Weapon load-outs and tweaking handling
10 Team Skins to choose
6 Race Modes: Quick, Time Trial, Clean, Speed Lap, Elimination, Endurance
SinglePlayer Campaign with 5 racing classes to play through: from FF4000 class to Elite. Meet “The Beast” in a 1 on 1 challenge to win rights to the rarest of Skins.
online Multiplayer – 10 pilots – Lobby Host chooses Speed Class *b

From the start all craft are available to you. Tracks and variants are unlocked by progressing through the Campaign. If you want instant access to all tracks, variants, craft and speed classes you can find them in Multiplayer.

Garage / Tech Credits
Garage Cards are bought with Tech Credits gained through competing in Single and Multiplayer in any of the different modes (except for Time Trial) including Campaign.

The Garage shows Slots around the craft which offer upgrade Cards to change handling, performance, defensive and offensive weapons.

Choose Energy Bolts, Gauss Cannon or Mines. Then pick 2 Weapon Behavior Cards. Try an Energy Bolt with a double Spread or an extra Guidance Card. For shorter range a Gauss Cannon with Guidance and Armor Penetration might suit you better. Experiment and find what works best for you. Everyone has their favorite load-outs. We have tried hard to balance the choices to ensure there’s no one killer combination. Skill and judgement are what counts in Formula Fusion.

All weapons come fitted with a small amount of Guidance by default.

SinglePlayer Campaign and Unlocks
The Campaign is centred around The Yangs team’s home circuits in the TransAmerican States. Starting the Campaign with the Vixen you unlock tracks, track variants and Skins as you go. All craft and upgrade Cards are available from start but you have to buy them by earning Tech Credits as you race. The higher you finish and more damage you inflict the more Credits you earn.

Go to WAR online for 10 player multiplayer. If you’re hosting the Lobby you can choose any track or put the choice to a Vote. As Lobby Host you can specify what track variant Speed Class and race Mode you want *b

On-Line Community
We will support the on-line multiplayer community as much as possible with race meet times and tournaments. Expect a free DLC Tournament mode after launch. We will introduce real co-op Team racing which will really be able to take advantage of all the Garage customisations. We will be moving to a hosted server solution which among other things will offer in game chat and an ELO ranking system (assuming numbers warrant it) so everyone can the most out of their races.

free DLC
Extensive free DLC Craft, Tracks and features post launch. Adding value to the game and building the on-line community.

paid DLC
Paid cosmetic DLC post launch. Skins and Craft mods to make you unique. Performance upgrades will always be fought for not bought for.

Craft specs can be seen in the Garage on the Cards:
Vixen: entry level – solid all round performer – neither fastest, slowest or strongest
Sabre: agile – reactive – lightweight with low shield and hull thickness
Python: tank like yet highest top speed – slowest acceleration but max defense – master it’s handling for longer tracks – has a beautiful gliding slide
Dragon: a finesse craft – allows for tight pitching and airbraking for perfectionists
Voxel: total speed craft – lightweight – fastest acceleration but weakest defenses

Craft are balanced to allow for different racing styles and track strategies. Speed is offset by weak defenses.

Speed Pads
Speed Pads give the craft a small increase in speed as you go over them. Positioning your craft to fly precisely between 2 Speed Pads results in an extra speed hike.

The BOOST function is a central game mechanic in Formula Fusion. BOOST points are collected as you race and can be seen in the HUD. The BOOST is activated (X on Controllers or E on Keyboard). On activation it drains the BOOST reserves and give the craft a huge surge in acceleration and top speed. Activation on a full BOOST gives an longer BOOST period for even higher speeds. Use BOOST wisely and it will win races. Waste it and you’ll end up in the wall.

Although they might not at first to be useful, in the higher speed classes they become an essential part of gameplay in order to keep up with the pack.

Side shifting is possible at speed if you airbrake in the opposite direction to your turn. Counter intuitive and not easy to master but on the harder more technical tracks it’s a definite advantage to have this skill in your toolbox.

Future Plans
As mentioned, we plan to:
– issue some sizeable free track and craft DLC based around the other Team regions
– free game features including Tournament Mode allowing players to host events
– move to a hosted server solution to ensure absolute parity for all racers
– introduce voice chat within Multiplayer
– PS4 & XB0 ports. Other platforms (inc’ VR) and OS’s will be considered after that

*a Freeway does not have a Reverse varian
*b Post launch lobby host will be able to restrict to a particular craft

Game Setting
The game is set in and around New York State 50 years after the cataclysmic events of an all-out global nuclear war rendering many regions uninhabitable. Redevelopment on a vast scale has papered over many cracks with many districts almost unrecognisable. The division between rich and poor is the greatest it has ever been with Favela style slums with make-shift buildings forming poverty stricken rings around affluent commercial districts.

The year is 2075. 177 years since man first got behind the wheel of a car and raced against a competitor. Through the years, advances in science and technology have pushed the field of Quantum Levitation to a degree that allows modern transportation to be suspended within artificially created gravity fields above magnetic super-conducted highways. Along with transportation, this technology became embedded in motor sport racing; the pomp and celebration of what was Formula 1, evolved to become FORMULA FUSION – QUANTUM RACING LEAGUES.

The racing calendar is now established as a global sporting event that brings technology and science together like never before. Because of the high level of technical competition and the huge levels of investment the race attracts – the traditional corporate backed race teams have given way to huge University based research facilities. Each team is now represented on a national level by these huge schools of excellence. These Mega-Universities are often the size of large cities with their own economies and laws.

With competition for research funding high, each race season is as much about showcasing the skills of the pilots as it is the performance of the craft. Competition to attract the best researchers and engineers to these institutions is fierce with big money headhunting common place. Craft pilots are nurtured from birth and conditioned into becoming perfect testing machines to support this drive for success.

Universities regularly publish their standings in global research tables and this in turn allows them to achieve greater funding and expansion. Formula Fusion is a perfect testing grounds for the latest in hardware and science innovations. To support research surrounding the event, Universities have focused on 4 key areas of innovation:

– Weapon Systems
– Propulsion Systems
– Craft Materials
– Quantum Physics

Track Technology
Tracks are made up of magnetic superconductors that suspend the craft within a gravitational field using super-cells, cooled by liquid nitrogen. This Quantum Levitation effect allows the craft to skim along the track at incredibly high speeds whilst remaining suspended above the track surface. Magnetic side buffers create an invisible barrier to dampen impact at high speeds.
    • OS: Windows 7 64bit
    • Processor: i5 2.7GHz / AMD A10-5700 OR FX-6300
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Nvidia Geforce 740 / R7 260
    • DirectX: Version 10
    • Storage: 17 GB available space
    • Additional Notes: These specifications are subject to change during the development process.


Posted: November 10, 2018
Alright… sometimes, the review system on Steam lets us down.

I have been putting off buying this game for months because every time I read the reviews, the first ones i saw where Negative reviews. The ones that were most prominent said 2 things:

1. The airbrakes don’t work right.
2. You can’t control the vehicle.

I am here to officially call BS.

I have played every AG racer on Steam. They are all good, and all Different. The controls on FF feel more like the original Wipeout and are slightly less complex than Redout. Not better or worse, but Different. This game is LEGIT. If the developers are able to add more content in the future or perhaps sell some DLC, I will be happy to buy it.

Varied negatives I saw when reading reviews. "Controls do not work" NOPE. They absolutely do, I am not the most skilled racer out there, but I have no problem getting the vehicle to abide my wishes. "Airbrakes don’t work"… PFFT, if anything, they are overpowered… they definitely are more effective that Redout’s. "The tracks/settings are generic" Get lost, they are gorgeous and detailed.

I have a few peeves. The camera could use a "cockpit" option. I am not crazy about the old school wipeout style control configuration on the gamepad. I dealt with this by using a Steam Controller. I really love using the triggers for acceleration, in the defense of the game itself, the developers have given you the ability to rebind the controller. Honestly, I understand having the air brakes on a set of triggers… so my preferred solution was to add and extra set of triggers… lol. I am pretty sure that the planes in just cause 2 use the ( x ) and ( B ) buttons for yaw, maybe that would work here.

One really cool thing for the Developers to add would be HOTAS support. A Thrustmaster 16000.fm would own this game.

Back to my point. Folks, an independent team is Charging $20 for an excellent game, with potentially hundreds of hours of gameplay. If you feel the need to nit pick and be a jerk to developers like this, I have no use for your opinion. EA, Activision and Bethesda are trying to find a way to siphon hundreds of dollars per title from gamers, with minimal effort. We NEED more dev’s like R8 and other indies DESPERATELY. Especially when they demonstrate that they care what we think. Reviewers should keep this in mind before leaving a thumbs down, especially on a GOOD game that might need polish. You have an opportunity to air your issues in the paragraph, without hurting the developers rating. These are the kind of games that the industry needs to promote and that we should appreciate. They are working their butts off while AAA’s are worred about the chinese mobile market. I feel compelled to say this, because recently a friend of mine left a negative review on a game he plays every day, mostly because he doesn’t understand the mechanics and seemingly wants the game to be easier and just can’t admit it. (the game is GRIP and the developer is another passionate indie)

The upvoted negative review kept me from buying this game. I am glad I wised up. We need to back these guys up, they are the only thing standing between gamers and a bunch of predatory developers who view gamers as credit cards.

This is the Golden age of PC gaming. Enjoy it.


Posted: June 6, 2017
tldr; Good value at $20. More content (tracks, ships, and modes) will be added for free for people who buy it now. Price will increase for new buyers as these features are added. Ultimately whether or not this is a good purchase comes down to how much you like the ship handling physics they chose.


WipEout clone?! Not really. Formula Fusion has opted for a handling model which is a departure from WipEout. It executes that model well, but whether or not you enjoy it will depend on your preferences. This decision to deviate from the physics in WipEout HD/Fury has pros and cons. The cons are obvious. If you love WipEout handling then you may be disappointed at how different Formula Fusion’s model feels. I certainly was at first. At the same time, there are also pros to this choice — namely, variety. If I want a game that feels like WipEout, I can still go play WipEout. However, now I have the option to play Formula Fusion if I want a different feel.


So how does FF handling differ? After going back and forth between the two my conclusion is that FF has a better sense of speed at the highest class but at the expense of AG "floatiness" and pitch management. The loss of this element of precision control on your craft feels like somewhat of a missed opportunity. You don’t fly off bumps on the track as often as WipEout which means that pitching doesn’t play as much of a role (although this could be changed somewhat depending on the nature of the tracks R8 releases in the future). You also don’t have side shifts or barrel rolls which could be a pro or con depending on how you see it. Finally, airbreaks and turning slow the craft down more in FF than later WipEout entries like Pulse/HD/2048. The braking/turning physics are more akin to the original games in the WipEout series which makes cornering feel more like drifting. Pro or con? Again, down to preferences.

At the end of the day, FF does things differently but it feels like an intentional difference. They are not trying to replicate WipEout and as long as you don’t treat this as WipEout HD 2.0, there is still fun to be had in R8’s interpretation of the AG racing genre.


When it comes to polish outside of racing, FF has some work to do. The menu interface, especially for Garage Customization is clunky. Many parts are lacking a meaningful description which makes it difficult to make informed decisions on what you’re buying.

A good example highlighting the level of UI polish is in loadout managing. When managing your loadouts you cannot see a list of all saved loadouts and edit them. Instead, to update a loadout you give it the same name and then save. Technically it works but it’s certainly not the most elegant solution. When it comes to UI polish this is the general rule; Everything "works" but it could be better.


FF does feel a little lacking when it comes to content at the moment. However, for $20 it feels more than fair. Especially since free tracks, ships, and modes are on the way. Currently there are 8 tracks and 5 ships. Each track has a forward and reverse layout as well as the option to toggle between day and night.


As far as performance issues go, the developers have done a great job monitoring the situation and patching problems quickly. At release I had an abysmal 20 FPS but after the latest patch I now have a consistent 60 FPS on max settings. The way the devs have quickly handled the situation inspires confidence in the future of Formula Fusion. I have no doubt that any remaining issues will be resolved.


Posted: June 24, 2017
I would definitely recommend this to any fans of Wip3out. It has fun tracks that I found to be a nice balance between exhilaratingly fast and technically challenging with a more realist aesthetic than say Redout. Handing characteristic of each craft differ just enough in the right ways to make experimentation worthwhile and the transferable craft upgrade options (Garage Cards) reinforce that. Easy to get into too when you don’t try to play at Elite level first! While it not a huge game, 8 basic tracks + usual reverse variations, the devs do seem committed to improving things. Definitely recommend.


Posted: October 9, 2017
If you love wipeout, and wanted a worthy successor, walk away
– track design, except sort of 2, are pretty blank, lack of inspiration, not that fun to race
– weapons are pointless because the AI is just bad, time trial, or AI, you will barely see the difference
+ weapons kinda feel useless
– Airbreak is BAD, you dont drift, you dont -slide- you just loose all your speed to more or less correctly turn, how to destroy the speed flow with ONE setting.
– VERY slow update ( and very small ) path

Maybe come back in 2 years, but you better go play ballisticNG if you are looking for a great AG racing game ( and its free…. )


Posted: November 17, 2017
Formula Fusion was supposed to be a worthy successor to Wipeout. They had the staff, the design, the concept, and the music all right. But, as is often the case with these things, they failed at the execution.

The biggest issue with this game is one of the worst for a racing game: the physics and controls are just not fun. It feels less like an anti-gravity racer and more like trying (and failing) to control a bobsled running down a track. What’s worse, one of the biggest defining features of these types of games, the air brakes, don’t feel like they do anything helpful at all. Using them doesn’t help you make better turns, but still slows you down. It just doesn’t feel like you have control over your vehicle. Even if you did, though, the feel of the physics is disappointing. It simply doesn’t have the depth or immersion of the games that came before.

That isn’t where the problems end, though. Some others include:
-Confusing UI/player feedback
-Weapons system is confusing and over-complicated for how little it adds to the game (useless compared to Wipeout)
-Narrow track design that doesn’t pair well with the lack of control of your vehicle
-Generic locations/world
-Muddy graphics, making it hard to learn tracks and see what is ahead of you
-Garage system is presented poorly, and makes it hard for anyone who just wants to get into a race
-Poor optimization/framerate
-Promised music was never added to the game

Many of these problems may have not been nearly as big of a deal if previous games hadn’t gotten them so incredibly right. But, as it stands, I cannot recommend Formula Fusion, especially to any fan of Wipeout. You most likely will NOT enjoy it.

Instead, I’d recommend trying BallisticNG, a fantastic cheap fan game based much more closely on the Wipeout formula.

EggPlant <3

Posted: July 3, 2017
When an AG racing game can get you into the zone as long as this one has for me, you know it’s worth your time. ( Also this game singlehandedly got me into AG racing as a genre. )

– Responsive handling (maybe a bit too responsive at times!)
– Fast as all hell (On Elite speed class!)
– Functioning and reliable multiplayer (with a collisionless and weaponless mode for purists)
– Looks delicious
– Now has almost 30 music tracks.

– Ship customisation still pretty basic
– Combat still rough around the edges, and needs some serious rebalancing.
– Some annoying UI bugs and occasional crashes.

All the cons are pretty fixable, and have been noted by the devs as areas they want to target.

Whilst the game in Early Access was slow going, since release R8 are treating the game as they should have during EA; posting regular patches with bug fixes and balancing; as well as new content.


Posted: June 1, 2017
UPDATE: They pretty much fixed most of the performance issues, so other than the price point there’s no reason to not get this if you’re into WO or AG racing altogether.

If you’re like me and the Wipeout series ended with 3 (with the Ballistic NG DLC,) this is the game you’ve been waiting for all these years. First, DR is behind this again which is the No.1 thing I was really wanting since to me WO is just as much about the aesthetic as it is about the racing.

Second, the game itself feels like an evolution on the ideas they had back then. The gameplay is pretty much what you’d expect from wipeout and doesn’t really favor so much "omg speed!!!1" like other AG games but instead focuses on tracks that have a lot more variety and are far more memorable as a result. Sure, you can also go really, really, fast but only if you’re really, really good. Which, to me, feels that much more satisfying. The handling itself was an issue during the EA period but I feel like they managed to strike a balance now through the card system, so it feels pretty good as a result.

With that said, the game has some rough edges which I hope they smooth out over time such as the interface being unhelpful in explaining things like what tuning cards exactly do and which ones do you need in order to be competitive in certain tracks. Some for example favor a low AG setup so your craft is lower to the track surface, this depends on the way the elevation changes happen because you can bottom out if you’re not careful. It would’ve been great if this was all explained in a tutorial or using the interface itself as I think it’s an interesting and welcome change to the formula.

The most important thing they forget to tell you is that the mod card system is not about "upgrading" anything, it’s about modifying performance to suit a track/race type. Hence no card is "better" than other, it depends on what you need them for and how they affect the race. In this regard the stupid stat bars on side make absolutely no sense and should be removed entirely. This is the reason many people are finding the AI so hard, they’re not tuning their craft properly for the race but the game doesn’t help you at all with this so it’s trial and error until you find the right combination.

In terms of content the game right now is similar to WO3 as well, 8 tracks in all plus various standard modes. It’s a little bare but if the developers keep adding content as they said they would this is not going to be a problem at all.

As for the music, this is something I was quite disappointed with as the tracks are quite unmemorable, but then again competing with the WO1,2,3 soundtracks is a nearly impossible task. Still, can’t help but feel like they could’ve done much better.

All in all, for 20 euros it’s a little steep for the amount of content at the moment, but this will probably be a different story later down the line.

The 3rd Runner

Posted: July 23, 2017
tl;dr Some design choices might irk purists, but it’s still a solid AG Racer. If you don’t feel like buying it now, keep an eye out for it anyway, it gets updated around once/twice a month.

Edit 1, November 21st 2017: As of now, Build 1.20 seems to have solved most framerate issues. It actually runs a stable 60 fps on high settings on a medium-high tier machine, so all that’s left that might have you turn you away from it are the mechanics, explained in the text below.
But yeah, that’s all it took to make it jump from a 7 to a solid 8, in my opinion.

I’ve followed the -pretty troubled- development of this game since the Kickstarter campaign, and while never donating or testing previous builds directly, i’ve seen this game go from pre-alpha to full release.

Is it a "WipEout spiritual successor"? Hell no. visual style aside (courtesy of The Designers Republic).

Does that make it a bad game? Hell no, even if purists may find a couple design choices bizzarre.

In a nutshell, Formula Fusion is Deus Ex Kart. Set in a much more grounded, near futuristic setting that stuff like WipEout Pure or RedOut, this game lets you choose between five "basic ships", each one with a specialty, and tune it out to suit your needs with a garage system that lets you customize stuff like braking strength, top speed, float height and WEAPONS (this is important). The weapons are around six in total, and instead of getting them randomly during a race by flying over weapon pads, you mount two of them on your ship, fit them with a couple mods each (double damage, double ammo, armor penetration…you get the idea) and pick up ammo for them on the on-track weapon pads.

Speaking of on-track action, the racing itself gets indeed fast, REALLY fast, but also…slow, especially when turning. Basically, the handling model’s got a lot of inertia to it, so turning makes you both slide a lot towards the outside of the track, as well as lose a good chunk of your speed if you don’t take the turn with a good line. This results in a…weird speed flow, more reminiscent of actual sim racing than AG. This is especially noticeable at slower speed classes, so iif you’re one of those W3 world record-setting speed freaks, up until FF1000 this game’s gonna feel like a walk in the park.

The tracks themselves aren’t too crazy in terms of stunts and whatnot, with the sum total of a couple MagLock sections on Track 4, a few ramps on Track 2 and 6, and a loop on Track 8, but are ultimately well built and satisfying to learn (if not for a specific section on Track 4, a snake run near the end, which is pretty troublesome to get right because of how narrow it looks while coming up). Now, "narrow" is a word that you’re gonna hear thrown around a lot when hearing about this game, but unless you’re playing on Elite (which is admittedly TOO fast, the same problem Zen mode has in BallisticNG, another great AG racer) it’s not nearly as bad as people make it seem, especially when WipEout itself came at you with tracks like Arridos IV, Terramax, Silverstream, Spliskinanke, Vineta K and Sol 2, just to name a few.

Now, onto the "fluff" that are graphics and music, nothing to report here: tDR prodived with their tried and true branding style for in game billboards, sponsor logos and ship liveries (which are also a customization option, your ship of choice starts literally plain white unless you choose a team in the campaign or buy skins with in-game credits), UE4 with excellent graphics and texture quality, and the OST has been recently expanded from 8 tracks composed by sub-bass artist Leon Switch, to 29, courtesy of psytrance producer Oforia, with 8 tracks from Headed For Infinity, Read More and Show No Mercy, and bass music powerhouse Audioporn Records, which provided with 13 tracks from the Dub FX: Theory Of Harmonny Remixes EP.

One final note is that, thanks to UE4, the game is still showing some optimization issues. They’ve been slowly but steadily solved since launch, but i suggest you pospone your purchase if even slight frame drops bother you.

So yeah, this is Formula Fusion: good concepts, lots of potential, still a bit creaky in terms of coding, but a still solid AG racer that tries to bring new stuff to the table. If you don’t mind spending 15 bucks, go ahead, it’s not a "bad" game or anything, but postponing your purchase until an update or two is just as viable. One way or the other, giving this game a spin won’t hurt.


Posted: May 11, 2016
Early Access Review

I have been a ‘Test Pilot’ backing this game from early on and its been a long road but NOW is definitely time to jump in if you like your AG racers like wipeout.

The negative reviews bashing the games physics were fair enough at the time early in development but are invalid now as the PHYSICS are MUCH IMPROVED, steering is more accurate and gradual, airbrakes are effective without being too strong and they have just added a proper AG float to the craft so they will catch air off drops and jumps and even slightly over crests.

The graphics are excellent I run this game in 4K and it looks like a true next gen next step from wipeout HDs graphics.

Coming soon are more great tracks, a garage mode to tweak handling further and multiplayer!

If you are waiting for news the wipeout IP will be picked up and continued the wait is over ou can jump into Formula Fusion now for a very satisfying next gen wipeout like experience.


Posted: July 2, 2017
Having played Wipeout since it was on the Sega Saturn (and PS1), I’ve been looking for something to fill the gap that Sony left when they in cold blood, murdered Wipeout, and cutting the last thread that held me to Sony’s consoles. I’ve played Redout, but it just didn’t do for me what Wipeout did… Though in VR, Redout is something completely different, but we won’t get into that.

I bought Formula Fusion with a bit of skepticism. There’s a bunch of Wipeout players around who say this doesn’t hold up to the standard or the legacy… WIPEOUT IS DEAD, YOU CAN’T REPLACE PERFECTION!

After about 30 minutes of playing, I can only say that this about what I would have expected if we were in another universe where Wipeout still existed, and this was the next Wipeout for the PS4. No, it’s not the perfect game Wipeout HD and Wipeout Fury were. No, it doesn’t quite handle like Wipeout. No, it’s not a full color 1990s cyber spectrum of blinding rainbows that Wipeout sometimes was (I’m happy about that, it’s annoying in the Wipeout Omega Collection.)

It’s not the exact same game. It can’t be, never will be… but as a new franchise, it’s clearly the next of kin to Wipeout, even it doesn’t have the medals that Wipeout earned itself, clubbing F-Zero (seriously… F-Zero games are awful) and all others to death.

— start edit —
I do want to note that unlike Wipeout, Formula Fusion has a garage for tuning your engine, handling, brakes, etc. Having reduced my anti gravity and added split brakes (THIS is essential for the Wipeout feeling!) , the game starts to feel and handle a lot more like Wipeout than it does starting out.
— end edit —

I’ll probably mute the music eventually and just load up my own playlist in the background. Wipeout music was sometimes good, but it was usually only a couple of songs at best I liked. To each their own though.

If you’re really in need of Wipeout, I guess you’ll want the Wipeout Omega Collection on the PS4. Would love to see it come to PC, but Gabe Newell has promised to announce Half Life 3 before that happens!

Hopefully this continues to evolve!


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