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About This Game


Foundation is a grid-less, sprawling medieval city building simulation with a heavy focus on organic development, monument construction and resource management.

In this strategy/city-builder/economy simulation game, players must create a prosperous settlement as the newly appointed lord of a region untouched by man.

Setting to redefine the city-builder genre, Foundation puts the emphasis on the organic aspects of urbanism in the cities of old, powered by Polymorph Games’ proprietary game engine, Hurricane, which allows for full mod support and is optimized for the thousands of moving parts that come with building humongous cities.

Among other things, the engine provides the player with robust building tools, to create countless unique monuments that will seamlessly integrate into your settlement.

With medieval architecture and urbanism at the forefront of its design, Foundation’s vision is to allow players to recreate cities of that period as they envision them or even as they really were.


ORGANIC URBANISM OF THE MEDIEVAL ERA: Create gridless and organically sprawling cities that grow like actual medieval cities.

LAY THE FOUNDATION, THRIVE, AND PROSPER: Weave a complex web of interactions between inhabitants needs and skills, resource availability, extraction, and goods production.

UNIQUE MONUMENT CREATION TOOL: Craft and design original free-form monuments like Abbeys, Churches, Lord Manors, Castles and more, with our proprietary node-based tool.

FULL MODDING SUPPORT FOR THE COMMUNITY: Share characters, buildings, quests, and even real topographies through our mod-support tool and be part of the Foundation community.

POWERED BY OUR OWN HURRICANE GAME ENGINE: Experience a city-building game engineered with a dedicated, tailor-made, in-house engine built with our unique vision in mind.

ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK BY PARADOX VETERANS: Immerse yourself in our blissful soundtrack by talented composers who worked on titles such as Crusader Kings II and Europa Universalis IV!

    • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
    • OS: Windows 7 Service Pack 1 or newer (64 bit)
    • Processor: 3 GHz Dual Core Processor
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: GTX 660 / R7 370 – 3 GB Video Memory
    • Additional Notes: OpenGL 4.3

Sam O’Hickey

Posted: February 5
Early Access Review

Wow! I have been wanting a good Medieval town-builder for a while! I love Banished, big fan of Age of Empires, got heavy into Dawn of Discovery, adore the Stronghold games and the Total War series… But none of those really hit the craving I’ve had lately. Either there’s too much combat or the elemental maintenance is too high and I just kinda wanna… play…. Medieval Cities: Skylines.

This has a chill balance! Definitely a game I can relax to, however it’s challenging enough to where I don’t feel as though I’ve exhausted all of my building options.

This, Foundation, is what I’ve been craving!!! Love it so much!!!

Spoilers? ___________

-You don’t have to micromanage every person; they live their own lives, you simply govern.
-The grid-free building system is fluid, aesthetically pleasing and keeps things interesting.
(Even if I play the same map, choosing the same starting location, my town could turn out entirely different.)
-There’s a slight Settlers of Catan vibe when you start fresh; A new map is loaded and you have to select a property that suits you. This comes down to which resources you value on your starting plot, do you want to be by water, etc. A lot of strategy can go into where you place your town center. Or not! You can just go for it and see what happens!
-Cute art style.
-Great graphics, which run very smoothly on my PC.
-For early access, I’ve played two 4-hour sessions and haven’t felt any bugs. So that’s pretty impressive!
-You can kind of make whatever you want by using monuments! Screenshot fun-time! πŸ˜€

Personal Preference
-It would be cool if maps were randomly generated with/without select preferences: forest density, hills, mountains, water, etc. This would allow for further replayability but definitely isn’t required!!!
-Multiplayer would be fun. My wife and I have been playing side by side and comparing our little settlements, but it would be cool if we could have a trade route between one another or something! However, if multiplayer never came to Foundation, that would be just fine!


Posted: February 22
Early Access Review

I’m a 60 years young lifelong settler&citybuilder πŸ˜‰ enjoying this time consuming game … waiting for some interesting add-ons and updates … from a graphic point of view "foundation" has met my needs πŸ˜‰ yes, i would recommend it.


Posted: March 8
Early Access Review

Q – Is it playable/enjoyable right now?
A – YES.

Q – Are there bugs?
A – Few. I haven’t experienced any that break the game though.

Q – Does it scratch the Settlers itch?
A – Oh boy does it.

Q – How is the Performance?
A – Excellent. I saw no performance hit all the way up to 50 civilians (I haven’t gone higher yet). No lagging, choppiness, etc.

Looking forward to / Wishlist:
-More buildings / jobs
-Level progression for people (please make it unlimited OR a very high level. capping it at something like 3, 5, or 10 is a bit of a buzzkill)
-Perks for level progression
-More Building upgrades (for houses AND for production buildings)
-More maps
-Larger Maps
-Map edges (it just falls into a void right now)
-Procedurally generated maps
-Campaigns / Scenarios
-More Quests
-Rival / Ally factions on shared maps
-Civilian lifecycle (birth, death, status buffs / ailments)

Overall excellent Job so far. I’m really looking forward to playing frequently and watching how this grows.


Posted: May 13
Early Access Review

You liked Banished but it was dour and the modding was weird.

You think City Skylines looks great but you hate industrial stuff and don’t want to be doing the post-60s architecture.

Yeah, this is the game you want. It’s gorgeous, still a teeny bit buggy and missing images here and there but it’s so good! It’s just what you want!


Posted: April 4
Early Access Review

I won’t lie, usually I don’t recommend a game if its good I just won’t rip it to pieces. But this game deserves it. Let’s go through the list:
1: the graphics are actually surprisingly beautiful, especially if you zoom in on the stone structures its quite easily one of the prettiest games of its kind.
2: The devs are responsive, and not robotic like some developers I’ve encountered in the past and I appreciate that immensely so I felt they deserved props for it. From responding to bug reports, to being present and updating people in the community and in discord these guys really are doing a great job.
3: The systems of the game are, while somewhat complex in some aspects they are very logical and once you get a feel for them it’ll come naturally.
4: Designing your own monuments: This I can’t stress enough I love it! This may be a bias i have because of my field of studies but the fact that I can design and watch as my churches, and monasteries are constructed truly makes me happy. The scale of the structures too is up to you, you can pick whether or not its a huge, towering cathedral with spirals topped with crosses, or gargoyles its really that detailed and I love it.
5: They are updating and working on the game quite often. The updates do legitimately fix bugs, and the changes are usually fairly noticeable. For instance, I was experiencing a glitch on one level once I hit ~102 citizens. I tried that, actually today on the map I’m now making my mega monastery on, and I’m sitting at 150 citizens.

Personally, I give this one a 10/10, guys great work and keep it up.


Posted: February 27
Early Access Review

As a strategy/city builder "veteran" (anno, civilization, banished, settlers, cities skylines, stronghold, amm.) I found this to be a great project. The basics of the game offer a unique approach to the genre.
Even though it is still early access I had a ton of fun developing my village/city. After getting the hang of the game in a "tutorial city", my current city has 650pop and is still going strong, can’t wait for more content to spice things up furhermore.
Judging by the frequent updates, thread discussions and the active involvement of the community it would seem as the developers are taking our opinions and input about the game very seriously and working hard on an even more satisfying end result. 100% recommended.


Posted: February 6
Early Access Review

Is it a good game? Yes.
Is it a fun game? Yes.
Did the devs put 30 euros of work into it? Yes.
However, is the gameplay worth 30 euros? Arguably not.

This game is like The Settlers 7, but without many of the constrictions that game offered. On the other hand, there isn’t much to do after a couple of hours in. You just build a town and… That’s about it.

I’ll recommend the game for the work the devs put in, because it’s really pretty and well-made, but that’s all I can say about it. Maybe if it was like 10 or 15 euros then I’d find the price more reasonable.


Posted: February 6
Early Access Review

Think medieval simcity meets settles and banished and you are on the right track.
The creators have a goal that to many of us have been waiting for. A real builder with real freedom.
Add some AI in form of your sla….subjects and its a hit.

Dont usually like EA but so far there has been 4 updates in 5 days which is reassuring.

Thank you Polymorph Games for giving us older dogs what WE want, and keep up the good work. If we can help we will.


Posted: February 21
Early Access Review

TL:DR Not a game yet, just a proof of concept. Add to your wishlist and wait to see what happens.

There’s really not much to say beyond that, what’s currently available is a tech demo of a city building game. There’s no risk, challenge, etc. I’d wager it’ll be a year or so before we see something that you would want to sink time into.


Posted: February 10
Early Access Review

I think this is my first review, I feel it is warranted to discuss some thoughts for those considering purchasing this game.
Firstly I love this genre of game, big fan of banished (450 hrs played) and feel this game will be the next step up from that

Overall I wish I could mark my recommendation as neutral with potential – Have marked as Not Recommended at the moment largely based on the pricing for this stage of an Alpha product however the Devs seem to be motivated in updating it regularly and does have alot of early game enjoyment and stability.

– Gridless building is great, the freedom to place buildings almost anywhere gives it a natural look and feel.
– Natural sprawl, (not for everyone from the videos I have watched) I like that towns people build their houses in their own way (within your set zone) and create their own paths/roads making each gameplay unique
– Dev humor, if you look close you can see parts of the developers personalities come through with the kooky cartoony characters and little puns/jokes but not overdone to take the shine off the overall feel of the game
– Early Gameplay, has been fleshed out very well, the buildings and features work well to encourage further gameplay
– Art Style, to me this is an appealing artstyle, soft on the eye and allows enough color and creativity to make your city truly yours without ruining the settler/medievil style.
– The Devs are updating the game on a regular basis

– Expense, for an alpha with a long way to go I took a gamble on paying what I rarely pay for a fully produced game, the first couple of hours I was happy but once the mid/late game lack of content and bugs arose I would have refunded if I could. (keeping in mind I am a poor family man πŸ˜› )
– Mid/late Gameplay – after the first couple of hours it is obvious that the game is not complete, there are buildings and resources with little or no purpose as yet and functionality of those buildings is lacking and leaves you void of progression in any way other than to continue to expand the existing services. For an Alpha I don’t mind a lack of polish such as names of units being "male2538" and general bugs but when I hit a lack of progression speaks a bit about flow design and how it appears to be a bit rushed out at this stage. In saying that I can see where they are going with it and just hope it continues.
– You are a game tester paying a premium price
– No real tutorial, if you are not use to games like Banished then you could get lost quickly

In Summery:
This has SO much potential to be a brilliant city builder if the devs can follow through with what they have started. If you love the genre and happy to watch the game develop over time and hope that it reaches its true potential for it’s premium price then this is a good purchase for you. I recommend holding off on your purchase until the development has progressed, though without funding it may not progress, Catch 22. If it were half the price or you have the extra cash to splurge (unlike me πŸ™ )I would say absolutely give it a go.

Happy Building πŸ™‚


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