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About This Game

Open World Tactics

Frozen Synapse 2 brings you classic tactical gameplay with a new twist: it’s set within a vast procedurally generated city. We’re calling it "open world tactics" – a combination of grand strategy and simultaneous-turn-based combat.

In single player, Frozen Synapse 2 tasks you with defending the city of Markov Geist against an array of threats from within and without. Set up bases, deploy your forces and then enter any building or engage a target anywhere on the map: you define your own strategy.

When you’re ready to take tactical control, the camera will zoom down to your units, enabling you to make your plan and test it out. When you hit the "Prime" button, your moves are locked in and you must see how they play out against your opponent’s plan.

The City

The city is a living system, with many AI-controlled factions vying for control and conducting their own nefarious business.

Choose to collaborate or betray, rob banks, assasinate political leaders or establish a delicate diplomatic accord: it’s up to you.

Investigate the mysterious force which is making incursions into the city while trying to establish your own power base in this complex and treacherous futuristic world. Follow the extensive story or abandon it to forge your own path: it’s up to you.

You’ll meet factions like the financial manipulators Diamond Brothers or the hacker collective GUEST as you navigate the political landscape.


Frozen Synapse 2 features classic multiplayer modes from the original game as well as new ways to outwit your opponents, like the thrilling instant action of One Turn mode: commit your plan and see how it plays out against a range of oppositions from players all around the world.

New Features

Frozen Synapse 2 adds many new units like the Flamethrower, Minigun, Knife and Smoke Grenade.

Curved walls and new objects like trees, rocks and cars allow for much more realistic levels on a variety of scales, from a road intersection to an enormous shopping mall.

New Focus Diamond mechanic allows you to take out tricky enemies who insist on camping behind cover by predicting their location!

Vastly improved AI makes for tense tactical battles and a host of UI improvements mean that the planning process is slicker than ever before.

And of course, there’s a brand new soundtrack from nervous_testpilot!
    • Требуются 64-разрядные процессор и операционная система
    • ОС: Windows Vista 64-bit
    • Процессор: 2GHz Dual Core
    • Оперативная память: 4 GB ОЗУ
    • Видеокарта: Shader Model 3.0 & at least 1GB VRAM
    • DirectX: Версии 9.0c
    • Место на диске: 4 GB
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Posted: October 16, 2018
Not recommended as of 2018, it’s still to this day in early access state. Read section "Catastrophic release" to know more. Come back in mid-2019, the game will be enjoyable by then.

Frozen Synapse 2
Frozen Synapse 2 is a straight upgrade of FS 1
It takes everything from FS1 and its DLC (named ‘Red’) and improves it.
Those familiar with FS1: ‘Red’ will be able to experience a non-bugged ‘move and shoot’ orders, focus aim, shield units, directly in FS2.

What is ‘Simultaneous Turn’ based gameplay?
Imagine playing chess where both players move a piece at the same time, not one move after another. For this to work in real life you’d need a 3rd guy making sure both players are ready to commit their move.
When they are both ready, this 3rd guy ‘resolve’ the turn, and he applies rules to determine the new state of the chessboard.

FS is the same, but in bigger, because during a turn each player issues orders to their units for 5 full seconds. Imagine chess again, but this time instead of committing 1 move, you commit, say, 20 moves in one turn. Like, 20 moves in advance.
And your opponent does the same.

To make it easier for both players, they can ‘simulate’ their turn.
You can issue orders not only to your units, but also to your opponents’ units as well. Just so you can see what would happen if that enemy would move over there…

Simulate and have a look at what happens. Change your plan, change their plan too, and re-iterate until you think you have the best possible plan for your turn.
Once satisfied with your master plan, commit it, and wait for your opponent to commit as well.

When both players have committed their turn, the game computes the outcome which will be shown for both players. We are now turn 2. Repeat.

FS is a ‘smart’ game, you need to anticipate what your opponent will do, you gotta think a lot.
It is a unique gameplay in that regard. It’s awesome!
There are now other games with the same concept, but FS was the first.

Single player / City mode
There is like, a ‘story mode’ in FS2, which puts you in charge of managing a squad in a city.
You can fight other AI factions, and discover what’s going on in the city.
There will be missions popping up in the city, and you can send you squad there to complete the mission and get money.
Use the money to improve your squad, set up checkpoints to intercept enemy units, etc.
It’s an additional strategy layer added to the tactical elements of FS.

Most missions are randomly generated, except for story missions which are scripted.

The major issue with the single player is its bugginess.
It’s broken.
Unfortunately, most people will start with SP first, and they will have a bad experience, hence all the bad reviews on Steam.

Multi player
Players can fight whoever they want. It’s always 1 vs 1.
There are multiple game modes available like, kill everyone, or protect VIP, Defend, charge, etc.
Maps are generated randomly, or not, depending on the match creator.
Players don’t have to be both online to play together since the game is asynchronous.
Issue your turn and wait for the other player to do the same.
You can receive emails notification once an opponent has played their turn (just like in FS1).

There is a global leaderboard, and you can watch any match made by anyone:
Replay a match, pause, and see the plan each player made!
Learn from the strong players!

If there is one thing this game did properly it’s the soundtrack.
Made by the creator of FS himself, nervous_testpilot, the soundtracks are as awesome as the ones from FS1.
I recommend not buying the soundtrack DLC on Steam though, just because Steam is shït when it comes to these types of content.

You want to buy them on Bandcamp instead, which is platform made for buying music.
In case you are wondering, the DLC on Steam contains both MP3 and FLAC versions.

Catastrophic release
If you are reading my review, chance is the Steam review system still shows "mixed" for the global ratings. Which is almost a death threat for a new released game.

There is a valid reason for that: the game was released on September 13th 2018 in an early access state. Game is crashing a bit everywhere, during replay, during turn computation, in multi-player, etc.
As of today, I’ve reported 3 crashes and experienced many bugs.
I sent around 20 emails to the support… yeah.

Here are some issues I have on top of my head
Focus Zones were broken for both single and multiplayer.
Tutorial was bugged and would lead to corrupted single player save
– City UI is counter-intuitive and messy and would need to be … redone entirely.
Random map generation creates impossible maps to win.
– Simulating turns sometimes gives wrong outcomes compared to the real outcome
– Squads issues in city (wrong HQ saved, names disappears, etc.)
– Crash when aiming a rocket while moving the view
– Some flamers always win the first turn in a symmetrical layout
Failed contracts do not disappear
– Mission replay giving a completely different outcomes for some turns
– Balance issues with VIP protection
No skirmish mode (sandbox) to test stuff out
– …
– Hell, check out the forums, 95% of the threads are bug reports

Some of these at the time of this writing were fixed, some others not.

The lack of in-game help is also a big issue. And a bigger issue than what the devs think.
The game mechanics are complex, and trying random things, simulating, doesn’t give you the rules.

Even for those who come from FS1, the addition of the new "Focus Diamond" and the "Move and Shoot" mechanics are massive game changer.

People were used to this time to kill (TTK) rule:
Static > Cover > Moving

Now, it’s more like
Static Diamond > Moving Diamond > Static > Cover > Moving

Yes, moving beats being static IF focus diamond is used.
Which creates weird (unbalanced) AI behaviors where a moving enemy can easily beat one of your static unit across a turn: what the AI will do is keep moving while adding a focus diamond, boom you are dead. Even though you were static before.

And now, just a week ago, an additional command appeared:
We can now "stop and engage on sight" which is the behavior units had in FS1.
How does this now integrate on the TTK rules? We don’t know…

Devs told us that they tested the game a lot.
Well, they clearly didn’t test enough, or they put the bar way too low.
I suspect most beta testers just grabbed a license and never actually did QA on the game.
I hope mode7 learned a lesson there.

Meta score on Steam was 67% when I wrote this review.
As of now… it keeps falling. We are 60% now…
Bug fixes need to arrive faster.

I would heavily recommend FS2 if it was not so broken right now. Game is unfinished and is in an early beta state. At best.

I do love the game though, I play it a lot: I waited more for than 3 years for this game release.
But everytime I play, I encounter a random issue. Hence why I am not recommending the game now.

Still, keep in mind that the devs are honest and hard at work.
There are patches every week. They want the game to be enjoyable. It’s not a scam.
Maybe the game was released 3 to 6 months too early.
Alternatively, the devs could have released the multiplayer only and added the single player later (as a DLC for instance, even paid).

If you are a fan of FS1, buy it.
If you want to discover what "simultaneous turn based" is… well, maybe wait a bit, come back later.

When this game will be finished, it will be extremely good, it’s just a matter of time!

Snuffy the Evil

Posted: September 26, 2018
Frozen Synapse 1 was a tight, beautiful indie gem. Despite offering some fun twists, the sequel is buggy and overambitious, much to my disappointment.

  • I had to restart my singleplayer campaign three times because of failures to load. Crashes abound. Twice I was forced to surrender and fail a mission because the lot generator neglected to generate a lot with street access, which meant neither my units nor the enemies out in the street were able to engage each other.

  • New units like the flamethrower and shield are mechanically interesting, but others are just straight up upgrades with no trade offs to speak of. In every engagement, Pistoleer < Submachinegunner < Rifleman < Scoped Rifleman.

  • While it’s been a while since I played Frozen Synapse 1, I remember the simulation feeling fairly deterministic. Here, it feels like the RNG has been turned up to full force. There have been many, many instances of my units losing extremely advantageous engagements for no good reason. A pistoleer attempts shoots a rifleman square in the back at point blank range, but is turned upon and killed immediately. Three pistoleers flank a scoped rifleman from three different directions and engage at close range- all three are killed on the same turn. A sniper taking cover behind a planter draws a bead on a rifleman running down an open street, but the runner kills him first. This may be related to my previous point, but the result is that engagements rarely feel cerebral or fair.

  • It doesn’t help that the tactical AI is as dumb as a box of hammers. RPG soldiers and grenadiers frequently not under your direct control will frequently commit fratricide firing at random obstacles. If you employ any explosives, allied soldiers will gleefully walk into their areas of effect. Frustratingly, there are several missions in the campaign that involve escorting or protecting VIPs not under your direct control, who will do absolutely nothing to protect their own lives.

  • The singleplayer campaign attempts to marry a linear setpiece campaign to a procedural strategy game, but the two aspects do not mesh at all. It’s hard to narratively justify why I should be helping the university study the Sonata incursion when the chancellor keeps sending hit squads to my doorstep. Traditional story telling just doesn’t work here- Blade Runner is a good movie and 4X games are a lot of fun, but you can’t tell Blade Runner as a 4X game. It could be a great game, but it wouldn’t be Blade Runner.

  • Still, I think something was lost in translation. Frozen Synapse 1 didn’t have the best story, but the lore that’s been built upon it here is still two hairs shy of an atonal, incomprehensible mess.

Most of these gripes obviously come from the singleplayer experience. Multiplayer is a much fairer and interesting beast, but my fear is that, like Frozen Synapse 1, the community will be short lived. My prediction is that frustration from the buggy singleplayer campaign and an abundance of unfinished matches against transient game-of-the-week players is eventually going to drive people away.

I hated having to wait for matches against away players in the original- the wait was usually long enough that by the time my turn came back around I had forgotten the match almost entirely (provided they ever responded at all). This atemporal style works much better for a mobile game, since matches can be played literally anywhere. I would like to see a mode with some sort of chess clock implemented, but that’s just personal opinion.

Anyway, I find Frozen Synapse 2 to be a disappointment. The concept is still rad and the procedural generation they have going on here is super slick, but there’s a myriad of technical and design problems that are keeping me from enjoying it. This might be worth looking at again down the road, but my recommendation right now is to pass.


Posted: September 15, 2018
My negative opinion is mainly because of the single player city portion of the game.
The tactical part is for 90% of people probably the same as in the first game and doesn’t offer enough new content to be a reason to buy the new version.
So, for me at least, the reason to buy (and now refund) the game was the campaign part.
Why did I refund?
– first of all – the bugs:
* The game crashed three times during the two hours I tried it out. Each time causing me to lose the complete progress up to this point.
* Apparently unless you read the forum before, you have to restart the campaign to enable more than one squad as otherwise the tutorials block it.
– the obscurity: the game is full of systems that are not explained anywhere. There’s no manual of any sort, the tutorials cover maybe 10% of the game. Nothing gets explained. I picked up a mission to drop off a parcel as my first "freely chosen" as it looked quite straightforward and looked like there was not much risk involved. Turns out your squad can pick up the parcel (although you for some reason get a dialogue where you have to agree to leave an apparently hostile owner of the building) but then, if you try to bring it to the drop off adress, you get the same dialogue. Only if you agree to leave, you can’t deliver the parcel. And if you don’t, you have to fight the recipient. Sounds logical?
Then it’s the patrol building mission. Once you start it and get an alert of a storyline mission (which you can’t ignore even for a second) you get the choice of "send squad" or "send other squad". This without a squad selected. Sooo… what happens when you press "send squad"? Maybe you get asked if you want to cancel the current mission, so you could decide to "send other squad"? NOPE. You simply get an angry message from the employer saying you breached the contract…

It’s a MESS. I’ll give it a try when it goes on heavy discount (or ultimately lands in a bundle) after a year or so of patches…


Posted: September 15, 2018
I hesitantly recommend the game in its current state. Overall, the gameplay is solid (frustrating but rewarding). The issue is that the game often crashes, quests cannot be fullfilled (a squad was unable to access a building as the prompt disappeared) and are eventually failed due to time lapse. If these issues are resolved then I’d have no problem recommending this to anyone with a love for turn based strategy.


Posted: September 23, 2018
Nowhere near worth the asking price. The actual Frozen Synapse tactical combat portion is as fun as ever. The whole city gameplay is poorly explained, highly obtuse, buggy and just not fun. What you’re left with outside that is the same multiplayer game as the first with a small increase in variety of units/battle parameters. This game loses sight of what made the first game great, which is no BS tactical combat. Stick with FZ1 until this game goes to about 75% off, guides are written on how to parse the City gameplay and all the bugs are ironed out.


Posted: September 13, 2018
Ambitious single player campaign running on an immense city/faction simulation. Tactical and multiplayer stay true to the original, but are improved by more diverse units and mechanical refinements. Beautiful. Excellent soundtrack.

disclosure: was a beta tester; purchased game.


Posted: September 17, 2018
I want to love this game, but right now, I just can’t.

1. Too many crashes. I’ve emailed the support team as they requested, and hope these can get fixed. I have seen crashes about 2 or 3 times per hour.

2. So little of the game mechanics are explained. The tutorial is awful, and leaves many things with no clue what they actually do.

3. The UI is a complete mess. Areas of the screen hidden behind immovable windows, things not clear on the game map, which was cleaner in the first. The city map quickly gets completely full, and the UI windows with squads and contracts always needs scrolling to see any amount of information. Even the main menu is a mess, the options screen which needs to be scrolled is one of the worst designed menus I’ve seen in a game of this price.

4. My god the attacks on your buildings are beyond repetitive. When I setup my forces to defend, they never assume those roles when the actual mission starts, and I have to move them to the same defensive positions every single time. The attackers then mill about outside, walking back and forth and never actually attacking, wasting my time. Attackers should be forced to move forward within a certain number of rounds or immediate forfeit. I’m bnored of defending the same base every 10 minutes.

5. I don’t know if this stands up to scrutiny, but it feels like they just try to fill this big city with lots of factions, which don’t feel any different from each other, precisely because there are too many factions! At least start small, introduce new factions over time, but to instantly be juggling contracts and missions, and units, and buildings and everything else for god knows how many factions is stupid.

As it stands, I can’t recommend this game, I’m sorry. I will not refund it, and will come back to it once a couple of patches have been released, because I really want to enjoy it. I’m sorry.


Posted: January 1
If you are holding off because of the mixed reviews about how buggy the game was on launch, don’t. The game has been polished significantly over the last few months and I havent run into any significant problems so far.


Posted: November 3, 2018
I loved FS1, and I’m loving FS2 — bugs, clunky UI and all. Nothing beats the feeling when a plan comes together flawlessly. And nothing beats the incredible WTF!! moments of surprise (and admiration) when your opponent out-plays you. (Because it means they out-thought you.) Highly recommened.

Highly recommended — clunky UI, bugs, and all. These things can be fixed. They are being fixed. And even with them, there is no better simultaneous turn strategy game on the market, especially not re: small-team tactics.

Perhaps Mode7 made a poor business decision by officially "releasing" the game when it was still in what we gamers might consider an "early access" state. From the reviews, at least, it apprears they are paying a bit of a price for that choice. Which is too bad, because their game-design choices are brilliant.

Game Design
  1. Multiplayer is even more dynamic than it was in FS1, because camping is no longer the default winning strategy.
  2. Turn off Story Missions, and the city sandbox is epic! You’ll still have global objective(s) to pursue, but the gameplay will be entirely dynamic. And odds are that decisions you make at the strategic layer mean you will never be fielding the "perfect" squad in the tactical layer. Or maybe you send that perfect squad out on a mission, but things go sidewise on the mission itself, and then your team is hounded on the journey home and has to fight several additional (and deadly) skirmishes on the way — all emergent. It’s great.
  3. The music. ‘nuf said.
  4. I also really enjoy the evocative yet minimalist art design. What else should a cyberpunk Neuromancer-type netscape look like?

  • Could the UI be better? Yes.
  • Does it stop me from playing the game? No.
  • Does it stop me from doing exactly what I want to do in the game? No.

Glitches & Crashes
  • Are the glitches and crashes annoying? Sure.
  • Does the game work more than it crashes? Yes.
  • What is my game-crash to gameplay ratio? About 1:10 (i.e, 1-crash every 10-hours or so)
  • Does that make me one of the lucky ones? I have no idea. But this is accurate per my experience.
  • Do I believe Mode7 will fix these issues? I don’t have to believe, because they are and have been.

  • So is FS2 fun or what? It’s stupid fun! Nothing beats the feeling when a plan comes together flawlessly. And nothing beats the incredible WTF!! moments of surprise (and admiration) when your opponent out-plays you. (Because it means they out-thought you.)
  • Was FS2 worth the wait? Absolutely!

I loved FS1, and I’m loving FS2 — bugs, clunky UI and all.

Scratch |éire|

Posted: September 16, 2018
I’m an FS fan but this is pre-beta or beta software. Should not be released without an early access tag. Expected better Mode7.