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About This Game

FURIDASHI: Drift Cyber Sport is a motorsport simulator for PC on Windows platform

Competitions in drifting as Players vs Players cyber sport challenge. This is a real-time online multiplayer simulator with unique next gen realistic car physics.


  • VR (Virtual Reality) full support!
  • Motion Simulator support (authentic | Sim Tools | GameSTUL.ru)
  • Steering wheel full support with detailed feedback
  • Keyboard & Gamepad full support
  • Gyroscope gamepad support
  • Mouse steering support
  • Support for resolution 5760×1080 for Triple Screen


  • Online multiplayer with Steam Community functions. Invite friends and get to know the drift fans from around the world in the game and drift together. Network latency is minimized. Tandem Drifting is available as never before!
  • Race with ghosts – competitions with entries of real players
  • Free Practice


  • View players profiles online, add to friends
  • Global gaming chat
  • Chat room / competition lobby


  • All 20 cars are available immediately when buying a game without purchasing DLC
  • Japanese, German, American and Russian drift vehicles
  • 40 garage slots are initially available for your vehicle collection


  • Really existing legendary tracks of Japan, Russia and other countries
  • All 12 tracks are available immediately when buying the game


Select the time of day and weather. Different temperatures of air and asphalt affect the operation of the motor and the adhesion of the tires on the road.
Various lighting and atmosphere on the tracks depending on time of day.


  • Absolutely new physics on nVidia PhysX technology guarantees realism
  • Swap the engine with changing characteristics and sound. 10 legendary engines
  • Improving and tuning the engine, tuning in real time
  • Adjustment of suspension / wheel alignment and angles / Toe & camber
  • Strengthening the body and the stiffness affects the moment of inertia and the car’s rotatability
  • Increase the angle of rotation of the front wheels / steering lock
  • Clutch and transmission / acceleration of shifting gears / reduced inertia of the transmission (clutch kick)
  • Reduce the weight of the car by installing lightweight parts and removing unnecessary elements for better control in drifting
  • Selection of tires and settings of pressure in them separately for the front and rear
  • All installed parts have their own weight, which affects the overall weight of the car


  • Create a unique design for your car
  • Advanced system of vinyls and painting tools / layers / materials
  • Hundreds of new images to be applied to the tools


Player profiles are stored in the Steam Cloud. Damage or disappearance of profiles is excluded.
You can play on any computer from anywhere in the world, change the computer and reinstall the operating system.


Support for the keyboard and all types of gamepads, wheels and other controllers.
Support for multiple controllers at the same time (for example, separately the steering wheel, pedals and handbrake).


For the people that play Peak Angle: Drift Online as a gift ALL DRIFT CARS with unique design from the Premium store are available immediately after buying FURIDASHI: Drift Cyber Sport.

Please enjoy the game and thank you very much for all the support!
    • OS: XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
    • Processor: 2.0 GHz
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Nvidia GT610 or AMD HD5450 or Intel HD Graphics 530 with 1GB of VRAM
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 10 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX compatible sound card
    • Additional Notes: Supported Graphics Cards: AMD HD5000 Series, HD6000 Series, HD7000 Series, R7 Series, R9 Series Nvidia GTX400 Series, GTX500 Series, GTX600 Series, GTX700 Series, GTX900 Series Intel HD4000 Series, HD5000 Series
FURIDASHI: Drift Cyber Sport-0
FURIDASHI: Drift Cyber Sport-1
FURIDASHI: Drift Cyber Sport-2
FURIDASHI: Drift Cyber Sport-3
FURIDASHI: Drift Cyber Sport-4
FURIDASHI: Drift Cyber Sport-5
FURIDASHI: Drift Cyber Sport-6
FURIDASHI: Drift Cyber Sport-7
FURIDASHI: Drift Cyber Sport-8
FURIDASHI: Drift Cyber Sport-9
FURIDASHI: Drift Cyber Sport-10
FURIDASHI: Drift Cyber Sport-11
FURIDASHI: Drift Cyber Sport-12
FURIDASHI: Drift Cyber Sport-13
FURIDASHI: Drift Cyber Sport-14
FURIDASHI: Drift Cyber Sport-15
FURIDASHI: Drift Cyber Sport-16
FURIDASHI: Drift Cyber Sport-17
FURIDASHI: Drift Cyber Sport-18
FURIDASHI: Drift Cyber Sport-19
FURIDASHI: Drift Cyber Sport-20
FURIDASHI: Drift Cyber Sport-21
FURIDASHI: Drift Cyber Sport-22
FURIDASHI: Drift Cyber Sport-0
FURIDASHI: Drift Cyber Sport-1
FURIDASHI: Drift Cyber Sport-2
FURIDASHI: Drift Cyber Sport-3
FURIDASHI: Drift Cyber Sport-4
FURIDASHI: Drift Cyber Sport-5
FURIDASHI: Drift Cyber Sport-6
FURIDASHI: Drift Cyber Sport-7
FURIDASHI: Drift Cyber Sport-8
FURIDASHI: Drift Cyber Sport-9
FURIDASHI: Drift Cyber Sport-10
FURIDASHI: Drift Cyber Sport-11
FURIDASHI: Drift Cyber Sport-12
FURIDASHI: Drift Cyber Sport-13
FURIDASHI: Drift Cyber Sport-14
FURIDASHI: Drift Cyber Sport-15
FURIDASHI: Drift Cyber Sport-16
FURIDASHI: Drift Cyber Sport-17
FURIDASHI: Drift Cyber Sport-18
FURIDASHI: Drift Cyber Sport-19
FURIDASHI: Drift Cyber Sport-20
FURIDASHI: Drift Cyber Sport-21
FURIDASHI: Drift Cyber Sport-22


Posted: February 10
I am for now a more or less retired Driftcar Driver from Pro Series in Europe in real life. Did it for more than 10 years (36yrs old now) and also were driving about the half of all the JDM cars and engines that are present in that game.
I play this game in VR only to meet with my real life car tuning & drifting buddies from that time. I cannot judge the game in Non_VR mode, this review is for VR Mode only.

First of all, the game is fun and at the moment far the best drifting experience you can get in VR.
The drifting is of course very arcady, even with all assist turned off the cars feel like you got your 10year old winter tires with negative toe on the rear axle. But its still ok and fun because the game at least gives you enough possibilities to adjust your drift line as you wish.
Handbrake works easy as expected in such a game, even Clutchkicks are possible despite their yaw movement come way too late compared how it works in real drifting…but ok at least its fun and also possible to get beginners into the game drifting like a pro in no time.

I would say the game feels like a mix of the drifting levels of good old Need for Speed Underground and GRID Drifting Stages. Not bad, even if its still too arcady but fun after all I would say.

So why my negative review? Because I want to point out some details that me and my buddies (all of them have tuned JDM cars you find in that game) are missing to make the game the best VR drifting experience for gamers and drifters alike….and please note thats not just me wanting to have a simulation here, if I want real life drift feeling I do it in real life at the weekend with my car. Arcadey Feeling is fine here πŸ˜‰

Negative Points:
– No Intercom / Voicechat Feature (we always use Skype while drifting which is fine, but how do you do it as a single player joining our lobby? They have no way to communicate with us while driving despite using morse codes with their horn)
– No feelable difference in weight shift when do left/right or forward/backward mass balance cg
– No realistic physics when breaking and going full throttle at once while in a drift to extend a drift line
– Only practice modes, no championship or battle modes in multiplayer
– Boring scenerey (a crowded scene at the side of some maps like you find on real drift events would be nice)
– Please add a narrorator like the japanese speaking guy commenting your drifts like in GRID. That would be so super awesome!
– F1 key is the only key to center your VR seating position and I cannot map it on any joystick key is very very uncomfortable
– Even with graphic details turned all the way down I only get about 45 FPS on my i7 GTX1070 machine. According Steam VR statistics my machine do not drop a single frame…Seems to be poorly optimized. With that simple graphic it should easily handle the 90FPS you need for VR
– No exteriour modifications like bodykits, headlights, exhausts, spoilers, etc.
– Interiours are mostly all the same and are not correct to their respective cars
– No original tuning brands (most probably due licensing costs)
– Engines and horsepower almost all feel identically, you always got enough horsepower
– Engine sounds are also pretty similar and do not sound different if you tune the engine or turbo
– Cars from other players are always have an empty driver seat. It would be super mega cool if you could see an avatar from another player drifting with you in tandem drift while he is holding one of his hand outside showing you some funny stuffs
– Not much difference in car behaviour between the various cars. Believe me, I have driven the Skylines, Silvias, BMW, etc. on track in real life and they do feel different in drifting πŸ˜›
– Point system is nice, but do not reflect real life drifting difficult levels. If I try to drift like I had to do with the line needed to win in a real drift competition I always get the lowest drifting score in the game. But at least those lines are also the most challenging lines to drift in this game too which is a lot of fun with your buddies trying to make your own personal challenges….so 2 thumbs up for the game physics here, but 1 thumb down for the points system
– No damage on cars. Optical damage like loosing your bumpers etc. would be cool
– Music …. the direction is good like westcoast music of the game Midnight Club LA, but not that good. If you could bring it on that level, wow the game would rock πŸ˜›

I really hope that the developer will make changes to some of my negative points. It would make us gamers & drifters really really happy.

So final verdict, should you buy it? Yes, definitely if you are a tuning head or drift addict!
Let us support the developer, they on the right path to get it done right I think.

So see ya at the track burning some tires πŸ˜€


Posted: December 11, 2017
This game surprised me. It surprised me how aweful of an interpretation of drifting you can have, it might tickle your scrotum with jdm legends but they all behave in the same, extra terrastrial way. If you had two people, one working on solving the enigma code and one trying to work out how this games physics make sense, i guarantee that the enigma decoder would finish first every time. The logic of this game is one of the universes greatest mysteries. 7/10 wouldnt burnout again.


Posted: July 28, 2018
Used to play live for speed. Loved it.
Started playin asetto Corsa because the graphics are better but I hated the physics.
Got this game and it’s amazing. Felt a weird at first but did the steering and suspension upgrades and some tuning and now it feels great.
Logitech g920 and vive.
The VR is fantastic


Posted: August 3, 2018
very fun game, easy to get into and fun to pick up whenever and have quick matches or spend hours playing. with that said i wish they added new cars, tracks and ame modes to make this very good game into an even more amazing game.

[EV] LeTaavi

Posted: August 5, 2018
I really like the game but still looking forward for the updates. Haven’t had any updates for a few months.
The biggest updates this game needs in my opinion:
Mini map
Body tuning
Rear view mirror
Easier friend join system

Love the sticker tuning
Engine swaps, turbo sounds etc.
Great cars, nice maps
Realistic handling
Good quality

People crashing into you on purpose while having a good combo, ruining the combo and losing all your points
No online lobbys
Having a bug sometimes, that you cannot start the map, needs a restart sometimes.

I really love the game and hoping to see some good updates in the future. New maps and new cars with online lobbys.


Posted: December 12, 2017
Fun game that has potential but needs some work.
It’s actually pretty good! Graphics, physics, it’s all here!
The graphics are quite good. The textures are good.
The cars, the tracks and the surroundings are detailed. The game’s physics is great.
This a super fun game more for the cars fans.
This game not a sim its more of aracade but i love this gust go it yestraday i love so much i reccomend you to get this if you love cars and drifting.
If you play only in single player mode you will get bored fast so make sure to play with others.
This game is fun and i enjoy it, it just needs some more work.


Posted: June 10, 2018
Nice drifting game.
A lot of cars, tracks, livery editor, championship, virtual reality, regular updates. Not a pay-to-win gameplay is a big plus, all content available just after you bought a game. For real money you can buy DLC’s only to get fully tuned cars right after start.
Good community that help if you asked anything πŸ™‚
I think Furidashi has a big potential, hope soon we’ll see much more content and different events!


Posted: August 6, 2018
Not many people play this game, thats because they dont know its the β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯ing kitty’s β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯s. This game is amazing. 10/10 Download this game right now and you wont regret it.


Posted: August 5, 2018
A game worth a shot if you love drifting, I reccomend you not buying any of those dlc cars, just buy the ULTIMATE 200% DLC and you’ll be happily unlocking your cars and upgrades. The other DLCs are only skins with 100% upgrades unlocked on it, not worth it tbh.


Posted: April 22, 2018
Product received for free

Review: FURIDASHI: Drift Cyber Sport
  • Graphics / Audio :
    The Game was created by a smaller studio called Drift Physics Crew and honestly they did a good job visually with the game. The Car Models look very good when compared to the real versions ( example: Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 looks great ). The Tracks are legit IRL tracks which makes it even better. There aren’t any amazing lighting effects nor particles. Audio wise the game is pretty ok. Exhaust sounds are decent with a good rumble, only problem sound wise where the turbos as they sounded a little bit weird in my opinion. The Soundtrack is a pretty good fit for this type of game!

    [ 7 out of 10 ]

  • Gameplay :
    As the game says, it is a Drifting Sim. Now i have my doubts if this is a legit Sim as the Cars accelaration is pretty slow considering you have like 500hp, there is no damage model or any other advanced tactical sim features but if we look at the drifting only it is very good with a wheel. You can constumize your vehicle too as it has a decent amount of costumization options.

    [ 7,5 out of 10 ]

  • Story :

    [- ]

  • Multiplayer :
    The Game doesn’t have a huge following currently but you can find some lobbies and have some fun.
    During the Sales you mind find a lot more active players.
    If you want to play with friends you can create a Steam Friends lobby which is a great addition!

    [ 7 out of 10 ]

  • Performance :
    The Game runs easily on High End and Mid Range PCs. I havent tried it out on a Low End Laptop but it could be possible to achieve a solid 30 fps on the Lowest settings.
    I had no crashes and the game has the Steam Cloud feature plus VR.

    [ 8 out of 10 ]

  • Price :
    For 14,99 Eur. You get a pretty good Drifting Game which becomes even better with friends!

    Recommended if you like Drifting.

    If you like my Review be sure to Join IndiePromo!


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