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About This Game

Welcome to 1980’s Sweden. The local population has gone missing, and machines of unknown origin roam the streets. Explore this vast open world to unravel the mystery of the invaders, perfect your fighting strategies and prepare to strike back. In Generation Zero, living is winning.

Survive in a Hostile Open World:

Take on missions and challenges throughout the open world to unravel more of the mystery, while scavenging for weapons and supplies to help you stay alive

Get Ready. Then Fight Back:

Tactically combine weapons, skills and equipment, to lure, cripple, and destroy your enemies.

1-4 Player Seamless Multiplayer:

Play alone, or team-up with up to three friends as you collaborate and combine your unique skills to take down enemies.

Stealth and Strategy. Co-Operate to Live:

Some enemies are too powerful to attack head-on, which is when you should adopt stealth tactics by moving silently, exploiting the enemy’s senses and using the environment to your advantage.

1980’s Nostalgia:

Among the loot, you will find outfits and hairstyles to recreate your favorite 1980s style to take on the machines in style.
    • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
    • OS: 64bit OS – Windows 7 with Service Pack 1
    • Processor: Intel i5 Quad Core
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: nVidia GTX 660 / ATI HD7870 – 2GB VRAM / Intel® Iris™ Pro Graphics 580
    • Storage: 35 GB available space
Generation Zero-0
Generation Zero-1
Generation Zero-2
Generation Zero-3
Generation Zero-4
Generation Zero-5
Generation Zero-6
Generation Zero-7
Generation Zero-8
Generation Zero-9
Generation Zero-0
Generation Zero-1
Generation Zero-2
Generation Zero-3
Generation Zero-4
Generation Zero-5
Generation Zero-6
Generation Zero-7
Generation Zero-8
Generation Zero-9
Size: 21 GB


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Posted: March 30
this game is so incredibly finicky about how you progress.
1st fresh start, after 20 hours: joined a friend who was earlier on in the story, no key items drop: can’t progress.
2nd fresh start, after 3 hours: a random joined me and unlocked a location i hadn’t reached yet – no key cards drop; can’t progress.
3rd fresh start, after 25 hours: logged off after unlocking a door – logged back in and the door is sealed shut again and i can’t unlock it; can’t progress.

the game has potential and i have had a blast exploring the world, but it’s so frustrating when you can get hard locked out of progression so easily.
did no one play test this?


Posted: April 8
Product received for free

Generation Zero. Such a great concept. Unfortunately it is far from being fully realized despite having seen its full release recently. I feel this is not entirely unexpected from Avalanche Publishing/Studios though. They have a very up and down record with game development. This game was definitely marketed as an action co-op shooter type game, which it very definitely is not. It does have those moments, but the majority of the game is really spent wandering the countryside and going through people’s homes and such looking for gear. While I don’t consider this walking/hunting sim style gameplay to be a bad thing, you do really have to get it right if you are going that route. Finally, this game released in what I would consider its late alpha stage. Which I think speaks to companies having hard release dates and pushing stuff out unfinished to meet those deadlines. I am personally very opposed to this practice, and this game takes a huge hit accordingly. Anyway:


The story of a mid 80’s mech apocalypse in Sweden is interesting despite my wondering why anyone would even bother to attack Sweden to begin with. That aside, you (and maybe your buddies if you are co-oping) are returning from a vacation via your boat when you are shot at and forced ashore. You find everybody else is missing and there are hostile mechs running around (although mostly actually just milling about). Your goal is to try to find out what has happened to everyone and how this invasion took place. I’ve found the story to be sparse, but interesting. Very much presented through notes, tapes, and so on found throughout the game. These also function as quest starters.


The gameplay is where Generation Zero takes the biggest hit in my opinion. On one hand, the actual gameplay is a very fluid experience. Guns feel great, range seems to be a factor, controls handle nicely, there are only rare instances of clipping. The AI works nicely. Although sometimes obtuse, mechs will eventually fall into search and destroy patterns while also using their particular abilities to their advantage. They will also give up if they don’t find you within a certain amount of time and return to their old patterns. So, all that is great. It’s fun as hell when it’s running properly.

However, this game suffers from basic pacing issues, odd enemy placement decisions, and is one of the buggiest releases I’ve seen in a while.

Because of the size of the map, simple quests often take a long time simply to travel from point A to point B. This is mediated a bit as you find more safehouses and unlock more bunkers, but you will spend a lot of time walking and nothing else. Additionally, there isn’t really a ton of diversity, either with the actual enemies (of which there are six types) or quest variety. Plus, there is no real sense of urgency. You can just wander around and tackle quests at your leisure, but more importantly, you almost have to because of the vast distances between objective points at times.

If you ever leave your game, you will lose the majority of map points you have unlocked already. The game will remember that you’ve been there, but you will have to go back to (or near enough for it to register) for it to show up on your map again. This becomes problematic if you are in the midst of a few quests and don’t remember exactly where a specific farm or what have you is actually located. Another problem with this is that the game crashes. A LOT. Pretty much every session I’ve played has ended in a desktop or hard crash. Let’s say you are in the middle of a battle with a bunch of mechs. You’ve destroyed six or eight of them and have maybe one or two left. You’ve also used the majority of ammo for the main weapon(s) you have been using. Well, the game saves your inventory, but not your progress in battles. So…now you’re kind of screwed if you want to revisit that battle. You either have to completely adjust your tactics or wander around farming ammo again. Also, this is an online only game, so if your connection drops ever, you will be booted from the game even if you are playing solo and have co-op set to invite only.

Let’s talk about multiplayer/co-op. In the options menu, you have the choice to set it to "anyone can join" or "invite only". However, invite only is broken and doesn’t work at all, so no matter how you have your game set, people can join your game at any moment. You do have the option to kick the player(s), but that just sucks for everyone.

There are other bugs. For example, bunkers also function as safehouses. However, if you die (or simply exit and re-enter the game at some point) and end up spawning in one of the bunkers (your spawn location is the last safehouse you visited), you will at some point find all the doors locked and you trapped in the control room lol. You can fast travel out, but really, it’s things like this that add to the frustration of playing Generation Zero.

The game also chews up memory, which leads to a lot of stops and stuttering, not to mention the many, many crashes.


The graphics are nice and at times stunning. The actual world itself is really pretty stunning overall. Mech designs are nice. The 80’s design was really cool. However, the same can’t be said for the three-ish different IKEA house models and a handful of other building designs to go along with them. This is such a cookie cutter world from this perspective, and it really has a negative impact on gameplay since you spend a lot of time basically investigating the same building over and over, for all intents and purposes. Since enemy numbers are relatively low and are very spread out, you really need to not have a cookie cutter approach to this relevant aspect of world design. It turns what could be a unique experience into a very bland one.


The audio in this game is top notch. The voice acting (which is done through tapes, answering machines, and so on). The in game sounds, from the actual wind and storms to the sounds of mechs wandering around, and everything in between. This desolate world still managed to sound vibrant and alive at all times. The music was also a nice accompaniment. Most of the arrangements are either 80’s synth or somber string arrangements. Fit quite nicely.


I have actually really enjoyed a lot of what this game has to offer. However, in its current state (nevermind the fact that this type of release has annoyingly become the industry standard), I definitely can’t recommend this. I do recommend that if you want a slower paced screenshot game with flurries of action, that you follow it and wait for this to become a proper game. Right now, it’s just a mess and would be a waste of your $34.99. That said, I will also be following the development cycle post release. If it ever gets fixed to what should be its actual full release status, I absolutely will revisit this game and review.

If you found this review helpful and would be interested in supporting my Curator group, it would be appreciated. Cheers.https://store.steampowered.com/curator/32549618/


Posted: March 31
Okay, don’t get me wrong…this game DOES have issues… Terrain has actual cracks in it, scenery floating above the ground in many places, you can’t quite walk up steps right, the inventory is wonky and items don’t stack like they should, and this list could go on for a while. But despite all the negatives, I still enjoy the game.

Many people are saying the same things, "it’s boring", "it’s too easy", "there aren’t enough robots", "there’s no point in looting because it’s all just the same stuff"

I can agree that there are parts where there isn’t any action…so I could see where it could be boring for someone who is used to Call of Duty or something, where you are constantly running and gunning, but this game isn’t like that. You wouldn’t buy Life and then b*tch because it isn’t more like Monopoly, would you? Same idea…it’s an FPS…but it’s also a sandbox-exploration RPG…

As for being too easy, yeah…at first it is. You come across 1-2 Runners at a time, sometimes there may be 3-4…and they are armed with .32 caliber weapons and have to stand still to shoot you…with their giant "weak point" conveniently sitting, unarmored, on their back for you to easily shoot. Later in the game, those very same Runners are armed with 12 gauge shotguns and full auto 7.62mm machine guns, with turrets that can rotate a full 360 degrees and fire while they are sprinting around…combine that with the fact that you are fighting 15-20 of them at the same time AND there are Seekers, who send out a sonar pulse to pinpoint your location and relay it to all of the surrounding machines, there’s a swarm of Ticks that are jumping around attacking you like a f*cking facehugger from the Alien franchise, and then you hear a loud screaming sound behind you…and turn around just in time to be melee attacked with a giant bladed arm of a Hunter… You stand up, dealing with the ridiculously long recovery cutscene, and try to run and apply some first aid…but oh no, there are now 4 more Hunters closing in on you and they are sending a barrage of bullets at you with their .50cal machine guns and one of them is lobbing gas grenades in your direction…

I say, if you think this game is "easy" or there aren’t enough robots to fight…you simply didn’t play it long enough… I’ve literally played it for 17 hours and the amount of machines that we encounter has dramatically increased, they are armored, the AI seems more intelligent, and their weapons and sensor systems are becoming more advanced…and we aren’t even through the "intro missions" or even stepped foot off of the island that you spawn on…

As far as the looting, yeah, I agree it can be monotonous searching every single house and vehicle, the countless backpacks just mindlessly strewn about, only to find 4 stacks of flares and ammo that you can’t even use because you don’t have a gun that shoots it… You want to hold on to EVERY piece of loot because other games have conditioned you to "loot all" and keep every scrap because you can vendor it, dismantle it, or use it in a pinch for a big save…but this game isn’t like that. You don’t need to keep any items that you don’t plan on using in the short term…your 2 main weapons, a side arm, first aid kits, the little adrenaline shots, and a stack of ammo that you can load ON your weapon so it doesn’t take up space in the inventory…maybe some flares and a gas canister…but almost everything else, either don’t loot it, replace existing items, or drop the extras…because nothing is worse than getting to the bottom of a bunker and hearing your buddy find a bazooka and shells, and you have to sit there and manage your inventory because you are carrying around 17 boomboxes and a thousand rounds of ammo for weapons you don’t have…

Anyway, I’m very much in love with the game. For every negative against it, there is some positive that balances it, and most of the negatives become trivial because you are too busy saving Sweden from an army of killer robots who are blowing up the entire area with napalm missiles.

Avalanche is pretty good about listening to the community, and this game literally just came out…give them some time to correct some of the big issues (like item stacking, and some of the UI problems)…and this game could be amazing. At worst case, pick it up on sale, because it’s not worth skipping just because the Fortnite generation says that it’s too boring…


Posted: March 29
I really wanted to love this game. I am a big fan of "walking sims", which are normally boring for most of people. I enjoy walking through wide open areas, encounter rare enemies with some tactical approach, discover interesting places. I like beautiful graphics and landscapes.

I pre-purchased this. The concept of fighting robots is really good in my opinion. Fighting human bots can kill the immerse in case of bad AI. And in case of robots it will not feel really detached if they stuck somewhere / dont notice you etc. They are robots. Also robots can be very different which means that will allow to build completely different enemies with different behavior,capabilities etc, which means variety of gameplay. Also interesting setting, beautiful graphics.. They sold me this game.

I knew what type of game it would be therefore I expected negative reviews. Boring gameplay, lack of events etc for me is not a problem so I was prepared.

After 2 hours of gameplay I was not disappointed yet and I was going to write a positive review to try cheer up the community and devs. However after few more hours I saw big big problems. And i think most of this cannt be rectified.

I dont want to write obvious negative things which were mentioned by most of people, just want to drop some painful details which with which I’m completely♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥off.

1. Broken navigation / map / log journal. Sometimes mission markers are displayed on the map, but if you log off and login they will disappear. I really dont understand how to navigate here! If you dont have a marker on the map for certain mission you will never find a place as description is very general and there is not enough landmarks to navigate throughout the map! Log journal is a mess. After few hours of gameplay it will be full with tasks which dont have related points on the map. For some tasks nav points are there but sometimes they appear / disappear randomly. I want to believe its buggy and this will be fixed.

2. Bunkers. Omg this is a nighmare. No minimap. Every bunker is built based on same assets / textures and looks like randomly generated set of corridors. In every bunker you need to power on generator which you can find only by opening every single door and checking every corner.

3. Same assets are used are everywhere Looks like the world was built by 1 guy in couple of hours by randomly dropping typical cities farms and bunkers across the map. Though map (landscape) is beautiful and probably was handcrafted.

4. You are practically immortal. After death you can respawn immidiately at same spot with 20% health. However there is a limit if you die around 20 times within 5 minutes. Then you will have to respawn at nearest spawn point with no losses in loot / experience etc.

5. Enemies respawn and loot in ammo boxes (!) REFILL if you quit the game and logged in again. So practically you have unlimited ammunition.

6. In this world full of water you CANNOT SWIM.

7. Enemies. Only few types, their behavior you will learn in a couple of hours. Which means shooting becomes boring very soon.

8. In the end there is no reward for winning, no punishment for death. No motivation to play. You realize that this is just a concept of game, not an actually game.

To be fair: good graphics, good shooting mechanics, good music. Mysterious atmosphere which is ruined after few hours of gameplay.

Ive seen a letter from devs. I want to believe that they will fix the game. But considering amount of broken things, the investment would be so massive, that this is unlikely going to happen.

PS. If this is game is ever fixed it would be great to have PvP here (invading other players’ worlds like in Dark Souls)


Posted: April 9
As an older gamer, before the advent of Steam, Origin and Epic games, we had to actually go to stores to buy games. And when you bought those games they were FINISHED products! Hence, later they still came with updates that you had to find and download on the internet, but you typically had a finished product the minute you spent your hard earned money. Its appalling how so many games today are sold in an unfinished state. Anyway I digress. GZ has potential to be a good game, but the devs need to fix some issues before I can recommend it.

**Update** After first major update, game now crashes while starting. Since then, there has been no emergency fix for those of us affected and no word from the dev team thus far.


Posted: March 30
Let’s start with what’s good about this game:

Pretty straight forward, now let’s take a look at the glaring problems this game has.

The game’s AI is a blind toddler with guns.
The AI has absolute garbage vision. These are killer robots but why the f**k can’t they see me when I’m 5 meters away?
Oh right, they can’t see me because there’s an internal clock built into them which states to wait 5 seconds before engaging and make scary noises instead.
If you go inside a house the AI will stop and wait outside until you come out to play. So you can just take potshots from indoors without any risk to yourself and you end up with stale gameplay.

Whenever a robot attacks you, or is about to, you get a marker in the middle of the screen. Why on earth would you do this?
With this one tiny addition to the HUD the developers completely killed any possibility for the robots to ambush you. You will never find yourself in a real firefight where you’re unsure where the enemies are. Again, stale gameplay.

Ohhhh, you love traps don’t you?
Here’s a hundred bottles of explosive diarrhea, and here’s a thousand radios for you to do the same trap over and over and over again. Once your brains start melting and droop out of your ear canal and you finally get off newbie island will the game give you something new to play with.

Ammo, guns, gear, traps, everything is plenty. There’s so much crap for you to carry around that you will never run out of anything. Leading to stale gameplay by itself. Why have loot if it’s practically infinite?
You will also get the exact loot count of each area when you enter it. Essentially killing any discovery in the game. Leading to stale gameplay.

Beautiful, boring by design, robot shooter.

What to do to fix it?
Remove the robot attack hud marker.
Add a crafting system to let players choose what they want to use. "Forced" loot and hanging on to items is never fun.
Remove half the loot of the game.
Make the bots harder without making them into bullet sponges, quadruple robot attack range. Especially for FNIX class, they are the blindest of them all.
Add actual stealth mechanics, not just "if crouched => timer ticks slower"


Posted: March 26
Product received for free

DISCLAIMER: Review copy provided by the publisher/developer.

Generation Zero is an ambitious little project from Avalanche, the developers of the beloved Just Cause series, the underrated Mad Max and the upcoming RAGE 2. The idea of an 80’s Sweden being overrun by robots, causing its population to disappear after you return to it is a brilliant concept.

But in the end, the game is not good enough for the asking price due to a few clunky mechanics (some buggy, even), the lack of NPC’s hurts the game, making it feel extremely empty, in particular for solo players.
The "Avalanche formula" is also something Generation Zero really did not need applied to it.


Remember when Fallout 76 was harshly judged for lacking NPC’s and reducing its complex storytelling into a purely environmental based one, told through audio logs and notes?

This does the same! For immersion purposes, it’s all in really nicely acted (or written in the case of notes, signs, billboards, etc.) swedish (there are subtitles so fear not!) and it also removes most of the motivation to do most of the quests!

The game splits questing into different categories: Answers (lore items like maps, notes and logs are involved and progress the "story"), World, Payback, etc. And most follow the


Find a note/log, read/listen to it about a location X, go to X where enemies will be, kill them (as most mission require it) or stealth past them to find the note to finish the quest.

Yaaaaaaay, 300XP for you! You just progressed 15% of an XP bar!

And then you level up and try to pick some tough decisions from skills like reloading 15% faster, getting more bullets from ammo boxes, having more health or even moving faster.

Trust me, you will want to run faster above everything else because the environments are so huge yet spread as thin as a thin crust pizza dough but only 500 square miles in size, that running through empty (yet beautiful) fields becomes painfully tedious after the initial section/island you go through. Taking a sip of water and wasting your stamina are just as long and by the time you figure out the gameplay loop is the same as Just Cause, but slower and less criative, you just need that extra speed boost.

Now I compared to Just Cause. In what way? World Design.

Just Cause

Just Cause consists of a huge, beautifully designed island where you find locations and must destroy as much as possible in them to receive XP and increasing your game completion rate (destroying all possible building/items in an area gives you 100% completion in that specific area)

And now, Gen Zero:

Generation Zero consists of a huge, beautifully designed island where you find locations and must salvage loot as much as possible in them to receive XP and increasing your game completion rate (looting all possible containers in an area gives you 100% completion in that specific area)

Do you see the problem here? Yes, yes you can. And no, unlike JC, it doesn’t work here.

In the end… it’s repetitive. Do not buy this for solo play, at least at this pricetag.


Fantastic. The lighting is amazing, the attention to detail in the robots is great and the physics are pretty good. Even at night when darkness hits and robots with their flashlights are wandering the world helps the atmosphere of loneliness, which the game nails quite well… too well.

The graphics options are customizable and even am FOV slider is present (thank you), which goes from 50 to 80 (I believe it’s horizontal FOV). Performance on the Apex engine is also worth noting to be great, even for the great graphics and good animations. However, animations in third person are… not that great. In co-op you will be able to observe other players’ characters and animations of running, shooting are quite clunky. Even emoting (I have no idea why it exists, but it does, and none of them have a single sound coming out, so your character just dances silently and feels awkward and very cheap) looks weird.

The soundtrack is phenomenal, one of the best I heard recently; the menu theme is especially good.


Weapon variety is interesting (due to alot being Swedish army guns we rarely see in most typical shooters) and the gunplay has a great feel to it, animations of the guns and the sounds are really impactful. But ultimately the same-ish feel of the combat will start hitting you hard a few hours into the game as you literally run the gameplay loop I mentioned above with a couple fights against really spongey enemies (unless the starting ones which are one shot kills if you hit the weak spot).

Some enemies look great, very Metal Gear like, in a good way: scary and huge. And stealth comes into play here, and is a competent system. Escaping a place full of robots feels great, at the same time that their detection system is ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥t will make you feel frustrated. This example applies to bunkers: bunkers are guarded both outside and inside. If you enter stealthily, you’ll need to still fight to clear the inside of the bunker to reclaim it as a safehouse (the game’s way of having checkpoints/spawn locations); so you clear the bunker and you can run around now, except you can’t because enemies above will hear you and you’ll have this constant annoying little detection meter going berserk and the enemies outside above you are running crazy and you just want to explore the bunker at your own pace. The detection meter is something that never can be turned off, so for immersion purposes, you’re screwed because that thing will pop when you so much as get up from the crounched stealth position and you can’t turn off your HUD pretty much at all.

Also worth noting, you can pick up radios or flares of various types to distract or confuse the enemies, which is a cool mechanic that make the robots feel a bit more like robots and not just Humans with guns from every game ever but with better visual and audio senses.

In the end… the whole game falls flat on its face by giving us alot of content without any of it being interesting after the first 8 hours or so.

This could literally be a damn gem if the island was cut to a third of its size, locations all had more notes and audio logs (and not 1 letter every 4 locations or so) for the purpose of environmental storytelling and all locations were crafted with more variety, in the types of houses and their interior design or just the structure of some locations. I mean, you can only enter civilian houses, the stores and gas stations are all magically closed making everything feel all the more samey. Even adding a small group of NPC’s in one of the bunkers as a resistance group that refused evacuation and having story missions to confuse machines by jamming radio signals, finding tech skills or having resistance members being able to revert the machine’s chips to make a small machine army of your own, you could call for help and making a huge battlefield between machines, and in the end trying to repopulate sweden. I don’t know, something would be better than… this. Mindless running around, collecting ammo until you 100% a location, move to the next, kill stuff, read a letter and do it all over again…

The game is also quite buggy, some enemies have charge attacks that will make them clip through walls as enemies can’t enter doors (yeah, weird) so in one occasion I threw a radio and had 7 dog-robots just at the door while I shot them all 1 by 1 as they stood there trying to enter the house.


If only steam had a sideways thumb option… anyway, not a very good game for solo players, but can be good fun with friends thanks to a fun combat system. Wait for a sale!

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Posted: April 14
As the game is right now DO NOT BUY IT!
There are so many bugs that needs to be fixed before it can even be called release.
Storyquest bugged for me so i cant continue.

The game can be good if they clean the mess up.

lil luka

Posted: April 6
Excitement and disappoitment.
Unfinished masterpiece.
Wasted potential.
Both close and far away from being the best.

Yeah, these feelings I get everytime I think about this game, it confuses me a lot.

At the beginning I wanted to give it positive review, but now it’s going to be definitely negative.

It’s simply unfinished project, not funny joke from Avalanche team. It’s filled with bugs, glitches, badly placed objectives.
In Generation Zero, you can do a task needed for a mission BEFORE you start the actual mission. What does it mean? That means you are going to be stuck, if you destroy a thing that is needed to be destroyed or you pick up a thing that is needed for the mission, it wont appear during the mission, because it’s already GONE. Congratulations, you are not able to progress anymore, you are going to be stuck. Now wait for a patch. How long? No one knows. 11 days since release, no fixes at all!

To be honest, I’m afraid to play this game. Really. I don’t know what I can do and what I can’t, I don’t want to mess up next missions. Sigh.

It’s full of major problems and minor ones. Items don’t stack. If your intentory is empty and you found e.g. ammo, you gotta drop something, pick up the ammo, connect with the bullets you already had in your eq, then pick up the dropped ammo. Repeat. Repeat hundreds of times everytime you find something.

Objects are badly placed. The map is huge and it would be completely understandable, mistakes happen, but not here, because at least 40% of the things you can see are either placed in air or mixed with other things (like furnitures in almost every house you loot).

Buildings and houses. There is literally like 5 or 6 diffrent buildings you can check. That’s all. It becomes very repetitive after very short time. Basically there is like 2 or 3 houses with 2 or 3 diffrent versions. The map is huge and we got to go through all these houses which are literally that same. It already makes me sick, sigh.

Difficulty. Some enemies are hard af, some are easy to beat. It doesn’t matter anyway, because if die, you can use adrenaline shoot and TADA you are back to game, keep fighting, till you destroy enemies. That makes all machines ‘easy’ to kill, in one way. Adrenaline can be found literally everything, and you hold tens of it. No way to die here, no punishment nor anything lost when you die. That’s disappointing, makes you care less if you die or not.

Enemies. 6 diffrent machines with diffrent appearances and weapons. Not enough. There should be at least 10 diffrent machines. The script for AI also should be way more… better. They are simply stupid. Either stuck behind a thing or don’t do anything, it takes them time to react to you, not everytime though, but it happes too often.

Crashes. Seems I’m that lucky one, because after 24 hours of play, I had ‘only’ 3 crashes. All due to ‘Lost connection to Steam’. Why does it even need connection if I play singleplayer everytime? Everyone else is getting diffrent kind of crashes, caused by silly things, like picking up an item or installing some mod to a weapon.

There is tons of other cons I could write here, but the review would be too long. Simply check the forums for this game and see everyone complaining about all these glitches which make the game UNPLAYABLE.

Release date – 26th March. Current date – 6th April and still NO patches, no fixes, no nothing. This is a joke.

Now things that I like. That I love actually.

The graphics, lands, map, weather effects, enviroment, nature in overall – it’s stunning! And that’s what still keeps me here. If not that, I would abandon this game long time ago. The ambience and mood are on the highest level. In very short it’s great for my eyes. Game is both relaxing and exciting, unfortunately full of stupidity. Soundtrack is also very, very good, builds the ambience well. I really feel like im in actual Sweden, in 80’s.

This game should have been released weeks or even months later, fixed and polished. For now it’s unfinished project, a joke. Hopefully Avalanche will fix it as soon as possible.


Posted: March 28
I have heard a lot of people discussing this game and talking about how it gets very boring and tedious after 8-10 hours of gameplay. I have played this with some friends for a little over an hour now… and its already hit the boring and tedious part. This game is labeled as a ‘post apocalyptic survival horror’ by both the developers and the steam tags, so my group of friends and I started it up with that expectation. That went out the window immediately, and I think the games biggest problem is a lack of understanding of what it wants to be.

Does it have survival horror elements? yes. It has your typical level up, buy skills with points system you find in most such games. It has stealth mechanics for sneaking around enemies and looting mechanics as you kill the robots. It does not have a crafting system, which can be good or bad depending on your opinion on the matter. The atmosphere is great with a beautiful world and weather system, the robots look odd and unusual, and their appearance coupled with the atmosphere gives a sense of foreboding dread.

All sounds good right? well…

The intimidation factor of the robots only lasts a few seconds before you realize they are a complete non-threat. in the first five minutes of gameplay, every one of us had a pistol and hundreds of rounds of ammunition each, before we even saw an enemy. We then shortly discovered every enemy in the starting area could be put down by one or two shots of the starting pistol, and drop more ammo than it takes to bring one down. Are you seeing where this is going? Rather than sneaking about and setting ambushes, traps and using tactics, the easiest, safest, and fastest method of dealing with enemies was to simply charge into a group of them and mow them down. Well, there goes the ‘horror’ claims. Now what about survival? Well, you dont need food, water or sleep. the only loot there is to find is guns, ammo and consumables that make the fights even easier than they already are. This doesnt sound like survival… this sounds like a looter-shooter. I started having flashbacks to Farcry: Blood Dragon, and the 80’s music and themes hardly convinced me otherwise. Well, is it at least post apocalyptic? Not by looking at it. Everything looks peaceful and serene; yes you find the occasional house with bloodstains on the wall, but the bloodstains cover a perfectly set up chessboard and checkers set, alluding more to a severe bloody nose than a violent struggle. Cars are abandoned on the road, but seem entirely intact, notes are left everywhere, alluding to stashes and the like, but there’s no people, bodies or even signs of life or death. Its a very boring apocalypse by all accounts, and based on how difficult the robots are, it only brings up the mystery of where everyone vanished to, because it sure wasn’t the robots chasing them away.

On top of this the game has vast stretches of… nothing. small clusters of easy robots guard small clusters of buildings or houses, and a ten minute run through vast, empty landscape will let you reach the next trivially easy fight where you gather even more ammunition to pack your bags with for the easy fights to come. It feels to me like in the beta there were far more robots to justify the obscene ammunition given to you but that too many people complained about the robot numbers. So instead of patrolling robots, large clusters to fight at key points and enough ammunition to stay alive if you were careful, you end up with vast swathes of emptiness, more ammunition than a man can reasonably carry, and 70% of your playtime just holding shift and W.

The shooting is good, it feels meaty and cathartic and the resulting explosion as a robot dies is satisfying. but its over too soon, and then you’re left horrifyingly bored as you sprint to the next beacon in the darkness, which is the next full on firefight. The only time the game becomes truly terrifying and difficult is when the bugs rear their ugly head; party members suddenly being flung into the sky and dying of fall damage for stepping on a twig. Robots evading your shots because they’ve been consumed by a wall or are jerkily teleporting around you at several thousand miles per hour. The menu does not, for some unknown reason, actually tell you what is in your inventory without clicking on each and every item individually.

I dont recommend this game right now. It feels like its still in beta and has a metric ton of things to be tweaked and sorted out. It looks fun and wonderful if you watch videos of it online, but those are the highlight reels of the 20% of the game spent actually doing something.