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About This Game

Make your gold mining dream come true! Start with nothing but few spare bucks and work your way up to becoming the millionaire. Gold Rush: The Game is a gold mining simulator based on smash-hit TV Series from Discovery Channel. Let’s get digging!

Sit behind the wheel of multiple vehicles such as excavator, drill, front-end loader, bulldozer, and others. The whole gold mining operation depends on your steering skills!

Experience the challenging life of a chief mechanic. Various parts of machines can break when least expected and cost you big time.

Keep improving your gold mining business. Start with a simple bucket and a hog pan, lease your first claim, and upgrade it to next tiers, as you begin to dig gold.

Admire highly detailed vehicles and gold mining machines. Purchase new and more efficient wash plant parts to increase your earnings.

We created a big, detailed world with four unique gold mining claims. On each, you will find a fully deformable terrain. Each fragment of our world has its own background story you can discover in your spare time.

Check out another great game which is being developed in cooperation with Discovery Channel:


    • OS: Windows 7 (64-bit) or Newer. Doesn’t support Mac OS.
    • Processor: Intel Core i5
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVidia GeForce GTX 760
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Storage: 17 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX compatible
Gold Rush: The Game-0
Gold Rush: The Game-1
Gold Rush: The Game-2
Gold Rush: The Game-3
Gold Rush: The Game-4
Gold Rush: The Game-5
Gold Rush: The Game-6
Gold Rush: The Game-7
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Gold Rush: The Game-0
Gold Rush: The Game-1
Gold Rush: The Game-2
Gold Rush: The Game-3
Gold Rush: The Game-4
Gold Rush: The Game-5
Gold Rush: The Game-6
Gold Rush: The Game-7
Gold Rush: The Game-8
Gold Rush: The Game-9
Gold Rush: The Game-10
Gold Rush: The Game-11
Gold Rush: The Game-12
Gold Rush: The Game-13
Gold Rush: The Game-14
Gold Rush: The Game-15
Gold Rush: The Game-16
Gold Rush: The Game-17
Gold Rush: The Game-18
Gold Rush: The Game-19
Gold Rush: The Game-20
Gold Rush: The Game-21
Gold Rush: The Game-22
Gold Rush: The Game-23
Gold Rush: The Game-24
Gold Rush: The Game-25
Gold Rush: The Game-26
Gold Rush: The Game-27
Gold Rush: The Game-28
Gold Rush: The Game-29


Posted: June 8, 2018
As much as I would like to give this game a good review, it’s simply B.O.R.I.N.G. I’ve helped to fund this game when it was in development, and I really wanted the developer to succeed. The game was fun to play when it first came out. You had an ambition, a drive to get more gold, to get more money, to get better equipment in order to get more gold, in order to earn more money. Wash – rinse – repeat. I wish there was a story line. A character that had his own life at the end of the day. A bar where you could have a few beers at the end of the day, and bs with the locals and get dibs on the latest gossip (and maybe get new tips, or what your competitors were up to). Maybe there could be competition between the player and the AI? New maps? Maybe a player could buy a nice, shiny truck once he became wealthy, instead of driving a rust bucket?


Posted: November 29, 2018

Czar of Decessus

Posted: October 14, 2017
With almost 10 hours of straight gamplay including using heavy equipment but not a large scale wash plant, I would say my current stance with the game is in the positive but still concerned over the issues in the game. So I will break down my take on the game and people can read it at their own discretion.

-The game looks really great overall with fantastic detail on the terrain and purchasable items.
-The vehicles function as intended despite my losing my truck to the glitch gods and flying thru the air while driving down a trail.
-The lack of "tutorial" is in my opinion better as in real life, you aren’t hand fed with a silver spoon in this business
-I enjoy the availablility of different claims, and the size of claims

-A number of glitches that cause trucks to fly in the air and crash the game, throw your purchased items yards away from your vehicle or trailer, or simply getting stuck on nothing and unable to move yourself or your vehicle.
-The game does not offer multiplayer despite that it was "loosely promised" by the devs, with that in consideration workers are available to hire yet still meaningless. If the devs are going to neglect any type of multiplayer, at least allow the workers to help on the same claim I’m physically working on. I can’t do 6 jobs on my own, there needs to be some compromise by the devs with this issue that many are unhappy with. If farming simulator could figure out how to allow workers and multiplayer, I’m sure these devs can too.
-The game is a serious grind out type game that can make people easily burn out with it either from frustration or simple lack of visible progress. Granted this one negative point I am not really swayed by, but I am aware that this could be an issue for many who play this game.

What I would like to see:
-I would love to see a vast array of purchasable equipment, parts, and vehicles. From different size buckets for front loaders and excavators, to different generators or water pumps that allow for more hookups and outlets. Even going as far to allow the placement of steel/metal piping for water to our washplants instead of hoses.
-Some sort of "multiplayer" in game platform. I understand many are asking for this, but I feel that if I want to hire a worker to run the front loader at my washplant while I excavate more material on the same claim that should be an option. Sure you can hire a completely full crew on a claim that you’re not on, but then you’re still in the same boat of having to work an entire claim on your own, this is a problem that needs to be fixed. If it be worker help on the same claim, great, or if it is multiplayer assistance that can be added, great. My dream would be to have an open world server with a massive open terrain with available claims for anyone to claim who wants to play the ONLINE version of the game. Oh that does remind me, open advertisements and forced online connections really screw with the game, please stop that devs and publishers…..really annoying with your nonsense here.
-Transparency…….yes transparency is a must for me. If the devs and publishers are russian hackers, I want to know up front. I’m tired of all these cloak and dagger games developed and run by Russians who are actually working for the Kremlin helping sabatoge the internet and global communications networks in the U.S.A and around the world. Just be honest with us devs, we won’t care, we’re just stupid gamers in the west that want to have fun. (This was a joke if you haven’t already figured that out).

Final take:
I would say taking into account all the good and bad I have faced so far, I would give the game a 6 out of 10. It is not bad, it is not good, but slightly above average at the moment with huge upside potential as Jordan Belfort pointed out during his Wall Street Run. I would definitely recommend this game to others, but with caution saying yes it could be an amazing game, but still has enough bugs and glitches to keep people away or completely frustrated with the game. I can personally say I was more than frustrated last night after putting my entire wash plant together then to have my truck thrown in the and the game crashing….losing all my progress in the two hours it took me to actually put the washplant together……two hours real time, not game time.

So if you’re interested in the game, buy it at your own discretion as it was just released yesterday and still has work to be done. If you can mentally move past those obstacles, then you’ll find a fun game that is truly time consuming and can be rewarded for this type of gameplay.

Thanks for reading and I hope any of this verbal diarrhea will help you in your quest for knowledge and information.


Posted: December 6, 2017
In the past i have been a fan of the game and playing it a lot , helping people out in the game ect , Untill now , First of all , you banned players on your Twitch for asking about Milti player , seriously banning your community for asking about multi player , how old are you 12 . you have made aprox 2.8million dollars from people buying the game , and you now realise a road map with payed DLC … are you taking the P , not only is the game buggy as hell , but you decide to kick your community while they are down by bringing out a DLC and a road map that half of your community has given you ideas about , Say good bye to Gold Rush the Game . you can not polish a a turd


Posted: January 1
Product received for free

Gold Rush: the Game is a unique working simulator project, based on the famous Discovery channel show. It is really good in providing the feeling of digging up gold from mud… but that’s actually all. On the downside, the world around goldmine is quite flat, the visuals aren’t too good for the GPU power taken (and don’t let me start on fps spikes!), the sound work of anything but the gold-mining vehicles and OST from Discovery – is disastrous.

So, I’ll be brief and go for plain "pro-contra" review.

"Pro" stuff:

– Discovery channel show "The Gold Rush" fans should be happy. The vehicles look just like in the show! So don’t read any further, and go drill as Hoffmans did!

– even if you’re not the fan of the show, the simulation of the gold digging is quite detailed and comprehensive. You start with just a shovel, bucket and wash basin, then go all the mechanization way to heavy machines. Digging mechanics is fundamental to the game, so the physics of the soil here is even richer than in SpinTires aka Mudrunner, and the management of machine park is no less difficult and complex. This is despite the fact that you will need to drive and use excavators, loaders, and more sophisticated mining equipment.

– additionally to excavation, you’ll need to do some repairs on your equipment sometimes: repair punched tires or change excavator belt links, change damaged hoses and wires, batteries etc. And as the main thing, you’ll need to constantly monitor the fuel level in all mechanisms. After some time, you’ll found yourself in the midst of some quite sophisticated gold mine built by yourself! If you like to build things, if you’re an engineer from heels to crown – you might like this game, even if you’re not familiar with the Discovery show.

And then there goes the "contra" part of my downvote:

– Your main goal in the game is to mine some gold. It doesn’t really matter how do you do this, and know what? The shovel and bucket are Much more effective than an excavator. The more complex mine you built, the more actions you need to perform ALL BY YOURSELF, which results in the constant increase in fatigue and reduced production efficiency. This could have been avoided in the implementation of the division of labor: either by hiring workers (as in Farming Simulators) or by the literal division of roles in a multiplayer session. Well, there’ll be NO multiplayer: the game’s engine isn’t ready for this, and the developers aren’t ready for this (the game base support is too small to run servers). But as for hired workers… They are worthless and even worse. That means that you Must do all the dirty work by yourself.

– The visuals and sounds. The game holds 15+ Gb of space on the HDD but looks like 10 Gb of it went strictly for the clay simulation. The world around mines is flat and static, the routes you can take are too few. The scope and spaciousness in this game – about the knee-deep. The ambient sounds are quite irritating, as they are only about 2-4 seconds long (and looped).

– Optimization part – is one of the most obvious downfalls, and the medium framerate goes down with every new patch.

All in all, I don’t think Gold Rush is worth the place on my hard drive. I did enjoy some hours spent in it with the installation of the new mining gear, it was all new and exciting… But after that part, when I learned the curves, the game becomes the stall. Nothing happens there but my shovel going up and down. And, with every bucket of the excavated mud. the game goes slower, and slower, up to 15 FPS on a stale picture… A shame.

My mark is 5.9/10, The game is like no other, sure, it is decent merchandise for Discovery show, a decent encyclopedia on the modern gold mining and equipment. However, as a game for some prolonged interest… It’s not worth the price. Therefore, no matter the fact that I actually liked the game first, I can’t make myself play it anytime more. It’s too boring and repetitive.

русская версия обзора на сайте: http://specialgamesclub.ru/gold-rush-the-game-pesochnica-s-zolotishkom.html

Dr. Phil-Good

Posted: March 20
I used to play this game on a friends account. I loved it. What can I say? I’m a simple guy, and digging dirt just does it for me. I enjoyed the game, but the bugs were harsh and the content was lacking. That was several months ago. Fast forward to this week, i had some money, wanted a game, and this one popped up on my feed. Well♥♥♥♥♥♥ its been a while and the devs were active. I bet its much better now, right? Nope. Not really. Sure, there’s other stuff that’s been added, but to me that’s like building a brand new porch onto a burning house. Sure, its nice, but your ♥♥♥♥♥ burning to the ground behind you.
These devs are an odd bunch.

Us: We’re a bit lost on what to do, can you make an in depth tutorial that will explain the mechanics of the game?

CH: Yes, here it is. Unfortunately its so ridiculously bugged that our devs recommend you do not use it.

Us: We want Coop and mods.

CH: No.

Us: We want a bug free game.

CH: No. But here’s a five dollar dlc that has things we should have put in the base game.

Us: We want-


Us: But the bulldozer that has been bugged since the game was released is still crashing games. Can you please-


Us: But-


I get that Code Horizon is a small indie group, and that things like coop and mods would take a lot of work, but those are the two most requested things by us (also by developing a game that would benefit greatly from these things in such a way its incompatible with them is foolishly shortsighted and your own fault). That and fixing the bugs, some of which have been here SINCE LAUNCH. I don’t care about the workers, they were fine as is. I couldn’t care less about the leaderboards. None of this is what we wanted.

This game is like opening a diner, and serving a burger. When told its great, but would be better with cheese and bacon, instead of adding cheese and bacon because "toooooooooo haaaaaaaaaaaaarduh" you start slathering some god awful blue cheese on it and telling us its better this way and we just need to shut up and eat it.

Oh, by the way, don’t use the menu to order. It might just cause you to black out.

UPDATE: This is what one of the lovely Code horizon team members had to say.

Originally posted by CodeHorizon_HeadMod:
Everybody is different,some people wanted leaderboads and some never, some have issues with the game, some dont, some people crash some dont its a love hate relationship and the fun thing is that your opinion decides what realtionship you want.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion just like the devs are entitled to make the game they decided upon from the start.

Leaderboards have been on the board since day one and the good thing about them is that you dont have to take part.

Yeah, that just clears everything right up.


Posted: October 17, 2017
Well there we are,
Early Access Title in disguise

Even thou this game is selled as full release title, with already anounced FREE DLC , it should be more looked at as an "Alpha" with the ususal quirks that are asosiated with EA, Alpha, Beta, whatsoever….

Having that out of the way, let’s get started.

I was playing for nearly a day straight what doesn’t happen to be verry often with a game that I bought just to test out. More so, if the game has some releation to a movie or TV show. These tend to be bad cashgrabber titles.

But let me get things in order. At first glimps in the Steam store it looked like a generic 3D digging sim wich isn’t exactly a new genre. There are other games that have done that before, like Mining & Tunneling Simulator or DIG IT! and failed utterly to entertain me for long.
Mostly those kind of games are eiter complex as hell (what I prefere) but have an optik impression as they came straight out of the 90s. Or have astonishing graphics but are mentally so plain that they could put any salt flats to shame.

So where does Gold Rush fit in. As of now (Update 1.0.5258 – 17.October.2017) the game tends to be more for the looks then in gameplay complexity. But this is down to not all gamemechanics beeing fully implemented yet. What kept me going was not just the fact that I could get bigger and better equipment it was the way how you set up and interact with all your stuff on your claim. Draging power cables and hoses acros your land setting up machinery consisting of multiple smaller parts. Even buying stuff in the warehouse wich is not just a popup menue, klick and done. No, you have to do the whole logistic by getting there loading your vehicle up an get back. And the map is quite nice to look at, the scenery may be a bit too much post apocalyptic but beautifull in it’s own way.
What I’m trying to say is that, even the games main focus is about digging up dirt, it’s not limited to that. And that’s when games get good. When DEV’s look over the plate rim of the genre they choose to fit in.

Enough sweet talk, get down to some facts !

  • Usual early releas bugs, bumps and hicups. Containing memory leaks, unoptimised framrates, nonfuctional stuff.
  • Lots of content still missing.
  • It says open world to explore, but predefined mining sites connected via linear level design roads shouldn’t be called a open world.
  • The most intresting stuff to build has fixed predefined locations wehre you can build them.
  • No game difficulty options, like a gold ore multiplier.
  • No real goal, such as pay off a big debt or get x amount of gold within one season.
  • No Story or campaign
  • The old tutorial was way more obvious, people overlook the whole "DigTube" manual to easily.
  • Pesky repeating infos.
  • The roads are verry narrow and getting stuck on every tiny bush, twig or invisible wall is borderline annoying.
  • Prepare yoursellf getting stuck in tiny holes that you dug with your shovel.
  • Even if I had a sense for irony. Mining vehicles that get stuck on small bumps they created while digging wouldn’t be funny
  • You will learn to hate wooden posts, especially ones place in front of loading zones. Litterally every time you want to trow stuff from the shop into the back of your truck you will get stuck on one.

  • Suprisingly stable, it didn’t crash once on me nor hit I any gamebreaking bug.
  • Very nice graphics.
  • Free DLC’s for all the mentioned kickstarter stuff.
  • Patches are planned weekly, fixes come almost daily.
  • Completly customizable keybindings.
  • "DigTube" Ingame manual that schows videoclips how to do stuff and set up your machinery.
  • Even the bare content thats in, can keep you occupied for some hours of entertainment.
  • The digging mechanic holds up to what you would expect from a mining game.
  • The digable area my be restricted but is by far bigger than it needs to be.
  • Day / Night clycles. Weather. Different season (seasons are not in jet)
  • Decent price. 18 Dollar and I have already plyaed nearly 18 hours. So thats a good game value right there.

A thing that schould be mentioned is that, even this kind of game would be well suited for multiplayer or Co-Op. The Developers stated they won’t invest any work implementing it, meaning this game will stay as a singleplayer title.

So my final sentence on this matter is.
If you can imagine getting at least a bit of entertainment by digging virtual dirt and are used to how early release games can be, then you should give it at least a try.


Posted: August 18, 2018
would be noce to have the option for multiplayer

Hairy Robbaz

Posted: November 2, 2017
Ever since i was born, i wanted to become a capitalist. This game made that a reality, i took a small loan of a 13000$ and made myself a fortune. I got a car, a escavator and lots of buckets. Now i finally know how it feels to live outside a socialist country that take all your ♥♥♥♥ing money.

The performance could have been better, my decent graphics card 1080ti had about 30-60frames @ Ultra @ 1440p. Once a bucket crashed my computer. It might have been a USB HUB, but i doubt it.

I really wished Timeon from my Summer Car could be in the game, with beer and sausage.

The Escevator was super cool, you could extend all the arms and bucket just like real life. I felt like a real digging professional as i dug into the pockets of my viewers.

Bears kept scaring us, but we soldiered on in our American Truck. I forgot to turn of my car once.

THIS GAME NEEDS NPC’S WHERE ARE THEY!? I want voiceacting on par with My Summer Car.

This game should also have Multiplayer.

Chat Scored This Game, 86/100! Pretty Guuudd! Almost as good as A Hat in Time.

– Robert and Chat.



Posted: January 3, 2018
This game has so much potential. It’s too bad CodeHorizon doesn’t see it that way.
I was holding off on a review with the sole intent of giving CodeHorizon some time to fix this mess. Times up.

The game is not finished, not even close. Like many reviews here, I will state the same thing; With any decent amount of equipment on a claim, you are not even gonna be close to 60fps, unless you have something built by LinusTechTips. If you want proof it isn’t finished, scroll down to the system requirements. It says "Additional Notes: System requirements may change during the development of the game." They admit the game isn’t ready, yet it is clearly not marked as early access/beta/still in development.

The moderation of the forum has been absoluteley horrific. All sorts of threads get deleted with little regard to what was actually said. Instead of fixing major problems, they put in-game advertisement for a DLC. When you ask about this, the only response is "It was part of the kickstarter, so here comes the DLC. Why hold back on new stuff?"

Well, I know most people want a completed polished game before they start thinking about buying DLC. I don’t think CodeHorizon understands this at all. I don’t think they understand that people will buy the game, get upset cause it isn’t finished, then move on, never to install it again. Either that or they just don’t care. (See ‘Giant Machines 2017’) Here is just one example of the incompetence; It took a week and a half for them to add a respawn point to the new claim after the "season 2" update. Sersiouly? How do you forget that? I know how, it’s called money-grabbing not-caring devs.

I could go on and rant for days about this mess, but I will just finish this review by saying Uninstall. I will check this game out again in a few months and MAYBE change the review.


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