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About This Game

Horizon Chase Turbo is a racing game inspired by the great hits of the 80’s and 90’s: Out Run, Lotus Turbo Challenge, Top Gear (SNES), Rush, among others. Each curve and each lap in Horizon Chase Turbo recreates classic arcade gameplay and offers you unbound speed limits of fun. Full throttle on and enjoy!

Horizon Chase Turbo has Multiplayer Split Screen support across all game modes, to rescue the nostalgia of playing with your best friends sitting on a couch all night long. The hard time is to know who is your best friend because this one is also the one to be beaten.

Horizon Chase Turbo brings back the graphics context of the 16-bit generation and creates a style that is inspired in the past without letting go of its contemporaneity. The apparent polygon and secondary color aesthetic accentuate the visual beauty of the game, resulting in a unique and harmonic atmosphere. You’ll feel the retro soul of the game on a completely modern body.

Horizon Chase Turbo is a race around the world. With each new cup, you’ll pilot your car through extraordinary places, watching the sun setting, facing rain, snow, volcanic ashes and even severe sandstorms. Be it day or night each track takes place in beautiful postcards from across the world.

Horizon Chase Turbo presents Barry Leitch, the musician behind the soundtracks of classic arcade racing games Lotus Turbo Challenge, Top Gear (SNES) and Rush. As you play the game, you’ll be hypnotized by his charming tunes that complement the graphical ecstasy of each horizon.

Horizon Chase Turbo is the new version of the acclaimed and multi-award winning game “Horizon Chase World Tour”, selected as “BEST OF 2015” having a Metacritic of 88. The Steam Edition brings a lot of unseen features and content that enhance the nostalgia of old-school arcade racing games.

  • 4K resolution graphics
  • Amazing old-style split-screen multiplayer up to 4 players
  • Music by Barry Leitch, Sound Designer in 90s racing classics such as Top Gear and Lotus Turbo Challenge, among others
  • Tons of content: 12 Cups, 48 Cities, 109 tracks, 31 Unlockable Cars and 12 Upgrades
  • Challenge your friends in an Online Competitive Ghost Mode
  • Make History by adding your name among Friends’ and Global Leaderboards
    • OS: Windows 7 or newer
    • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.0 GHz or better
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 4000 or better
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Storage: 500 MB available space
Horizon Chase Turbo-0
Horizon Chase Turbo-1
Horizon Chase Turbo-2
Horizon Chase Turbo-3
Horizon Chase Turbo-4
Horizon Chase Turbo-5
Horizon Chase Turbo-6
Horizon Chase Turbo-7
Horizon Chase Turbo-8
Horizon Chase Turbo-9
Horizon Chase Turbo-10
Horizon Chase Turbo-11
Horizon Chase Turbo-12
Horizon Chase Turbo-13
Horizon Chase Turbo-14
Horizon Chase Turbo-15
Horizon Chase Turbo-16
Horizon Chase Turbo-17
Horizon Chase Turbo-18
Horizon Chase Turbo-0
Horizon Chase Turbo-1
Horizon Chase Turbo-2
Horizon Chase Turbo-3
Horizon Chase Turbo-4
Horizon Chase Turbo-5
Horizon Chase Turbo-6
Horizon Chase Turbo-7
Horizon Chase Turbo-8
Horizon Chase Turbo-9
Horizon Chase Turbo-10
Horizon Chase Turbo-11
Horizon Chase Turbo-12
Horizon Chase Turbo-13
Horizon Chase Turbo-14
Horizon Chase Turbo-15
Horizon Chase Turbo-16
Horizon Chase Turbo-17
Horizon Chase Turbo-18
Size: 365 MB


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Horizon.Chase.Turbo.One.Year.Anniversary.Edition-ALI213.rar [turbo.to]


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Horizon.Chase.Turbo.One.Year.Anniversary.Edition-ALI213.rar [katfile.com]


Horizon.Chase.Turbo.One.Year.Anniversary.Edition-ALI213.rar [multiup.org]


Horizon.Chase.Turbo.One.Year.Anniversary.Edition-ALI213.rar [www.indishare.me]


Horizon.Chase.Turbo.One.Year.Anniversary.Edition-ALI213.rar [9xupload.me]


Posted: May 15, 2018
+ Not a mobile port
+ Unlimited FPS
+ Gamepad Support
+ Rebind controls
+ Individual volume settings
+ Graphic settings / Borderless fullscreen windowed
+ Steam cloud
+ Performance 10/10
+ Pure fun and nostalgic
+ No crashes
+ Achievements
+ Good soundtrack
+ Amazing devs. They updated the game very fast and some bugs were fixed. Furthermore, they answer people in forums and reviews, ready to get feedbacks and listen the community.


Posted: March 1
Horizon Chase Turbo makes me really happy. You see, I grew up playing pedal to the metal racing games like F-1 Race, Ivan Stewart’s Super Off-Road, Top Gear, Ignition, and Need for Speed II SE. But no other arcade racing game thrilled me as much as Lotus: The Ultimate Challenge. Lotus was easy to play, challenging to master, and so much fun. It essentially became the gold standard by which I judge subsequent arcade racing games I’ve played since.

That being said, Horizon Chase Turbo is the closest thing to Lotus I’ve played to date. Playing HCT brings back a lot of great childhood memories. It delivers simple arcade racing gameplay reminiscent of Lotus, Top Gear and Out Run, packaged in modernized 16-bit style colourful graphics, and energizing soundtrack. In short, HCT is a loving tribute to these games — pretty much a remastered version of a Lotus/Top Gear/Out Run hybrid.

What makes HCT so enjoyable is its simplicity: you boot the game up, choose a mode, select a track, and you race. The graphics are clear and vibrant; there is no need for fancy lighting and physics to make the game look good. Its fun gameplay is not made more complicated by sophisticated upgrade trees, and not obscured by gimmicks like stunts and "adrenaline modes". I didn’t get the chance to try the multiplayer mode, but if the video that Metal Jesus uploaded (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SaINj7DTCAc) were any indication, it’s even more fun when playing multiplayer locally with friends.

Despite my enthusiasm for this game, I was quite disappointed that tracks are unlocked by points. You earn more points if you place higher in a race, collect more race tokens, and have more fuel left over in the end. Car upgrade and new vehicles are unlocked by points, too. This means if you don’t have enough points from not coming in the top 3, collect enough tokens, or have enough leftover fuel in each race, you may not be able to proceed. Guess what, you’ll need those upgrades and new vehicles if you wish to win the harder races!

So what ends up happening is that you’ll replay races repeatedly until you’ve memorized the locations of all tokens, nitro boost bonuses and extra fuel so that you can earn enough points to move on. Ironically, this tedious grinding only slows down the pace of this otherwise entertaining, high-speed racing game. Given HCT‘s mobile platform beginnings (named Horizon Chase: World Tour back then), this design is not surprising. It’s just disappointing that the developers did not overhaul this design when updating it for the consoles and PC.

HCT may not be perfect, but I still love it — and will enthusiastically recommend it — because it reminds me of the racing games that I loved playing. It’s a throwback to the simpler 16-bit era of racing games, with straightforward gameplay that we have not seen for a long time. HCT is a retro revival that is definitely worth checking out, especially if you have fond memories of the 16-bit gaming days.


Posted: May 15, 2018
Very fun so far (and very arcadey). The music is great. The difficulty feels just about perfect; I had to re-race the first track about six times before I finally achieved first place.

The graphics look great, but the presentation on the title screen looks far better.. If only the game looked as good as it looks on the title screen! 🙂

The only glaring negative for this game is it’s lack of online multiplayer. If the devs add online multiplayer this game would be a required purchase. For now I say it is a strong game..

Handling / Feel………8
Sound FX………………6
Online Multiplayer…..2 (Ghost car only)
Value for price………..7

7.5 chip tunes out of 10.


Posted: May 16, 2018
This is really good.

I love how it doesn’t simply duplicate the artstyle of the old classic arcade racing games – instead it evolves that style into something new. It’s enough of a direct evolution to evoke nostalgia, while still feeling fresh and new. Also, it’s just flat out beautiful.

The same goes for the soundtrack – it’s all new and its of very high quality, and it it’s still close enough to the classic soundtrack of games like Top Gear that it is hard not to feel nostalgic.

The racing is fun, the difficulty seems exact right so far, and the online features (leaderboards and racing against the ghost of your friends) are well implemented.

Really can’t go wrong with this game for anyone that feels nostalgia looking at those screnshots and/or listening to that music, or for anyone that just enjoys arcade racing games.


Posted: May 15, 2018
Wow… Finished Top Gear as a kid. Played Horizon Chase (mobile) recently. And now this jumps along and makes me feel like my childhood just got an expansion pack!

-Epic gameplay
-Nostalgic soundtrack
-Local multiplayer (Couch co-op forever ;-P)

Never rated a game before but… 10/10! Amazing job, guys.


Posted: August 14, 2018
Product received for free

Horizon Chase Turbo
A high octane, fast paced arcade racer with colourful visuals, a pumping soundtrack, and hours of content to enjoy.


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There are three modes to play around with. World Tour, Tournament and Endurance.

World Tour sends you around the globe racing in different countries and cities. There are twelve venues in all to race around.

Tournament throws you into a sudden death race of four stages. There is no restarting or saving during these races and after each race you are awarded points for your finishing place. There are three difficulty levels to try, and within each difficulty level is a set number of races you must complete. If you finish first in every race then you can unlock the next level.

Endurance mode asks you to choose one car with no upgrades and then race a series of events in either small, medium or large distances. You need to finish in the top five to progress on to the next track.

In World Tour each stage has three venues and within each venue is three legs. Therefore, you need to complete nine races before you move on to the next stage. You move on by accumulating enough points to unlock the next stage.

You always start every race at the back of the field. There are twenty cars of varying ability. Once you progress a bit through the game and start earning points you will be rewarded with new cars. When you accumulate five or six cars you start to notice the difference in ability between the cars. Each car has a top speed, handling, nitro, fuel and acceleration score. These stats can be useful in planning which car is of best use in certain races. There isn’t too much strategy involved but you will find yourself in times of trouble trying different cars to finish a particularly stubborn track.

In certain stages around the globe there are upgrade races. If you finish first in these races, then you have the option of choosing between three different upgrades. Once you choose the upgrade it is applied to all your existing cars.

You start each race with three nitro boosts. These provide a short burst of speed, perfect for passing cars on a long straight. On certain tracks you will find nitro boosts laid out on the track for you to pick up and add to your total.

Along with nitro boosts, you can also pick up fuel cans and coins. You start each race with a full tank of fuel. As you race around your fuel level drops. In longer races you can run out of fuel before the end of the race and therefore you will need to pick up fuel cans which are scattered around the track. They are usually in awkward spots to collect, so it is always advisable to make a mental note of where they are before you need them. It doesn’t take long between the fuel alarm sounding and your car running out of fuel. This can be quite frustrating at times. It becomes a frantic panic looking for fuel cells before your car slows down and eventually comes to a grinding halt.

Collecting coins is important if you want to receive a super cup. To earn a super cup, you need to finish first, and collect all the coins on the track. Again, the coins can be in the most difficult of places, not on the natural racing line and quite often on sharp bends or hidden behind hills. It can be quite challenging to get all the coins and finish in first position. The coins are always in the same place however, so a few tries and a good memory usually means you will eventually achieve your super cup.

Of course, you don’t have to collect the coins. Finishing in the top three will be enough to unlock the next leg of the nine legs. After the race you are rewarded with points. Finishing in the top three earns you points, with a higher position earning more points. You also get extra points for collecting the fifteen coins on track. On top of that you get extra points for finishing the race with fuel cells. All these points are accumulated and as you reach a certain points level a new stage of the tour is unlocked. If you navigate around the globe you can see the stages and how many points are required to unlock them.

There is also a Tournament mode with three levels of difficulty, an endurance mode, and a local multiplayer option where you can race with three other friends in a split screen.

The handling of the car is excellent. Each car has a different feel. Cars with a greater handling score do seem to have more grip on the track, and cars with a greater speed score do genuinely feel and sound quicker.

The rival cars have a small amount of intelligence. They will move into your path to block you if they detect you trying to pass them and quite often they will try and ram you off the track if you are side by side.

The tracks are very varied, and all have their own personalities depending on what part of the world they are in. Bold, colourful backgrounds give it a retro feel, but the definition and variety of the cars and landscapes elevate it to modern standards. The track design is excellent, with hills, tight corners and off-road elements all adding to the excitement of the racing. The track widens and narrows in places aiding or hindering overtaking opportunities and tight corners are hidden behind hills ready to surprise you.

Weather conditions look amazing. Expect blistering snow, terrential rain and lightening. The conditions don’t seem to have an effect on handling though. Races take part at all times of the day and night.

Cornering is the greatest challenge. Some tracks you can complete without a crash on the first try, but other tracks can prove more difficult. They might need a few tries to win, after you remember where the tight corners are located. Sliding around the sharpest corners is satisfying although nearly impossible to overtake on them. You’ll find yourself bumping into cars on bends even when you are trying your hardest not to. A collision with a car will either project you backwards and cost you speed, or to the side if you bump a car when level. If you misjudge a corner and hit the side barriers your car will flip and roll but then you’ll continue racing. It’s done in such a way that the action is never interrupted.

The pace of the racing is fast, and when you race on a track with lots of hills and corners it feels like a roller coaster ride.

The game is very addictive. It’s not too difficult to attain a podium finish but its certainly more challenging trying to gain first place or grabbing the super cup. As you progress through the tour, races become more difficult, and you will need more powerful cars to compete with the best.

Excellent pulsating sound track throughout never gets boring and adds to the excitement of the racing. There are a few different tracks to listen to and enjoy. The sound effects are good also. Each car has a different engine noise that you can just about hear above the music, and there are different noises for collecting objects. The car noises are satisfying as you screech around corners and you are rewarded with a nice tune when you finish on the podium.

A cartoon style background intensifies the feeling of nostalgia but is pretty and detailed. Each part of the world contains the iconic landscapes and landmarks the country or city is famous for. It’s certainly a bold and bright place to race, although this can become irritating over long periods of time. The cars are well drawn, and the tracks are clear and precise even at high speeds.

A frantic, fast paced arcade racer with hours and hours of content to enjoy. If you enjoy arcade racers, then I urge you to try this one out. You won’t regret it.

RsG. Slutty

Posted: June 24, 2018
I just stumbled over this gem. I just saw the screenshots and i felt set back into my childhood where i played the S**t out of the Lotus games on the Amiga. I instantly bought the game and i don’t regret it at all. It’s a nice Arcade Racer with fitting graphics and asthetics. The controls are smooth and on point. There are lots of cars to unlock and cups to be played and the game keeps you playing with the desire for the next unlock. If there’s a point i would complain about it’s the engine sound, they should be heavier. But that’s only moaning on high levels.

All in all it’s a very solid Arcade Racer and there should be more of it. If you’re tired of realistic racing sims go and get it. It’s worth the money.


Posted: May 19, 2018
Won a race shouting: "That was close!", instantly got the achievement "That was close!". 10/10


Posted: May 30, 2018
I downloaded this on my phone a while ago and really liked it however, the controls on a phone are just rubbish so when I saw this on Steam my eyes lit up. Im a gamer from the 80s/90s so this has a wonderful nostalgic feel to it from playing games like Lotus Espirit Turbo, Jaguar XJ220 and Crazy Cars III on the Amiga. If you dont know these games just look them up on youtube and you will see what I mean. The game is fun to play, great colourful graphics and lots of challenges to do. Its 4 player split screen for couch co op play if you got people to play with as well.


Posted: May 18, 2018
Product received for free

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Horizon Chase Turbo brings the player right back to the arcade setting of Out Run, Rush, and Lotus Turbo Challenge while giving a complete refresher and a modern day take of the older racing genre.

Bright colors, clearcut polygons, scrolling tracks coming at you at rapid speeds as you sit behind the car at full throttle, the thrill of the ride and the inconsequential crashes makes this a game of chasing the gold, flipping your ride, or messing with your friends at the couch co-op level with 4-way split screen.

There are so many city background designs as you travel the world in this game, I am mesmerized by the blocky textures, bright colors, cut polygon cars, etc that were totally done on purpose, giving you that true sense of being back behind an arcade wheel or driving that ultra-fast moving blocky vehicle from that generation of consoles.

Back to the numerous designs and maps, I did not try to figure out how many, but there are a lot. The achievements are difficult to get, and some of the unlocks are fairly difficult as well. But that makes this game huge, and it would probably take months of playing and improving before that is possible. Now if I just go buy a racing wheel, I might not see the light of day for some time.

The controls are simple, there’s accelerate and brake, there’s left and right, and there’s turbo. Controllers are supported. Full throttle is the way this game is meant to be played and it certainly is the most fun way. Cornering and handling is minimal, smooth and responsive. The most difficult part is getting by the other cars without getting bumped instead of trying to handle your own car too much. This is really enjoyable. You do lose a lot of speed if you tap someone else’s rear bumper.

I really enjoy the pop-up quotations that show up as you pass by the other drivers, it’s a nice touch, just to add a bit of spice and flavor to the game.

Just as there are so many tracks, there are 31 cars, two of which are available in the beginning, and you get to unlock the others as you go. There are four different modes to play, and progressive sections also unlock as you earn credits from previous races. This game is just massive, difficulty ramps up, but really enjoyable all around.

The music is excellent, really befitting the game, has a lot of different tunes, and truly offers a good roundup to this already excellent game.

I highly recommend this adrenaline-pounding, fast-paced, catchy, pretty, and fun tribute to this tribute to the arcade racing genre. I am looking forward to an opportunity to play it in couch co-op mode as well!

I received the product for free. I did not receive any compensation to write this review. The opinions represented here are entirely my own and were not influenced in any way.


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