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Player takes on the role of the two pilots, Jack and Amelia, as they attempt to take down Nazi aerial menace across a rich campaign of missions, each with numerous objectives and enemies as well as side objectives. While fast paced action goes you will also have to consider some strategy, assigning your partner primary objectives to shoot down, in order to succeed.

Iron Wings is mainly an arcade game, a flying shooter, where shooting won’t be enough, where weapons or tools mounted on each of the two planes have its role on completing each mission, and you have to deal with the decision of what to do and how to do it.

During flight, you will control both pilots and their plane, switching between them anytime you need, assigning orders to the other one. Each of the two planes carries different extra tools to be used during the mission.

Extra tools as Chaffs and Magnetron as radar countermeasures, Photo Camera to report detailed visuals of some objectives, Search Light to discover and focus targets on night scenarios and more to discover.

Wise choice of camouflages also influence your visibility to enemies, and consequentially will help you to avoid some damages.

Iron Wings follows the story of two childhood friends who join the war in a special air force squadron. Under the guidance of Colonel David Ruse, their objective is to locate and stop the general Adler ahead of the ‘Ahnenerbe’, a secret team of Nazi archaeologists and scientists.

Game starts during a fund raising in NY and rapidly moving into war operations with the Operation Husky (the invasion of Sicily) following the real events in the search for Adler.

Pilots will face aerial and ground missions from NY, rebuilt in deep detail as in the ‘40s, and other USA locations as Black Canyon, to many of the real battlefields along Europe, from Sicily to Naples passing through Poland and Germany.
    • OS: Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10
    • Processor: AMD or Intel Dual-Core processor running at ~3.3 GHz (minimum AMD Phenom II X4 810 or Intel Core i5 650).
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: DirectX 9 compatible NVIDIA, ATI/AMD graphic card with 2GB of dedicated VRAM (and Shader Model 3.0 support).
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Storage: 2 GB available space
    • Sound Card: Any
    • Additional Notes: Keyboard Supported – Steam Controller, XBox Controller or compatible Recommended
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Iron Wings-0
Iron Wings-1
Iron Wings-2
Iron Wings-3
Iron Wings-4
Iron Wings-5
Iron Wings-6
Iron Wings-7
Iron Wings-8
Iron Wings-9
Iron Wings-10
Iron Wings-11
Iron Wings-12
Iron Wings-13
Iron Wings-14
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Iron Wings-17
Iron Wings-18
Iron Wings-19
Iron Wings-20
Iron Wings-21
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Midian Scarecrow

Posted: November 26, 2017
Imagine a game built entirely around Assault Horizon’s dogfight mode. Well, here it is. Everything you shoot at triggers a mode where you slip in behind your enemy and shoot at them while your plane essentially steers itself and does all the hard work of tailing your opponent for you. It wasn’t fun in Assault Horizon, and it certainly isn’t made more fun by having to use it to take out every single target. In addition, if you lead a target well enough, it triggers this mode and you slide in behind them, regardless of where you were shooting at them from.

The game also uses a system where you switch between the two pilots. Which sounds cool, but really isn’t. Whichever pilot you aren’t playing sticks right with you, so they’ll be almost exactly where you were anyway when you switch. They also nag you to "give them a target". At first, I was looking for wingman orders like in Ace Combat 5 and Zero, but turns out they were just yelling at me to switch and play them for no real reason. So no real advantage to having two, as far as I can tell. The only reason to switch seems to be that Amelia is the one with bombs. And the bombing system is fantastically unintuitive, but I’ll talk about that more later.

I can’t speak for the story, as I’m not all that far, so I’ll update this once I’ve finished. So far though, it comes off as rushed. Kind of like a game in Early Access. Which is a shame, because I at least appreciate what they’re trying to do.

And while I can’t comment much on story yet, the characters have been pretty offputting. Jack has been very "there" and not much else. He’s unremarkable, which may be why his having to chime in everytime he kills something got on my nerves pretty fast. Generic one-liners one after the other. But that’s not anything in comparison to Amelia. Right out of the gate, it was obvious she was going to be the generic "strong female" character that pops up in fiction when the writer has no idea how to actually create a strong female character. She’s just the trope; there’s no actual character attached to it. So neither of them are interesting, but that isn’t the real problem. The real problem is while I was shooting ground targets with Amelia, the one-liner she dropped was "Oops, I did it again". And yes, she said it just like the Britney Spears song. And yes, I did caugh up blood.

Lastly, the bombing controls. When you switch to bombs, it siwtches to look beneath your plane at two red circles. These circles move about if you are moving, and line up when you steady to make your bombing crossair. The issue here is that you can’t see where you are going or if you are lined up with the target. And when you adjust, the circles scatter. Which wouldn’t be a huge deal, but here’s the thing: It doesn’t matter if you’re over the target area, and eyeball the shot on top of the target. It doesn’t matter if you are so low to the ground you can’t miss. If the circles aren’t lined up when you drop the bomb, you miss the target. A two way road, actually, since you can be super high up and hit the target fine as long as they line up. It’s a bad mechanic that is more about using the targeting system they have in place than actually hitting your target.

So that’s my opinion. The gameplay is tedious, and it just isn’t fun. The story is uninteresting, the characters are uninteresting, and there’s nothing that really stands out. The game looks good while playing, but that’s offset by the cutscenes and the odd way everyone delivers their lines.

I’ll update after I finish, but I really don’t see a reason to pick it up. And I don’t expect that will change.

Kiera Laylanda

Posted: August 8, 2017
Where to begin? this game have potential, but everything feels wrong

– good graphics for a small 1gb game
– Decent Cockpit details
– Plane Color Customization is pretty nice to look at


– ♥♥♥♥♥♥ Dogfight system (Like Ace Combat Assault Horizon’s DFM mode), where almost every gun kill have to go through this system.
– Badly implemented multi character system (Rather than force 2 characters in one fight, why not two seperate stories or you pick who will you play as?) and if you use the other one, the one you didnt use starts to Beg for you to use them, this isnt like any Flight game where you play in a squad/team where they at least let you give orders to the other person
– Horrible Bomb mechanics and bomb camera
– Bad Optimization (Have to Run at a windowed and lowered resolution on my Gtx 950M, cant go fullscreen and 1080p)
– ♥♥♥♥♥♥ Default Controls, and un rebindable (unless you have to go through a .ini File)
– pretty confusing missions ( The mission in the Canyon chasing the P-80s is a bad example, your character says that he’ll follow the target, yet the objective tells me to shoot it down)
– I dont know how to say this but if a plane have multiple guns, only two of them will fire (example only 2 guns of the spitfire’s wings will fire instead of four of them"
– And pretty bad cutscene

If you’re going to buy this to scratch that Crimson skies itch, then this wont satisfy it although it can scratch that itch if its properly made

Panda X4 Vassili

Posted: May 31, 2017
Just played one hour, but I’m already impressed from the visual quality. This game also has an interesting story written well, great setting from the WW2.

I can feel echoes from Crimson Skies(great game from the past) and Ace Combat, huge variety through the missions, you need to get shots from your camera, extinguish fires dropping water bombs, but of course shooting, that’s the best part .

If you appreciate that kind of experience, this is your cup of tea.


Posted: June 4, 2017
I would recommend this game for everyone who loves small state of art arcade dogfight games. it is a pretty conservative game by design and development and i see huge time investment from this small 2-person studio. Also it is the great example of a custom engine graphics which looks surprisingly well, some shaders are absolutely amazing (like rain/water/ sun effects). This game also has the best cockpit i have ever seen in flight simulators. Shame it’s "hidden" by the need to press "back" button.
The graphics is unique and pretty realistic, ground detail is also really great (you can also hear cows say "moo" when you fly close to the ground :-).
I’m not about to start Nvidia vs AMD war here, but it is pretty usual to see "game broken" from the green guys on steam these days as well as performance issues from people with 1080 cards. I would recommend people who experience technical issues not to use negative reviews as a bugreport or at least, cooperate with the developers because people who made their own engine are clearly good enough to make it work on your device too. It is simply impossible to fix all isues in advance, so be patient – even AAA titles have lots of technical issues nowadays.
Had zero problems on AMD 480 rx, ~150-180 fps on high settings.

Some people here complain about voice acting / story. Found nothing to worry about, voice acting is okay, facial animations are handmade but still better than ME:A. Did not finish the story yet, butI don’t think that story really matters in arcade dogfight games, also i would rather see all arcade levels unlocked instead of going through the whole story.


Posted: June 28, 2017
Product received for free

There are plenty of flight simulators on Steam and that is a wonderful thing. And yet, not all players have the spare time or disposition to cater to complex aerial titles and their steep learning curve. Arcade flight is thus, the perfect compromise between simulation of the airplane controls and fun factor. Don’t you dare consider me a flight simulator elitist, since before I even layed my eyes on IL-2 Sturmovik, I was already enjoying the dogfights in the H.A.W.X and Blazing Angels series of arcade flyers. Yes, Ubisoft Bucharest used to make some pretty good titles about airplanes, not just submarines. You can still purchase the Silent Hunter series on Steam and Uplay but good luck finding digital (& legal) keys for H.A.W.X 1 and 2…

In any case, Iron Wings’ developer is Naps Team and this is their second Steam project. Their debut was Maria the Witch, a cute little 2D platformer that is a far cry from the beautiful 3D game I’m writing about. Still, Naps left a strong impression on me since 2016 when they offered to myself and several hundred Facebook users, a Maria the Witch Steam key just by kindly asking them for one. That’s an interesting way of promoting yourself and making sure those keys don’t get snatched by bots. It really is my pleasure, to keep on supporting indie devs that display such small but significant acts of kindness.

Iron Wings would have probably been just another generic arcade WW2 flying game, if it wasn’t story-driven. What makes it truly stand out, is the bond between two unlikely pilots for that era. An African American man and a Caucasian woman. Nevermind the fact that such a couple would have been taboo, 70 years ago but also their chosen profession is quite odd. Pre-war and even post-war America can be regarded as anything but a land of freedom and tolerance. We’re talking here of blatant misogyny and racism. And yet USAF (United States Air Force) had a few “special case” pilots that managed to prove themselves, in spite of society’s backwardness. They were anything but tokens flaunted in the name of diversity.

Racial segregation meant that African American pilots could not even train alongside the large majority of Caucasian pilots, let alone fight in mixed squadrons. Thus, the Tuskegee Airmen were united by necessity and determination to put a stop to stereotypes at least. Debatable or not, racism can never be eradicated though. Female pilots were perhaps treated almost as badly and being part of a paramilitary aviation organization, the WASP (Women Airforce Service Pilots) meant that they weren’t even regarded as proper combat pilots.

Jack and Amelia’s extraordinary love story is doubled by an equally intriguing main plotline in Iron Wings. The game mixes history and fiction and in the case of an arcade flight title, this includes some anachronistic elements such as, early jet planes (Lockheed P-80 “Shooting Star” & Messerschmitt Me 262 “Schwalbe”), dogfights over the Hoover Dam or even allowing Amelia/Jack to try out any prototype models. Uncle Sam was very strict about who gets to be a test pilot. Since the dev team’s from Italy, I was pleased by their non-biased perspective into the Allied invasion of Sicily (also known as “Operation Husky”).

Iron Wings’ graphics engine might look like Unity at first glance, yet it’s proprietary in fact and codenamed “Lazzaro”. Reborn. In other words, it is beautiful and stable. I already took more than 70 screenshots in my ideal conditions (maxed out 4K@60fps) and I reckon that I can squeeze at least 100 more by the time I’m done with the story missions. Quality cutscenes, textures, effects (hope you’re a fan of chromatic aberration/"purple fringing" as much as I am), all spell out the fact that this game has been developed and tested over sufficient time, in order to iron out any glitches or bugs. Not even a single crash to desktop so far. There’s one hefty loading sequence when booting the game (even by SSD standards, it was pretty long) but other than that, no issues to report.

If I would have published my Iron Wings review yesterday, it might have been rated lower for the simple fact that the joystick support (through the most recent update) was limited, to say the least. One week ago, my Logitech flightstick was seen in-game as a gamepad, with no button remapping option but as of yesterday, Iron Wings has full and functional support for most flight-oriented gaming peripherals on the market. The dev team offered a quickfix to my written complaints within two hours. I can’t overlook this and I am grateful that Steam still has developers which care about their playerbase.

The voice acting was spot-on and the soundtrack was more than decent. Only the audio effects for the airplane engines seemed a bit off. That became quite obvious to me, when I compared the audio assets for the same plane models from IL-2 Sturmovik: 1946 (the reason I bought a flightstick in the first place). Jet engines are far too silent in Iron Wings.

There are 13 plane models to control in this title. The more the merrier, so there could always be room for new planes in subsequent updates (or DLC, no matter how much I despise this concept). I’d definitely like the inclusion of some heavy bombers such as the Heinkel He 177 “Greif” or Boeing B-29 “Superfortress” since the bombing runs would become much easier, if not more precise. Carpet bombing tends to solve more issues at once.

You have a Campaign, Free Flight and Arcade Mode (featuring maps you get to unlock in linear progression). Don’t expect me to spoil every detail relating to the main missions, yet I can tell you that you should complete as many secondary objectives as you can. You’ll thank me later, when you’ll have enough in-game credits to purchase and upgrade all the plane models. Customization is limited to better guns or new paint schemes, but there’s no reason to complain. They will be unlocked quite easily if you have patience.

An interesting gameplay mechanic revolves around the switch between Jack’s dogfighting-oriented planes to Amelia’s dive bombing tactics, on the fly. A seemless transition explained by the fact that Jack is usually flying the heavier airplanes and thus, he needs a constant escort pilot. Historical accuracy be damned, in this case. I like the story and the gameplay. If I wanted a truly complex flight simulation, I’d probably have to study its manual as in-depth as I did through college. Iron Wings represents a narrative experience, not a simulation. Don’t forget that.

Say what you will but Iron Wings in its latest form, does not deserve the many negative reviews it has been receiving or its mixed Steam rating. While I don’t consider it overpriced, you could wait for a Steam Sale or bundle offer, if it bothers you. Just be aware that many of the former issues this game has had at launch (shoddy controls, lag and glitches) are now long gone. Play the game for its story and different perspective into WW2, not for historical value (let’s just call that propaganda BS anyways) or headache-inducing complexity.

Strong Points
+ Beautiful graphics.
+ Excellent storyline and setting.
+ Supportive and friendly developer.
+ Full joystick/flightstick compatibility.
+ Steam Achievements & Trading Cards.

Weak Points
– Too few airplane models.
– Limited audio effects.

Rating 80/100

This review was submitted for Elite Giveaways, through the generous contribution of Dudda.


Posted: June 2, 2017
The gameplay is alright here, remniscient of Heroes of the Pacific. It could have used some more polish, but it’s a fun time. It really should be noted more clearly that a controller is needed, but since I have one, no big deal for me.

But the story, dialogue, voice acting, cut scenes, missions… basically anything on the non-graphical artistic side… are so bad as to be distracting. I mean it’s baaaaad. I’ve been trying to discover if this is an English translation of a Japanese game or something, because the difference in quality between the gameplay and the story are stark in a way I think I’ve never seen before. Maybe X2 was this bad, they couldn’t even get the 3d model skeletons to stay inside bodies… this at least has that bit covered.

Subtitles only would be a huge improvement. Hell, literally removing the story would help. Playing while muted strongly recommended, if at all.


Posted: May 31, 2017
Product received for free


From what we’ve seen, Iron Wings can be both fun to play and extremely frustrating, mainly because of the missions in which you have a limited amount of time to take down all the enemy targets. As an example, it took us about 45 minutes to complete a 5-minute long mission because we never had time to eliminate all the enemy planes beofre the end of the countdown – which, to make matters worse, only appeared in the 30 last seconds of the mission. Obviously, we are partly to blame, as we could have completed it sooner with better aiming skills, but it is, we believe, something which should be addressed so the overall experience feels more balanced. We contacted the developers to let them know and they told us they would use our feedback to improve the game, which is good news. As you’ll see in the videos, Iron Wings can be a bit rough around the edges visually, especially during cutscenes, but the environments we’ve seen are quite detailed and they look pretty nice, even when getting closer to the ground. As a result, the game looks better in gameplay sequences than when it tells its story. Considering the small budget the developers certainly had, we still find it quite an achievement for a full 3D game. Now maybe the story should have been told with still images similar to those that can be seen during loading screens. That being said, some real effort has been put in the framing of some of the scenes, which is nice to see when it happens. Though we haven’t seen everything the game has to offer, we can say for sure that Naps Team’s title is highly capable in some aspects, provided you don’t mind the arcade handling, but some things still need some fixing before it’s released on Thursday. We’ll keep an eye on it to see how it turns out, but if $17.99 is not too high and you like what you see in the videos, you might want to do the same.

The devs have told us that the problems mentioned in our preview have been addressed in time for release and that the game has just launched, a few hours earlier than initially planned. We haven’t been able to retry the missions that annoyed us yesterday to confirm it, but we’ll try in the near future. What we have seen of the next missions tonight (Wednesday) is that we are a little too often asked to complete objectives in a certain time, which remains frustrating. To be fair though, Iron Wings requires you to understand what the best approach is before you have a chance to succeed. Maybe we are not just patient enough sometimes. There are still design choices that we think are not ideal, though each and every one of them seem to have been made for the purpose of adding variety to the game.

On the plus side

+ Pretty good sense of speed
+ Dynamic dogfights
+ Detailed environments overall
+ Efficient arcade gameplay
+ Some efforts on the framing of scenes
+ External view or cockpit view, your choice
+ The price seems right

On the downside

– Character models and animations are dated
– Voice acting is not always convincing enough
– Timed missions can be a pain and are too many
– Audio mixing is not always good enough
– The bombardment mechanic isn’t that exciting
– "Hard locking" a target in cockpit view can affect visibility
– The first bombs lack efficiency (understandable progression-wise, but a bit odd)

For gameplay videos, check out our website:



Posted: June 21, 2018
Don’t fall for any special price on this game! I spent 7.50 and after spending 2 days configuring my HOTAS can’t make it through a single mission without the computer crashing/freezing or blue screen (BSOD). Really wanted something like Blazing Angels or Heroes over Europe. Look elsewhere.

Karl Streiger

Posted: December 12, 2017
The idea of an RPG with a WW2 aircrafts sounds great. But the handling is awefull. I was about to throw my flightstick out of the window because it did everything but what i wanted him to do. Even installed my old IL-2 just to compare. And no its not the flightstick….
However the handling of the aircrafts seems to be more precise when using keyboard or maybe a gamecontroller, but I will not use a keyboard or gamecontroller for flying planes.


Posted: April 12, 2018
god awfull is all i have to say. have fun trying to fly in a straight line or even bomb something. high potential game clearly not used anywhere near its max, decent graphic could be improved but the flight mechanics of the game… wellill just say hope you are not affectedby motion sickness of anything alike. Hope you have alot of patiance cos youll be stopped ever 2 mins for "assistance" and having to constantly have to go back and forth for one objective as said abovethe flight mechanics inthe game are so dodgy added with the tracking mechanic the stop you flying properlly all together.


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