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About This Game

Welcome to Solis, a huge South American world home of conflict, oppression and extreme weather conditions. Just Cause 4 sees rogue agent Rico Rodriguez land in Solis to hunt down the truth about his past, at any cost. Strap into your wingsuit, equip your fully customizable grappling hook, and get ready to bring the thunder!

Bring The Thunder:
  • Soar through the skies with your wingsuit – Skydive, Base Jump and Free Dive with no limits!
  • Fight your enemies under extreme weather conditions, including towering tornadoes and tropical lightning storms, taking the iconic Just Cause action to insane new heights.
  • Use extreme weather events to your advantage thanks to never seen before in-game physics.

Rico’s Ultimate Mission:
  • Spearhead the rebellion and defeat the Black Hand, a hi-tech private military organisation.
  • Face off against Gabriela Morales – your most fierce, capable, and unpredictable adversary yet.
  • Uncover the truth of Rico’s father’s past life on Solis’ and its extreme weather.

Huge South American World:
  • Explore the remote South American country of Solis, home of conflict, secrets, and danger.
  • Enjoy 1024 square kilometres of exotic playground, from rainforest to desert, via snowy mountain peaks.
  • Discover a plethora of wonders as you explore the world of Solis from bustling cities to rural grasslands.

Creative Destruction at its best
  • Customize your new grapple hook with evolved and brand-new capabilities, allowing you to create your own personal stunts, destructive methods and overall play style.
  • Experiment with a huge variety of new vehicles including military jets, helicopters, turbo-fuelled sports cars, and construction vehicles.
    • OS: Windows 7 SP1 with Platform Update for Windows 7 (64-bit versions only)
    • Processor: Intel Core i5-2400 @ 3.1 GHz | AMD FX-6300 @ 3.5 GHz or better
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 (2GB VRAM or better) | AMD R9 270 (2GB VRAM or better)
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Storage: 59 GB available space
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Just Cause 4-5
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Posted: April 24
Just Cause 2 and 3 were as perfect an example of great games as you could find, Just Cause 4 however, is the ugly lovechild of lazy developers(Avalanche) and a greedy Publisher(Square Enix).

The game was released unfinished on release and 5 months later it’s still a total mess.

Big open World.
Tornado is fun.
More tanks!

Random crashes on high end system.
Random fps drops on high end system.
No water surface physics.
No Sun.
NO Day/Night cycle (1 hour day/10 seconds night!)
2D textures in a 3D game (see railroad tracks)
Cutscenes are PS3 console quality.
Ricos hair has white "dandruff" and graphically looks like console quality.
Most graphic settings don’t work
AA is total rubbish and does not work.
No Brightness slider
No Gamma slider
No FOV slider as promised.
No Pistols
No C4
No dual wielding guns
No liberation.
Save games get reset randomly
World is empty with very few destructables.
AI is awful, worse than ever.
Vehicle control is terrible, despite a driving dlc being released!
Submenus are direct console ports, merely changing tethers can mean 7 keypresses!

As you can see it’s a long list of cons, many of which just are not acceptable in a $130 AUD AAA game from 2018/19.
The game randomly crashes and when the last patch came out many peoples saves were reset(including mine).
For reference i have an I7 6700k and 1080Ti, the game is so poorly optimised even i have problems.

The game doesn’t even require you to liberate zones, you simply do a mission or a few of the (awful) side quests/stunts to level up your squad and unlock new zones.
This attempt at strategic JC gameplay can only be described as a "risk the boardgame" style strategy and fails hard.

The game is more a management sim with missions, not the interactive, die Hard, over the top movie like experience we have come to know and love about the Just Cause franchise.

Take it from someone who pre-ordered this as a HUGE fan of JC2 and 3, only to be let down by both the quality of the game and the lack of any real action by the developers.

The tech support of the forum goes unanswered for weeks at a time and for many people the game crashes regularly or resets their save games.

Buy it when its 75% off or avoid it entirely.

RIP Just Cause and shame on you SE.

Sir Diesalot

Posted: April 15
Plus Points:
+ Absolutely stunning map. Best world design in the Just Cause series so far.
+ Large variety of interesting vehicles and weapons
+ Grappler tools are fun

Minus Points:
– You can’t liberate bases and settlements anymore. You can still blow stuff up, but everything you destroy will just respawn and doesn’t count towards the completion of the game like in previous entries to the series. This makes destruction, which has always been the main point of the Just Cause games, completely pointless.
– Instead of destroying enemy bases, you now liberate regions using "squads". You earn these for doing pretty much anything in the game, including blowing stuff up, but they are so easy to get you’ll never be short of them. Once you have earned enough you can click the region on your map and it will suddenly be liberated. This means you can liberate many regions without even actually going there (for some regions you have to do a single short mission first). You can completely liberate the entire map without visiting most of it. And that is a shame since the map is so beautiful. The map is filled with interesting locations and well-designed enemy bases, but you have no real way or incentive of interacting with it. I do like the frontline mechanic since it makes the world feel more like there is an actual war going on, but they should not have removed the need to destroy enemy bases to liberate regions, which was the main content of all previous Just Cause games.
-In this vast, beautiful map, there is really nothing to do except the story missions, of which there are not very many, are short and so far have been quite forgettable (I haven’t finished them all yet so I hope it gets better near the end). The archaeology missions are fun though (even if they paint a very unrealistic picture of what archaeology is like), but maybe I am just saying that because I am an archaeologist and just love what I do. There is also challenges to complete in every region, but they are just boring "fly or drive through these hoops" affairs and they are not actually challenging at all.

To sum it up, Just Cause 4 is a fun sandbox to mess around in. It has a beautiful, well-designed map but the game doesn’t really make use of it. Everything you destroy just respawns after a little while, so all the sandbox action unfortunately quickly starts to feel pointless. And once you grow tired of pointlessly destroying the same stuff over and over again the only thing to do is bland story missions and dumb repetitive challenges. It really had the potential to be a great game, but it got screwed over by one massive, really bad change in the core game design. Respawning, pointless bases really aren’t fun, and destroying these massive complexes in inventive ways used to be the primary fun thing to do in Just Cause games. By making them just respawn, the developers took out all of the satisfaction you got from destroying them. And without all that fun, Just Cause 4 is really just the empty shell of a Just Cause game.
Please play Just Cause 3 or 2 instead, they are much, much better games that will keep you entertained for far longer, even despite the horrible optimisation and performance of Just Cause 3. At least that is one more plus point for Just Cause 4, it does run great with almost no lag, stuttering or crashes which JC3 suffered from a lot. Unfortunately that does not compensate for its lack of fun gameplay.


Posted: February 16

I’ve played a TON of JC2 and JC3, so I was excited to try Just Cause 4. I saw all the negative reviews, saying how it’s trash and all that. But I thought, "Hey, I’m going to give it a fair shot. I don’t really care about graphics, as long as I’m just having fun." So, I bought it at full price, and booted up the game, excited to cause some delicious mayhem!

I wanted to like this game. I really did! But I did not. NOT AT ALL.

First impressions went something like this: "Okay cool, bad guy likes weather. Wait, where are my attachable C4’s? Maybe I unlock them later. Explosions! Huh. They seem pretty lack-luster. I feel like JC3’s were better. Okay, well at least I can shoot these guys up. I’ll just find some pistols a second. (20 minutes pass) Are there no PISTOLS? PISTOLS?! Okay, what about grenades?! Please tell me you at least have some dam GRENADES. It’s like a staple in ever action game ever. No? *sigh* I’ll just continue this boring mission. Wait, where am I going? Oh, okay over there at that tiny marker. I’ll just grapple over there and- Woah what? WHAT THE F*CK DID THEY DO TO MY GRAPPLE? MY BABY! okay, this is fine. I think I can live with this? Now I gotta go meet with some dude and stuff and… what is even going on?! I’ll just open my map, and… What. The. F*ck. Is. THIS?! WHAT KIND OF MENU IS THIS? Stay cool. Pretty soon, it’ll become natural (it did not btw). Okay, finally. I can customize my grapple. Maybe I can fix it or something. Nope. Alright, well now I can add balloons and stuff. So I have to go to this menu, into that sub-menu, into that tab, into that selection, and then choose the addition, and then choose the specific type of addition (while holding down a key and cycling through them only with another random key) and… these are the worst controls. You know what? IO’m done. I’m F*CKING DONE WITH THIS BS!"
*closes game and goes into steam to order my refund.

(Also, there are only sport cars on the roads, so it doesn’t feel special when you drive one. And, the cars are way too boring. Also, the controls for driving SUCK A*S.)

I should also note that the liberation system that has been some of the best parts of the series is now gone, and replaced with a stupid squad system that you have to earn and unlock, and it’s all just very confusing. Trust me.

In summary, this game seemed to say, "Hey, if we just slap the Just Cause logo onto the front of it, people will buy it! Don’t worry too much about gameplay or the fundamental fun parts about the previous games. It’s all about that sweet, sweet revenue." It pays too much attention to the small things like radio songs and customizing how fast a balloon inflates than the basic point of a game. TO HAVE FUN. As I said before, I’m disappointed that I must write this negative review, but it’s just a bad game…


Some Guy

Posted: April 27
Before you buy this game, you should really listen to the negative reviews. I ignored them, thinking it would be another JC game that I would enjoy, and that the negative reviews were just the result of some day 1 bugs or people’s expectations being too high.

Oh, was I wrong. This is actually a bad game. There are an extreme amount of reasons for this. Graphical glitches, absolutely unacceptable graphics/textures/etc. considering how JC3 looked, bad- no, TERRIBLE story. Many features from JC3 have been removed, like the sticky explosives, pistols, and liberation mechanics, which is literally the whole focal point of the game. All of my actions feel entirely disconnected from the outcome of my actions. I go and download some files, and bam I’ve liberated an entire region. Where in JC3 it felt good liberating areas and took some work, in JC4 it’s literally you pressing a button. The missions are so, so much worse. They’re all bland "go here, wait for bar to go up/down, you win!" missions, which brings me to my biggest gripe with the game:

IT IS BORING. It is so unbelievably boring that you could easily fall asleep playing it. You know how destroying things is important in Just Cause games? Well, not in this one. Sure, you get chaos points, but you could just get them doing other things. The stuff you destroy eventually respawns, the weapons have low ammo counts, and destroying things isn’t nearly as cathartic as it was in JC3.

In the end, if you want this game, go buy Just Cause 3. If you already have it, buy the DLC. If you’ve already 100% the game and all of it’s DLC, then replay the game because you’re going to get way more enjoyment out of that then mindlessly roaming around a map looking for something to do.


Posted: December 20, 2018
Just Cause 4 forgets its origins.

In JC3 the game and it’s story seem carefully crafted to NOT take itself too seriously and just enjoy its mechanics of mayhem and destruction. The witty banter, an over the top dictator, enjoyable destruction via wacky physics, and a whole mess of over powered weaponry entertained me through its main game and all its DLC.

JC4 on the other hand takes a turn from some of those elements. Rico isnt as funny anymore and is border line brooding. He doesn’t have any witty companions, the story seems to want to take itself seriously and some of those wacky physics are a bit too wacky. The departure from its predecessor came as a suprise to me and I believe is a direct result to some of the lesser gripes I was muttering to myself as I played the game.

The choppy water was gone and had been replaced with really crappy looking water. I know, not a big thing, but the waves in JC3 gave life to that part of the game. It’s hard not to notice its absence.

Helicopter controls became worse and it was almost impossible for me to target enemy choppers using missiles. I hardly even know how to describe this issue with text. I literally can not shoot a missile at a flying enemy unless the aiming reticle is on them and turns red, but if that enemy is moving forget about it, because you have to lead your target only you can’t because your reticle has to be on the target to get it to turn red so you can shoot at it unless its moving…ARGGGGGHHHH!

Some changes, like removing grenades and replacing them with secondary functions on certain weapons have left me on the fence. Most of the secondary functions are great and enjoyable, but I personally like the staple of having grenades at all times. If that was something I wanted to maintain as I played it meant that I had to carry a specific weapon with me that had that secondary function. And since you can only carry two weapons with you I often times felt limited.

Planted explosives are also gone which is something I miss.

The map just seems so much smaller than JC3. I bet this statment is false, but I burned through it so damn fast it felt* smaller by comparison.

The introduction of front lines where the rebels are fighting the enemy initially seemed like it would be a cool thing, but there was so little impact to whatever I was doing or how I was progressing through the game it made me wonder why it was there in the first place.

Instead of liberating multiple small settlements to free zones now all one has to do is a single mission. And there are only 3 or 4 versions of that mission and they just aren’t as engaging. It seems odd to look back at JC3 and find that the repetitive nature of freeing settlements by blowing up the same damn things was more fun, but there it is.

I don’t really hate JC4. I can still do goofy things and I have fun with the new tether options that are available. I gripe because it moved away from things that I liked or expected to see again from JC3. This game falls into the category of sequels where instead of getting the previous game plus more*, I got a little less with some changes that just didn’t measure up to its predecessor. I haven’t given up on this game, but I won’t likely spend much time on it unless the DLC’s bring something special with them.


Posted: December 5, 2018
I don’t usually go out of my way to leave negative reviews but this one is special. This isn’t a review to hurt the publisher, it’s a warning message to consumers. This port is an absolute disaster that should be avoided with Square’s track record on patching their games (See Nier: Automata).

Graphics as others have mentioned are shockingly bad on PC (I set everything I could to very high). I don’t expect Uncharted / God of War / Red Dead 2 levels of detail here and I don’t normally care too much about the technical merits of a game but in this case everything sticks out like a sore thumb constantly. It’s not just bad textures under a microscope because people are being nitpicky. You can’t help but see it everywhere. While I think people are being hyperbolic about comparing this to a PS2 game there are definetly things that remind me of mid gen PS3 / 360 titles in a non-flattering way.

Just Cause 3 had it’s performance issues on console but it’s an otherwise beautiful and vibrant game. Just Cause 4 feels like a B team took on what Just Cause 3 accomplished. It’s hard to feel like this is just a bug when the game launched this way and everyone is seeing the same things. Including console players who should have builds locked to specific hardware specs.

Outside of the graphics this game is just a terrible port in general. The WASD keys can’t be remapped and the Menu itself is simply awful. You can click on items in the graphics settings with no feedback that anything has actually changed and an apply button that seemingly doesn’t work. Pressing escape does nothing in half the menus to bring you back (It’s all bound to right mouse which is not communicated at all) and left clicking on the back button does not in fact bring you back to the previous menu. It’s like no one even tested this stuff with a mouse / keyboard.

The most unforgivable part of the port. It crashes constantly. I had the game crash 7-8 times on me in the hour I spent with it. It wouldn’t even launch for me until some significant forum searching where someone suggesting turning off steam cloud saves which worked for some reason.

Bon Zolo

Posted: December 4, 2018
Was really hoping for this to be good…

I loved Just Cause 2 AND 3 and Just Cause 3 was a game that I could waste many, many hours on whenever I was bored.

Just Cause 3’s addition of a wingsuit felt like something that fit perfectly in the game and the controls were seemingly tight and fluid. The challenge system for unlocking upgrades was annoying at first but at least it forced you to actually use the things in question and, by extension, get better at using them. Soon, after a bit of grinding, I could take down bases with ease, grappling through on my wingsuit as fueltanks blew up behind me. Rico was unstoppable.

Then the Sky DLC came out for it (only DLC that was worth it) and everything got better. Suddenly, Rico was a literal super hero, nothing could stop me, barrel-rolling through obstacles as I pumped missles into them from my back, only to dive into the water, jet away under the waves and launch up from underneath like f***ing Iron Man….

Now, I bought this with the deluxe content because i wanted that experience of flying a jetpack wingsuit and destablilizing a nation again.
What I got was:
1) Terrible controls for the wingsuit: Airbraking now stops you dead in the air? No Swooping, no changing directions suddenly, everything feels more sluggish…

2) The DLC Jetpack has been bastardized: Your charge for boost gets used up whether you use it fully or not. Accidentally tapped the button? There’s all your boost gone. Missiles are innacurate and sometimes just flat bounce off of things. You lose all your speed the millisecond you’re done boosting so its usually faster to grapple everywhere. Its so damn hard to manuever when boosting as well, so more often than not you end up smashing your face in. AND WHY OH WHY did the devs get rid of the launching by holding the wingsuit button. It was the coolest thing ever to launch out of an explosion like a damn super hero….

3) Graphics: Im not usually one to care too much about graphics as long as it’s fun but the water was the one thing that actually took me out of the game because of how bad it looked. I dont want to gripe but JC3 had water that looked a billion times better than this flat, out-of-focus, brown sludge that’s everywhere. Not to mention the glitchy texture breaks and the fact that your parachute shows up as a reflection that looms larger than the mountains. And what is up with Tom Sheldons glowing facial hair…

4) Gameplay: The story in this game is as cookie cutter as it comes. Escort mission after Escort mission after Escort mission. And for the Piece de Resistance for some unforseen reason, the developers of this game decided to get rid of the most fun aspect of the Just Cause Series: The Chaos. In JC3 and 2 the base liberation revolved around destroying enough enemy infrastructure to to remove their presence from the region. This provided some of the best gameplay experiences that I’ve had in a while. It gave me a reason to want to unlock and upgrade my weapons and vehicles. Nothing better than clearing a base with a single Bavarium Nuke.
In JC4, base liberation is boring, only capturing an entire region when you have enough squads to move a line on your map to encompass that area and then that base is yours, fully intact. The game world is also considerably less destructible, I’ve only found wooden bridges that i was able to destroy when I had a ton of fun in JC3 sending trains and patrols to their deaths by blowing the bridge at a safe distance….

5) Weapons: I’ve played about 9 hours so far, a lot of which was flying through f***ing rings to get more missiles and more boost for my jet wingsuit, and I’ve yet to find any weapons that really excited me. Plastic explosives have been completely removed from the game, replaced by booster rockets, which i assume the devs thought everyone liked better, and even then those only explode when modded enough to be useless as boosters.

6) Grappling: This grapple system is split into 3 loadouts, which you can switch between freely. However, I would find that I would often need to change my loadout in the menu in the middle of a fight to get the effect I wanted, which completely shatters my fun and immersion. The grapple having all these effects is, for me, way more annoying than fun. I liked the simplicity of JC3 where you had to use the environment to lift things or switch your explosives for boosters to get that effect, and having the grapple just grapple things together and pull.

All in all, I think the devs thought they were (or maybe actually were) being pressured to innovate everything to keep things fresh, when in reality they pretty much destroyed everything that I personally enjoyed about the game.

Edit: Dec 12, 2018, 5:36pm

Couple of extra points about JC4 that I’ve found after completing the whole game and all side missions:

Enemy A.I. seems to be pretty well improved and after going back and playing JC3 right after beating 4, I will say that combat on the ground is better in every way (besides ammo), it feels way more tactile and headshots have a great feel to them, unlike in JC3.

The weather, since it was a selling point, should have been implemented more. The three or four types of weather in the game pretty much only exist around the bases it spawns from. I only played one mission other than the main base missions that featured a sandstorm to deal with and I have to say it made the "pick up a sniper and protect mission" I’d done 10 times already way more fun and worth doing. Why wasnt the weather everywhere on the map???
Also yes I understand there were guns that simulated the weather effects (lightning and wind) but why weren’t players rewarded with a more powerful version to have fun with, with this being a physics sandbox? I would’ve rather had a small scale tornado to play with or the chaotic winds of a sandstorm to release on enemies than a windblast and random lightning.

Storywise this game takes itself way too seriously. I see a lot of people talking about how JC3 had a s*** story with no humour like what was in JC2 (admittedly JC2 was over-the-top parody funny and I had a ton of fun with my friends playing it), but JC3 had humour of its own with Mario and Rico interacting and DiRivello was, in my opinion, a great villian which you got to see insight into with the collectibles in the game (audio tapes). JC4, in comparison, felt like the devs were trying to hit a way darker tone with the fate of Rico’s family and Sheldon’s reconciliation. All in all it made for (in my opinion) very shallow experience with characters that you didn’t care for at all.

The side missions felt tacked on to me; they were more a delivery system for upgrades than actual story bits. The movie producer (forgot her name) was the only one that had actual cutscenes and she’s the one I cared about the least.
Sargento was the one character I actually cared about, since it seemed Rico felt for him and was taking him under his wing (no pun intended), however he only gets one mission with a cutscene or any plot, the rest he just tells you to do the same thing, with the same recycled lines over the radio (rescue, escort, or snipe). No character growth or interest whatsoever.
Javi’s missions were cool but were over way too quickly. They all take place on one portion of the map, which is the most boring because there isnt any weather effects or higher level bases nearby.

Thus concludes my edited review, let me know what ya’ll think or if there is anything I missed.

西帽子くん (WestHat-kun)

Posted: December 9, 2018
After beating all story/forced side missions, it’s time for a review!

Oh boy I have a lot to say! When I first started the game, The main menu would launch, however it would crash trying to load the 3d world itself. Not a good start. I fixed it by putting on compatibility mod, run as admin, and change the DPI to application. Never had to do that with JC3…

Anyway The first thing i noticed right off the bat was that the voice actors we knew from the previous games for Rico and Sheldon are gone, Rico’s new voice actor sounds alright (Orion Acaba is a good voice actor); as the game continues to progress as your used to it, but Sheldon (Not to hate on Bradford Hastings, But why not someone else?)… They messed up on how Sheldon looks and sounds, He looks like the kernel from KFC in his younger years and sounds very monotonic with no Texas/Western swagger behind it. They try to sound funny at times but it fails miserably. What happened? Maybe because Bill Lobley was busy with RDR2? General audio in the game is pretty good. Voice lines for every other character or npc sound good. 6/10

**Game play**
You can blow things up!!! However, there’s less focus on it in this one as you don’t really need to destroy stuff to beat the game and take sections of the map (which is always the major selling point of the series…). There are world events like tornados, sandstorms, ect… but I feel they don’t have a huge impact as I was expecting. I saw a tornado hit a small side town and it does nothing to buildings only objects with physics. after it passes they place looks like someone cleaned up everything in the town… no rubble or crumbly textures or anything (Performance would of been horrible but still…). There is not Sidearms or Peaceable explosives… There should be as you run out of ammo ALOT. My favorite weapon is the shielded Machinegun as you can deploy it as a shield and shoot down the iron sights! The AI can be messed up at times but it gets tough as they do a lot of damage. The controls kind of feels rough around the edges as it doesn’t feel as responsive and accurate as JC3. A lot of time I would have a hard time gliding as you do that a lot in this game more then everything else. It doesn’t feel too different from the previous game, just less responsive. The mouse sensitivity in this is messed up atm… it’s too damn fast and nauseating in Vehicles but too damn slow on foot. Why would they do that? Grapple seems to be alright and you can do more things with it which is kind of cool if you actually use those things. There’s a lot of activities you can do like flying through hoops or helping train your troops and stuff but they seam pointless (to me at least as a causal player who plays for the story.). They honestly could of done better with this game… 5/10

The graphs don’t look too bad but now what was promised. I have textures maxed and I still can’t read what Mira’s patch says on her jumpsuit she wears all the time and some textures just look downright ugly! I do have to say the characters eyes have depth to them, which honestly look cool. From what I saw from other gamers, if you have NVIDIA GPUs. Your performance is not going to be good In some normal areas. For me, (Being I’m an AMD user) My frame rate was alright in those areas, however when you’re in the big city and there’s a lot of stuff going on. it gets bad on even newer GPUs."Squeeze every last drop of power from PC hardware" In a bad way… 6/10

To start, The cutscenes in the beginning are horrible; they get slightly better when you progress, but nothing like the cinematic ones in JC2 and JC3. A lot of times you are doing 1 side mission for chunk of the map. When doing so, The AI set up sandbags and fight each other on the borders until you get another squad and complete the side quest (It does look cool though TBH). You might get frustrated with trying to find the Freaking GENERATORS!!! (insert GODZILLA game meme here) as you will have to find and destroy them a lot… You thing they would be red and fully destroyable… there not. They are green and you got to follow the wires to it. The main script has some holes in it like a exploded shot up fuel tank. The main Antagonists sadly are not the dictator like you would expect them to be. They don’t even sound to evil compared to General DiRavello. Whole story its not too bad, Just feels cheap. I did most of the side missions first and captured most territories be for starting the main missions as most of the main missions a locked off until you do the side missions and capture it first. 6/10

**User Interface**
It’s horrible… It’s confusing even paying attention to the tutorials. Using the mechanical eye is a pain in the but. The markers a blue making it hard to see where the hell the objective is and you got to turn you mouse 360 just to find it. You have to use the "1" key to pull up the map compared to me hitting the Tab key (due to muscle memory.). sometimes in the map mode you click a certain area and it brings you to your grappler load out screen which is frustrating, They don’t give you any "Are you sure you want to do this?" scenes. I don’t want to waste my squad here… I wanted to unlock the damn gun not a crappy boat! Waypoints tell you to go the wrong way sometimes… You can’t even change the color of the HUD you want… 2/10


~5/10, Average~

It’s a major step backwards, A small step forward. Maybe after a few patches they will fix the bugs and issues, However they will most likely not change the game itself.
Current Price: $60, $90 (Gold edition).
Realistic price: $25~$45

Thank you for reading my review!


Posted: January 19
The sad, desiccated husk of a once great franchise. Everything I loved about Just Cause 2 and 3 is just…gone. Liberation – gone. Humor – gone. Crisp, vibrant graphics – whoo boy are they gone. What’s left has been downgraded or changed beyond recognition. That’s before I even get to the laughably hideous cutscenes and technical issues. If this was meant to be a reinvention for the series, they damn sure threw out the baby with the bathwater. What a waste.


Posted: December 15, 2018
I’ve been looking forward to JC4 more than any other game this year and I’ve already demoted it to second rate after a few hours. The devs claim there is much more to come from this. I’m sick of paying premium rate prices for games only to find that I’m being used for free as a game tester. This is not early access, this should be a finished game. They charge us £50 upwards for a game with no hard copy so each new copy costs them nothing in overheads and then they have the gall to use us to test and tweak their product because it isn’t ready, I really am sick of the way these so called 5 star devs are taking advantage of the ability to fix games after release by using our feedback. I don’t mind them doing it but if they want to release unfinished games then they should be priced as unfinished games. We are being royally ripped off.
As for the game itself –
I feel so let down. It’s as if they set out to spoil the game.No incentive to create havoc because damage no longer counts toward taking over a base or area. When I bought JC3 I just couldn’t stop playing it, I would wake up hankering to play, with this, I’ve had it since release day and have only bothered with around 5 hours in more than a week and 3.5 hrs was last night. Constantly getting killed because of running out of ammo, no grenades (no grenades, really, at least so far) apart from the actual story I have found nothing that I actually want to bother doing and the story itself doesn’t actually pull you in. There is only one good thing that has come out of this game, it’s so bad it has given me the desire to revisit JC2 & 3 for reassurance, this game just doesn’t create any kind of need to play feeling. With JC2 & 3 it was tiredness that sent me to bed, with this it’s boredom.
My advice – wait a year and buy it for £2 or £3 and then only if you have nothing else to do.
I hope this changes and they have a major overhaul of the game before it’s too late. My plans for a Christmas playing JC4 will have to be cancelled, I guess I’ll get drunk instead, oh crap, I don’t drink alcohol !


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