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About This Game

The Landinar Empire has the quadrant on lockdown. Having lost your previous job, you are recruited as a bounty hunter for the Stone Eyed Children. Under their wing you will explore the quadrant, all while having the freedom to build your own spaceship.

Meet diverse characters throughout the Landinar quadrant by docking your ship and exploring stations on foot. As a bounty hunter, you can visit the stations’ bounty boards to accept randomly generated bounty missions for credits and rewards. Discover the quadrant, warp from sector to sector and explore stations, hidden areas and secrets at your own pace. You decide where to go next, whether it is continuing the main story or making your own adventure.

Gather hull templates and ship parts to build your own spaceship. What strategy will you choose? Do you prefer speed or gunpower? Build your ship to match your personal playing style at the stations’ ship builders and fly off into space in your own custom ship.

Traverse the Landinar sectors and pick your battles. Choose from 10+ weapon types to find your personal strategy and take down your enemies in real time top-down space combat. Hop out of your cockpit mid-combat to repair broken-down rooms with your repair gun, reload your weapons or change your engine boost settings. Board and hack your shut-down enemies for even more rewards.

In Landinar: Into the Void you create your own adventure. You decide what to do, who to talk to, who to fight and how big (or small) your spaceship is going to be!


  • The quadrant: Explore the quadrant of Landinar: into the Void any way you like. Travel to 10+ (with more to come) different sectors to find new people, tech and different types of enemies.
  • Build your own spaceship: Gather hull templates and parts to design and build your own ship. Do you prefer speed or gunpower? Build your ship to match your personal playing style.
  • Seamless scaling: Dock your ship, walk around a station, get into the cockpit and seamlessly fly out into space whenever you feel like it.
  • Enjoy the universe at your own pace: Decide where to go, who you work for and how you complete your objectives.

    • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
    • OS: Windows 7
    • Processor: Intel I5 2500 or similar
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Nvidia GT740 or similar
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Storage: 8 GB available space
    • Sound Card: on board
    • Additional Notes: Minimal 1920 * 1080 screen resolution
Landinar: Into the Void-0
Landinar: Into the Void-1
Landinar: Into the Void-2
Landinar: Into the Void-3
Landinar: Into the Void-4
Landinar: Into the Void-5
Landinar: Into the Void-6
Landinar: Into the Void-7
Landinar: Into the Void-8
Landinar: Into the Void-0
Landinar: Into the Void-1
Landinar: Into the Void-2
Landinar: Into the Void-3
Landinar: Into the Void-4
Landinar: Into the Void-5
Landinar: Into the Void-6
Landinar: Into the Void-7
Landinar: Into the Void-8


Posted: September 18, 2018
Early Access Review

A fairely simple space sim at the moment, you explore, make money, upgrade your ship. The seemless switching from personal character to ship controls and the ability to walk around and from your ship straight to stations is great.

My sole dissapointment so far is the limit to saving within a station which always strikes me as a backwards decision in space sims set in open universes. Hopefully that’s something I can tinker with to change if need be.

As is the game is fun and engaging, looks good but is a bit simple. With more complexity like having your own station, trading, more in depth exploration/interaction this could be a truly great one.


Posted: September 22, 2018
Early Access Review

It’s passable. Not bad, not good.

LDIV is a space shoot them up with light ship design elements and light RPG elements. I ultimate do not recommend this game at its current state because the ship designer is restrictive and the controls is unprecise.

You are given a set template and are forced to used that template in a narrow restricted mindset and unable to think outside the box. IE: The front of the template cannot be the rear of the ship. The front of the ship MUST be the front, you can’t choose any other orientation. And forcing miniguns and other small weapons to be side mounted only, can’t go to the rear, cannot be broadside weapons, etc. The docking doors cannot be placed on the front. Why? Thus forcing ships and your designs to be following a narrow paved path that you cannot diverge from. The problem is magnified by the absense of precise control groups at this current version. You cannot fire different type of weapons at the same time, so you MUST use a single weapon type in order to properly fire all the guns.

The aiming of your ship and player is done by using WASD only. It causes awkwardness during fights as you are forced to turn with the keyboard and overshoots the target and then turn the ship the opposite way and repeating the same problem: Ship induced oscillation error. You can reduce this problem by tapping on the turn key so not to overshoot the target. This oversight shows up in navigation of the ships and player character as well. In stations you have to spend a lot of time running diagonally using 2 keys like WD or AS. The problem can only truely be solved if the devs allows the ship and player’s heading to be controlled by the mouse.

The game may changes and I will update the review when I am able.

-3D ship graphics is cool and I like the aesthetics.
-The whole ship interior can be filled up and giving it a cluttered ship feel. Which is a plus for me.
-Immersive Space stations that you can walk around in.

-Lack of freedom in design choices.
-Unintuitive WASD aiming.
-Unprecise weapon control groups.
-Zoom limit and camera control.

Competitive Alternatives to LDIV:
Wayward Terran Frontier


Posted: April 25
Early Access Review


An Early Access success. Full release 1st May 2019!

  • Good casual space game.

  • Good zoom mechanics from external to internal views.

  • Good customisation of your ship. (Can be a Trader, Space Bus Pilot or good old Bounty Hunter)

  • Great graphics.

  • Good Stories and missions.

  • Low system requirements.

  • Good price for a finished product.

  • A lot of potential for future content and story.

  • Developers that seem to be on the ball with bug stomping and getting things done.
  • Can’t rotate camera at the moment which can result in some scenery getting in the way.

  • You will have to read text. Of which some does pop up and vanish quickly.

  • You only have a choice of 2 fixed characters for the story arcs. Not sure if this will change later.
PRO / CON – Depending on your game needs.
  • A cheat mode seems to still exist if you have no willpower. This can give you anything you want in the game so making the game boring for those types of people -(Debug mode – For those that have to open their presents early!) I hope they have this as an option that unlocks once you have completed the main story or something.

  • There is no asteriod mining (yet).

  • Mouse and Keyboard controls ( mouse is used to target missiles and lasers. )

  • It is a Solo Game experience in its current format.

  • You will die in various ways from burning alive on your ship or an enemies, to not getting to the airlock in time after hacking an enemies CPU so resulting in loosing progress from your last station undock.

  • You will loose track of time and 5 minutes will end up 5 hours.
For myself this is a game I will be returning to often and watching the developers now as they obviously get things done.
A good Sci-fi space romp with a story and space battles.
Great ship customisation to cater for most pilots needs and combat / game styles.
Low PC system requirements.
A finished product as of 1st May 2019.

I was starting to get a little disheartened with all the early access games being dumped onto steam.
I stumbled across this game in the suggestions area because of other games I play.
I checked out the developer and decided to give this Early access the benefit of the doubt and handed over my cash.
The game is an example of how early access should be. Released in a fully finished state, ahead of schedule also!

In the game you are in an isometric view of your ship and or your character when you are on board stations, your own ship or when boarding to loot enemy ships.
You have a base plan (blueprint) of your ship but it is upto you how and where you place all components.
You gain more blueprints from doing missions for people or authority bounty missions. Blueprints can also be gained from boarding crippled ships and hacking their computers to download the ships plans.
All of these actions also get you money and items for your ship.

Their seems to be multiple little story threads with a main story thread to follow. You progress through various systems each one more dangerous than the last. Although there is nothing really stopping you sneaking into a high level system in your jalopy starter ship if you want. Other than if you move to far away from the space lanes defence cannons the pirates will pounce on you.

The game autosaves when you undock from stations and you can only do manual saves at these points as well.
Some missions can be a little FedEx like fetching this delivering that but this is normally done to get you off to another station so you can advance the story arc.


Posted: September 18, 2018
Early Access Review

A short review:

– nice setting, good soundtrack and audio.

– Good mechanics as far, as i can see.

– nice tutorial

– People who like space games in general will like this game!

You have Loadout components like in FTL you have to manage. Similar to Rebel Galaxy, you do not have crew management. But you have a lot of freedom creation your own designs using the templates given by the game.

The devs are transparent in their Roadmap. One can basicly look up all the features they want to add in the future!

Mecha Mimic

Posted: September 18, 2018
Early Access Review

Gotta say I was a fan of Convoy, i’m now a fan of Landinar and it looks like it will become one of my favorite games. I’ve been looking for a game just like this one and to me it’s like a iso elite dangerous and a little bit of FTL but you get to walk around your ship and the stations you encounter.

I can see this getting way better and will wait patiently for the future of this game.

Side note: I really like the cup/shell mini game because I wasn’t expecting it, it was really nice and now I’m exploring for more cup opponents.

I am really glad I came back to this game. Many things have changed and I hope they add onto the boarding mechanic. Started a new game and WOW it’s much tougher then what I remember.


Posted: September 21, 2018
Early Access Review

This game was released two days ago in a state that’s pretty obviously an alpha state. Don’t play it yet, if you cannot live with bugs. Content is there, but there are obvious gaps where it still has to be added etc. I played 15 hours during the last three days and I reached at least partially mk7 equipment and the cruiser hull, which seems to be the best. Not feature-complete.

The game is about a starship captain and her starship. My steam library is filled with several examples of that genre. So Landinar has to stand out to compete. It does.

No. 1: High degree of customization
Ok, other games have that, too. It’s well done in Landinar. Place all the different modules on the ground or at walls in your ship. It’s interesting how ships don’t have hardpoints but the thing is solved by the structure of the available deckplans.

Nothing too special. Other games have similar systems, but it’s one of the groundworks for the awesome feature of awesomeness no. 2.

No. 2: Seamless zoom
You see your ship from above in space like you know it from several other games. Fly around, shoot stuff. Been there done, that. Then zoom in with the mouse wheel. The ships gets bigger. More details. Then the roof of the ship is removed and you look on the ship plan from no. 1. And there’s your captain. Leave the cockpit, run around your ship, repair stuff, which was damaged during the last fight. Dock to stations, move through the gangway into the station and talk with people. No loading screens, no switch from space to station view. An absolutely seamless zoom from ship to person. Great.
It has a very huge impact on how you feel about your ship and your captain, since you can always scroll in and scroll out. You cannot do a lot of other stuff in your ship but repair stuff, enter and leave, reload weaponry with charges and steer the ship. But it feels very good.

A last thing that’s important: it’s not the first game of this developer. They have already a successful release with Convoy. IIRC that was an early access game, too. So they know what they are doing. And their community work seems to be pretty solid. You can talk with the devs on Discord.

Given some time, vision and enough money to pay the bills, there’s much potential in this game. And most importantly: it’s fun to play.


Posted: April 7
Early Access Review

So far this is a tidy little game. It’s definitely scrappy but it has heart. If you like gritty sci-fi, light building and module management, and you can get past the wonkey UI and clunky controls, there’s a gem here worth polishing.

  • Compelling story
  • Progression in the form of ship upgrades
  • Ship editor is serviceable
  • The art is well done for what it is
  • Decent arcadey combat if you’re into that

  • UI really needs some work
    • You’re constantly given tips on keybindings, but they don’t reflect your custom mappings, so it’s more confusing that anything; amateur-hour stuff there
    • No windowed-full screen, literally no way to tab out
    • Doesn’t handle resolution changes well
    • Dialogues often bug out, nearly every system has glitches
    • No apparent way to abandon missions that are uncompletable due to bugs
  • Controls are finnicky, and combat is a slog of constantly correcting your aim
  • I’d have liked a little more customization of my character

I’m just a few chapters in but I’m enjoying it more than X4, so that’s something. I’ll probably update this review once I’m finished.


Posted: October 15, 2018
Early Access Review

This is the bst feeling game I’ve played in a long time. I don’t leave a lot of reviews, there’s plenty of people that do these days, so I don’t normally feel like everyone needs my personal opinion. But this game fills a place that has been lacking in all the oth space games out there. Even as an early access game it’s fun, and I seriously can’t wait to see the polished full game.

In my younger years, I survived on hours upon hours of Escape Velocity, Baulder’s Gate, the first couple Fallout games, and Freelancer. There have been many games like these, both before and after, but these were the genre defining games in my eyes. This game has a feel that incorperates parts of these games, but is totally different, and is different in a really great way.

The game is early access and needs polishing up a bit. The controls and UI need some work, the pacing needs work, and the game universe needs to be expanded, but the game design, the mechanics, and the direction this game is going are all fantastic.

I don’t like to play most early access games, mostly because it’s frustrating. I’m sure there’s plenty of people that want to be part of the process, but I usually want to buy a game and play it, I expect that it’s at a finished point, maybe there’ll be expansions or whatever, but I want a finished game.

For this game I’m happy to play it as is, and watch as it grows into the game that I’m hoping it will be.


Posted: September 18, 2018
Early Access Review

Just noticed the game bacause of the voucher they sent out, and I think the game is great so far.
This review is based on it just as released on the first day.

First of all, it is in Early Access, so expect some bugs.
That said, I experienced some issue when first opening the game, but on the third try it opened fine (I suspect it didn’t like my resolution) Other then that I have only experienced very minor issues that have not hindered my desire to keep playing.

Gameplay and Shipbuilding
I would describe it as a 2D Freelancer, with aspects of FTL.
The shipbuilding does require a base blueprint for the hull, but there are lots of variations (I have unlocked ~20 for the corvette class so far) then you can add all the components from porwe generations and cockpit to the weapon systems. This seems to be quite well thought out, and I look forward to each time I rebuild my ship.

The difficulty of opponents seems to be based on how far away from the starting region you go. So if it is too easy you can just move to the next region to face harder enemies. The AI doesn’t seem overly clever, but given the nature of the fights it isn’t really a problem, but it does seem like they can work together, and get much harder to deal with when in groups.

I was worried that it might have too many bugs, or too few features this early, but I have been plesantly surprised. The bugs have been minor, and there is plenty to keep me going for days at least, with the promise that it will get better.
I have also promoted this to my friends (those that like the genre anyway) as I think it is a good game with plently room to grow.
To the negatives. I would like some sort of help page showing how everything works, trial and error seems to be the main way you learn things like (only 1 power generator on the ship, to get more power you need capacitors) and (the number of combat slots on the ship is determined by the cockpit not the hull) though I expect this will come out in due time.

Vanlock – Battle Angel

Posted: September 29, 2018
Early Access Review

Very good start for a space game ! Ship handling and combat are fun and satisfying. The ability to choose among many ship designs is cool and you can customize all the equipment.
Story missions, but also all the generated bounty missions are a great way to make some $$$ and get a bigger and bigger ship !
It’s a good Early Access game and the devs are proving that they are commited.