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Lethis – Daring Discoverers is a 2D isometric exploration and investigation game where you can travel to planets, each more bizarre than the last. With a game system based on choose your own adventure books, you must find a way of stealing the artefacts hidden on each planet.
Collect objects that may or may not be useful, face terrifying aliens and negotiate with the other more peaceful creatures to achieve your ends.


The scientists on Lethis have just made two major technological advances. The first is, in fact, a giant cannon that can launch projectiles through space, and which has allowed them to initiate a space programme which is, to say the least, incredible. The second is the development of a cloning machine that enables them to send explorers into the most hazardous situations without worrying too much about the potentially lethal risks.
Armed with this innovative technological arsenal, the Lethis Academy of Space Sciences then decided to send a crack team to find mysterious artefacts on each of the planets in the solar system. These are the interplanetary adventures you will experience.


  • Embark on the craziest exploration mission of your life
  • Explore six unique planets
  • Play five unforgettable explorers
  • Hundreds of choices with their own illustrations!
  • A new and original soundtrack with over 50 tracks
    • OS: Windows 7/Windows 10
    • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: GPU with at least 500Mb of memory
    • Storage: 1 GB available space
    • Sound Card: Any
Lethis - Daring Discoverers-0
Lethis - Daring Discoverers-1
Lethis - Daring Discoverers-2
Lethis - Daring Discoverers-3
Lethis - Daring Discoverers-4
Lethis - Daring Discoverers-5
Lethis - Daring Discoverers-6
Lethis - Daring Discoverers-7
Lethis - Daring Discoverers-0
Lethis - Daring Discoverers-1
Lethis - Daring Discoverers-2
Lethis - Daring Discoverers-3
Lethis - Daring Discoverers-4
Lethis - Daring Discoverers-5
Lethis - Daring Discoverers-6
Lethis - Daring Discoverers-7


Posted: June 23, 2017
I’m a pretty big fan of Triskel. Even though they only have 1 game (2 if you count Lethis Post office but that never came to the states) I simple adorded Lethis: Path of Progress. The style, the music, the classic gameplay. If there is one thing Triskel has done is creating a wonderful world that is Lethis with so much charm and character. So while I was a bit disapointed in their next game not being a builder, I was excited that it was going to be an adventure game set in their world…. And then got confused when they said it would take place actully off world. A literal huge departure in both setting and gameplay.

Lethis: Daring Discoverers focuses around Lethis’s steampunk space program, where the program instead shoots explorers out of a giant canon in to space and on to the planets in their solar system. Unlike most common adventure games most people think of like that of Day of the Tentical or the Walking Dead games, Lethis is a mix of open world exploring, combat of Undertale, and that of a classic adventure game.

Before you shoot off you get to choose 1 of 5 different chracters. Each one has a different way of doing things. Some are better at combat while others are better with words. Each one though is already wonderful and full of personality from wacky scientist, to air pirate, to grandma (pro tip: Rose best character!) When you land you are not on a 2D plane or just have some limited space where you can walk around in. The game is about exploring planets! The first planet itself is already huge with villages, mountains, oceans and creatures and people you can interact with. The world even circles in on itself so you can literally walk in a loop. I could walk in a loop for days on this game cause once again, Triskel is acing it in the ambiance department. The music, the humor, the colors. LDD is a visual masterpiece with music that will stay in your head well after you exited the game.

Each planet has it’s own lore and story behind it, in order to go to the next planet you have to learn everything about the planet you are on first. There are a lot of ways to explore aside from physically walking around. Much of it is done in tadition adventure game style of talking to people and collecting items for fetch quests and puzzles. Some times you’ll even have to do a mini game, the most common one is that of tracing out hieroglyphs of the local peoples alphabets and words. Pretty impressive for much stuff there is till you realize there is no map so you literally have to remember where everything is yourself, and to make it worse when you die you lose everything and your location resets.

Speaking of which, you will die a lot. The game does have combat which copies that of Undertale. Your cursor changes to that of a heart and you enter a bullet hell type mini game where you doge attacks. Much like Undertale, I hate this part cause I’m pretty bad at bullet hells, but also because we have now come to the list of negatives.

Much like Undertale, there’s a lot of cheap shots they throw at ya, but unlike Undertale, LDD decides to troll you even further with the ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥t. You only have 1 health. Yup, one shot and you loose. Now add that enimies have 3 health. YUP HAVE FUN. NOW add again that the game still has bugs, the biggest and most common one is that the hit boxes either don’t line up perectly or linger well past their dates. Then much like Undertale, attacking is actually super boring and shouldn’t even count as combat at all. Enemy hearts spin around you have to hit them by either draging your mouse to the exposed heart or if you play as Monique or Rutherford, you shoot at them from a fixed spot.

Because of that, and that when you die you loose everything and then restart in a random location, the game becomes super tedious and very annoying to play unless you get everything right on the first time or you decided to draw your own map. You can kind of save your stuff back at your space pod but since you have no map this means getting back to it can take a while, or just never happen and it only saves writen data not items. Now you can find your body and loot it for the info and items you had on it but even that has a time limit on it. If you don’t look your body in time you’ll also loose everything, which when you spawn on the other side of the planet and have no map, well you might as well just start over. I haven’t even gotten off the first planet yet because of this and unless I am missing something I don’t think there is away to progress with out attacking something.

You’re now going to ask why I don’t just choose a character then that is better at combat? Well despite what the funny bios says, I don’t actually think any of the characters change other than how they attack. Maybe it’s cause I’m still on world 1 but I haven’t noticed anything different being done by any of the characters in the game. All the dialog options are the same, they all move the same and they all do the same damage and die in one hit. The only thing that is really different is how they look. Again, maybe the effect just isn’t as noticable on the first planet but you would think it would be even more noticable to let players see what is good at what and to figure out how they want to play the game.

The game is deffitnetly daring. A departure from their city building intro to an off planet adventure game is a throw to left field. But just like LPoP LDD is a step forward followed by a step back. We got some interesting stuff here. The combo of open world exploring, classic adventure gaming and the undertale style combat system is something that needs to be expanded on and refined. But again, lots of wasted potential and bugs are keeping this game for anything above an "It’s alright" score. Hopefully it doesn’t end up like with LPoP and gets fixed soon before interest wanes. I absolutely would like to see more of Lethis, and maybe even level 2.


Posted: August 27, 2017
First ever review. I think I would like this game a great deal–great art and sound and premise–but the combat speed makes the game essentially unplayable for me. You have to control a heart dodging spears on a 2D plane and they come so fast there is no way I can do it — my reflexes are just not fast enough and I die almost instantly. Seriously, the combat mini-game is far too fast for any but those with amazing reflexes. If the game had a difficulty level or speed setting that one could change to make the combat adjustable, it could be a really fun game. Right, now, I’m just frustrated that I can’t actually play the game beyond the first combat encounter.


Posted: June 9, 2017
Just bought this game and I have to say I am pretty impressed. At first, I did not know what to expect of the game play. Expect a half way between puzzle game and die and retry. And this is a not punishing die and retry.

Basically you are sent to a planet with different elements/creatures/people to interact with and you die. Then you have to change chap because the previous one is being cloned again and eventually you die again. However you learn a lot and you can go back to where you were to retrieve all your stuff without losing anything but the time you had to go where you died in the first place. You actually feel you are always going a bit further into solving the puzzle of each planet.
This game is not frustrating at all if not enjoyable.

I do hope the dev team will add new plannets to explore in the near future.


Posted: June 9, 2017
Probably not a bad game; but not my cup of tea. The art style is really amazing, so is the sound and the story is nice so far.

But, what kills my fun completely are the elements of a reaction game. When you are "fighting", you have to move your heart in a little screen so that you don’t get hit by attacking objects, first it seems easy, but then the attacking objects come faster and faster. Personally I find it pretty hard; especially, only one wrong move and your character/clone is dead and your next one has to land on the planet. And, after 7 tries, I didn’t even have the chance to attack the other one once, I always died before that; of course; i see a chance to win somehow, but I’m not willing to go into this process again, after that. The game is not only about fighting; but, it seems to be an essencial element of the game. So, always dying, when you can’t run away or choose another solution? (And I couldn’t choose another option in nearly all cases.) No, thank you.
Then, when deciphering something, you have to move your mouse pretty fast along some symbols, while time is running; this isn’t too hard, but why?
I think this game is a great game for everyone, who can live with these kind of gaming mechanics/obstacles and likes this kind of crossover game. Personally and that is why I can’t recommend the game, because for me in my personal opinion – why do I stress that out? Because it seems, some people don’t understand that a review always is subjective and therefore has the same right to exist as every other review -, I don’t like to play an exploration game, where my progress depends on how good and fast I can avoid something.

So, repeating myself: I can’t recommend it to people, who think in a similar way, who expect a nice and relaxing exploration game, without some parts of the game that depend on how accurate and fast you can move your mouse (with the controller it becomes even harder.) And I didn’t expect the game to have these kind of – at least for me – frustrating elements; there is one screenshot, yes, that shows how the fighting goes, but I didn’t think it would work the way it does. I expected the game – reading the description, watching the trailer – to be pretty different from what ii is.


Posted: October 8, 2017
This game is one isometric failure after another.

Lovely graphics, cute premise, and that’s about it.

Game is slow, clunky, unrewarding and the minigames require the impossibly fast reflexes of a cheetah.



Posted: June 22, 2018
Basically a choose-your-own-adventure book with really cute theme. You explore planets, encounter its native inhabitant, and choose your response to them. It got really nice visual and music, and great tongue-in-cheek steampunk exploration theme, but there’s just nothing else there. There’s no overreaching story, or anything like that. There apparently used to be combat, but it’s been removed by popular request.

If you see the screenshots and trailer and think that the visual and music is worth the price, definitely get it, because it’s *really good* but don’t expect anything more.

My Chaos

Posted: September 29, 2018
Lethis – Daring Discoverers


Lethis – Daring Discoverers is an exploration and investigation game with a gameplay inspired by choose your own adventure books in an isometric 2D view where you can travel to unbelievable planets!


– Amazing art style
– Sound music is good
– 5 players to play


– Clumsy mouse controls
– No checkpoints in the required place


History – 4/10
Music – 7.5/10
Graphics – 8/10
Contents – 6.5/10
Gameplay – 4.5/10

Final Opinion:

Explore other planets, meet their inhabitants, meet the animals that are part of the ecosystem and also the hostile ones, not forgetting the relic of each planet to be able to finalize the exploration.
I found the first planet quite interesting, took some time to realize what i need to do but I did manage. What killed my interest was on the second planet, although there are invisible walls and if the player goes by the wall gives instant death, I managed to realize what was supposed, and here I realized how much the mouse control is clumsy. There was one time that I clicked forward and the character went aside, which resulted in instant death and had to make the journey again. In the third maze if i am not mistaken there is no intuitive path to watch out for and if the player dies he will have to pass the 2 maze again to get to the third, and I wonder where is the checkpoint? Well there is not, and that was what made me give up the game after a few attempts failed.

I did not realize if each character has their Skill or if it just changes their look, the ones I did choose i didn’t seen any different between them.

I really liked the mechanics of battles, because making choices is also important.

The art style is amazing and soundtrack too, I think the two make a good duo.

The game itself is not a bad thing but it’s not one of the best either. And me for now did not wake me more interest, maybe in another time I will play again.

Note: 6.1/10

Red Bean Soup

Posted: September 17, 2018
Yet to finish the game. For now, needed to say the following.

Fantastic exploration idea, and the creativity. Sense of humour is witty. And so far, what planets I have encountered are very interesting & varied. I dont need battles, so I am good when the dev took away the reflex battle mechanism and replace it with text based responses. So it became a 2d isometric exploration gem. A rare treat and showing obvious love in its writing so far. I am enjoying the writing. Art matches the tone very well, loads more to explore.

But I am very frustated with KB+M Control & POV systems, obviously not utilising PC designs.
– To move, you hold down the LB mouse while pointing at the exact square you want to move to. But as your character moves towards your mouse, the POV automatically moved the map to centralise your avatar and your mouse ended up at another square, ensuring your death as your avatar change direction. Basically, HOLD DOWN your mouse otherwise your char stopped moving, but counter intuitively, as your avatar starts moving, CONSTANTLY MOVE YOUR MOUSE AND patiently WAIT AS YOUR AVATAR CLEAR EACH GRID in the direction you want it to go.
– You cant move a single square at a time unless you hold down the mouse button rather than a click. Click->hold->avatar start walking->POV adjust ->quickly let go of mouse before avatar veered off. Exactly like holding down a trigger button or a finger on your mobile. For a kb+m arrgmt, it slows down the pace massively.
– Dragging to delete items.

I have not found any keyboard shortcuts yet. If you are ok with clunky controls, go for it. It is a sweet gem indeed, so a tentative recommend.

Edit: Finished the game. I stand by my first review. It is a whimisical Verne-esque puzzle game, as per description. Lots of trial and error, many of my hours are compounded by clunky controls. I played it in windowed mode while I worked on smtg on another window. So i got past the clunky controls. I did have fun.


Posted: June 29, 2018

Exploring weird and wild worlds is supported by a wonderful art style that nails the adventure flavor. There are some hiccups in guiding players and mystery choices that slow the experience down.


Posted: October 1, 2018
I was quite intrigued by this game. The art style and exploration aspect spoke to me so I decided to give it a go.

It got old fast, real fast. You walk around, talk to the same people, do the same things and barely progress. Theres really no real sense of achievement, no real sense of getting somewhere you werent 30 minutes ago.

Encounters are bland and boring not proving much insight, "quest’s" or task’s you’d have to perform are just stale and this game just feels unfinished.

If aesthetic and art style is your thing, go ahead buy it, but if you’re looking for an interesting time with obstacles and challenges paired with adventure skip this game, it’s not for you.

Final rating:


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