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About This Game

LOTUS-Simulator is a driving simulator in a class of its own! At the beginning, the player chooses freely a vehicle and drives it around town, enjoys the ultra-realistic feeling of driving and the original sounds and may even forget that the vehicle is virtual. Once gripped by the excitement of simulation driving, the standards increase: stick to tight schedules, carry special passengers, master the difficult traffic. But that’s not all. The ambition grows with the experience: Now the multiplayer is played under real conditions – the colleagues in the control centre coordinate by radio, the game leader set challenges in the middle of the road, unpredictable weather, real duty rosters and long shifts. And after all, how about recreating the way of the school bus and to master the student’s traffic this time on your own? Didn’t the mate from the historic vehicle society have an ancient tram car with crank control standing around? You could breathe life again into it in the simulator – as a museum run or maybe even at the time it originates…

With LOTUS, dreams and ideas come true – and the best of it: every good realization will find followers and supporters that are hoping for extensions or are looking for exhausting the adventure of simulation driving. They are waiting for you!

LOTUS, that means: L like Leitstelle, (German, control centre), O like omnibus, T like tram, U like underground, S like suburban train.


  • Modular structure: Buy and play only what you are interested in – vehicles of the railway, like trams or trains, or vehicles of the road, like buses and trolleybuses, or even other modules that will be released later.
  • Realism: Driving physics, environmental physics, graphical effects, sounds, weather, seasons and the world coordinate system are uncompromisingly realistic – that is our first priority.
  • Multiplayer: Driving different tours with friends, greeting each other at the meeting point, ensure the connection by radio, coordinate everything in the control centre on your own or follow the instructions of your colleague – this and much more is provided by the multiplayer of LOTUS.
  • Map editor: With many tools, aids and quite a few ingenious gimmicks mountains are moved, embankments planned, tracks laid and streets tarmacked. Afterwards the landscape is shaped and decorated with buildings, trees, lights, stops, benches, fences and much more.
  • Content tool: Whether a single scenery object or a whole vehicle – with the content tool the objects are configured. From material settings to complex animation, from the design of the physics, the sound settings and the import and debugging of scripts, the content tool accompanies and supports the developer.
  • Plugin interface: A discarded crank, the board information system with display, a driver’s desk or a whole cockpit can be operated with the simulator and get information back from it by the use of the plugin interface.
*Schedules, passengers, traffic, multiplayer and weather will be enabled during Early Access and are not available from start!
    • OS: Windows 7, 8, 10
    • Processor: 2,6 GHz, 4 cores
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 512 MB VRAM
    • Storage: 5 GB available space
    • Additional Notes: OpenGL 3.3
Size: 765 MB


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Posted: September 15, 2018
Early Access Review

this early access was created for developers to get their feet wet in the content-creation tools. So, yes i recommend this if you’re a content creator. Please buy this and get started! 😉 OMSI is great but we need LOTUS to take over and pave the way to a brighter simulation future!

PS: it doesnt help the cause leaving a negative review when it’s doing what it is meant to do. read the description of the product before you buy it, specially at this price.

Rainz 070

Posted: September 15, 2018
Early Access Review

i played this now for 30 mins and i need to say. i have not experienced any issues regarding LOTUS. A few notices: performance looks beter then in OMSI. nice that the dev’s release it in early stages. we need to give the developers some time for updates to add more functions.


Still no errors and steady on 60FPS Maxed out.


Posted: September 15, 2018
Early Access Review

I think it will be a very good simulation. I hope one day will be a simulation about Amsterdam, Moscow, Budapest. I waiting for CKD trams and also combinos. At the moment it is good because we can see how is the simulator is developing. And I gladly help with the testing if it’s necessary. Personally I am a tram driver and previously I was train driver in real life. So I know a lot about this job. 🙂

+Real driving mechanism
+real lightning (personally I really like)

CONTRA: In this stage the game right now has a test map to make everything shown. Tram is good. No traffic and lights but still in kid shoe this great simulator.
Waiting for the tool.

Pierre Poutine

Posted: September 15, 2018
Early Access Review

It’s a tech demo at this point, but I like where it’s going. The issues with OMSI are not present here. Multi-threading seems to work better and there don’t seem to be any limitations on the engine performance wise.


Posted: September 15, 2018
Early Access Review

I’m suprised!

The game runs really smooth so far. And we are only using the 32bit engine for now. I think the game will finally run much smoother and will allow much better gameplay compared to OMSI 2.

But! If you buy the game now you ONLY Get the Rails Module! Not the streets! So If you want to drive a bus in the feature you need to pay once again.

Panini Leakes

Posted: October 27, 2018
Early Access Review

LOTUS-Simulator has a lot of potential!

Looks fantastic in-game, presently limited to only the light rail simulation as this is early access!
If you are a fan of transit simulation this is the game for you. Buying the game and support the developers!


Posted: September 15, 2018
Early Access Review

Do not buy this unless you’re addon developer or you really want to support the developers!

In it’s current stage it’s not a consumer product as stated in Early Access text.

It did a small overview on the consumer side: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fs3n3P1H9_0

In this case it was hard to give thumbs up / thumbs down. I do like where this is going and was surprised by this, however I cannot give thumbs up because at this point I can’t really reccomend this to reqular folks.

Finlay R.

Posted: April 1
Early Access Review

It’s hard to say with this simulator. I’ve played many of the transport games out now, from trains to buses, trucks and cars; I’ve got to say that LOTUS falls under one of those good sims! However, pre-note: this game ISN’T finished by any means, so don’t expect it to be.
When you launch the game, you are met with one tram and one map, the map included has about 700ft of track to drive on, in one massive circle, two stops. It’s not great in terms of content, but it does look amazing, and I have to say that the physics and handling are next level to any other tram simulation, as well as the graphics (they’re stunning!).
One thing that is good is that Steam Workshop is widely integrated into the sim, meaning mods can be applied almost instantly, with this, some amazing community maps have been added, allowing for a far better experience.
One thing that I really hate is how the simulator charges £32 for the game, with all of the features mentioned above, but then also charges £30 for the first DLC! The game isn’t finished! It confuses me why they have a DLC for the game, when all you get is 700ft on the base game, you don’t even get a new tram. This isn’t worth the money for what you get, but it’s worth the money if it was as cheap as £20.


Posted: March 12
Early Access Review

Despite it’s a early access copy, the game is great as it can. Looking forward to final release.

To developer: Would you consider to import Spandau 1989 and it’s bus like SD200 and SD202?

Philip G

Posted: September 21, 2018
Early Access Review

This game ios the best simulator I ever played, is so real and is a better and clear version then OMSI, lot more control with settings/graphics and the realisem of the vehicles and terrain/objects. I can give this overall 8.7/10.0

The cons is that the game doesn’t have a give you a change of OpenGL or DirectX 11/12 and last cons Do find textures does flicker with a black squared with the orgainal texture flickering under it.