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About This Game

Presenting a new and unique spin on "push block" puzzle gameplay, Luna and the Moonling stars two unlikely friends that must work together to solve a mystery and save their kingdom. Switch between characters and use teamwork and their unique abilities to solve the many riddles of the Moon Isles. Don’t let the adorable looks fool you though – many brain-twisting challenges lie ahead!

Venture to the Moon Isles in search of a cure for Luna’s father, the king. Along the way she and the Moonling will face many dangers and helpful creatures as they work their way through the many challenges put in place by the ancients to protect their secrets.

Inspired by the greatest adventure puzzle games of the past and improved upon with new gameplay and modern visuals, Luna and the Moonling is meant to be enjoyed by both old-school gamers and newer generations of gamers alike.

  • Many hours of challenging, mind-bending puzzles
  • A joyful and relaxing atmosphere
  • Optional challenges for every level
  • Story with cinematics and character voices
  • Original musical score
  • Innovative puzzle mechanics and creatures
  • Designed with future adventures in mind
  • Full controller and keyboard/mouse support
  • Created by developers of many award-winning games

Greyborn Studios was founded in 2016 by veteran game developers with many years of combined game development experience. We’ve helped bring to market numerous award-winning games spanning many popular genres and released on most major platforms. Games are our passion and lives and we are excited to share that passion with you!

    • 操作系统: Windows XP SP3+
    • 处理器: 2.2GHz Dual Core
    • 内存: 4 GB RAM
    • 图形: DX9 (shader model 3.0)
    • DirectX 版本: 9.0c
    • 存储空间: 需要 6 GB 可用空间
    • 附注事项: Try lowering graphics quality and/or resolution in game settings if frame rate is too low.
Luna and the Moonling-0
Luna and the Moonling-1
Luna and the Moonling-2
Luna and the Moonling-3
Luna and the Moonling-4
Luna and the Moonling-5
Luna and the Moonling-6
Luna and the Moonling-7
Luna and the Moonling-8
Luna and the Moonling-9
Luna and the Moonling-10
Luna and the Moonling-11
Luna and the Moonling-12
Luna and the Moonling-13
Luna and the Moonling-14
Luna and the Moonling-0
Luna and the Moonling-1
Luna and the Moonling-2
Luna and the Moonling-3
Luna and the Moonling-4
Luna and the Moonling-5
Luna and the Moonling-6
Luna and the Moonling-7
Luna and the Moonling-8
Luna and the Moonling-9
Luna and the Moonling-10
Luna and the Moonling-11
Luna and the Moonling-12
Luna and the Moonling-13
Luna and the Moonling-14
Size: 1.3 GB


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Posted: September 22, 2018
Product received for free

Welcome to Luna and the Moonling. You will control both Luna & the Moonling, navigating the puzzles to reach the end of the levels, all while trying to beat the time and move limits to earn the best score. You can still continue to the end of each level regardless of whether or not you surpass the time and move limits. You can work to gather the star in each level, or progress without them and return later to try and collect them all. You can go to the levels map at any time and replay any of the levels you have already finished, whether you want to try to get a better score or just to collect the stars. Play it your way. Only by utilizing both characters’ special abilities will you be able to solve the cleverly designed puzzles to unlock the portals to the next areas. Will you be able to save Luna’s father and lift the dreaded curse placed on him?

Luna and the Moonling is the first title on Steam by Developer Greyborn Studios, and is self-published. It has now left Early Access and the full version was released on Sep 21, 2018. They are now moving forward to bring us a new free quest for the title, so we can expect a patch soon to bring even more great gameplay for us to further our adventure! The title is a Casual Indie Adventure Puzzle Game with an emphasis on the puzzles. You must use your wits to utilize each of the characters’ abilities to solve the puzzles in each level. Only Luna may enter the Portals at each of the levels’ endings. But do not worry, for the Moonling will also teleport with you wherever they are on the level.

There are many features for the game, from Vibrant Game World to the Original Music Score, with many hours of enjoyable puzzling levels to enjoy. There is also the optional challenge of Collecting the Stars in every level. The Cinematics & Voice Acting are well done. The Puzzle Mechanics are well thought-out, and are laid out to be fun to conquer. With cute characters and enemies, the exceptional visual effects add to the relaxing atmosphere of the title. The game has been designed for the addition of future adventures; whether in the form of free updates or even DLC in the future, the foundation is in place. With the options of Full Controller Support or Keyboard and Mouse, you can play it your way.

The game gets more and more challenging as you progress through the levels, becoming more of a Hardcore game-style than Casual, though it does start out Casual while you familiarize yourself with the game controls. I found the keyboard controls to be a bit loose and my character would continue to move when I wanted to stop, or miss a turn by microseconds after hitting the key for the action I wanted to perform. That is really the only issue with the title (I did not test with a controller to see if using it had tighter controls). I also found some of the deviously designed puzzles to be difficult to progress through if I wanted to collect everything in the level. So the title is not quite Casual and not quite Hardcore, but a mixture of the two. Some levels will require a few attempts until you figure out the puzzles; some you will breeze through.

I enjoy puzzling games, and this title will flex and challenge your grey matter. It is well-made, and fans of the genre will enjoy it. I am curious to see where the developer will go for their next title, and will be following to see what their future holds. There is a fair amount of replay-ability, with some of the Steam achievements dependent on collecting all the stars. There are also15 hidden achievements, so you may find that you will play it through many times while working your way to 100% the achievements.

Are Your Puzzle Senses Tingling. Then Pick Up Your Copy Today!


Luna & the Moonling: A Perplexing Puzzling Adventure.

+Excellent Graphics
+Fun Challenging Gameplay
+Steam Achievements
+Steam Trading Cards

-Controls could use adjustment

Key provided by developer/publisher for review purposes. Any opinions expressed are entirely my own!

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Posted: October 19, 2018
Tip for gamer guys: if you’re looking for a game for your wife or girlfriend who "doesn’t like computer games", this is a great choice!

Great game! A very refreshing change from the relentless pace and mindless violence in many other games. It’s a lot of fun to just relax and solve puzzles at your own pace without anyone shooting at you or some artificial time constriant. The colors, graphics, and cutscenes are very well done and really pop. It’s very smooth and polished all aroundwith a cute and peaceful atmosphere. The gameplay is fun and interesting and the puzzles can be very challenging. Using two characters really adds to the potential complexity of the pouzzles. Highly recommended. It’s easy to jumop in and out, so it’s a nice way to kill either five minutes or five hours while de-stimming from regular life!


Posted: September 24, 2018
It’s a wonderful old school style puzzle game with more modern design sensibilities. The art is charming, the voices are adorable, and the gameplay is quick and forgiving but VERY challenging for the style of play. All the puzzles are very logical, and follow internally consistent conventions which help to communicate the game language. The play dynamic is with two characters, Luna and the Moonling. Luna fires magic that helps to solve puzzles, and the Moonling pushes blocks. You have to switch between the two in order to solve the complex puzzles. Additionally, there are more in-depth challenges on each level which give a great degree of replay value.

If I had one thing I’d change about the game, it’d be allowing for more checkpoints. Sometimes I don’t want to replay the beginning of a level just because I made an irreparable mistake later in the level.

I did a Let’s Play of the first two hours here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O4YA5uifzPI


Posted: November 21, 2018
I really like this game, it reminds me a bit of ittle dew, the puzzles are deceptively simple and yet get so complicated. The Music is beautifully done and very soothing. It also plays very well on a Linux platform. When this developer makes more games I will be purchasing them, based solely on this game.


Posted: November 20, 2018
Very entertaining, colorful, and peaceful little puzzle game. The puzzles are satisfying and also challenging once you get deeper into it. This one will not give anybody nightmares or anxiety issues. I do recommend it, and thanks for the Linux support!


Posted: September 6, 2017
Early Access Review

I have been playing this game for 1 week, mainly on my Twitch stream.
This game is a cute puzzle game with two adorable characters. But don’t be deceived – it is a challenging, scratch your head and scream in frustration at your computer screen puzzle game.

As with anything that is Early Access, there are things aren’t quite there but the team at Greyborn Studios are quick to respond to the community and are really passionate around the game.

100% worth picking up this game.


Posted: October 11, 2017
Product received for free

Early Access Review

An excellent casual game for puzzle fans. 6/7

The controls get finicky when pushing blocks. It’s very easy to ruin a level for yourself then hit a checkpoint before realizing your error. Music is repetitious as well but relaxing. Cute and fun.


Go step on a Lego.

Posted: October 18, 2018
Its fun and adorable!


Posted: November 24, 2018
Cute and fun. Good for relaxing.

Mr. Jacobs

Posted: August 30, 2017
Early Access Review

Distictive art syle.
Relaxing atmosphere.
Reasonably challenging puzzle, block-pushing gameplay.
Still has some bugs and is probably a little too expensive for what it is.
I still recommend the game, however.