Misunderstanding of gamers about gaming world

In today’s article, let’s learn about the 6 most misleading thoughts of gamers about the video game industry.

Beautiful graphics means better games

Misunderstanding of gamers about gaming world – Crysis

Agree that looking at the glittering games like Crysis, Metal Gear Solid V, Far Cry 4, we immediately have feelings and want to test them. But Is Crysis better than Final Fantasy VI or Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time? Certainly many will choose NO.

Misunderstanding of gamers about gaming world –
Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

“Today there are a lot of gamers who care only about how a game has beautiful graphics, how big the world is, regardless of whether they bring anything new or not. Or other games only look at texture smoothness and frame rate. “- Shawn Allen, designer of Treachery in Beatdown City.

Every game maker is crazy rich

Do you admire Markus Persson – Minecraft? In fact, not all game makers are lucky enough to create products that attract millions of players.

Cliff Bleszinski – a famous figure of Epic Games and Gears of War studio said: “I was really lucky. Although I work very hard, not everyone has the opportunity to work under such a kind boss as Tim Sweeney. Not every person in the game industry successful like me, there are hundreds of others who are not so lucky. “

Everything that game makers do for profit

Although making the game is to make money, the money is not the only thing developers care about. Matthew Medina from ArenaNet said: “I used to work at EA twice, but I never thought my colleagues tried to do everything just to make money from players. The game is a business, so Investors often have to consider whether or not the investment of X money for this game will bring Y profit, the rest of the game design always comes from passion. “

Developers don’t care about game errors

Sometimes gamers encounter errors right from the game’s menu screen and think the developer is too lazy to miss such an obvious error. In fact, almost every kind of game bug happens only when a series of conditions are happened at the same time, for example when the player owns X items, use a Y bullet, has killed 20 enemies, or when the clock in the game touches the right time, for example.

Bug is never predictable, and a gamer who can play for a decade without a problem when another one only takes 5 minutes to find out. So although the testing process was carried out for a long time with a large number of people, the game never got rid of errors from small to large when officially released. Of course, cases like Battlefield 4 fail because of rushing to keep up with the launch date are diferent.

Gamers are always the ones who understand the game best

Fans are very passionate about a particular series or game. They think that they have a clear understanding of the products they love, know what the game needs, and what it has to remove to become attractive. Walking around the game forums, we easily come across topics like: “Game X needs to go in the direction of Y to succeed”.

But it is only personal opinions, and the game is made to serve the whole community, not just individuals. “If we rely on the feedback of the majority of players to make the game, now Assassin’s Creed is full of dragons and monsters, or none of the characters die in the Game of Thrones.” – Patrice Desilets, the brightest Create the Assassin’s Creed series.

DLC releasing is bad

DLC is a very popular part of today’s video games, even many games have DLC from the first release date. This kind of “mini” expansion is made with the aim of bringing more revenue to the publisher / developer, that’s right. However, the fact that many people do not know that DLC also contributes to creating jobs for many employees.

Elizabeth Zelle – a game developer at Deep Silver shared: “In the past, I often saw mass layoffs after a game completed because the team would lose their job. When the next project needed manpower, they started recruiting more new people. The process of developing DLC helped everyone to continue to work at the company and have a more stable job. “

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