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About This Game

A loving family discovers that their daughter has fallen ill. While her parents set out to get her the treatment she needs, her determined older brother turns to the power of imagination to help them cope. While the outside world offers a harsh reality, these innocent children create a surreal fantasy world that gives them the play and comfort they need. Embark on a grand journey to five different lands filled with incredible robo-moose, floating baobabs, giant mushrooms, and clocks melting to the rhythm of passing time.

In this magnificent land of make-believe, a cute little rabbit wants to nurse his ill friend the flower back to health in any way he can. He must use his wits to decipher puzzles inspired by classic point-and-clicks, uncover hidden objects, and play minigames to continue his adventure. Is it just childโ€™s play or does it all have a deeper meaning that reflects reality?

Take part in this inspiring story of siblings who support each other in difficult times through the power of imagination. Accompany them on the quest to help the flower regain its health.

Travel through the wondrous lands of a colorful universe where you must question everything you know about reality. Help the rabbit solve puzzles, find hidden objects, and assemble strange machinery in a world where conventional logic doesnโ€™t apply.

Every step in the journey is accentuated by the atmospheric music created by the composer behind the scores for Layers of Fear, Kholat, Husk, and >observer_. Listen to the song โ€œDreamsโ€ by Emi Evans, the artists behind NieR: Automata and Dark Souls. The song is now available for free on Bandcamp, Soundcloud and Youtube.

Remember your childhood and see the world through young eyes again. Believe in the power of imagination: it always finds a way, even in the darkest of times. Your empathy and ingenuity can save the day. How will this journey end?

    • OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
    • Processor: 2.0 GHz
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 256 MB VRAM
    • Storage: 2 GB available space
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My Brother Rabbit-0
My Brother Rabbit-1
My Brother Rabbit-2
My Brother Rabbit-3
My Brother Rabbit-4
My Brother Rabbit-5
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Posted: October 7, 2018
Product received for free

My Brother Rabbit is a charming and touching story about a young brother and his little sister who got mysteriously ill. The game will take you to a fantasy world where a little cute rabbit does all he can to protect the delicate flower in five beautifully made chapters. Each chapter contains many puzzles, objects to find and collect in order to complete or open a path to the next area.

The user interface is easy, and kind of used as a hint, especially for the items you want to find, when you move from an area to another, the square on the top with the item inside of it will light up, which means you can find it in this area, when it turns dark it means there are no items to pick here. In this screenshot you can see the balloons icon light up while the others are not.

The beautiful into music got me hooked, I was so excited when they announced the singer will be Emi Evans who sang beautifully in many games before including (Drakenguard/Drag-on Dragoon and Nier) The composer did a great job too with the tone of the music as sometimes it sounded happy and in other scenes it shows us how sad the parents are.

The artwork is amazing, especially the parents and their kids story sequences, I loved those the most, but of course, the whole game’s graphics and artwork are beautiful and unique. Characters style are cute. I liked that you can interact with almost everything you see.

+Beautiful artwork and characters design.
+Wordless charming story.
+Beautiful relaxing soundtracks.
+Varieties of puzzles.
+Steam achievements.

-No hinting system.
-You can’t skip puzzles.

Artifex Mundi always make the best games, and this one is no exception, I highly recommend it to people who enjoy puzzles, adventure, and colorful games.

๐น๐‘œ๐‘Ÿ ๐‘š๐‘œ๐‘Ÿ๐‘’ ๐‘Ÿ๐‘’๐‘ฃ๐‘–๐‘’๐‘ค๐‘  ๐‘๐˜ฉ๐‘’๐‘๐‘˜ ๐‘š๐‘ฆ ๐‘๐‘ข๐‘Ÿ๐‘Ž๐‘ก๐‘œ๐‘Ÿ ๐‘๐‘Ž๐‘”๐‘’ ๐น๐‘’๐‘’๐‘›๐‘Ž’๐‘  ๐ถ๐˜ฉ๐‘œ๐‘–๐‘๐‘’


Posted: September 23, 2018
My Brother Rabbit takes all the standard expectations of HoG gameplay mixes them up and arrives with a title that is innovative, whimsical and a joy to play.

When his little sister falls ill, a young boys imagination leads him to invent a fantasy world in which he as Brother Rabbit, searches for a cure for Little Flower. In every way this is a heartwarming tale, deeply rooted in empathy and compassion. The uniqueness of the title however lies in its innovation, bending the standard tropes of the HOPA genre.

  • Heartwarming tale
  • Excellent task design
  • Amazing graphics and cut scenes
  • Delightful soundtrack

  • Extremely short
  • Tasks can be overwhelming at times
  • Annoying HUD system that canโ€™t be minimized
  • No hint system
  • Little replayability value

My Brother Rabbit is an unvoiced game, the narrative delivered via cutscenes, and gameplay, weaving its quest for understanding through a childโ€™s eyes. And the game is immensely naive, with vibrant colours vying for supremacy in every environment. Strange creatures vie for existence in a variety of ecosystems. The world is bizarre juxtaposing our understanding of fantasy with a child’s bewildering experience of hospitals and surgical wards, slowly grappling to come to terms with the harshness of reality.

This juxtaposition of the childโ€™s mind and the adultโ€™s world has been attempted before, most notably in games like The Whispered World and its sequel Silence but where these are aimed at slightly older audiences, My Brother Rabbitโ€™s appeal lies in the fact that it is suitable for all ages and celebrates the robustness of the human psyche in overcoming trauma, fear and loss of innocence. It accomplishes this by showing the alien experience that is the healthcare system and the fear experienced by a child confronting this for the first time. Her Brother Rabbit, accompanies her each step of the way, assisting and comforting her, never giving up searching for her even when she is lost and far away, stranded on a distant shore.
Little Flower’s variety of ailments to cure are born out in the gameplay. Barriers to progress such as thermometers halt the search of Brother Rabbit, and until her temperature falls, he is unable to progressโ€ฆ this entails a hunt. A hunt for a solution to help lower her fever and what better way than by searching for her favourite food; ice lollies. It seems quirky yet this is the logic of the child at play here.

Searchingโ€ฆ will form the bulk of the gameplay, and this is where Artifex Mundi has created a variation on their established Hidden Object game formula. No longer are Hidden Object scenes additional to the gameplay, instead every area is home to objects. Some are macguffins, to lead you astray, but the vast majority will have you clicking them to either pick up, or interact with to reveal another object for collection. This innovation makes the pixel hunting far more integral to the gameplay. A welcome change, however those who donโ€™t like scouring every scene are going to be disappointed with this game.

In addition to this basic variation of the Hidden Object scene, there are also construction scenes that will have you placing items onto strange contraptions to make them work, leading to a feeling of actively changing the world as you construct something, and are the most tactile of the interactions in the game.

Quests are delivered when you find the related puzzle, which will send you wandering off to acquire the appropriate items to activate it. They are monitored in small boxes at the top right hand of the screen and will be blue if an object is present or grey if not. This is the primary hint system of the game as there are no other options to guide you. The boxes also contain a certain number of dots, indicating how many items of a certain type you need to find. I found the boxes to be somewhat irritating, as they are the only aspect of an HUD present, and since the game will have you pursuing multiple quests at a time I constantly wished I could hide them to see the screen better as they slowly stretched out to fill the top.

Many of the puzzles will be familiar favourites to veterans of the genre, and a pleasant surprise was the scaling difficulty, with puzzles near the end actually increasing in complexity. This was a welcome relief as there is no ability to scale difficulty levels when starting the game, since the game doesnโ€™t use the standard HoG mechanics, however it was still rather easy to complete, and as a consequence has a fairly short playtime, especially when compared to other games in the genre.

Sometimes the quests did become frustrating as Quest A would require Quest B which would require Quest Cโ€ฆ this chaining was irksome rather than endearing, and lead to something of a bottleneck if you were missing an item for Quest C yet had already obtained the majority of the items for A and B. However at most points in the game the quests were parallel which reduced this frustration.

Activating the puzzles can either be a chore or a joy depending on how much you enjoy gathering items. The game is fair in how often it provides you with new quests as well as the number of active quests, so although you will be revisiting areas in search of items, this is generally limited, and it manages to feel fresh, rather than repetitive. This freshness was also enhanced as some of the puzzle solutions actively acted to change aspects of the environments.
With its whimsical ambience, inventive contraptions, bizarre environments and quirky creatures, all the ingenuity of the artists are on display here. The artwork is of the exceptional quality that Artifex Mundi is renowned for, and each environment has scenic backdrops to hint at a larger world yet provides enough mid- and foreground to search out the items. There is a somewhat 2 dimensional feel, as you tend to move either left or right across the scene or up and down, and never into the field of vision. This made the world feel a little restricted.

The animations are fluid and highly entertaining. Each creature has small amusing expressions and interactions, that added to their characterization and there is a plethora of small details to be noticed whether it is rotating windmills, or snapping crab claws, everything moves with uniqueness and distinction.

The cutscenes were gorgeously rendered, done in a pen and ink style, with added watercolours that told the events of the story. It formed a lovely counterpoint to the saccharine colours of the main game, with the neutral whites a pleasant break for the eyes.

From the opening menu the dulcet voice of Emi Evans, will serenade you with a haunting lullaby hinting at the specialness of the soundtrack. There is a variety of music to enjoy from upbeat tunes to slow melodies. Especial favourites where the toe-tapping sequences during the construction scenes, where with each additional item new instruments would burst into life expanding the beat or introducing a new layer to the melody.

My Brother Rabbit is a charming and whimsical adventure that showcases the power of imagination in overcoming fear and difficulties. It is innovative and will definitely shake up the genre however there are still some issues with this new design that will need to be ironed out if used in future releases as well as lengthening the overshort playtime.

Score: 7/10 ~Good~
Product received for free for review purposes
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Posted: October 7, 2018
Product received for free

My Brother Rabbit (Point-n-Click Adventure-lite)
Game provided for Curator review

Options include separate sliders for Music, Sound and Brightness. Left click to interact, right-click to cancel.

The first thing I noticed upon entering was the music. That gorgeous and haunting song just floored me! I’m really happy that there’s a downloadable soundtrack for this one! Do yourself a favor and take a listen to the OP:

At a glance, this looks much like a game that Amanita[amanita-design.net] might have designed, but it plays more like a cross between Violett and The Tiny Bang Story. This is a bright and colorful world, full of interesting tasks and puzzles, but it is rooted in some very serious subject matter. Everything in the game (except for a few tutorial pop-ups) is communicated via pictures. Heads up that the cutscenes may be hard to watch if you’ve ever had a seriously-ill child. (I don’t consider this a spoiler since it’s in the game description.)

The gameplay revolves around big brother’s way of dealing with his sister’s illness – with his rich imagination. Enter his magically-creative world, and his own way of telling the story.

Click on anything, click on everything. When you see a translucent butterfly-like creature, click on the area to get new items to find. These items will show up in a to-find box in the top right corner. The dots beneath the image there will show you how many you need to find, and if it’s black-and-white, there are no more to be found at your current location.

Can’t remember where you’re supposed to use the items when you find them all? No worries, the devs thought of that! Click on the blue arrow at the bottom of the box for a picture of where you need to be.

There are no HINTS and no SKIPS, but the puzzles aren’t mind-boggling or frustrating. In addition to standard (but still inventive) puzzles, there are also areas where you need to put things together, such as a flying machine. I really enjoyed these sequences ;D

We have five world areas to explore, and each will be available via the main menu’s Chapter Select option once you complete it.

The 30 Achievements are not all obtained through just playing the game – you’ll have to work towards some of them (I managed to miss five! lol~)

My Brother Rabbit is a vibrant and engaging trip into imagination, and I had a lot of fun playing it! Recommended!


Posted: October 6, 2018
Product received for free

Amazing game!
I didn’t knew that such a beautiful and colorful game hides a very deep story about family problems.
Arts are really great, all those details and ideas for locations, just beautiful. There are many puzzles and spot the item mini games. The sountrack for this game is really cool, the main song is still in my head ๐Ÿ™‚
There’s no need to rush this game, there are no timers for anything, so just relax and sink in it.


Great story
Beautiful locations and art
Cool sountrack
Interesting puzzle mini games


No hits

I approve this game ๐Ÿ™‚

PS. For achievement hunters, it’s easy to do 100% (don’t forget about Swan achievement, like I did) x]


Posted: October 29, 2018
Product received for free

Short version: 72%
โ€˜My Brother Rabbitโ€™ is an indescribably cute and touching childrenโ€™s hidden object game that somehow manages to have the difficulty of something made for adults.

Long version:
โ€˜My Brother Rabbitโ€™ falls into a rare kind of hidden object game, where the story is almost entirely visual with no text, the objects are scattered around the playing area, and the puzzles are more like a means to measure progress.
These kinds of HOGs are great for children to teach them how to pay attention to detail while also giving them a visually astonishingly story about the titular rabbit helping an ill plant creature, which serves as an allegory about a real-world sick girl and her brotherโ€™s worries about her health.

However, there is a strange duality here: the graphics and the story obviously target children, yet some hidden items and a few of the puzzles can stop many adults in their tracks. Normally, a hint system and a skip button can remedy this, but we lack those entirely here. If you do not get stuck, the game is incredibly cute and fun, but if you do, then you are way too much on your ownโ€”maybe this enforces its status more as a family game.

cbones – LINUX

Posted: February 28
The best way I can summarize this game is as such:
The Whispered World + The Tiny Bang Story + Artifex Mundi = My Brother Rabbit

If you enjoyed The Tiny Bang Story, this game is for you. If you enjoy the puzzles you have come to expect from Artifex Mundi, this game is for you.

If you are playing with kids, do not let them get too worried it all works out.

Additional Details
Operating System
Ubuntu Linux 18.04 x64
Ryzen 5 1500x
GTX 1050, nvidia-410.78
Game Saves
Automatically, and on exit
I happily payed a premium due to the ongoing Linux support from Artifex Mundi, and the "family time" this provided
Technical Notes
No problems

Rachel #NoCensorship

Posted: September 22, 2018
Very beautiful game. A mix of point & click with hidden-object and puzzle.
Took me around 4 hours to finish + 10 minutes to get 3 achievements I had missed. There’s a chapter selection for that after you finish the game.
Some might say it’s short but for me it was the right length. I prefer quality over time.
It never gets boring or too hard. I had a great time. The soundtrack is very nice and complements the art perfectly.
Totally worth it’s price. Recommended if you enjoy this kind of games.
Regret = ZERO


Posted: November 27, 2018
My Brother Rabbit is a wonderful, imaginative, colorful game. It’s more than a game, it’s an experience. You take on the roll as the older brother (Rabbit) of a sister (Flower) who has fallen ill. The only way he can help her is with his imagination. The music (beautiful) and the artwork (wondrous) tell the story. Because these two factors are done so well, you don’t need words. My favorite scenes/puzzles were the machines you had to find the parts for. With every new part, you get an added musical section. I did have to check the walkthrough a couple of times on some puzzles because you really have no instructions. One part in the last chapter I found very poignant was how Rabbit was sweating and struggling to hold up Flower. Nice touch. Well done Artifex Mundi!


Posted: October 9, 2018
Product received for free

Crim’s Humble Opinion Curator

The Boundless Powers of Imagination
Children can have such a colorful and imaginative viewpoint of the world that adults have long abandoned. My Brother Rabbit is a surrealistic and beautifully drawn point and click title that explores a serious life happening through the wonderful imagination of a child. Playing the five worlds in this title will probably get you close to 3 hours or more gameplay. I was really excited to chunk into this one because of the art and strange world to explore. I was immediately floored upon the title screen with the haunting music by composer Arkadiusz Reikowski and singer Emi Evans. Even if you don’t end up picking this title up right now; do yourself a solid and just enjoy this wonderful introduction song here

Building bridges between children and adults
This is one of those special and rare titles that both a child and adult can sit down and enjoy. It can be the child trying to figure things out or the adult playing through. There are some serious subjects that My Brother Rabbit paints in a way that can be a good starting ground for discussion between an adult and child. It is also a very relaxed and casual style play. The UI on the screen is pretty easy to understand. It would be nice if there was a hint system or puzzle skip of sorts for those who would wish for it. Being able to interact with every little thing be it important or not was a nice little touch as well.
It may be a bit short of an experience for the price tag, but the experience is definitely worth it. Between the imaginative art, the hauntingly beautiful music, the serious but surrealistic painted story, and the fun and casual point and click gameplay it is a great experience. Fans of Artifex Mundi games will enjoy this for being a stable and beautiful point and click that the studio is known for. Newcomers will enjoy the casual and relaxing play style. If you need to wait for a sale to justify the fifteen dollars go for it, but this is a great title worth playing through.


Posted: September 29, 2018
Dear Lord, if I had ever been told I would suppress tears in front of an HOG!
This was, to me, a very beautiful game. The soundtrack, in particular, fits perfectly the journey: sometimes cheerful, then sombering into a quite dark and moving evocation of the life of a little child in the final chapter.
I was delighted by the tightly handcrafted experience that I was offred: a lot of the elements of the scenes responded to my interactions, in a manner I had not seen since the Freddi Fish glory days. Not only a game, My Brother Rabbit also embraces its nature as the (namesake) toy.
The only part I had reservation is toward the abrupt ending, sadly pretty usual to the genre, but especially startling in such an absorbing game. But really, I do not know if there was any way to properly end that charming adventure.

I am very grateful. One can only hope Artifex Mundi won’t wait another 4 years before gracing us again with such a jewel.