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About This Game

The Naruto franchise is back with a brand new experience in NARUTO TO BORUTO: SHINOBI STRIKER! This new game lets gamers battle as a team of 4 to compete against other teams online! Graphically, SHINOBI STRIKER is also built from the ground up in a completely new graphic style. Lead your team and fight online to see who the best ninjas are!
    • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
    • OS: Windows 7/8.1/10
    • Processor: Intel Core i3-8350K
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GT 640
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 40 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX 11 sound device


Posted: September 8, 2018
Alright people listen up.

I’ve read the reviews. i saw the negativity as well as the positivity and i took it all with a grain of salt. So to all those who have an interest, please read this carefully, because i think that this will be the most honest review you will read.

I took the risk.

So… there is no plot. Theres no story to be had, and YOU as you make your shinobi are faceless ninja number 7512. There is nothing expected of you. You are not special. Go in knowing this. The story mode – the way to unlock missions – are to find like 8 people in the small hub world and do their personal solo missions. You can beat the "story mode" in one sit down with general ease once you find your mojo.

But this game isnt about the story. Think of the story mode as a LONG tutorial and you wont be disappointed.

There are a good like… 5 or 6 maps with both a day and night cycle. A Forest area, Sand area, A Rain area, Cloud Area, a Town area and perhaps one more. Theres PVP, PVE, Base Capture, Capture the Flag, and a straight up 4v4 brawl. i may be missing one or two more modes, but this is what i ran into during play.

You as a character can choose 4 different styles of combat gameplay. Assault, defence, ranged, and healer. You can only create one character. You can freely change it at any time so theres no need to reset, which is nice. Character customization is laughable, but enough to make you feel at least somewhat "unique". There is quite a bit in the way of clothes or other cosmetic items cuz there are over 4000 pieces of recycled color-coded versions of what you can find. The only colors you can change are specific to your avatar (i.e. Hair, eyes, skin, height). After a good 17 hours i only picked up about 100 different pieces and i managed to buy the shop out in game. These clothes have different stats to help boost and aid your fighting style, so do take a look at them.

The gameplay is solid and smooth. And yes, i consider this to be the Dragon ball z Xenoverse Naruto bare-bones first edition. Its like an early access game waiting for more. Is it worth the $50? Well no. I’d recommend waiting until it drops to $30 or lower, but i do not regret my decision to get the basic non-deluxe edition. Cuz why would you? you can unlock everything within the game for free.

Now, beware
For those who have spent more time in here will have the jutsus to pull off some real ♥♥♥♥♥ tactics. To say that one class in particular is broken means that either you simply cant get past their defenses, or you’re still too green. For example, The attacker fighting style can completely wreck your♥♥♥♥♥♥if you dont know how to defend yourself, block, or parry. Healers with the right jutsu can make the rest of your team effectively immortal, but can practically get one-shotted. Defence types will camp the♥♥♥♥♥♥out of important areas and are tanks, but are slow and cant keep up with most of the party. And ranged units can be crafty snipers and it can be difficult to ground them, but they can get stunlocked easily. It WILL be frustrating at first, but as a level 1 i actually managed to completely curb-stomp a level 60. Levels are basically pointless. At least to me. You just simply have to get good.

Overall i find this game addicting. Im having fun. Even if im losing the PVP half or most of the time.
The real purpose of this game is to play with others. It accomidates to all basic playstyles and preferences for a technical MMO. So here is the TL;DR version

– Fun gameplay, solid response time, good controls.
– Customization of your avatar
– Loot loot loot. So much loot
– You can unlock everything within the game for FREE with time.
– Varying playstyles
– Levels/ranks dont matter as much as you think

– Limited Customization.
No sliders, No large pallet color choice, Cannot change color of clothes
– The Grind is real. Have the patience of a pokemon trainer lookin for shinies.
– Cannot buy Jutsus.
– Not a lot of in game items to purchase upon completion of the "storyline".
– Not enough variant weapons for each class.
– Not enough variant Maps to explore or play in. Give us at least 10.
– Not enough Missions. Give us at least like 15 for each rank.
– No Storyline.

So would i recommend this game? Yes.
But again, not for the price its currently sitting at. Once some more DLC comes out and if these cons are managed, then absolutely. But if you’re going to price your game at $50, you need to have more content.

Feel Free to ask a Panda anything.


Posted: August 31, 2018
The game itself is fun, but theres a lot of negatives tbh. (grade = rank btw)

The ranking system is sh*t . A person can lose every game and still get to the highest grade. In league matchmaking, you can either get paired up with people who started the game, someone with a 1000 losses or someone with a 1000 wins. Not the same skill level at all…

Not to mention people from different grades always face off with each other which gives a unfair advantage anyway. You could be rank D5 (lowest rank) and face off against C2s. (7 grades higher) or even worse. I know ranks don’t mean anything but it shows a complete noobie who has played like a few games at most against someone who has grasped the mechanics way more. (You can still win though, as I stated they could’ve lost their way to their grades.)

Also f*cking forced roles should be added, your character can play all roles but no one ever plays healer AND if you want to play healer just dont, your team just abandons you and stays far away as possible from you. That’s a big problem but the more annoying thing is the whole team playing the same f*cking role which is a gg before the game even started. It’s a team game, carrying is really impossible unless the enemies are bots.

The lock-on is absolute garbage, if a guy is near you or attacking from behind it locks on to someone more far away and is never precise when more than one enemy is near you. Literally calling the lock-on trash is a compliment.

Not much to do, theres about like 4 maps, only combat mode atm and the character creation is meh. I haven’t unlocked all of it so theres more stuff that might be cool.


Posted: April 23
It’s entirely multiplayer based, but doesn’t have a playerbase. Imagine Xenoverse without any of the singleplayer content. I don’t recomend this game, even for the $14 price tag it’s on sale at right now.

Гадкий аутёнок

Posted: November 22, 2018
UPD8: I understand that this game is made purely based on business goals and earning money from the Naruto franchise. Now I get errors that kick me out of the game all the time and that makes this game even more annoying. Yes, I admit it, I bought the Madara DLC (the f**k it costs more than other characters, are you kidding me?) and that means that I kinda support the bad quality of this game. As I said before – the game is fun. But damn it’s bad when you have to buy something to make it playable for a bit longer. Very nice business, but it’s sad that the studio that made Storm series f***ed up this game so badly and use Naruto fans as a gold mines (hello, 2nd DLC pack). Never thought that this developer can make things even worse for themselves. Result: yes, I play this game. Reason: despair, because we are not gonna get another one or at least get this one fixed. F*** you, freaking miners.

I was very enthusiastic about this game. It came out to be not what I expected BUT still pretty fun. For a month or two. Now they are releasing DLC’s where you have to buy a character if you want to be able to unlock their techniques and apparel for your avatar. In the game that costs 50$… Sorry WHAT? You guys are f-ing b-ches. This game is not good enough to cost even 30$ and still you’re trying to make more money on it with a thing like selling characters separately? F*** you. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥t. That’s a huge motherf-ing spit in the faces of all Naruto fans. Nice work, idiots.


Posted: October 15, 2018
This game is pretty fun if
– The servers worked
– The abilities were blanced and some didn’t one-shot you.
– The camera weren’t a freaking nightmare sometimes.
– The clothe could be customized with different stats.
– The matchmaking were fixed. (Takes to long to find a game)
– Didn’t kick you out of a match after a few second of just joining the game. (If ranked/ninja world league you will get a penalty for "leaving")
– Had more maps and more missions.


Posted: December 7, 2018
I have too much to say about this game, so I’ll keep it short.

-Well, it’s a Naruto game
-Nice Combat System
-Nice customization system

-Lacking any type of widespread in-game communication
-Terrible matchmaking system that hardly works like it’s supposed to
-Not enough menu options in game
-DLC characters are not worth the price on top of a $50 game


Posted: December 14, 2018
Do not buy this game, the game is dead, you will not be able to play online and there is barely any offline content. I repeat, do not buy this game, not worth your money!


Posted: April 23
Product received for free

The netplay makes everyone feel like they’re on taco bell wifi, and the pve is some of the most artificial difficulty BS I’ve played.
Go play storm instead. Better yet, boot up your PS2 and play ultimate ninja.

The Thump Guy

Posted: April 11
Now look. I LOOOOOVE this game. When it actually let’s you play. Wait times for the PC version are absolutely terrible. I don’t know if it’s a player count thing (90% sure it is) or ♥♥♥♥♥♥ connection, but it’s awful. Game play is great, but the camera when using mouse and keyboard can ♥♥♥♥ you up A LOT. Progression is at a good pace, ranked system is basic but still fun, and customization of characters is top notch.

I recommend the hell out of this game! Just not for PC. Unless they add cross platform play to boost the amount of players in a lobby, don’t buy it on Steam. PS4 version, as far as I can see, is WAY more active. And controller is way nicer to use than a keyboard/mouse combo.

P.S. Only good DLC is Obito, Madara, and Minato but that is just my opinion :^)


Posted: October 24, 2018
Edit: This review is/will probably be outdated but I sure as hell am not going back to this game to see whats new/been fixed/whatever.

Its really only enjoyable when I play with someone else(my bf)and even then the game’s horrible camera, lag and matchmaking makes it really annoying at times and the lag can really screw you over in games. (I have a really good new desktop with decent internet and this game rubberbands more than any other game ive ever played.)
I suggest playing with a friend over voicechat(discord, steam, etc) bc I dont think youll find much enjoyment playing alone, but thats just me.

Bandai constantly tells us they’re fixing matchmaking or have already fixed it, then boom you get games with level 10s and under or people that no-life the game and are level like 500+. Getting a game takes forever on a good day and sometimes my bf and I were just sitting there for like 40 minutes talking about memes while we waited, we forgot we were even playing the game lol.
Did I mention you can’t leave matchmaking once your already in it? So if you change your mind mid-way, whoops, too bad, you can’t leave for some reason. Also my bf gets the ‘black screen’ issue all the time, where the screen goes black after a game ends and you dont get any exp, training points or anything. I don’t experience this, but I know a lot of other people do.

VR missions are so easy, at least they were for me. I did all of the A ranks and most of the S ranks first try with randoms. B rank is, for some reason, harder than the A ranks and D-C ranks are really easy you might as well just solo them. Most of the rewards aren’t even worth going back to get, in my opinion. Once you get Chunin rank the game forces you to sit through the LONG credits in its entirety, but nothing but an achievement happens for Jonin lol. New stuff unlocks in the store for each of these ranks, but you can just unlock this stuff through scrolls if your lucky enough.

There are currently 4 gamemodes, Base Battle, Combat Battle, Flag Battle and Barrier Battle.
It gets really repetitive playing the same four modes over and over and over again, with only two of those modes being enjoyable sometimes.
In Base Battle, you try to take over more bases and fill the bar up before the other team does.
This mode is okay but most of the time(for me) its a stomp, either my team stomps or the other team does. Very rarely will I have a actual close game, but again this is just from my experience.
In Combat Battle, the team that gets the most kills wins and theres also scrolls you can get that buff your team in some way.
I only find myself enjoying this mode if our team actually knows what they’re doing, obviously its never fun getting curb-stomped. Some people use cheesy jutsu to get scrolls or teamwipe(old planetary lol) but I would say this is the mode I prefer to play the most out of the four.
In Flag Battle, you have to bring back the other teams flag. but also defend your flag from being taken.
This gets so boring if both teams are just huddled on their own flags the whole game, or if your team keeps going in for the flag and dying bc the other team is just dead-set on defending their flag and the game ends as a boring draw. Sometimes people will use cheesy tactics to run away with your flag and make sure you cant touch them. I find myself staying back to defend the flag 9 times out of 10, as randoms tend to forget that defending the flag was even a thing and we lose because of it. I don’t like playing this mode, but thats just me.
In Barrier Battle, you have to either attack or defend stakes and either attack or defend the boss.
Defense Barrier Battle is so annoying, attackers will just throw themselves on the stakes repeatedly and die, but that doesnt matter because the stakes don’t go back down. Attackers can just keep on throwing themselves on it until its pulled up and then they ult the boss a few times and win.
Attacking Barrier Battle is okay, but only if the other team is bad or your team kinda knows what theyre doing. Winning on attacking side is way easier than defense, at least in my experience.

There are 5 maps(not counting the ‘night’ version of any map), the Hidden Leaf Village, the Hidden Rain Village, the Hidden Cloud Village, the Hidden Leaf Forest(or whatever its called) and the Hidden Sand Village. These maps couldn’t be more poorly designed if they tried. The only one I ‘kinda’ like playing on is the Hidden Leaf Village map, but only because it has no pitfalls and feels open.
On Attacking Side Barrier Battle in the Hidden Sand Village map, one of the stakes is literally right next to the attacker’s spawn, in jumping distance. Its like they didn’t even think to design these maps properly. You will probably die by falling off the map more than anything else in this game, especially on the Hidden Cloud Village and the Hidden Sand Village(bc of the quicksand).
None of the maps feel memorable or special, at least to me, so overall they’re very bland to play on.

There are 4 roles in the game, Attack, Defense, Ranged and Heal.
Attack is okay, its the first role I mained and had a good time playing as. Not gonna lie, I abused planetary when it was broken and thank God they nerfed it because it was so easy to teamwipe and win games bc of it. Most Attack types youll see are probably using claws or boxing gloves(yawn).
Defense, in my opinion, is the best role in the game. It can basically do anything other roles can do but better. You’re so tanky that anyone that isn’t an Attack or another Defense can’t hope to 1v1 you. In team fights you basically become the raid boss that has sustain, crowd control and probably more damage than an Attack. Defense probably has the best ultimates and ninjutsu in the game, but thats just my opinion.
I dont play Ranged, ever, so I can’t say much about it. I’ve seen a lot of people play as a Ranged ingame and most of them spam demon windmill shuriken or spam ninjutsu(or both). Ranged isn’t very good at 1v1ing someone close-range, like an Attack or Defense.
Heal is good if you like healing teammates in other games, but are actually able to do damage and defend yourself. Theres no counter to healing ninjutsu so you can get away with spamming it whenever you want. Eight Trigrams Air Palm is probably the cheesiest jutsu they have, which has the range and tracking of a God and still seals all of your♥♥♥♥♥♥even if your blocking. Mitotic Regeneration is just old Mercy from Overwatch (map-wide rez of all dead teammates) and I personally really like using Shadow Pull.

The customization items in the game are pretty lackluster in my opinion, especially since you can’t put the stats as whatever you want. You think a shirt looks good on your character? Too bad, because it probably doesn’t have the stats you want that match how you want to play. Get used to looking like you came straight out of a filler arc if you want good stats. Scrolls are pretty much useless once you unlock mostly every item in the game that probably isn’t a Tailed Beast’s tails.

I feel like I paid $50 for an incomplete game. I don’t know what I expected, but I definitely expected more than what we got. "B-b-b-b-but give it a chance! There will be future DLC, blah blah blah" It’s not wrong to give games chances, but its also not wrong to expect more from a game(especially if its $50). Like the weeb I am, I bought this game knowing it wasn’t worth the price I was paying. The maximum I would say this game is worth is around $20-30 and even the $30 mark is a bit high.

Again, this isn’t me trying to force people not to play or buy this game. This review is literally just how ”I’ feel about this game. If you really like this game or wanna buy it, more power to you.
Just DON’T go trying to convince me its a good game or insult my opinions/thoughts about the game just because YOU don’t agree with them. Don’t be childish.