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About This Game

Person of European Heritage #112: Welcome to Relocation Block B, your new home. Your designated role is ‘Bouncer’. Work hard, stay out of trouble, and we might let you stay in the UK.

In an alternative Britain where Brexit talks have collapsed, an extreme far-right government has taken power. Citizens of European heritage have been rounded up and exiled. Forced out of your previous life, you find yourself in the midst of a booming gig economy, fighting to scrape by and return to the city you call home.

Not Tonight is a post-Brexit management game, fusing a time-pressure RPG with a politically charged story where every decision matters. Will you join the resistance and fight the regime — or keep your head down and hope that one day this will all be a distant memory?

  • Man the doors of pubs, clubs, festivals and parties, finding work via the BouncR app
  • Check IDs, manage guestlists, and stop revellers from becoming unruly
  • Upgrade your apartment, bouncer and equipment to better prepare yourself for the future
  • Decide what lengths you’ll go to in order to survive in a Britain on the verge of collapse
    • OS: Windows 8 or later
    • Processor: Intel Core i5
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Nvidia Geforce GTX 550/equivalent or higher
    • DirectX: Version 10
    • Storage: 3 GB available space
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Not Tonight-0
Not Tonight-1
Not Tonight-2
Not Tonight-3
Not Tonight-4
Not Tonight-5
Not Tonight-6
Not Tonight-7
Not Tonight-8
Not Tonight-9
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Posted: January 13
Short version: If you’re hoping for Papers Please 2, then this defintely isn’t worth the price.

I was fairly excited to play this game, but it has two major flaws.
First is that the story is completely railroaded, and if you feel like you don’t want to side with the "resistance" (without spoiling anything, it seems like it’s run by children and they ask you nonchalantly to commit murder) then the ending screen you get is literally a black screen with a short paragraph, even though you would have to play through the entire game to get this. While there might be "multiple endings", one of them is actually fleshed out and the rest lead to the same boring screen of text.

Lastly, the gameplay isn’t varied enough and becomes tedious. It’s novel to be checking IDs for a club, and it’s certainly easier than Papers Please, but there is very little variation to it, and when you make a mistake you generally get mad at the game instead of yourself for something like a short time limit, or lack of instruction. By the end I was struggling to find motivation to just finish the game. Even though there is a small time management metagame outside of the "work", it’s also too easy and uninteresting.

It’s also worth noting that although there are unique levels such as immigration officer, you turn away patrons by saying "This club is full.", to which they might reply something equally nonsensical like "I’m going next door!".

Although the Devs seem like pretty cool guys, this game needs more content for it’s price.

Escher Beat

Posted: November 7, 2018
Honestly I was pretty excited to play this game, being like papers please, and being someone who is actually interested in the politics. I worked pretty hard to get fast at ID checking and strive for S ratings where I could, while still supporting the resistance. But because of the ending(s) (I tried a couple differnet things to see what would happen) I cannot recommend it. I feel like I invested too much into the story and the gameplay only to bne completely let down and unrewarded. I get that that’s kinda the point od a dystopic game but I feel like I just wasted hours of my life and why should I recommend that to anyone else?

On another note the game is quite repetitive, in a grindy way. You effectively play the same levels a few times which just feels kind of like the developers spacing out the game for the hell of it. I could deal with this if I felt like the story ever amounted to something interesting

Chairman Nexan

Posted: August 17, 2018
If you wanted a spiritual sequel to "Papers, Please", then this is what you’re looking for. Same premise. Check IDs and other things for mistakes, earn enough money to get by in life, face unique guests with choices, etc. Unlike PP, you can actually move your character around small areas like your living space and the inside of clubs, but it’s pretty linear. Also unlike PP, you can spend money on upgrades for your living space (that you can see), and you can also buy new clothes.

I can’t stress enough how much this feels like "Papers, Please." So, if you enjoyed that game at all, then you’ll enjoy "Not Tonight."

GLORY TO AR-…nevermind.


Posted: August 18, 2018
Glory to Arsto… I mean…

Brexit means brexit!

Bigus Dickus

Posted: August 27, 2018
As a fan of Papers, Please who has been dying for a similar mechanic since it came out, this is a very welcome take. Not Tonight is obviously heavily inspired by it while being very much it’s own game.

I’m not finished yet, but I’m having a great time. If you liked Papers, Please you’ll absolutely like Not Tonight.


Posted: August 19, 2018
I would like to recommend this game. It has a lot of interesting things going on for it. Unfortunately I am colorblind and the game does not have a colorblind mode option and has several things that require you to distinguish colors on a time crunch. It has made this game unplayable for me.


Posted: August 18, 2018
Not Tonight aims for Papers, Please and misses the mark. It’s repetitive in ways that PP wasn’t: you spend a lot of time playing identical stages over and over. Four hours in, and I haven’t seen any actual moral qualms (besides basic bribery by underage kids or selling drugs on the side). I’m sure it ramps up later, but right now it’s more parody or even straight-up comedy than biting satire.

There’s "give item to person" quests, kinda, and they’re repetitive too. Every single one of them is of the format "complete three work days for the same venue, then you get double pay and an item to give to someone, which seems to proceed along the single non-branching path to the good ending". I mean, maybe I’m wrong about that and the story diverges along the way…but there’s five achievements, and only one of them refers to any alternate path at all. I’m not very hopeful.

Maybe I’m wrong, and the game changes wildly after the first month. But I’m four hours in, and there’s just no payoff to the repetition right now. Every game-day, the game sells me on the number of days remaining until a big dramatic event happens that they hint at in the opening. It’s a very large number. I looked at my in-game calendar and saw that there’s no plot events for the next, like, week. And I just don’t feel like playing anymore.

Papers, Please had gameplay that you suffered through, and that was part of the atmosphere. It seemed like it wasn’t supposed to be fun, but the plot actually moved really fast, and every single day was a huge advancement in world events that had an impact on the game. Not Tonight says that the fun is in checking IDs, and if you agree, you might well like it, but I don’t.


Posted: August 22, 2018
Love the use of the ‘Papers Please’ mechanics combined with recent events surrounding Brexit.
Great concept but unfortunately game falls a bit flat and ends up being just a somewhat boring bouncer mini-game.

There’s simply not enough storylines and paths to follow like in ‘Papers Please’, which had 20 different endings. This game just feels too linear and apart from improving your score, there’s not much incentive for replayability.

The other biggest problem with the bouncer mini-game is how the difficulty scales way too quickly and gets quite frustrating very early on.

After the first few jobs which are fairly straightforward, you then have to start letting way more people in whilst checking an increasing amount of details on each ID.

Because the timescale itself doesn’t change, each second becomes crucial very early on, which means you have no other choice but to keep your eyes glued to the bottom half of the screen and go through cards as fast as possible.It’s a real shame the pacing is just so bad in this game. The devs really need to have another look at the second-to-hour ratio which would allow for more actions and interactions throughout your shift.

Speaking of interaction, there’s very little interaction between the guests queuing and the bouncer. You are just straight-up clicking on cards and handing them back over. When a card is wrong you can’t afford to waste time highlighting the inconsistencies like you would have done in Papers Please because there’s simply not enough time for that. There’s also no ‘witty’ dialog or questions being asked, it’s just a straight up ‘you’re in’ or ‘you’re not’. They could have done much more here to make the game feel more interactive and immersive.

Finally, there’s a number of bugs and issues that make the game even harder than it needs to be:

– Random events and denying people entry make you waste too much time. There’s no way to currently skip dialog which is frustrating since you lose a good 5-10 seconds depending on the situation.

– Whilst I love the game’s pixelated style, it’s sometimes too difficult to differentiate a customer’s face from the face on their ID. In some situations faces look exactly the same but you still get a warning that face does not match…

– Queuing system ‘soft locking’. Clicking from one queue to another is still somewhat glitchy and has problems (despite recent fixes from devs)

– When you get messages from your boss (which comes through the talkie-walkie) they overlay above your card checking area, which means sometimes when you’re checking a card you can no longer see the information on it whilst your boss is talking to you. There is currently no way to skip or make it disappear. Only thing you can do is drag the card in another area which is not ideal when checking area is really small to begin with.

In conclusion, the idea is there but the execution still needs a lot of work for it to live up to the standards of a game like Papers Please.

Ryan Dorkoski

Posted: August 17, 2018
Not Tonight, simply put, is a beefier Papers, Please. Now I know Papers, Please was the original and deserves all the credit in the world, but Not Tonight takes the core idea and just adds more gameplay and collectables and just makes it fuller. The music, pixel art, and animations are just fantastic. Couldn’t be better, in my opinion.

+The pixel artwork and animation is out of this world
+The music and overall ambience is fantastic
+The gameplay is great
+The unlockables and upgrades to yourself and apartment are awesome

-I could do without the political undertones, but it’s really fine (I don’t think it’s edgey or anything – just perhaps a bit boring)

Well worth full price for those that enjoyed Papers, Please.


Posted: September 4, 2018
This is a SINGLE PLAYTHROUGH review from start to finish of Not Tonight. Any inaccuracies that may be caused by "New game+" will not be taken into account ( ending spoiler free, although some features are mentioned).

Gameplay – 3/3 Simple, Smooth and to the point.

Originality – 3/3 Although papers please was a thing, Not Tonight’s execution of the idea is flawless. Let’s not forget the ocean of military shooters, MOBA’s and TGC games.

Replay Value – 2/3 You leave the game wondering what you could have done differently in terms of choices, obtaining certain items, etc. however these don’t translate into steam achievements, which we know, is a great tool to make the player return to the game and experience it in a whole different way. Bold move, I still think it deserves multiple runs.

Story 2/3 – The writting in general matches the atmosphere pretty well. However, Character development leaves much to be desired in terms of "closure". Has the drama nerd I am, there is an ironic lack of tragedy in this post brexit distopia.

Sound 3/3 – Not only is there a variety of Cool tunes to listen to, they are also properly themed throughout the different areas you go to.

Visuals 2/3 – Can’t go wrong with a nice pixelated art style. Personally I’ve played too many pixelgames so take my score with a grain of salt but with the knowledge that they took the effort and went the extra mile (Just look at that trailer)!

Nitpicking and praises (in no particular order)
– You play in the same house throughout the entire game.
– Unlike papers, please you only need to grab one piece of documentation to make them all appear. For some an immersion breaker. For me, A blessing. ( they are also evenly spread out).
– Due to health managment from food, heat, and tiredness sometimes you are forced to either skip work and miss out on something important or you can reload a past save file and make the correction. Both frustrating choices for the completionist.
– The alphabetical order upgrade in the Guest List is for Surnames.
– Sometimes I would forget to take coffee before work and to my knowledge there was no noticeable difference, I would still get a good score regardless of it.
– It took me 12 hours to complete the game and I feel somewhat betrayed that I couldn’t play for the entire year the game portraits. There are 3 chapters of 1 full month each to play. that makes one Trimestre + the prologue and epilogue. Didn’t help that the game also tells you how many days till the end of the year religiously as to build up suspense, but as soon as chapter one ends and suddenly you are in the middle of the Summer it looses all purpose. It also doesn’t help that the developers decided to give you achievements based on the chapters you complete so as soon as I made the math I felt this bitter taste that this amazing game is not going to last for long. I understand the addition of an endless mode can help with the cravings, but there was a legit recipee for a 30 or maybe even 50 hour game. With this in mind, the game could have
had more attention to items, more realistic payments at the end of the day, more furniture, an actual incentive to keep working at the same place rather than the unrealistic multiplier (immersion breaker for me personally) and there would certainly be more room for character development. Despite all of this, the game fulfills it’s purpose and tells a good story of what the extremist nationalist movement is all about ( as an Euro myself I felt the message pretty well).
– it’s an improved version of papers, please, with a lighter tone and easier documents . If you want more of that, definetly buy it.
– You can’t use the bathroom, or go inside it, can’t raise hunger by eating, can’t go to sleep (black screen transition) by using the bed. you Buy the upgrade and it will work as a passive effect ( immersion killer).
– The cellphone you use will forever be cracked no matter how many skins you buy for it.

Thanks for reading, Please consider buying this game if you haven’t. It’s pretty accessible (16,79€) and well worth your time.