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About This Game

Take flight in a dream-like cloudscape as you seek to reawaken the relics of a lost civilisation.
As a unique child born with the powers of the ancient dragons, your parents cast you from the stricken surface into the land above the skies.
There you must use the abilities of both your human and dragon forms to amass magical power, solve strange mysteries and seek out the enigmatic "Titans" that can revive the world.


  • Soar through the clouds as a dragon, exploring the world and hunting down artefacts
  • Transform into a child to operate ancient machinery and solve puzzles
  • Track down and awaken the eight great Titans
  • Non-violent gameplay
  • A vast cloudscape to explore, all rendered in a unique art style
  • Sweeping orchestral soundtrack
  • Support for both mouse+keyboard and joypad controllers (joypad recommended)
    • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
    • OS: Windows 7 64-bit or newer
    • Processor: Dual Core 2.8Ghz
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: GTX650/Radeon 7770 (integrated graphics not supported)
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Storage: 8 GB available space
    • Additional Notes: Joypad recommended


Posted: November 21, 2017
Okey Dokey, this game is really good mostly but really sucks at parts, this will be great for some and horrible for others pretty much. Keep in mind that this is mostly opinion. I’ve completely 100% the game and basically seen everything that the game has to offer with 2 playthroughs.

The gameplay consists of a boy who shapeshifts into a dragon, flying around, calming down titans similar to shadow of the colossus, however instead of stabbing weak points, you solve puzzles at these points. There is also a large cloudy overworld littered with upgrades and collectables that expand the lore.


– Music is fantastic
– Exploration is rewarding and refreshing, generally brilliant.
– Nice background plot
– Art style is freakin gorgeous while being very simplistic at the same time
– Runs well


– The main progression system of calming down titans is so monotonous and tedious, not that fun and feels more like a job than actual gameplay
– The control scheme takes a while to get used to and I would recommend trying out different bindings to suit you (I played on an xbox controller, I don’t know what pc controls are like)
– Music doesn’t loop, creating large portions of silence when exploring (however this can be relaxing so take it as a pro or con)
– Finale was pretty disappointing with just an annoying puzzle that left me feeling like I wanted something a little more "epic"
– Voice acting could be better (but there isn’t much to begin with)

The main gameplay with the mix of awkward controls makes the titan sections just a confusing mess of annoying setbacks. In a lot of cases you will find yourself flying very close to the titan which can cause some difficulties due to the camera having its own hit box in a way. If your perspective of the game gets caught on something then your character cannot move as if it is obstructed when it is not. This leads to frustrating losses of progress. Also the camera angle can and will mess you up at crucial times as well. Although these sections of the game are cool, they just feel like a chore as they have to be completed to progress the game. That being said though, a second run feels far better to play as you know the design hurdles that are gonna get thrown at you in advance and coupled with experience and the puzzles makes the game play far better.

However, that part of the game only took up around 30% of my playtime whch gave me the rest of the time to fly through the relaxing landscape that is the rest of the game, exploring tunnels in the clouds and finding secrets everywhere. This part of the game is brilliant and I would have been very happy with just this as the game. However that would turn the game into a collectable simulator that wouldn’t appeal to all.

Overall, I would recommend this game to anyone who would take the time to explore the world. If you just rush through the game then I think you would find it underwhelming. Regardless, I implore you to buy the game and try out the first hour or so, this would give you a taste of the game as a whole as it doesn’t change too much, and just consider a refund if you don’t enjoy it.

Even though I have highlighted a lot of negatives I still find that the pros HEAVILY outway the cons

King Andus a silly robot

Posted: November 21, 2017
a really cute game, kind of a more ligthearted shadow of the colloses, and the music is phenomenal <3


Posted: November 25, 2017
This is the kind of game you can’t play from start to end in one go or you’ll be past it in only a dozen of hours and won’t get much fun from it.
Instead I recommend just unwinding after a long day of work/school/whatever/… and mess with the flying mechanics, collect some orbs, maybe continue the story.
If you can do that this game will be a joy to play.

Recommended for people who are looking for that little pastime in an otherwise busy life.

Ichigo Jam

Posted: November 30, 2017
An enjoyable and relaxing game about exploration and collecting shiny things while swooshing around the clouds as a dragon.

Note: The game doesn’t make it obvious, but you can actually choose to play as a boy or a girl (don’t push forwards at the end of the intro, and a prompt should appear).

(Disclaimer: I know one of the developers)


Posted: January 2, 2018
Well, let’s see, Oure was first announced at the 2017’s PGW and was one of the most curious games announced at the Sony’s pre-conference, first it launched on PS4 and short after on Steam, bought it day one but it wasn’t until last week of 2017 I would play this game and here we are, first game beaten on 2018.

I really liked it, it’s short but the experience is great, as a dragon flying through a sea of clouds the game gives you a really relaxing experience while getting the orbs and "solving" the titans. I haven’t made the 100% of the content but it sure looks like a thing I would do in the future when a relaxing experience is needed.

I highly recommend the game, short but gave me a good time while playing it so it was worth it.


Posted: November 15, 2017
its a good short game


Posted: February 23, 2018
This is a relaxing dragon-flying, puzzle-solving and beautiful game. After reading the other reviews, I admit I was a bit skeptic but eventually it claimed my heart and I am on my second playthrough. I start this game when I need a break from action-packed and competitive games.

* You play as a dragon! (Sure, you play a child who can transform into a dragon but 95% of the time you are a dragon)
* There is no limit on how many times you transform either.
* You cant get hurt, you cant die and you cant really fail the game.
* The only thing that drains is your stamina but you can refill it in no time by flying into clouds. (pretty much infinite stamina)
* The controls aren’t that bad and can be learned pretty easily.
* The game world is breathtaking!
* The graphics are stylish and neat.
* The music is very good.
* The puzzles are gradually getting harder, so you have time to learn them.
* Although there is no map and minimap, you can easily find everything.
* The game allows you to restart the story with keeping your already collected abilities and items.
* The way the story is told and the plot itself is enjoyable. It leaves a lot of room for imagination too.

* Camera sometimes gets stuck. It is especially frustrating when trying to maneuver around on a titan or a tunnel of clouds. Although it can be fixed by resetting the camera but still…
* The game doesn’t give any pointers on what buttons to press when taming the first titan. Or even what to do with the crystals.
* You cannot roam once you finished the game. I miss this. I would love to just fly around, enjoying the fruit of my labor.
* I am disappointed in the game ending. It isn’t horrible but don’t expect any fireworks or much satisfaction from it.

All in all, despite all the flaws, I like the game. I can recommend it.
However, don’t buy the game if you expect action-packed gameplay. Then, this game is not for you.
I also read in different reviews that this game is a copy of some other games. But keep in mind that most games made today are all copies of some other successful game. So, I don’t think it has any significance.

Anyway, I am hoping for a similar game from this developer in the future. Or a sequel?


Posted: January 30, 2018
A fantastic little cracked gem of a game.

You’ll probably know if Oure is your ‘thing’ from the description, and if it is there’s a lot to love. The world is simply gorgeous, and the controls work well with them to make this a very Zen experience. It really captures the feeling of flight in a way that makes it intuitive to play around and pull off graceful manoeuvres with ease. While this might be the dragon nerd in me talking, I really think Oure beautifully captures how a creature like this would move, and because of that the dragon is a joy to control. On top of the gorgeous overworld, the Titan segments are visually spectacular and consistently creative mechanically.

But, I did mention this was a cracked gem and your enjoyment of Oure will really depend on your ability to deal with some of the niggles the game can throw at you.

The largest wish I had was that game had a bit more confidence in itself and what it was trying to be. I felt the overly generous scattering of collectable orbs, text based UI prompts and opening explanitory voice acting were attempts to try and justify its ‘gamey-ness.’ Oure is very rapid to give you objectives and explanations, when I feel a subtler approach that let you explore and form some of your own conclusions could have really upped the imersiveness of the experience. For example, turning off the stamina bar and using nothing but the contextual tattoo on your dragon’s back is a beautiful immersive touch, but you get pulled out of it a little every time you collect an orb and the word ‘saving’ flashes up and the number of orbs you’ve collected displays on the screen; two things that could have easily been conveyed in a way that didn’t use obvious text. This is something that drastically improves over the course of the game, though, as the game lets go of your hand a bit and leaves you to explore after the first few titans.

Another potential problem is the small elements of polish that are missing. The game shows its humbler origins than, say, Journey or Abzu by some of the small niggling technical complaints. There are quite a few small issues like the DoF being a bit too aggressive, moments where the physics-based animation would jitter out in confined spots, and the camera needing wrangling particularly in the Titan segments. They didn’t bother me much, but I can see them causing death by a thousand cuts for some with less patience for them. However, these are very much fixable problems that could be addressed in the future, making the game a wholehearted recommendation.

However, I really feel these complaints are overshadowed by the many things the game does right. There’s clearly a lot of love that’s been put into Oure, and it shows in the world that has been created. The moments when the cloudscape moved into sunset, or a cool night, or a grey overcast were breathtaking. It also feels well paced, not overstaying its welcome and not making its overworld too big or daunting. Oure nails its atmosphere, and soaring through clouds, only to find a small entrance that leads to a hidden cloud cave filled with an ancient ruin was an exploration dream come true.

If relaxing, exploration focused experiences are your thing, then Oure is a fantastic labour of love, so long as you have patience with its rougher side.


Posted: June 16, 2018
This game is really nice and pleasant to play. It has really soothing sounds and visuals in it. It has a good mix of puzzles and exploration, which you can take at any pace you want. It’s not too challenging, but it has a lot of really special vignettes that all feel unique. I think the thing that I liked most about it was the sounds you make as you travel around the world exploring. I’d like to see (hear?) a lot more of that in games.


Posted: February 7, 2018
Product received for free

Oure is a Casual Relaxing Atmospheric Cloudy Dragon Flying Game!

You play as a little girl that can transform into a dragon. Your mission is to fly through the clouds, collect blue bubbles and free the Titans. The "Overworld" gameplay is very relaxing and chill. The dragon is fun to control and the clouds look lovely.
Freeing a Titan can become quite a challenge though. You have to rip crystals out of them but every Titan has a different twist on it. One of them flys really quick and you have to hold on to him whenever he charges to not be left behind. Another one makes you fly between pylons in a certain order to unlock access to the crystals.

More details and gameplay: https://gaming.youtube.com/watch?v=xamY-djb2XQ


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