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About This Game

King Cake, the dessert-headed monarch, has decided it’s time for his daughter to get married, but she other plans!
The King has devised “The Royal Games” in which the winner will marry Princess Bow. Since she can’t talk her father out of it, Bow decides to put on a disguise and enter the competition herself. Along the way, she discovers a nefarious plot that threatens all life aboard the Space Station Kingdom.
Can she get to the bottom of things before it’s too late… and win the Royal Games at the same time?


TWISTED ARCADE GAMEPLAY Get bigger as you eat. Barf to squeeze down to size. Barf on anything that moves. Reap the rewards.

EXPLORE INTRICATE WORLDS Giant interconnected overworlds are filled with strange life, and secret rewards. Travel to five completely unique areas including Sushi Gardens, Kitchen Chaos, and Astro Farm.

HAND-CRAFTED CHALLENGE Each hand-made, non-procedural level has a unique hook or puzzle from dodging alien bulls, spitting bombs, eating flying pies, or bowling while on conveyor belts—there’s always something new.

MASSIVE, WILD BOSSES Nearly a dozen bat-barf crazy bosses will be coming your way. How will you beat the Accordion Centipede? Or a living pile of nachos? Use your BRAIN, your SKILLS, and your MOUTH!

We’ve created amazing tunes to get you into this surreal world!
Rock, Paper, Shotgun says "I will brook no argument on Pig Eat Ball’s soundtrack – it whips. Three parts funky, one part bizarre."

ONE-OF-A KIND POWERUPS Throughout the Space Station Kingdom there are dozens of special Disguises. These look cool and also give you special abilities! Each Disguise has a Pro and a Con. Swap Disguises to find the best one for each situation.

OPEN-ENDED ANTICS Charming Pillbugs roam these space stations. They may want to play a nice game of tennis, or may steal your balls! Watch out for their lawn darts, bombs, flying pies, and tractors! Barf on them, bump them, torch them, or knock them into open space. Don’t worry they can hold their breath a long time!

HOURS OF ADVENTURE The main story is 8-12 hours alone on the first playthrough. Getting the “Gold Medal” for quick completions on each level opens a special CHALLENGE SECTION in each world!

WILD CHARACTERS Talk to dozens of interesting aliens on your journey including Cupcake people, Scrounger Goblins, sentient shrimp, and of course your insane father King Cake.

MANIC MULTIPLAYER MAYHEM The 4-player, OFFLINE couch competitive mode is the definition of PARTY TIME. Dozens of custom levels give you a variety of goals to compete to win. Casual and Hardcore players can boost it out, bumping bums, barfing blobs, and belching balls!

ONLINE LEADERBOARDS Each action level lets you compete for the fastest time with the world!

ONLINE LEVEL SHARING Ready to craft your own levels? The intuitive level editor, only on STEAM, will have you combining and arranging all manner of crafty creations in no time. Quickly make and then test your levels. Ready to share your level with your friends or the world? Upload it to Steam Workshop and invite them to play it!
    • OS: XP, Vista, Windows 7, Win 8+
    • Processor: 1GHz processor
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: DirectX 10 compatible graphic card with at least 512 MB RAM
    • DirectX: Version 10
    • Storage: 1 GB available space
    • Additional Notes: Should work reasonably well on machines released in the last 5 years. More RAM wouldn’t hurt.
Pig Eat Ball-0
Pig Eat Ball-1
Pig Eat Ball-2
Pig Eat Ball-3
Pig Eat Ball-4
Pig Eat Ball-5
Pig Eat Ball-6
Pig Eat Ball-7
Pig Eat Ball-8
Pig Eat Ball-9
Pig Eat Ball-10
Pig Eat Ball-11
Pig Eat Ball-12
Pig Eat Ball-0
Pig Eat Ball-1
Pig Eat Ball-2
Pig Eat Ball-3
Pig Eat Ball-4
Pig Eat Ball-5
Pig Eat Ball-6
Pig Eat Ball-7
Pig Eat Ball-8
Pig Eat Ball-9
Pig Eat Ball-10
Pig Eat Ball-11
Pig Eat Ball-12
Size: 530 MB


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Flat Cola

Posted: October 16, 2018
This game is what you would get if you soaked a pac man cartridge in LSD and jammed it into an SNES. Great work.


Posted: October 6, 2018
Pig Eat Ball is a Good Game, but so what, there’s tons of good games on Steam. Spoiler warning? Pig Eat Ball has levels in it where you can barf on Pacman-esque ghosts causing them to freak out and turn blue, at which point you can bash them, turning them into eyeball/nervous-system "skeletons" and then they go to the shower (why?) where they can slowly regenerate their ectoplasmic bodies before coming after you again. That, and plenty of other Strange Attractions, is why you want Pig Eat Ball.


Posted: December 23, 2018
Product received for free


Pig Eat Ball is a game that came out of nowhere for me. I found this game tweeted out by the developer @MommysBestGames and the video looked interesting so I reached out to Mommy’s Best Games and they were awesome enough to provide a review key for me to check out. But I was still relatively confused as to what kind of game it is and whether it was good or not. Pig Eat Ball is available on Steam and PS4 and is coming soon to the Xbox One, and I’m reviewing the Steam version. Don’t barf, sit back, and relax while I talk about Pig Eat Ball.

So I’ve finally played through the adventure mode in its entirety and even with that being said, I find this is a very hard to describe game, but i’ll do my best here. Pig Eat Ball has a very simple premise in its execution, the objective of each level is to eat all the tennis balls, and you play as a pig. Huh, just like the Title, no clickbait here! Generally with such a basic premise it can be worrisome that you’re getting yourself into a game that is very simple and barebones, but this game does add a very interesting twist into the mix. Your piggy will get fatter and fatter as you eat, and sometimes you’ll find tight areas you need to get through so you’ll have to barf some balls out to fit through. This simple mechanic holds uniform throughout the game but there is a lot of variation thrown in as you play.

Now some of you are probably really puzzled by the synopsis of this game but it is all very easy to explain. You play as Princess Bow, a Pig who is the daughter of King Cake, a literal cake! King Cake decides to run a contest where the winner would win Princess Bow’s hand in marriage. But the problem with that is she doesn’t want to get married. So she puts on a pair of eyeglasses, certainly enough to fool a tasty pastry, to enter the contest herself so that she doesn’t have to get married. Or she can choose a variety of other disguises that can net certain advantages and disadvantages as you play.

The objective of the games is to get all of the pearls from the clams spread around the space station by competing in a series of events located at each of the 5 substations part of the magical Space Station Kingdom. Each substation has a specific theme such as a sushi garden, sports bar, or farm. Once you earn all the pearls from one substation you can move onto the next, and there is a subplot going on with The Dean of the station, who is a scholarly chimp trying to prevent certain doom as there is a gravity well that threatens to end all life on the station and naturally there’s more than meets the eye, but no biggie.

The graphical style is very cartoony and fits the whimsical themes of the game. It is bright and colorful and when you barf for example there are a lot of cool particles going on and at the end of each stage your pig blows out all kinds of stuff like bacon or confetti. The music in the game also fits the theme of the game very well, with music that goes along with the different worlds you play, and is very catchy with some nice and subtle tunes and the sound effects have a great punch like the graphics do with a very charming sound.

Okay, I have to drop the act now as I just have to gush about how good this game really is. I can’t feign being unbiased here because this game is just off the wall nuts and has some of the most elegant design I’ve seen in a long time from a video game. This game is a masterclass on how you introduce new mechanics to the player as it starts things off very simple and teaches players about the various ways you can play it. And it will even intelligently flip the script and have you even defy some of the previously played mechanics in amazing ways. The variations between the stages really add a lot and there is never a dull moment throughout. The game even has explorable hub worlds in between the stages that allow you to find all kinds of neat secrets, get new disguises and powerups, and even some mini games and comical dialog with the various characters.

I think a really good tagline I can give for this game is This is possibly the Most Nintendo game that is not made by Nintendo I’ve ever played. The silly art style and dialog seem like something you would find in a game like Splatoon or Animal Crossing, the explorable hub worlds with the stages and the different objectives in each stage feel like a 3D mario game, and the fast paced arcadey gameplay with the huge amount of variety has a Mario party vibe to the whole thing. The very refined and deliberate design of the gameplay mechanics and levels just has a Nintendo feel, and despite the cartoony, pixelated graphics, the way this game is polished makes it shine like a chrome rim.

In case I haven’t made myself clear, this is one of the most creative games I have played in a long time. The very simple mechanics and premise are exponentially enhanced by the impeccable design. This isn’t just a going through mazes eating balls kind of game like Pacman. There are elements of physics, puzzle solving, fast paced action, and even some stealth oddly enough, and it is all executed in a buttery smooth fashion. The humor of the game is all right on point and just has a 90s Nickolodeon cartoon feel to it. This is a glorious arcade style mashup experience that is a thrill ride through and through. The adventure mode can net you about 10-15 hours of gameplay and there are a lot of secrets as well as doing your best on the leaderboards and even some exclusive stages if you can get a gold rank on all the other levels.

I realize that I haven’t really had anything negative to say about the game and that’s because if I did it would just feel nitpicky like I was just looking for something bad to say. The only thing I can think of is there is an imbalance in the difficulty curve as there are some up and down moments here but it never felt like it was too much. It’s just notable that there were a few particular stages that perhaps shouldn’t have been as hard as they were. But I’m not really the most skilled gamer and I was able to punch through the game without too much frustration, and the final areas provided a very satisfying challenge and made me feel accomplished when I persevered. Also there is a multiplayer party mode where you can play various minigames with friends and exclusive to the steam version is the ability to create and play user created levels. The total package is a great value that certainly is worth the full $15.

I know I reviewed some really good indie games in 2018 but this is a first for me, Pig Eat Ball gets a 10 out of 10, the first I’ve given out since I started reviewing games. 2018 has been a great year for indies and thus that makes it a bit more understandable how this one may have gotten lost in the mix but I feel it is every bit as good as the other top indies of this year and as I said, it just has that Nintendo feel. Pig Eat Ball is a true hidden gem and diamond in the rough, and one I think is definitely port beg worthy on the Switch. Wspecially since it just feels like it belongs on a Nintendo console, so hit up @mommysbestgames and port beg 🙂 Be sure to check out Pig Eat Ball on your favorite platform of choice and leave a comment if this game looks interesting to you, I’ll try to answer any questions you may have on it. But till then, Downphoenix out!

Art Coddington

Posted: November 18, 2018
Really enjoying this game’s fun and unique arcade mechanics. Excellent campaign mode gives you plenty of levels to play for a lot of content.


Posted: September 29, 2018
Product received for free

Disclosure: I helped test this game before release, and received a key to do so.

Nobody can take a familiar framework and turn it gloriously, disturbingly bizarre quite like Mommy’s Best Games can, and this is by far their longest-incubated and most ambitious effort to date. As the title screen cheekily implies, it shares its basic concept – moving around top-down arenas and gobbling up all the balls – with arcade pioneer Pac-Man, and references plenty of other titles as it goes along, but even so I can guarantee you’ll never confuse this title with any other.

Playing as the adventurous, porcine Princess Bow (whose royal father, it just so happens, is a snappily-dressed space station impresario with a birthday cake for a head, but I’ll let you stumble into the rest of the story yourself), you explore an overworld divided into a half-dozen or so distinct zones, littered with all manner of thematic paraphernalia and mischievous pillbugs; you can spend a good amount of time just seeking out-of-the-way goodies here, but your main goal lies within a cadre of talking clams, who usher you into the game’s more compact "main" stages, where you race to ingest every last "yummy" in sight and sally forth to the next challenge.

Herein, however, lies the game’s primary conceit: unlike Namco’s bottomless mascot, as Bow eats more she gets bigger, and often won’t be able to fit into the passageways set before her as a result. What to do? Barf up what you’ve ingested, of course, and suck ’em back down once you’re in a more advantageous position to do so. Heck, you might even want to hack up some green goop even when your stomach is empty, and see what it does to the various adversaries and obstacles you encounter. Beyond the essentials of eating and puking, all you need to worry about are a dash button to go faster, a "don’t suck" button (which, you’ll surely agree, every game would benefit from) to go slower and avoid eating things you’d rather not, and a zoom button to get a better look around.

With this essential groundwork in place, Pig Eat Ball spends its duration intriguing the player with countless ways to apply and exploit it; the level count not only climbs into the triple digits (and that’s without getting into the level editor or multiplayer side dishes), but seldom repeats itself much, as myriad new zone-specific toys to play with and blockades to bust open conga-line onto the stage throughout. This is compounded by a healthy selection of "disguises" that Bow can find and equip to change up her playstyle, as well as single-use items which usually take a bit of effort to track down but can thereafter be spent to help pass a tough area.

While we’re on the topic, it should be noted that, while some areas must be finished within a certain time limit or without taking too many hits, others are essentially impossible to fail, and exist specifically to be replayed (often after finding a disguise that offers an advantage over its particular nuisances) in an effort to improve one’s best time on the leaderboards; oddly enough, these can actually be some of the most fun areas to tool around in, as it’s not only possible to charge blindly into everything thrown at you without having to tiptoe about in fear of a restart, but doing so can actually be used to your advantage, just to keep you catapulting towards those last few balls and a gold medal time.

Mind you, there are certainly clams about that will challenge you significantly in a more "traditional" fashion, sometimes to the point of frustration: being forced by your unavoidably-swollen late-stage hitbox to upchuck your hard-earned yummies at an inopportune time, an unpredictable hit from left field stealing your last heart, or an unlucky bounce (yep, there’s a bit of physics at play here) sending a ball you could have sworn you sucked up into a distant corner can instantly ruin your run, which is…dispiriting, to say the least. On the bright side, the aforementioned disguises and items offer some leeway when you want to just finish a level without worrying about the time, and no individual area lasts very long to begin with, so even repeated failure never sets you back too far.

Long story short, if you’re a fan of this developer’s previous work, don’t hesitate for a second to pick this up: their signature brand of off-puttingly charming weirdness has reached a new zenith, and in terms of pure content there’s more than enough here to be worth the cover price. For the uninitiated, by all means give the demo a try and see what you’ve been missing: if you’re willing to put up with a handful of rough edges in exchange for an experience that’s both effortless to get into and impossible to forget, methinks Mommy’s Best Games will be able to boast some long-overdue new fans to its name, and will have more than earned them.

Robert Wahler

Posted: November 21, 2018
Absolutely, delightfully, stuffed with content. Great music too. Works fine with the mouse but feels much better using a controller. I appreciate the Steam Cloud support as I played it on two different machines although it is a bit strange that the cloud seemed to transfer over my video settings, that might be a minor glitch. Very enjoyable and highly recommended!


Posted: October 4, 2018
Disgusting and deranged. I Love it. It has great music, a unique and innovative action-puzzle mechanic, a weird and funny surrealist fever dream vibe and it’s exploding with ideas. The controls are great and the levels are thoughtfully created. It also has very high quality burping, gagging and barfing sound effects.


Posted: November 13, 2018
Unique and fun, like the rest of Mommys Best Games.


Posted: November 15, 2018
Fantastic game. There’s a load of variety to the mission, a great soundtrack and a lot of charm (you can get into some pretty neet hyjinks playing around will pillbugs in the overworld).


Posted: December 11, 2018
Love the graphics in this game! Very fun and original spin on an arcade classic.