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We are pleased to announce the first expansion pack for Polaris Sector: Lumens!

Drawing energy from the stars, the Lumens are a brand new playable race to Polaris Sector! They are shiny evil beings that disguise themselves as angels of light.

No ancient chronicles mention this race, and although their culture share aspects with other evolved cultures, they are a force to be reckoned with and they will stop at nothing in their conquest of the sector.

The Lumens expansion pack will also bring brand new features to the overall game, like new race-specific sciences, ships role assignment and updated planets properties, for an enhanced gameplay experience! It greatly expands one of the most original sci-fi 4X of 2016, and a must have for any Polaris Sector player. Are you ready to return to the war for the Polaris Sector?


•A brand new race – the Lumens – with new unique properties!
•New race-specific sciences. Each race will have its own technological path!
New fleet options, ships role assignment and automatic replenishment of fighters for carriers!
Updated planets properties. Planets are going to be extremely different from one another!
More configurable galaxy generation – and more!
    • OS: Windows® Vista/7/8/10
    • Processor: Core i3
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: DirectX or OpenGL Compatible Video card
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Storage: 4 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX Compatible Sound Card
Polaris Sector: Lumens-0
Polaris Sector: Lumens-1
Polaris Sector: Lumens-2
Polaris Sector: Lumens-3
Polaris Sector: Lumens-4
Polaris Sector: Lumens-5
Polaris Sector: Lumens-0
Polaris Sector: Lumens-1
Polaris Sector: Lumens-2
Polaris Sector: Lumens-3
Polaris Sector: Lumens-4
Polaris Sector: Lumens-5








Baron Khazadson







Polaris Sector Alliance 1.0b converts the new 4x game from Slitherine at a Star Wars 4x game very similar at concept to the old SW Rebellion game but with the new features and mechanics from Polaris Sector. However, it adds several new features thought ex…

Aerrin Longheart
In my recent battle, I was fighting against a lone 49 torpedo frigate with my 3 point defense frigates. As I watched the battle, I noted my point defense handled all the split missiles completely each time. This happened a good 6-8 times, so I sped up the…

Hi!My name is Vladimir and I am the developer of Polaris Sector.Please feel free to post any questions on the game here, it would be my pleasure to answer.

Aerrin Longheart
I am against 3 frigates with 49 thermonuclear torpedo and 6 emp missile, and I’m sitting in a cheap battle station. The AI considers the chance of winning to be 0, and so the torpedo ships all retreat after I destroy the one non torpedo frigate. The probl…


Posted: May 30
Absolut great 4x Strategy game! I play a lot of them and this one seems to have the potential to get into my top tier of space 4x where so far only Distant Worlds Universe and Stellaris reside.

What is great about this game:

1. the scale and how it translates into the game – Building a strike corvette, years in game. Reseraching, decades sometimes. It feels right and the game immerses you.
2. Research is wonderfully indirect and follows mechanics that ‘feel’ real. For example the mix between fundamental and applied science and the options to crank the empire’s research institutions towards one single research goal that comes with quite some downsides and doesn’t happen instantly. Different tech trees increase replayability.
3. Fleet combat and the resulting tinkering with designs, fleet compositions and application of resources (materials and work force) and new technologies.

There is much more, quite well thought through UI for example, clever fleet blueprints that adapt to latest ship types (if one doesn’t forget to define their roles), unusual races and unusual take on humanity itself. Etc etc.

Well worth the time and money if you count yourself an advanced 4x Space Emperor.

I wish there would be more DLC’s or a modding via the Steam Workshop.


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