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About This Game

Become the manager of a professional cycling team and compete against today’s best riders in over 200 races (500+ stages) across the world, including iconic races such as La Vuelta and the iconic Tour de France.

The most important decisions are in your hands. From rider scouting and recruitment, staff hiring, contract negotiations, and sponsor management, make the right calls to secure the win! Every stage counts, and even during the races, the strategies and choices are up to you! Play solo or multiplayer online up to 16 players, and dominate the competition in leagues and clans.

  • Increased realism: race rhythm, riders’ pace, stamina and training management, enhanced IA…
  • Organize your team in a train formation at any point during the race, to protect your riders and prepare as you approach key areas.
  • Improved progression system in Pro Cyclist mode: fulfill the objectives set by your manager to improve and progress within your team and beyond!
  • Form clans and join members of the community to chat, organize competitions and compare results.
    • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
    • OS: Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit)
    • Processor: AMD/Intel dual-core 2.5 GHz
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 512 MB, ATI Radeon HD 5570/NVIDIA GeForce GT 240/Intel HD 4600
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 11 GB available space
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Posted: June 27, 2017
Ive really, really tried to love this game…but it continues to throw sh@t back in my face!
Ive continued on and on, and been left frustrated, and totally bamboozled with the lack of strategy and the seemingly non-existence of a simulation game.
I often feel im not racing other racers, im just racing against the game itself. I havent played MP yet, so that may work well.

BUGS GALORE here: Dont believe me? Look at all the stickys on the first discussion page lol.
Ive raced multiple races, multiple times in one season…? Imagine playing football manager, and after a game is finished, you play the same game a few weeks later…weird.
At the end of the season, ive had to race another 9 times, even though there is none in my schedule. Yup…screwed me right over for my training!
Ive had races where the riders go through fields, like with 10ft high grass, so you cannot even see their heads lol. Ive had them drive through houses, walls, trees etc.
Ive had races where ive literally lost all control over my rider, and am left at the mercy of where the game thinks i should finish.
There’s loads more…

Now what i will say is, if/when they eventually get it all fixed up, and balanced out..so the game doesnt differentiate player from AI, then there will be cracking games here. As it is, its an early access game for me. £30 quid..no way save your money. When its fixed then sure, there’s loads of fun to be had here.

I was kinda semi-addicted to this, mainly because, on the outside, it seemed to be a complex game. Underneath it feels all to shallow.
I’ll be continuing to play, and be pulling my hair out with this (since i payed £30 for it), and my review will surely change..when its fixed.


Posted: June 15, 2017
Okay i love this game but:
The developers actually made the game worse!
Pretending they made any significant changes to the 2016 or 2015 edition the game isnt looking good so far.
Same voice for comentators for a few years now (annoying!) worse controls and menues. no improvements at all. Scouting still sucks, contract renewals, financial management. So easy to imrove this game.
Do not recommend if you have the 2016 or 15 edition


Posted: June 20, 2017
So right off the bat, I have to say this… If you’re not a massive cycling fan, then I probably can’t really recomend this game. All the fun for me comes in the form of assembling a top team from some of the hottest up and coming riders in cycling and so if you don’t have that level of investment in the sport then I can’t imagine that the gameplay is strong enough the tip the balance here.

I mean don’t get me wrong, the actual gameplay is fairly solid, you can now perform most of the actions that you would want to as a cycling manager, (I’m especially grateful for this years addition of the abilities to form rider trains and to set a rider to try and reduce the gap to a breakaway rider) however there’s nothing magical about the gameplay of this management game that makes it better than any of the other sports management games out there.

So just to sort of sum it up. If you are just a fan of simulation of management games then probably turn somewhere else for a more accessable game, however if you following road cycling on the TV, then this game can definitely scratch an itch for you!

p.s. Also there is a ‘Be a pro’ mode and thats pretty good I guess


Posted: September 5, 2017
Well, too much things go wrong. I’ve now spent enough hours on it to say with confidence: it’s not my fault…

Not working well:
– "press the space bar to stop simulation". 7 days later, it finally stops. By now, contract offers are gone.
– Be a pro: DO NOT BE A SPRINTER. It will make you go mad. The worst breakaways (5 guys wit 64 Ryding and no stamina on a flat stage of 160k) are impossible to catch with my entire team (Ryders of 65-74-) going after them. Meanwhile, other teams with better sprinters than me don’t even seem interested in catching the breakaway. So the breakaway that got 4 mins max is not caught. If however, on occasion you do succeed to catch the breakaway, and get a good train on the road, in 1 out of 3 times, the leadoutguy just doesn’t even begin his sprint when pressing "S". Het just let’s go mid screen and you lose 20 positions straight away. In other times when it does work, your sprinter of 75 in the shape of his life gets beaten by a nitwit with 68 sprinting, when you let him explode at the 1k mark.. it’s rediculous!
– Guys like Peter Sagan just keep following climbers with 83 climbing on a 10k climb of 8%. Impossible to win mid mountain stages with a climber.
– I only win climb stages with the best climber in freakish climb stages (with over 50k of climbing to do) by doing the final climb on my own pace, not following any attack, and in the end catching up with the nutty attackers being dead 3k’s before the finish.
– Ever done a breakway in a mountain stage? Every single one of the guys in the breakaway thinks he can win the polkadot jersey, and attacks on every single climb to get the points. So or you do the same and destroy your riders yellow bar, or you don’t and you’re left chasing the breakaway until the next climb, where they attack once again.
– I could go on and on, but it never stops.

Overall, there’s too many things wrong with this game when it could be that much more fun. It gets frustrating.
That can never be the intent of a game so I’m done.

Edit: most errors occur in the Pro Cyclist mode. Career mode is playable, however sometimes the lead out guy doesn’t want to start his sprint still happens.


Posted: June 24, 2017
Never bought a game so full of bugs. There are so manny mistakes in the interface, it’s unbelievable. It’s fun when it works but so frustrating. Went in to the second year of my carreer and all of a sudden my rider has stopt resting, I tried cancelling all the races, they never show up on my schedule so i actually cancelled them. But even still my rider competes in the races. Right now my rider is at 117% unrested and it goes up even when I cancell all training and races.♥♥♥♥♥♥game, i would be ashamed to put something so full of bugs on the market!


Posted: July 27, 2017
What can i say apart from another overpriced buggy game which is a shame as it could of been so much better..i have put a few hours into the pro career mode which was enjoyable to start with training up ur rider for the first few seasons and getting good results bar the bugs where u crash and then cant move or get stuck between race cars and the verge..really. The really crap comentry i can put up with that but considering its a simulation you have very poor control over events ive been in races where ive tried dropping ppl on the last climb only to find riders who’s stats are basic 60ish have kept up and then overtaken me my hills and mountain where 77/78 what did they have a RD condition of +20!!!!? it makes no sense at all. The other main gripe is the fact that you spend lots of time sorting ur season schedule and training to be at peak fitness for races and u get a totally random race day conition of minus 1-3 wtf…i have very rarely had a good RD condition the odd +2 so sort of makes the whole training a waste of time.As for getting into a breakaway forget it every time i try the pack runs me down yet they let everyone else who tries succeed most races im on max and still struggling to keep in the peleton absolutely stupid. There are many more stupid things about this game but i just cant be bothered to list them all, seems to be the way of Devs now release a game thats not really working as it should and then hit you with a hefty price tag for it probably cos they know we will still buy it…wake up and smell the coffee ppl they r taking us for a ride.


Posted: June 23, 2017
Only Cyanide has the special power to make a game better and worse at the same time. For each improvement they make, they add a horrible element. Meanwhile, the same bugs since 2011 are still in this game. Why don’t you skip a year and come to us with a finished game instead of a cashcow.

Newest annoyances; blocking! You can’t send a rider in the breakaway because it takes 35km to get to the front of the bunch (i counted). Can’t make it to front on a mountain as well.
Training system; it takes you 5 hours to set up your team at the start of the season. So you can’t ask for a refund, I guess. Instead of 1 menu for training, you have to cycle through 4 or 5 screens per rider to set up the training programme in the most detailed way. Last year’s system was fine, stop adding crap.
EPO; the whole peloton is on EPO. It’s not uncommon to finish an uphill stage with 30 riders, all sprinting


Posted: July 24, 2017
This game could be great but sadly it’s just not finished. It’s as if there was absolutely no QA done at all and I suspect that they had to release in time to get on the back of Tour de France coverage.

I have had countless times where the game simply freezes and can’t be retrieved and doesn’t generate a crash report. The final straw though was playing Be A Pro, submitting a contract offer, clicking continue to progress the game and next time the simulation stops the acceptance period has come and gone. Are you serious? That’s not even a bug, just bad engineering.

The game itself can be fun, though it could be better. I’ll probably try it again after future patches but for now it could be considered criminal to retail the game as a finished product at US$40.

I’m just a Noob

Posted: July 17, 2017
Why would I not reccomend a game even with +40 hours on the record?

I have owned PCM in several version, the first one before steam days (UBI soft i think), and the latest was PCM 2013 here on steam. I read the reviews and didnt update my PCM in 2014,2015 & 2016 and I’m glad I didnt.

This year, 4 year have past, and I thought that somethings have got to have improved, right?
well…not really, and thats where it disappoints me. There isnt really that much new.
All names are still fictional btw, probably due to some copyright issues.
So if you want to update, just to get the latest names and jersey, thats not gonna help.
You can do that via thirdparty DB regardless. Admitted it’s easier now through Steam Workshop.

The UI are updated slightly every year. It might be nicer, but basicly it works the same.
Track racing to me seems 100% the same as 4 years ago.

Not only is the commentator ridicuolous , he’s also excatly the same as 4 years ago.
I have playes 40 hours, and havent heard even one new frase….Comon Cyanide? really? for €40,-?§!

Graphics is also a huge dissapointment for me.
I have a 980 with 8GB and runs everything maxed out. Theres no lag, but I have to run in a window cause my widescreen 21:9 monitor is not supported. (bummer, most decent game support that in 2017!).

When running a stage, the graphics is flickering. Most visible textures flicker back and forth on jerseys, banners etc.
Trees are flickering in different green variations constantly.
Shadows are blurry and somethings really really Clunky. It’s most visible on the telephone wires, which probably never would cast a shadow anyway, but the do, and on the ground they look like 3 foot wide wires….

But the 3D rendering is the worst I think.
– At the start of the race theres like 40 riders in the front row, and there’s only room for 20. Resulting in arms and handlebars crossing in each other. btw It looks like theres only 2 different textures of hairy arms 🙂

-Stupid spectators (looks like 10-15 year old graphics) bounce off and often through the ground (to their knees)
– their flags are "stiff" and they moonwalk or skid in and off the road. Looks stupid.

– Cars are on the street everywhere, sometimes facing directly against the direction the route is going. I found that flaw most in Criteriums (with several laps). And the cars didnt dissapoint :), it was there every single lap, all riders passing directly throuh it.

– Cyclist are running through each other, and through cars, and through the red/white road barriers. And ohh through the road as well. Sometimes it looks like the sink 3-4 inches throuhg the ground, at other times they "float" above the ground.

– Cyclist seem to run on a invsible "rail" running in the road. When they do change from side to side, the skid sideways left and right, in an akward unrealistic way.

I could go on listing the 3D flaws, but I think I made my point.
This game is just an update of the stages, everything else feels old old old old old….

I believe this is like the 15th. rendition of PCM?? or something close. It’s just not op to 2017 standards!
Comon Cyanide? really? for €40,-?§!

If all the new staqes was DLC it might justify a €9,99 download, but as "NEW" game at full price, holy crap. And I’m even comparing to a 2013 rendition.

I love Cycling, I love TDF, and on PC I really dont have an alternative.
Thats the only reason I keep clocking hours on PCM 2017.


Posted: August 1, 2017
dont let the few positive reviews fool you!!!
where to begin? i have been playing cycling manager ever since the first came out. every yeah a "new" game, but also EVERY year the same bugs/issues. the last few years, the bugs gets worse and more common. Not only theres ore bugs, but the AI (especially for sprinters) has gotten so much worse and stupid, that its almost no fun at all to play flat or classics races. the realisme has totally gone sour!
It seems to me, they every year rush a "new" game out with few changes in features. The sponsor side is ok, BUT now i have played two carrer modes and after few years, suddenly frame/wheel etc sponsors either dont give you offers (even though you make all or almost all of your goals) and if they do its so small amounts that you can not keep the team running because your financial situation will bancrupt you!
other ingame bugs, well just look at all others who have written about wich bugs they have and then you get a real view of this game. those who are positive, well either they are bias or they have just played a VERY limited time.
another major flaw for instance – my last carrer game, after a few season i suddenly after having choosen my riders for vuelta, they suddenly arent in the vuelta…. laeving me with nothing AGAIN… i could play the game 3d, but no action as i suddenly had NO riders in the game….
Dont waste your money on CYANIDEs BUGGY S… game…. PRO cycling….. well there isnt much PRO about this game franchise, at least it hasnt been for years. Save your money unless if you can get it for less than 5 dollars.
2017 is the last Pro cycling manager game EVER for me…. I lost ALL trust in CYANIDE to make an a least decent game… bugs there will always be, but again EVERY year its so bad and many, its totally takes out the joy of the game. the game could have been the best sports manager game ever, but somehow it gets screwed up every year 🙁



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