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About This Game

In the world of Thasys, most races rely on Mana to survive. This magical energy is now growing scarce, and wars for survival are devastating the lands as magical beings fight over the last remaining scraps of this life-giving force. Somewhere, legendary creatures sleep an ageless slumber, hiding in their hearts the original Mana source. Only a few chosen ones can awaken these Creatures and guide them to save Thasys. They are the witnesses of a dying world, the last hope for the living.
They are the PRODIGIES.

Prodigy Tactics is a tactical turn-based game set in a fantastic world of Thasys, torn in a never-ending war. Create a team of heroes, the last hope for the dying world, and lead them to the victory fighting hand in hand with powerful Guardians. Every character is equipped with a unique set of abilities to aid allies in the battle or to vanquish their foes.

Battles in Prodigy Tactics consists of two teams facing each other on a classic arena. Each team can move freely on a 3×4 squares field, adjusting their tactic to the synergy of characters. While one side is preparing an attack, the other one sets the defense or counter-attack – making the game dynamic and engaging for both players at the time. Positioning becomes a key component of the fights, as it can change the current target and affects the attack power.

There are two powerful forces in the Prodigy world: Harmony and Dissonance. Each one can be used by the Watchers and both bring the new quality to the battlefield.
Harmony brings balance and aids team in the battle, allowing them to gain the power to cast their special abilities. At the end of the turn, if the Hero acts in Harmony, it creates a square filled with Mana.
Dissonance is a powerful and unpredictable force. It fills the creature using it with enormous power capable of destroying even the strongest foes… But this force comes with a great responsibility as Dissonance is unstable. Beware, this force used without a proper caution leads to chaos.

  • Tactical, Turn-based Gameplay
  • range of unique playable characters to form a team with
  • beautifully designed, diverse bullrings
  • 2 solo modes: training and bastion
  • online multiplayer against a random opponent or a friend
    • OS: Windows 7
    • Processor: Intel Core i5-4440 (or equivalent)
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: GeForce GTX 660, AMD Radeon HD 7850
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Storage: 4 GB available space
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Posted: November 16, 2017
Early Access Review

Updated the review on the 8th of January 2018

TLDR: The game has been in development since 2014 (and was supported via kickstarter) has undergone what looks like significant problems in its developement and is currently still only in a state that I would describe as "early alpha". The game itself has massive potential to be very good but is nowhere near fulfilling its potential right now. The game has barely any content (basically only a tutorial and random skirmishes) and a multiplayer mode that nobody plays.

Background of the game:
In april 2014 Hanakai Studios opened a kickstarter campaign for Prodigy Tactics and were successfull (212.194$ raised). It was, if I understood it correctly announced as a boardgame / videogame hybrid, by using a video game and a board to place your physical figures in the game. According to the developer the physical version of the game is still in developement (see comments of this review) but now there is additionally a digital only version that you’re now looking upon. The rewards for the kickstarter campaign were announced to be distributed in October 2015. I do not completly know the details what happened and what was changed to the game because the last Updates on the kickstarter page are viewable only for Kickstarter backers and there are a lot of french only comments / developer responses however it is quite clear that something went wrong considering many are asking for a refund in the comments of the kickstarter campaign. From what I was reading it appears that the game was changed drastically and it was not originally announced to have a cheap digital only version which frustrated lots of kickstarters that paid a lot for the physical edition (I might be wrong on this).

11 Characters, 2 Maps (which is just a cosmetic thing), a tutorial, a training modus and a bastion modus. Also an encylcopedia about the characters, what they do and tips on how to use them. There is also multiplayer but barely anyone is playing the game (1.5 average players according to steamcharts. 11 players peak). So unless you are very patient or have a friend playing or use community meetings / forums to meet up you probably won’t be playing multiplayer.

The game has been in developement for at least ~ 4 years and the fact that this is all the content they have been able to bring out should bring doubt to anyone thinking about buying the game in early access. The game is announced to be released out of early access 6-12 months after the inital release. I highly doubt that will be the case looking at the current content and the announced single player campaign / story. The one thing that makes me hopeful that it might indeed be fully released in 2018 is that there are lots of videos from the developers that show other characters are already in developement (there are a lot of short gameplay videos of a lot more characters out there, showing completed models and animations).

Translation, Bugs and Performance:
Engrish Translation was fixed. There are only minor mistakes now. I am not a native speaker so maybe I missed a few mistakes but I barely noticed any now.
The Tutorial is now useful in my opinion.
Most of the Bugs that I knew have been fixed. I didnt have any crashes anymore and I think thats really good for a early access game.
Performance: I have low fps despite having a computer that should be able to run the game fluently. There are also no graphics settings, only a resolution setting.

Obviously one of the main drawing points of the game is the cast of characters. They are pretty unique, all have different gameplay mechanics, different stats and special abilities and are connected via affinities that can launch combination attacks upon using special attacks. Also some characters synergise with others making teambuilding important and interesting. The game really shows a lot of potential here. If there were to be lets say 20-30 characters in the finished game, the team building and team combination attacks could lead to a really deep and complex game. The characters have small stories and motivations that is explained in 2-5 lines but do not expect any deep lore behind them. This might change with a story / campaign mode tough.

Prodigy tactics has really good features but also really weak and wonky ones. I wont give an overview of the system because it would take too long. So I will just highlight the gameplay features I disliked the most.

I really like the Idea of playing safe with harmony moves or risky with dissonance moves. Balancing them out and using the resulting mana fields to your advantage should lead to a complex combat system. However I don’t like the involved RNG with the dissonance moves / squares. I genereally don’t think RNG has a place in strategy games. Sure a bit is fine but nothing majorly random based should be in the game. However the dissonance system is definitely RNG heavy. First your dmg rolls varies too much (e.g. Elae normal attack on harmony is 64 dmg, dissonance is 99-139) while I dont see a reason why it wouldnt be a flat dmg increase (e.g. just make Elae’s aa do 64 harmony dmg 119 dissonance, which is the average of 99-139). Secondly if you use a dissonance move it spawns a dissonance circle, that has a chance to blow up with all other dissonance circles and deal damage to all your characters. However the chance of the Dissonance circles to expload is based on the number of dissonance circles you have. You might be punished after only 2-3 circles but might be lucky and have 7-8 circles without being punished.
Additionally, Harmony circles are harder to create because only Guardians can create them. You then need to move the guardian and move the character you want to do a harmony skill with on the field where the guardian was standing which requires you at least 2 full turns to pull off. However everyone can create a dissonance square and you almost always do roughly 50-100% more dmg with dissonance moves. So not only do I not need to move my characters, but I also am able to use skills quicker and do more damage with them. And with luck I wont even be punished. I’m not sure about the math and I might be wrong but It felt to me as if going dissonance leads to much higher dps than harmony. I think this could be fixed by only being able to have a certain amount of dissonance squares and make the dmg non rng based. Simply have them always explode at 4 dissonance circles or something like that.

Also I really think the targeting is weird. You choose the opponent you want to attack by placing your character in the opposite row of the character you want to attack. But even with ranged you can only attack the foremost character. I’d really like this system to be changed because it heavily limits the possibilities of who to attack. Also the combat damage calculation is useless and wrong in about 80% of the time and doesnt even change upon chosing a harmony or dissonance attack. Power buffs appear to not be working as they haven’t done anything in the games I have been playing. There is a lot more that I didnt like but I’ll stop here to reduce the length of the review.

In the end I would advise you not to buy the game as you really don’t know what you will be getting and especially when. I have the feeling that this might be one of the games that stay in early access for far too long and don’t end up the way they were supposed to. The current amount of content, gameplay wonkiness and difficulty of using the multiplayer mode are the biggest disadvantages of the game. However I also believe that the developers can make this into a great game if the already announced singleplayer campaign/story mode will be providing a good story that uses the fantastic characters from the game and current gameplay design is "cleaned up".

I will update my review accordingly if the developers update the game. Hopefully it will be a recommendation as soon as possible.


Posted: July 2, 2018
Early Access Review

I rarely write reviews but am obliged to do so for this game.

Prodigy Tactics is the latest iteration of a Kickstarter game from 2014 from Hanakai Studios. I was a backer of the original KS at a very high level. Hanakai struggled to develop the game, was unable to deliver on it’s promises to the backers and sold the property to Forever Entertainment. Hanakai did not fulfill their pledges, still claims to be "working on it", and will not issue refunds to backers who spent literally hundreds on what was supposed to be a hybrid video/board game.

Now Forever Entertainment is selling the game for $20 USD, less than 5% of what some of us backers put into the project.

Hanakai refuses to issue refunds, and Forever claims it’s not their fault. Forever Entertainment clearly either did not do their due diligence when acquiring the property or did not care that Hanakai Studios did not deliver their product to their backers. Either way, Forever Entertainment is complicit, either passively or actively.

I would ask that nobody support such underhanded and duplicitious business practices.

If you do not care about that, then here is the game review (while I have little time played, remember I was a pre-alpha backer and have had access to the game literally for years).

Prodigy Tactics is the laterst iteration of a struggling turn-based tactical game. The vast majority of the game was developed as a multipleyer game, for literally years that’s all that existed. There is essentially no player base, and for a game that’s 90% multiplayer this should be a show stopper for anyone considering backing the game. Even after rollouts, sales, and advertising, very few people support or play the game.

The game has some novel mechanics, but they are clunky and more often non-intuitive and irritating. The harmony and dissonance system is weird, confusingly implemented, and annoying and poorly concieved for a grid-based game with only 12 sqaures per team.

The game also suffers from a serious lack of playable characters. But don’t worry – more are "being worked on". As they have been for over 4 years.

You want PvE content? After 4 years, we get our first glimpse at the first story for one character. Nothing new, deep or innovative. A string of "quests" where you fight some canned battles. LOTS of text providing backstory, no voice acting, but lots of spelling/grammer errors. Well worth the 4 year wait…

However, the graphics are nice. You can put lipstick on a pig, but in the end, it’s still a pig.

If you want PvE content, find a different game. If you want PvP content, bring about 1500 friends.


Posted: March 9, 2018
Early Access Review

(TL;DR at the base of this review)

I’m noticing that some reviewers don’t seem to know that there is an option to speed up cutscenes to improve the pace of battle in the game’s settings.


How the game is played:

Prodigy Tactics is a straight-up tactical strategy brawler that is not encumbered by long, dramatic dialogue sequences. Jump right into the action. Choose from a roster of offensive, protective, or support champions to do battle against various enemies on a battle map. During each character’s turn, you will have the option to select a Harmony or Dissonance based defense or attack. There are three rows and four columns per side on the battle map "grid," in which the front row will empower your champion with its most powerful attack (and least defense), middle row for a more balanced attack and defense, and back row a strong defense and weak attack.

To win, you will attempt to master Harmony/Dissonance effects, Counter-attacks, Statuses (such as Poison, Torment, Resistance, and Power), etc over your opponent.


Modes include:
Bastion (the primary SP mode currently)
Stories (Coming Soon).


Modes include:
Against a friend
Unranked Battle
Ranked Battle (Coming Soon).

What I like about Prodigy Tactics:
+ Segmented tutorial that does not lock you in for the full duration. Take it in portions, at your own pace.
+ Interesting and varied character designs and abilities.
+ Fleshed out character profile screens complete with bio summaries, statistics, skill lists, special skills, and tips how to play the selected champion.
+ Exciting and stylized character battle animations that have impact.
+ Sound effects of champions are satisfying and enhance the impact of the characters’ battle animations.
+ Music is perfect for the battle maps. Mildly reminiscent of the original Magic the Gathering – Duel of the Planeswalkers.
+ User interface is easy to navigate and understand with simplified mouseover descriptions.
+ Option for shorter cutscenes for the impatient.
+ No long, drawn out dialogues that hold you hostage and keep you away from the action.
+ Single Player and Multiplayer modes and options.

Room for improvements:
– It seems some audio effects have not been implemented yet, such as on the title screen, which causes less "impact" in presentation. It’s still Early Access after all, and this doesn’t take away from Prodigy Tactics’ fun factor.
– Stories are intended, but not implemented yet. "Coming soon."
– Ranked Battle mode is not implemented yet. "Coming soon."
– Having the option to shorten cutscenes in the settings is nice, but being able to shorten or lengthen them mid-battle would be nicer.

While in Early Access, some missing audio and stories takes away from Prodigy Tactics’ initial presentation, however, this is easily overlooked due to its solid (and fun!) tactical gameplay, utilizing a roster of powerful champions with kickass abilities.

Check out my other reviews! 🙂


Posted: October 2, 2018
Prodigy Tactics feels a little like wasted potential. It has absolutely gorgeous animations and a cool looking set of characters, but the game is about as deep as something you would play on your phone. It is just so shallow and low on "tactics" ironically enough that it doesn’t feel like its worth playing because once you finish a couple missions…thats it. you’ve seen all it has to offer.

I think it’s a cool game, but only buy it on a sale.

van the man

Posted: May 21, 2018
Early Access Review

Amazing visuals.

Weird gameplay though. I tried this after finishing an Xcom 2 campaign that put my hour counter in that up to 933. I was drawn to this game because, well, tactics. They put it in the name.

I just couldn’t get into it though. Fights are a series of beautiful cinematic animations that get repetitive after the second or third time. I mean, crazy movie-esque cinematics, just for regular attacks. It seemed like there’s some depth/strategy to the gameplay but after the 2nd of 5 tutorials I was out of patience, it’s too slow paced and repetitive.

Absolutely gorgeous game though. I’m disappointed that it wasn’t for me.


Posted: June 20, 2018
even it’s EA version , this is also a "unfinished" game and too early to buy it. Still a lots need to do.
+优秀的建模 (amazing character modeling
+华丽的效果 (gorgeous combat effect
+较为有趣战斗方式(当然了毕竟游戏名字叫做“战术天才”) (interesting ways of fighting(ofc like the name of the game)
-完成度过低 (unfinished game
-无剧情 (no story
-人物不齐全 (too less hero
( what i hope and need is a game that like "heroes of Might and Magic" but not same , and better it has own special point
*可以增加属性养成 (hero can be developed
*增加装备培养 (make a equipment system
*增加故事线和剧情 (need story for this game
*对小细节优化,例如跳过战斗动画 (can skip some fighting process
*增加“史诗性” 233 ( make it more "epci" XD
当然最好能加入中文,毕竟中国有一大批类英雄无敌粉 lol
ofc many people need Chinese

***GENERAL** Snuggles

Posted: November 10, 2017
Early Access Review

What can I say about this game that hasn’t already been said? Alot. In order…

1 – Graphics – This is what attracted me to the game in the first place. The graphics are simply gorgeous. They are a delight to behold, even at lower resolutions, and if you are fortunate enough to have a 4k monitor you will be amazed at the animations, the color, the detail – everything. At HD levels they are still far above the par that any game has set for your brain intake. Quite simply, looking at this game is like… making love to your eyes. Yes it looks that good (sorry for the GRAPHIC description 😛 )

2 – Characters – The core of any game that is in this genre is it’s characters. Are they memorable? Are there any single characters that just make you want to say, "Nah, that’s for n00b’s", or "I’ve seen enough of him\her"? With Prodigy Tactics, the characters are as memorable as they are diverse. Each has a background that is as well writen as any RPG character could be. They each have a story, a motivation, and each is wildly different from the other. I don’t want to spoil any surprises, but lets just say that if you locked Dr. Seuss, Jim Henson, and a vial of LSD in a room you STILL wouldn’t be able to come up with better and more imaginative characters then they have. Which leads nicely to…

3 – Variety – Not a single character is like another. They do have "fucntions" which may be similar (IE – Gaurdians, Attackers, Supporters), but the way they act, look, and sound are so unique from one another that it is almost like the best brains in the business came up with a character each and then accidentally discovered eachothers e-mail addresses and said "Hey – lets stick these dudes in a game!". Yup. They ARE that different!

4 – Uniqueness And Depth – The gameplay will be familiar enough to feel comfortable playing for the first time, but different enough so that you don’t say, "Oh – another one of these!". There are many aspects to this game which bring a fresh breeze to a stale genre of "Ye olden chess like game that hath fancy moves". The gameplay is simple enough for a child to learn, but deep enough for Stephen Hawkins (and if you are him, I formally challange you to a game. The winner gets a lifetime supply of Playboys – I heard you have enough Penthouses already (if you don’t get this joke, just do a little biography on him at another bet he made)) to… errr… Hawk at. Sorry Mr. Hawkins, but it’s not like I choose your name. In all fairness, you didn’t either, but still. Back to the point. The theory is a simple one – the board is made of 24 circles, 12 per player, 3 rows deep, 4 circles on each row. You put characters down on circles, and then they attack other characters. When you kill a character, it counts as a point. The first person to get to 3 points wins. Simple? Not quite. Throw in things like turning the playing circles from nuetral to harmony or dissonence that altar gameplay, call in support in the form of backup characters, bond team-mates together for attack or defense, PLUS characters have more then just one move available to them, and much, much more! Yes, this game is unique enough to attract beginners, but deep enough to make Bobby Fischer say that "Prodigy Tactics is ALIVE!" and challange Boris Spassky to a game of Prodigy without disagreeing on rules AND have the pressure of a couple thousand nuclear warheads without a sweat (I hope I am throwing in enough weird references for you all). It’s THAT good.

5 – Sound – The sound is as memorable as – well – all of the above. It matches the games other incredible qualities perfectly. You know how memorable Darth Vadar’s voice, sound, and lightsaber were the first time you heard them? Those are the sound effects. The music? When it’s used, it’s as apropos as the "Jaws" theme is when you see a shark, or "Ode To Joy" when you get a job promotion. It isn’t over or underdone – it is like that bear’s porridge that’s juuuust right. But don’t worry, you won’t get eaten if you play this game. *DISCLAIMER* YOU MAY GET EATEN IF YOU PLAY THIS GAME

6 – Interface – This game is not only on PC but it is coming to Nintendo Switch – and perhaps other platforms as well. I just mention that because while the mouse functions perfectly well, the game just BEGS for a touchscreen interface. If you have a touchscreen monitor, you are in violation of a new federal law if you do not buy this game. Everything just WORKS, it’s intuitive, and user friendly like the original I-Pod was when you touched it for the first time. It is THAT good with a touchscreen!

7 – WHY ARE YOU STILL READING THIS?! – If you have read this far, you are obviously interested, so why not download the demo and find out for yourself what you’ve been missing out on? And then buy a copy of the game! Heck, go crazy and buy 3 copies! Buy them for your friends. Or buy them for strangers and then suddenly you will HAVE friends!

To get the Demo go to this link https://steamdb.info/app/630000/ and click on the button that says "free" – THIS DEMO IS OLD AND OUT OF DATE, BUT MAY GIVE YOU AN IDEA OF WHAT I’M HONKING ON ABOUT!!!

Bottem Line


Fluffy Fluff

Posted: November 11, 2017
Early Access Review

Game is really cool and looks beautiful. The only thing is could you please add V-Sync the coil whine on my GTX 1060 is driving me crazy and the V-Sync option is the only thing that makes it stop. Borderless window doesn’t work for the whine just the actual option of V-Sync. As for everything else it runs and looks perfect I can’t wait till its finished.


Posted: November 9, 2017
Update (10/5/2018)

During one of the side quest, the game crashes everytime during character selection menu. I reported the problem on 9/30 and am currently waiting for the bug to be fixed.

Update (9/29/2018)

When I played the game last year, I was happy with the game and looked forward for the game to leave early access. Now it’s finally released, I played a few hours but I am bit dissapointed. While I still like the core gameplay, character models, and animations, the game just feels unpolished.

The main menu is still the same as when it’s in early access, which looks like place holder.

The presentation of the campaign isn’t very good. It’s mostly text reading with occasionally 3D character models having the same motions everytime speaking (no dub). It would be much better if the presentation is similar to Japanese Visual Novel games with characters at least showing some emotions when speaking (even with static character drawings will do).

For single player, besides campaign, there is endless mode where you fight waves of enemies until you die. I hope more vs AI mode will be added down the road since there aren’t many that plays this game.

During battle, you can speed up the animation 2 or 3 times by pressing the left mouse buttons, which is good. However, I hope I can set the speed of the animation in the setting. Also, I would like more setting such as show full animation during critical hit, speed up circle creation animation, and enable sound effect during speed up animation.

In the short amount of time I’ve played, the game crashed a few times. Also, I’ve already encountered an error where I am waiting forever for the the enemy to react to my move while showing the text "waiting for your opponent". At this state, I still can use my mouse to move my character.

All in all, I still really like the game and I’ll finish the campaign for sure. However, I feel the game could’ve been so much more and so much better.

Original (11/8/2017)

Not gonna lie, I bought Prodigy Tactics b/c of the gorgeous conecpt arts. The art of the game leave a strong impression when I saw it a few yearts back on Kickstarter, so when I saw the game released on Steam, I grab it right away. I really like the character designs and the animations. Hopefully the texture of characters and backgrounds will be more detailed in the final release.

First I thought there was only 1 tutorial, but there are actually 3. Be sure to do all of them first. After a few rounds, you should get a hang of it. The gameplay is interesting and isn’t complicated. The more you play, the better the game feels. However, do note that there are only training and bastion mode (7 wave of enemies) as of 11/8/2017. I am sure it’ll be a lot better after more contents are released down the road. The main con for me is the pace is still a bit slow with enable fast cutscenes and skip "Turn Begin" cutscenes. Also, I wish there is the option to skip scenes during battle animations.

Personally, besides PVP, I hope there will be a robust single player story campaign. Really looking forward to the final release.


Posted: January 16, 2018
Early Access Review

Hi everyone, bought this game as the graphics and the gameplay looked cool.

For now the game as poor content but I was not disappointed with the graphics, the strategy and the different characters with each their ouwn abilities make the game new in every game.

The negative point : there’s not much players, I think the multiplayer is the best mode for now.

The game has potential, more characters, maps, and solo modes with some kind of reward will greatly help the game to be a good strategy game.

I’ll update as soon as I can when i’ll be able to play online against an other player.