Remember when cheats came included with the game, and you didn’t have to buy the codes list as a separate microtranscation? Rage 2 remembers.

Except when it doesn’t. If you pre-ordered or bought the deluxe edition of Rage 2 you’ll have instant access to some of the game’s cheats. Regular plebs however, will have to track down a certain NPC: the Wasteland Wizard, Mangoo.

Once you’ve discovered the pesky mutant’s hiding spot, he’ll sell you a variety of different cheats that drastically change Rage 2’s gameplay.

Note: Enabling any of the Rage 2 cheats list will disable trophies and achievements. You can however play with one of the commentator codes enabled without affecting trophy progress.

Where to find the Wasteland Wizard, Mangoo

The most difficult part of unlocking cheats in Rage 2 is finding Mangoo. His spawn location seems to be semi-randomised – and we’ve seen a few threads saying you need to always be online to make him appear – so it’s more luck than judgement as to where he pops up.

Most often we’ve seen him around the edges of the map, as well as hugging the boundaries between areas. You’ll know when you find him by the balloons floating from the top of his little shop.

If you’re struggling to find him, try looking in a few of the following places:

Just to the west of the Great Crack Ark
In the northeast corner of The Wilds – just northeast of the Lost Prospects Bandit Den
Or in the southeast corner of the Broken Tract
Once you’ve bought your cheats, go into the options menu and you’ll find “Cheats” towards the bottom.

Rage 2 cheats list

Here are all of the cheats we’ve seen so far:

Rage 2 CheatCheat Description
Diamond GeezerThis cheat will make cockney hardman Danny Dyer commentate on your gameplay
He’s on FireClassic NBA Jam announcer, Tim Kitzrow, will commentate on your gameplay
Klegg SupportRecruits Klegg Claytop as an AI helper in battle
Progress BoosterYou will collect double the amount of Feltrite for four hours
Git GudMakes it so enemies die in one hit
Son of ThorElectro-shocks enemies that get too close
Red Barrel RainSpawns a cache of explosive red barrel in front of you
Super WingstickMakes it so your Wingstick has unlimited redirects
Super OverdriveMakes your Overdrive ability even stronger
Super PhoenixBeefs up the Phoenix 4×4
Phoenix Rejector SeatLaunches your car into the air instead of you

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