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About This Game

REDEEMER is an intense Brawler where you will punch, hack and blast your way through enemies using fists, hammers, fire arms and even the environment. It grabs the genre by the throat and drags it into 2017 in brutal style by adding a deep melee combat system and numerous unique types of kills. Redeemer is the brawler for those who love brawlers and have been waiting for a modern take on the genre!

Play as Vasily, an elite operative who once worked for one of the biggest Cybernetic Weapons Manufacturers in the world. Officially working in security, you were tasked with infiltration, assassination, extortion and even torture. When eventually the corporation decided to turn you into one of its cyborg soldiers, you manage to narrowly escape to a secluded monastery deep in the snowy mountains.

For 20 years you tried to find peace and harmony amongst your fellow monks, but you are still too haunted by your murderous past to find either. Now after all of these years the corporation is finally closing-in on your location, and in so doing they have given you one last shot at redemption.


  • Intense Top Down Action: Take out enemies using a wide selection of fire arms and melee weapons including combat knives, batons, fire axes, hammers and many more.
  • Brutal Hand-to-Hand Combat: Use your mercenary skills to beat down your opponents using a collection of brutal fighting moves, combos, charge- and jump attacks.
  • Unique Kill System: Use three different types of kills to mercilessly eliminate enemies. Sneak around levels undetected to silently perform graceful stealth kills, or use the very environment to dispatch your opponents using environmental kills by smashing their skulls, impaling them and setting them ablaze in flames (many more options available). Utilize your combat prowess to beat down your opponents enough to enable you to perform savage execution kills that will have you reaching for the screen capture key.
  • Parry System: Defend yourself whilst taking down your enemies by utilizing a well-timed block. Learn the movements and attack patterns of different enemy types to perfect your parry and create a ballet of death for all of those unlucky enough to oppose you.
  • Disarm-or-Dismember System: Use a unique combat move to either disarm enemies of their fire arms, or dismember certain enemies at will and use their limbs as melee weapons.
  • Story Driven Single-Player: Discover Vasily’s haunted past and experience a narrative journey of betrayal and redemption.
  • Arena Mode: Practice and test your fighting skills by battling countless enemies in a horde-like Arena Mode.
    • OS: Win7 SP1, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
    • Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-6300 CPU
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: AMD Radeon R9 200 Series or equivalent
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Storage: 7 GB available space
    • Additional Notes: 64-Bit OS Required

Anticitizen 1

Posted: December 10, 2017
This is a rock solid twin stick brawler/shooter that is unfortunately marred by a few major issues.

– The combat is great, particularly in the first 10 or so levels. It has great flow and amazing visual and audio feedback.
– The story is reasonably interesting for a twin stick game.
– The visuals are great, this runs on Unreal Engine 4 and it uses it well.
– Great use of environment kills.

– The enviro-hazard puzzles are all complete and utter garbage. I honestly do not see what value they add to the game, they are stupid and extremely irritating.
– The last two levels are a just an extreme drag, the enemies get super bullet spongy and cheap. The encounters really drag on and I found myself backtracking a whole lot. I wish I didn’t play the last two levels at all because they really left a sour taste in my mouth.

Overall, this is good value for 50% off but I would not recomment buying it for the full price.

Fr€nÇh TΩ@$t

Posted: November 23, 2017
I’m happy, I’m really happy. In 2017 I got what I paid for. A game that is enjoyable, challenging, well made, few bugs I closed my eyes on, affordable, and fun. Thank you.


Posted: July 30, 2018
Product received for free

Redeemer is a top down beat ‘em up game where you will use fists and weapons to rage carnage throughout 16 levels.

The combat in Redeemer is brutal and attacks feel satisfying and weighty. The combo system here is decent with an emphasis on parrying, not unlike the Batman Arkham games. There’s a great flow to combat once you get a hang of things, I would call it Arkham-lite. Combat also remains interesting due to the bevy of weapons (both melee and ranged) at your disposal and a multitude of combo finishers.

You regain health by defeating enemies, so an aggressive playstyle is heavily encouraged here. Once you get a feel for the parry system, it’s quite easy to take on multiple enemies at once. Also, there are numerous ways that you can use the environment to your advantage. Whether it’s a barrel that you can throw or a wall of spikes that you can shove an enemy on to get an instant kill, the environmental hazards are incredibly useful, especially in later levels where crowd control is important.

While the gameplay here is great all around, there were some things that did disappoint. The story is nothing to write home about, and while I do not play games like these for the story, I was a bit disappointed it was not more interesting. I also had some performance issues. Certain levels dropped frames really bad, especially with large crowds and particle effects. In addition, I had two freezes during my play time. Luckily the save system is generally good, so I didn’t really lose any progress. While these points were disappointing, I would easily say that the good outweighs the bad.

I should also note that the developers plan on launching an Enhanced Edition later this year that will introduce co-op and a skill tree. I can only see this as a positive that will make the game better and prolong its repayability. The devs had said that this will be a free upgrade to existing owners.

My five hours with Redeemer were the perfect amount for a game like this. It’s a great game to unwind to or if you want something to play while listening to music or a podcast. If you can catch it on a sale, especially before they come out with the Enhanced Edition, I think Redeemer is a great get.


Posted: August 6, 2017
What a pleasant surprise!

– fast, brutal, unforgiving
– easy to learn and hard to master
– nice graphics and sound
– hidden collectibles
– unlockable arena challenges

Props to Sobaka Studios!
A fun to play quality game for a real good price tag.
Keep up the good work!


Posted: February 26, 2018
It’s a pure beat ‘em up game, with satisfying and fast combat albeit without any effort to provide anything we haven’t seen before. Its repetitive nature goes without saying, raising the guilt part of this guilty pleasure offering exponentially with each passing hour. I enjoyed playing it, the story is obviously stupid, but the gameplay is solid and fun despite being a bit caught up, repetitive and lacking complexity, but it’s still fun in short bursts. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1240127209 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1239311305 Unlocked all achievements!


Posted: June 13, 2018
After a life of war and bloodshed you finally found peace. This place was your home. These monks were your brothers. Now they are dead. The temple, burning in flames and mercenaries searching for you. They finally found you. They came for you. Let’s welcome them.

Redeemer is a top-down brawler with nice graphics and an interesting story. Fighting is a lot of fun and very well done. The game is highly addictive but not very long. I finished the campaign in less than ten hours. Besides the campaign there’s an arena mode but unfortunately this only consists of two arenas that can be completed rather quickly. Nevertheless I highly recommend the game. This was a lot of fun!

Please note that Redeemer is an extremely brutal game. Killing enemies goes along with a lot of blood. I know, morally it shouldn’t, but the brutality adds to the satisfaction of the game. The splatter is a lot of fun.

– overall nice graphics (although often blurry)
– excellent in game controller support
– good sound effects
– very enjoyable
– highly satisfying fights
– special attacks
– great finishing moves
– different types and levels of enemies (humans and mutants) with different attack and movement patterns
– very good AI
– good boss enemies
– perfect difficulty (on normal), the game starts easy and gets very demanding towards the end
– tactical elements, fighting alone will not make you win. You often have to scan your surroundings in order to attack enemies from behind or disarm them.
– different melee weapons
– different guns
– all weapons feel different and come with different attack and parry moves
– very good level design
– badass hero
– interesting story

– graphics often look a little blurry even on maximum settings with disabled motion blur
– imprecise controller support in the menus
– some broken achievements. I had to disable Steam synchronisation, delete save files and replay certain levels again and again and again before the achievements finally unlocked.

Sober Mans Secret

Posted: March 11
A stunning top down martial arts hack, slash and better them up. Beautiful fluid moves, combos and finishers. A must for anyone with a taste for brutality and violence. Really outstanding game.

American Tragedy

Posted: March 23, 2018
At the end of the last year, I had a marathon of the hack and slash/beat’em’up games and that was amazing time, I found a lot of new and cool games, shared my experience with friends and close buddies and moved on from that genre, you know just to make a pause, because it was a bit too much.

One of such games was a Redeemer, the game with a great potential and poor execution. Just another example in my collection of the game, that deserves a neutral score on Steam, but we still don’t have it here. So, I guess, I rather recommend it and try to explain what was bad in it, that makes me hesitate appraising the game.

Redeemer starts really cheerfully and vividly – the group of spec ops attacks the monk’s village and you have to fight for you family and protect the village. You start to rush through enemies, learn basics of the game, see all this slow motion effects and kick villains in their teeth with the power of your fist. This game reminds us of a great action movies with a lot of fights, enemies and skirmishes. At the most dramatic, cruel moments, when you make a super finishing move, camera approaches closer to your hero to show all the cruelty and violence. So, as you are a playing as a Monk, that makes you a perfect combat player, so mainly game focuses on a beating enemies, but at some points, when there are way too much enemies, you need to grab a gun and send some bullets their way.

And, you know what? That’s pretty much it. I mean, literally, there is nothing more to say about this game. It has a really great promising start, but then after few hours of the game, closer to the middle of the playthrough, I have come to realize, that I will not see anything more. No rich story at all, no memorable characters, all the environments are pretty much the same and repetitive, especially when you will get in the laboratories and other inside buildings, I mean no wow-effect regarding story or scenario. I’ll tell you what – if you accept this game as just a fan arcade game, where you need to rush through lots of enemies on different difficulties without any deep characters and rich story, then you will be okay with Redeemer. The whole combat system is pretty much classical – you have a punch, super punch, block, ability to parry, roll over, pick up some guns and shoot’em’all!, etc. At some points you gonna meet another classical element of such games – bosses, which can be either easy as hell, or very difficult, regarding your skill and reaction.

With all that being said, I wish to conclude that this game is a pure beat’em’up. It has a fast combat and all these action stuff, which is directed to bring you lots of fun. Redeemer doesn’t try to surprise or show you something unbelievable, special, unique or just something that you haven’t seen in previous games. I recommend to play this game sporadically, so you won’t vomit, then you will truly enjoy it.

Okay, to sum everything up!
You should grab this game if you:

+ Love action beat’em’up
+ Looking for a game where you can spend time by just punching enemies’ faces

Recommend to avoid if you:

– Looking for a game with rich story and memorable characters
– Expect an amazing game filled with a diverse content and plot twists


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Posted: August 3, 2017
I have mixed feelings about this game. If I could give it a Thumbs-Sideways or 50/50 rating, I would.

It plays the way it was advertised to be: a headfirst, violent close-quarter melee/shooter game… taking similar designs and concepts from Hotline Miami. The graphics look pretty good, but requires a bit of optimization (at least when maxed out), because my beefy GTX 1080 build started to get some heavy fps drops during certain levels. That being said, the graphics doesn’t sell the game for me. I bought the game merely because it gave me the Hotline Miami vibe, and the game mimicked it pretty well.

The controls ran pretty solid for keyboard & mouse. I didn’t have any issues learning the controls, it’s pretty easy to get the hang of it very early in the game. If you’re a slow learner, you’ll figure out the hard way. The movement feels smooth, and the aiming is on point. Rolling is a cool and a VERY useful feature, but more importantly the Parry system. Parrying is essential, so get the hang of it quick… it’s as easy as tapping Q while spamming attacks, get the feel for it and you’ll be fine.

Now for the bad part. What the game lacks for an interesting story, it makes up for it’s violent gameplay, which I expected and isn’t such a big deal to me. However, just like Doom, it gets extremely repetitive in terms to killing. And eventually, you’ll find out that there’s not that many ways to kill your enemies. You either melee them to death, shoot them to death, or use the environment to kill your enemies (which isn’t that special to be honest). You may be using different weapons to kill things, but you’re killing them the same way, but NOT that large of an arsenal, which is sadly disappointing. And trust me when I say this, you’ll be killing A LOT, and for the most part, killing them in the SAME WAYS. Did I say that already? Yeah repetitive.

If you’re someone like me, and a game becomes more of a grind to beat the game because you’re getting bored with doing the samething over and over again… Do yourself a favor and don’t buy this game. AND if you’re someone who likes to casually play a game without dealing with VERY difficult level designs (annoyingly difficult I may say), then also don’t buy this game. Now if you like a challenge, and don’t mind doing the samething, and can handle a bit of annoyance then go for it! Bonus points for Hotline Miami vibe users!

Now for the things that truly annoys the living crap out of me = bad:

The Grappling Attack – certain enemies can do this, and when they do it consistently and at the worst times, it’s more than just an absolute annoyance. Sure, "it’s adds a more challenging environment" which teaches you to learn how to dodge these grappling attacks or in some cases block them. But when 5 of the same enemies ONLY uses those same grappling attacks, while you’re having to fight of 10 normal enemies while also having to prepare to parry the normal enemies attacks at the same time… it’s practically impossible to dodge them! Especially if you’re literally surrounded by enemies in the form of a circle, then you really can’t dodge at all. There’s just way too much crap happening all at once to be able to multi-task different enemies and their attacks. Now if you could parry grappling attacks, for the exception of one specific unique enemy, then I actually wouldn’t be ranting about grappling right now.

Big Zombie Hulk – a mountain of musle that charges at you and tosses you around like a wet towel. I feel like this enemy needs to be improved upon just a tid-bit more. Sometimes this guy will charge at me and grab me when I’m a good couple of feet away from him. And when you’re in a tight spot, the extra space you think you have to dodge safely, isn’t safe at all. His auto-grab attack box/range needs to be worked on a bit. Left me in some really♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥off moments.

Annoying level design. Some levels are annoyingly difficult, with enemies coming from all directions, absolutely pummeling you and "grappling you"… and all you have is your fists, because you died in the same exact level you’re getting rekt in at the moment. Losing your weapons when you die is a challenging and good concept, but some levels just aren’t designed to support only your fists, because you died. Annoyingly difficult level + No weapons = Absolute mayhem. But not the good kind of mayhem, the annoying kind. This ain’t Dark Souls hard, where you were bested by something that requires actual skill to kill… no this is annoyingly hard, where skill not just matters but your dang patience and mental stability is starting to fall apart, because something that isn’t "that hard" is all the sudden stupid freaking hard for some annoying reason.

In addition to some of these stupidly hard level designs, some of the checkpoints are really out of line. Having to fight all the way back to where you died sucks, that’s fine. But when you have to do it several times because of bad level design, then that’s a problem… challenging or not, it’s a problem. This ain’t Anor Londo 3.0 but in another universe. The game can be hard enough as it is sometimes, but when the difficulty jumps stupidly high because of bad level design, it doesn’t become "fun"… it becomes a frustrating, annoying grind!

Sadly, I don’t feel like this game’s replay value is any good. I don’t think I’ll ever play it again, unless some cheaply priced dlc comes along or perhaps a multiplayer/coop feature hops in. Usually if you don’t want to replay the game, there’s something wrong with the game that bothers you. This is one of those games for me.

So that’s about it, seeing how this game has an 89% since the last time I checked, I’d imagine a Negative from me won’t hardly do much to the rating. Maybe if the game received a few game changing patches, although I doubt it, then I might change my review. Again, if I could give this a "Meh 50/50 Thumbs-Sideways" rating then I would.

Fleetwood Smack

Posted: August 16, 2017
I was pleasantly surprised with this game. The fighting mechanics are quality, it reminded me of Mad Max fighting mechanics, but with a smash TV overtop camera view. The violence is good/satisfying.

Some challenging scenes which made me battle. Gameplay is a little similar to Hotline Miami, but you can counter combat and execute. You need to utilise weapons based on a good mix of baddies, not as punishing as Miami though. (Hardcore setting maybe a mission)

Some frame rate issues, but im confident Sobaka Studio can resolve this via patch release(s). They’re a small team and should be proud of this game, I know they’re monitoring the Redeemer Community Hub – Discussions and really listening to gamers.

The price value is decent, I will definitely be watching the developer for future releases, it’s deserving of a purchase, get involved people.


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