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About This Game

The lands of Rezrog are in turmoil. Evil Wizards and hideous monsters from far around have descended to the darkest depths of the earth where they harvest the power of the potent gems that are found there. You must take your team of heroes and defeat all that stands before you in a quest to restore Rezrog to the peaceful land it once was.

Equip, craft and upgrade items on your way to building a strong and resilient team capable of withstanding even the greatest of attacks from the biggest and meanest of foes. Learn powerful skills along the perilous journey through 100 dungeon levels that will give you the edge in battle as you look to tactically outsmart whatever stands in your way. Get it right and you’re one step closer to your goal. Get it wrong and end up imprisoned…or worse.


Unique party mechanic: You have a party of brave heroes at your disposal, each with unique looks and strengths, but only one of them can go on an adventure at a time. If one hero falls prey to the enemy and gets captured, rescue him with another member!

Tactical turn-based combat: Carefully plan your actions during the combat, conserve your resources and exploit enemy weaknesses.

No two dungeons are ever the same: Procedurally generated dungeons create a unique experience for each and every player with interesting dungeons, large variety of equipment items and events impacting dungeon exploration.

Permadeath: Getting your whole party captured means the end of the journey for your daring party of heroes.

Progress persistence: Leave your legacy to next generations of heroes, even after permadeath, by acquiring and forging precious gems which leave stat points for use in a new game.

Tabletop aesthetic: Mimics a paper board game style.

Adventurers to heroes: Share all gear and skills within your team and equip them to suit your playstyle, but do it evenly. If your strongest hero is captured, you face an uphill task.

Dungeon crawling: Prepare for unforeseen events as you face various dungeon challenges, avoiding traps and lethal encounters.

Skill system: Skill discovery and upgrade system that allows acquiring and improving skills as you play.

Boss battles: Challenging boss battles to test your fighting spirit. One wrong move could spell defeat.

Large world to explore: 100 dungeon levels, 10 different environments.

7 character classes to play.

More than 60 skills that can be upgraded to become even more powerful.

More than 120 enemies to encounter.

    • OS: Windows 7
    • Processor: 2 GHz Dual Core
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 512 MB VRAM
    • Storage: 4 GB available space


Posted: June 21, 2017
Theoretically, this is a good, simple game. In practice, it’s agony and frustration.
The graphics are nice, the gameplay simple but fun, etc. I wanted to like it – in fact, I do like the core game – but it’s surrounded by so many problems that it’s impossible to enjoy.

There are little things: no documentation, incredibly repetitive music. Some cludginess with the interface that makes inventory management awkward. (Want to see which character needs an item more? Go to one screen to trade the item, then back out of that, select a different screen to compare the stats/equip, back out and repeat 6 more times). But those are tolerable. The gameplay itself is simple and may bore some people, but it was exactly what I was in the mood for.

But there are the bugs. Oh the bugs. There have been several patches and things are improving – but there’s much much farther to go. Some examples:

1) numerous game-breaking rendering problems: flickering, only rendering some elements or rendering freezing entirely.
(Oh, you can still interact with the interface you just can’t see anything). Every time you enter or exit a dungeon (or start the game), it’s a coin toss if it will work or you will have to quite a restart. (Actually, a coin toss gives you better odds…)

2) Corrupt save files let you enjoy the frustration from the beginning! Force quitting the game risks corrupting your save file completely (complete reset of all progress). Unfortunately, due to issue #1, you’re going to be force quitting a lot.

3) Impassable floors, passable walls. Some dungeons can’t be completed because tiles will be (incorrectly) marked as impassable. Doorways/hallways are a favorite! Better still, using some skills and killing some monsters will sometimes leave a tile marked impassable. So you can walk into a room only to be trapped there. Quit the dungeon, lose your progress and risk bugs #1&2 an extra time. On the flip side, some walls aren’t walls. You can walk through them and wander out into the non-game area! So can monsters! Monsters may also walk through what you thought was a wall. Thought you were safe there? Nope, you’re dead.

4) Stuck turns: Some skills attack multiple enemies. Timing issues with that seem to result in you and enemies moving simultaneously (sometimes). Then the game then doesn’t know whose turn it is. Nobody is moving. You’re stuck! Again! Quit the dungeon, lose your progress. Again!

5) Skills and items may or may not do what they say. Trust nothing. Skills, bonuses and items may or may not be applied. You ate 200hp worth of food? Well, for some reason you only healed 100hp. You’re supposed to heal 10% health for every kill? That may or may not actually happen. Dungeon bonuses and skills also seem suspect at times but are harder to verify.

I finally quit playing when I realized I got no enjoyment from the game and that my reason for playing was to see if I could outsmart the bugs and still get through a fundamentally broken game. I really want those hours of my life back.


Posted: September 30, 2017
The game is good. Most of the negative reviews are due to the numerous bugs that rendered it nearly unplayable at launch. But the devs are constantly releasing patches and eliminating the bugs. The game, as of this review’s date, is completely playable. I encountered no bugs during my 7 hours of play time.

However there are some down sides to this game. Death mechanic makes the game a bit grindy and it might be frustrating in later levels. If your character dies, it gets prisoned at that level and you have to rescue them with another character. And if your main char outlevels the other ones by far, then you have to level up another character, which might take some time. On the other hand, this mechanic forces you to be cautious. You can’t just storm through dungeons. You have to keep track of your consumables, you have to plan ahead before entering a fight, and sometimes it can be better to just exit the dungeon and try again, rather than push your luck. I’m also leveling 3 chars: 1 str, 1 agi and 1 int char. This way, you can rescue your char as soon as it dies and you can make use of all the loot you get. Still, this prison thing is a bit harsh and I don’t know whether I would start again if I lost all my chars in later parts of the game.

Another downside is the merchant. Equipment purchase is like Diablo’s gambling. You can’t see the stats, you can’t see the level requirement (though you get a hint from its cost). I believe we should be able to see the stats of equipments that we purchase and this "gamble" thing should be an extra option.

Even with these negative aspects, the game is still fun and captivating. The fights are fun and it’s not mindless button mashing; there are strategic elements to it, like positioning, pulling the mobs one by one, dealing with different types of mobs etc. I played most of the recent dungeon crawlers/board game type rpgs and Rezrog is way ahead of them.

Tl,dr: The game in its current state is playable and any dungeon crawler/roguelike/rpg fan should definitely give it a try.


Posted: November 7, 2017
Let me start by saying that i’ve only played about 2 hours but I actually really like this game. The board game aesthetic is well done and well animated. I like the various characters and each cutout is very detailed and chaming. I appreciate that the equipped items are reflected on the cutout pieces. The way that the game is structed really evokes a "let’s go crawl some dungoens" feeling, even if the story seems a bit light. However, I simply can not recommend this game at this time.

In my 2 hour playtime I have been hit with two very annoying bugs. The first was relatively minor in that the game just froze when loading and hung on the "89%" loading screen until I alt-tab’d out and closed. The second bug was a total deal-breaker though. The game isn’t easy, and I managed to get 4 of my characters captured in the 3rd dungeon. I learned from my mistakes (built up my 5th character a little bit more, got more potions, repaired my equipment) and went to save them. I managed to beat the dungeon and free my captured characters only to realize that I couldn’t leave the dungeon due to the fact that the doors were bugged out. Exiting the dungeon via the menus takes away all your progress but I had no choice. So i exited and went in again…and again…and again with the exact same result. My progress is stalled, most of my characters remain captured, and I am stuck with a sour taste in my mouth about my purchase. I suppose I’m only 2 hours in and could just retart the entire game. But I’m frustrated that such a game-breaking bug hit me on the 3rd dungeon and stopped me cold. I’m woried that it will happen again on my next playthrough, maybe after I’ve invested even more time.

So as much as like what little I played…I simply can not recommend this game until the developers address this game-breaking bug. I’ll revisit this title in a few months in the hopes that I can enjoy the game fully and update this review. But for now I suggest that this one be skipped.


Posted: July 29, 2017
A dungeon grinder rpg that is really simple with limied content, This game is for people who like grinding and don’t mind lack of content.

That being said I will still NOT recomend it to anyone because of its gamebreaking bugs.
Frequently you will find yourself unable to complete a dungeon because a bug makes you unable to enter rooms you need to enter to progress, and all of your time spent in that dungeon will have been wasted. This Problem has existed since release and it still hasn’t been dealt with. Until that happens do not buy this game.


Posted: May 31, 2017
This game seemed rather exciting, and less than 20 minutes and 2 levels in, I was commited to playing this as my new time-killer; up until after reaching the end of the second level the game crashed and when I re-loaded I was unable to complete any dungeon, ever. I tried uninstalling and re-installing, I tried disbanding my party and resetting the game, tried deleting all local content in hopes it would erase whatever bug had occured, but all of it was to no avail. I can no longer progress the game in any way shape or form, which obviously makes this an unplayable game. If anyone knows how to fix this issue, or has encountered this themselves and has heard back from the makers of this game, please let me know. I would love to play this game – BUT only in a working condition.
EDIT: 5 (FIVE) patches later, the bug of being unable to complete a level still remains and this game is still unplayable for me. Everytime I try to complete the first level (on any character) I get to the end and it brings up the menu to select my reward, but it never allows me to click anything or complete the level; the game just stops there and the only way to do anything is to close the game. No matter how many times I try, or reset the party and try again, or uninstall and reinstall, this game remains unplayable. It’s like the developers refuse to fix the gamebreaking bugs. Between this and the people who simply can’t play because of the loading bug. Time to look up refunding.


Posted: June 1, 2017
To be honest i am a HUGE fan of PnP so this game was a must have. And in the beginning everything was great, it crashed 4 times until it finally launched but that was fine. I thought it’s my computer causing trouble again and as i started playing, i forgot about this rather small nuisance. Got a little frustrated when my first dude died, but i thought "wow, this game is quite challenging" … so i began to grind exp and gear, am a huge fan of the game over all and the different classes, altho you can give every char every skill and only the stats per level change.
Buuut when I started leveling my archer was when all those filthy bugs crawled out of their caves:
first my inventory got deleted after EVERY dungeon. I found a nice weapon or piece of armor? Well ♥♥♥♥, its gone now … and have you ever tried a dungon without pots? Its hell!
So the only reasonable thing to do was ragequit, but i tried playing it today again when the best bug occured:
When clicking the "play"-button i saw my characters and all, which was great. Buuuut the tutorial message popped up that i can select my character, sash, skills etc – ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥t, i couldn’t click anything. Esc didn’t work, lmb and rmb didnt work. Fortunately closing it via task manager worked, money was a waste so far and i am beyond tilted.


Posted: December 17, 2017
I have never seen a published game have so much game-breaking bugs and mistakes. Every dungeon the player goes to is going to be a gamble if the game isn’t going to die on you while playing that dungeon. And even though there have been plenty of patches and these bugs are well known; they just aren’t ever fixed! I can only assume this development team pays little attention to it’s community.

Other than that, the balance is just absolutely terrible. Some characters (like the summoner and paladin) start out with such useless skills it’s better never to use them at all… (luckily, you can just swap skills from another character MAKING CLASSES IN THIS GAME COMPLETELY POINTLESS) whilst other characters (the archer for instance) just walk through everything a breeze, killing all that moves before it even realizes what’s going on.

I really wanted to like this game, I really did. The idea and art are both appealing… but everything else just doesn’t work. At all.


Posted: October 24, 2017
As I write this I have not gone beyond dungeon 10. Here’s my rebuttal to the two objections I found in negative reviews:

1) The game gets stuck. True. But just hit escape and you exit the dungeon. You might lose whatever you gained from that dungeon, but you can always replay it. You can also use escape to not play a dungeon that doesn’t have the challenge you want.

2) The game is too grindy. True. It’s simple. If you binge play with a specific goal of finishing, it’s going to be painfully slow. But if you treat each dungeon run as it’s own mini-game, it’s rewarding and short. You also have the added bonus of being able to adjust the difficulty to the amount of challenge you want. Go for a really tough situation, where monsters can 1-shot kill you, or something more moderate, where you can do the game and think about something else.

Other Notes:
1) The AI is very simple, at least on early levels — so simple that the creatures do the same thing everytime. There is no deep strategy.
2) Most heroes need two stats: endurance for health, and strength/agility/intelligence for damage.
3) A hero of level X can beat a dungeon of level X very easily. But you are leveling all 7 heroes, so the challenge is deciding how many dungeons you want to skip. It’s good to have a rough idea of how much Damage and Health you need to clear a dungeon quickly, with maybe 2 hits per monster, and then decide how much you want to push this comfort level.
4) You can waste a lot of time sorting inventory. I just distribute equipment according to Intelligence, Agility and Strength, and keep everyone fully equipped, with a few items of higher levels in reserve. I very rarely share equipment, unless something is really outstanding, choosing instead to do a dungeon 1 notch lower, rather than push the limits with the best equipment. If I were concentrating more in an individual session, I might share more equipment, but I usually play when I can be interrupted at anytime, and prefer not to do something where I can lose my train of thought and have to go searching and re-equiping.

For me this games is great when I don’t want to think too much, and want something short that I can interrupt at anytime without forgetting what I was doing.


Posted: June 1, 2017
Within the first half hour of playing, two game-breaking bugs occurred:

1. One of the game’s pop-up panels could not be closed. It was in the foreground, so that I could not press the buttons of looting pop-ups that appeared behind it.

2. I could not traverse a room – all possible paths were blocked by objects. There was only one other room left unexplored in the dungeon, so the blocked room prevented me from solving the dungeon, and my character got stuck there.

I refunded. Would I try this game again? Sure, once I get the impression that more bugs have been removed.

The 15 or so minutes I could actually play the game felt quite adventurous and challenging.


Posted: May 31, 2017
Worst introduction to a game ever. I had to literally complete the starting dungeon seven times (once each with every character) to even unlock their starting weapons and abilities. Pair this with an unforgiving difficulty level and I must have done that first, dull dungeon a dozen times now. I’m 1,4 hrs into the game and feel tired of the grind already.

Judging by the difficulty curve of the following two dungeons, character progression will demand you do every dungeon with every character, that is a degree of grinding far beyond the worth of the casual-level enjoyment there appears be had here. I’m looking up Steam’s return policy for the first time.


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