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About This Game

A land of discovery stretches out before you. Explore the beautiful yet rugged world of RiME, a single-player puzzle adventure. In RiME, you play as a young boy who has awakened on a mysterious island after a torrential storm. You see wild animals, long-forgotten ruins and a massive tower that beckons you to come closer. Armed with your wits and a will to overcome—and the guidance of a helpful fox—you must explore the enigmatic island, reach the tower’s peak, and unlock its closely guarded secrets.


Explore – Discover the mysterious island at your own pace. Interact with wildlife, search for hidden items or simply take in the sights and sounds.

Solve Puzzles – Make your way through the ancient ruins and its hidden marvels by solving puzzles with sound, light and shadow projection, perspective, platforming, and even time manipulation.

Find Secrets – Dive deeper into the boy’s backstory by uncovering dozens of secrets and collectibles.

Be Enchanted – Take in a beautiful world inspired by the wonders of the Mediterranean through a fusion of captivating music and color.
    • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
    • OS: Windows 7 64-bit
    • Processor: Intel Core i5 2310 2.9 GHz / AMD FX-6300
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: GTX 550 Ti 1GB/ Radeon 6950 1GB or better
    • Storage: 7700 MB available space


Posted: June 17, 2017
RiME is almost certainly worth your time, but it’s less likely worth the price for most people I know.

Much of it is comparable to a game like Journey or Abzu – very good and very consistent visuals, and an entirely nonverbal story. There’s some puzzle-solving, but none of it is anything that will tax your brain so much. It’s a relaxing game to play, which depending on your mood may be just what you need.

Ending thoughts for me are mixed. I disliked that you basically know nothing about the game’s meaning until the reveal at the end. To me, that didn’t really feel like satisfying pacing – like each scene before the ending just resulted in mental confusion, like "This could mean anything".

I actually think Tequila Works’ other game this year, The Sexy Brutale, pulled off this kind of eye-opening twist ending much better, with little hints and other little stories spread throughout the early game, as well as more satisfying writing/gameplay even when it’s not contributing to "the reveal". Basically, RiME often felt more empty – which may be okay for a lot of people.

In spite of misgivings, I can still recommend the game for a playthrough, and I know the ending hit some people harder than me, so it may be a more valuable experience to you. I think it’s safe to wait for a sale on it, though.


Posted: April 3
Video review


This game really surprised me. I didn’t expect much, I expected a half♥♥♥♥♥♥♥attempt at a walking simulator but I’ve a great platformer/puzzle game with amazing art, soundtrack and story.

You wake up on the beach not knowing what happened and start your journey. At first you take your time to admire the scenery because this game is really beautiful. Simplistic cell-shaded graphics was a good choice for artistic design. There’s also no hud so nothing get in a way and can fully immerse in the world.
The story is really sad in this one, it’s beautiful but when you realize what’s happening you understand how sad the story really is.

Gameplay is pretty basic. You run around in an open environment and explore every corner of it. Although it’s not necessary to explore everything, I highly suggest you do that. You progress the game by solving puzzles and collecting some items. Puzzles are not too hard so they don’t break the flow of the game. This is really more of a narrative game than puzzle, so difficult puzzles would just ruin the experience.

Every level is different and represents something else. You’ll climbing, uncovering secrets, avoid monsters, run, jump and yell. Yes there’s a lot of yelling. You interact with thing by yelling. There’s also a cute friendly fox who will guide you through the levels.
The only downsides I notices are that camera angles sometimes are annoying and climbing controls could be better.

Graphically the game looks stunning. The visual are very clean and minimalistic from the first sight, but there’s so much detail everywhere. Levels are very well crafted. Overall graphics are a work of art. Although the performance can be little disappointing. I don’t know why this runs worse than AC origins. I had to lower some settings to get 60fps and even then I experience big fps drops. Optimization is not very good.

Soundtrack just adds another layer of awesomeness to this game. It fits the aesthetics of the game very well and makes it so much better.

I recommend this game for those who enjoys good stories, well balanced gameplay and beautiful visuals. Don’t miss this game.

  • Beautiful graphics
  • Great sound design
  • Sad story
  • Balanced gameplay
  • Many different locations
  • Performance could be better

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Posted: June 13, 2017
Honestly one of the most beautiful games I have ever played ever… Its the most moving game and actually moved me to tears. No game has ever done that to me…

It really is an emotional and beautiful game that can make a grown man cry… Fantastic

Sigmar’s Sausage

Posted: April 7
A compelling game straight off the mark that I managed to complete in 10 hours. There were a ton of collectibles I didn’t collect and a ton of cheevos I didn’t cheev, so maybe you can get more out of this game. At my playtime I would consider Rime a tad on the expensive side but it has been bundled and rebundled and goes on sale often. It is an adventure platformer game featuring a great story. Wait for a sale if your wallet can’t handle the price tag. If you can’t handle the price tag then pick up AER Memories of Old for the time being as it shares a lot of qualities with this game.

+ Beautiful art style. Everything is richly coloured and detailed but at the same time a bit blocky.
+ The soundtrack is amazing. There are very emotional swelling pieces of music throughout the game that add a whole new level of detail to the experience.
+ Story. Without ever saying a word Rime gives us an amazing story in great detail. It uses powerful visuals, music and level design to push forward its narrative.
+ Excellent level design on the whole. It is a very corridor exploration game when it is ushering you into the next area or trying to get on with the story but there are also some tougher puzzles that will have you needing some time to think how to progress.
+The sounds. All the sounds in the game feel very real and match the environment. Everything from the waves crashing onto the beach, the thunder, the slap of your bare feet on sand or stone to the seagulls screetching are organic and sound amazing.

– Some parts of the game drag out a bit too long for me.
– Controls can be a bit frustrating, especially in some of the platforming parts.

I’m not going to spoil Rime in any way. It is a game with a really strong story where you are firmly in the shoes of the protagonist and are discovering this strange world exactly as he is. It reminds me a lot of the old school Tomb Raider games where we find ourselves in self-contained areas that we have to traverse and pull levers in order to advance. Rime has a ton of places to explore and a tons of screenshots waiting to be taken. If you want to delve into a world that is (mostly) non-threatening and live out a story then you need Rime in your library.


Posted: April 22, 2018
Amazing. What an experience. Truly a masterpiece, this is one of the most gorgeous games I have ever played. No need for attacks, enemies, guns or vehicles. Just you, an incredible exploration Puzzle Adventure and a Story, without any Text or Story-telling. Only you in a Walking Simulator.

I’ll be honest with you, when I first heard about this game, I wasn’t sure what to make of it. It looked gorgeous, but I couldn’t shake the feeling that it felt really reminiscent of a lot of other games (a lot of people throw around comparisons to "The Last Guardian," and I certainly see it). However, after hearing a lot more about the game and reading about it (and also seeing that it was a lower price), I decided to give it a go, and let me tell you, I had an incredible time.

I’ll be the first to let you know, "RiME" is not for everyone. The game doesn’t tell you anything: you interpret the story in your own way, you aren’t told where to go or how to get there. Some people might get frustrated by that. Me? I was so moved by the game that I couldn’t care less. The game is visually breathtaking, emotional, fun, exciting, heartbreaking, and all-around excellent (It reminded me a lot of The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker. The sound design is also incredible, and I can say without hesitation that the music really added to the experience as a whole.

Like I said, the game isn’t for everyone: the story can be frustrating to understand, the puzzles can be frustrating to solve, and some may find it too slow. That’s totally okay, you are entitled to your opinion. However, I personally loved "RiME," and I can definitely say that if your curiosity is piqued, then give this game a go. It was an unforgettable experience and a beautiful game overall.


Posted: November 30, 2018
Beware before playing this game: RiME is less a game than it is a story. Those who, like me, play games for the story will find much to like about RiME. Those who play games as games might be less enthusiastic in their comments. In particular, I’ve read several reviews which complain that the puzzles in RiME are too straightforward, and they are. This did not bother me so much because I was more interested in the story unfolding as I progressed through the game. The puzzles are there, not to make you think, but to suggest things about the plot unfolding before you. The visuals and the settings are superb in conveying a particular mood, and the mood changes as you progress. Like a good book, you find you want to keep going further into the narrative; and it isn’t until you come up for air at the end that you realize just how invested you became.

My recommendation? Play RiME as an experience, not as a game. Play as it a story rather than something to beat.

kuittaava rusakko

Posted: October 30, 2018
I usually like collectables and achievements, but this game shouldn’t have them. They were fine for maybe the first hour in to the game. After that it felt wrong and kind of sad everytime I thought about where I could find collectibles for 100% completion, or checked the achievements so I wouldn’t miss them, because those were second missed soaking in the atmosphere of the game. After completing the game, the feeling grew hundred times stronger. I want those seconds back.

If you play the game, play it alone, headphones on, cellphone off and forget about the extra crap in the game. You can collect and achieve on a second playthrough, just breath in the game on the first one, because the game will never be the same afterwards.


Posted: December 23, 2017
+Cool environments
+Exploration feel
+Nice puzzles and platforming sections
+Amazing soundtrack
+Nice ending
-Controls and performance are not so good
-Short lenght
-Generally gameplay is not challenging

Flipper Is A Dolphin

Posted: January 20, 2018
Product received for free

Spoiler free review, with a short and longer version:

I got this game as a Xmas’ gift from a friend. Let’s roll:

TLDR version

buy this game if:

+ you love games that visually and emotionally are able to stimulate
+ you like story driven games with a side puzzle component
+ you fancy games that show different scenarios and setups quite often

don’t buy this game if:

– you don’t have a "decent" / above "mid-tier" pc
– you believe that spending 40$ on a 5 hour game might be too much
– you love games heavily based on puzzles

Verdict 8/10, well done, deep (expensive too) and meaningful gaming experience
Time required to complete the main game : 5 hours
Time required to 100% the game: 8-10 hours

Detailed version

A quick summary of the most important subjects:

1- The price tag can be discouraging and intimidating. The game hasn’t any replayability value: replaying the story chapters will only grant you the chance to grab those collectibles you’ll be needing for the real ending. Now… im not a business or budgeting manager, so i don’t know why this price tag has been decided. I’m not saying that this title doesn’t deserve its money, just keep in mind that for 40$ you can get many good indie titles at the same time rather then getting only this gorgeous, deep and terrific looking one that will last only for 5 hours.

2- The pacing and story telling is extremely well structured as the game will start off with a sunny seaside landscapes, ruled by a peaceful environment and will keep changing throughout the whole game by switching themes, songs, enemies and situations, while being able to be and to seem fresh and never repetitive through the whole experience, which will be heavily puzzle based at the start and will get more and more platforming centered after.

3- Frame drops aside, the game is really polished and meaningful as shown here:


just to give you an example, when the young protagonist has to climb a slope, has to lean, sit down or just performing physical activity…he’s actually realistic as his moves are properly represented.
You will his see his legs moving accordingly and his whole body reacting naturally. Many puzzles and rooms are based on "dignity and magnificence" so you’ll always have a chance to admire the landscapes, secrets and clearing out the game areas without any abrupt shifts or pauses (unlike Hob, just to give you an example).


Play this game if you want to be enchanted by a gorgeous, expensive and short puzzle – story driven game. If you’re looking for a long puzzle game only, you might have to look for something else.

Thanks for reading and for bearing up with me, leave a comment below if you have any questions or observations, have an amazing day/night, feel free to follow my other reviews at: https://store.steampowered.com/curator/32344423/


Posted: July 22, 2017
I like this game. It’s like ABZU but with puzzle elements, so if you are into puzzle like me, I could reccomend it. However, when it only takes 5 hours to beat WITH exploring and smelling the roses, I cannot reccomend it for 40$. I adored the game’s setting, and I liked the speculation-orientated story, however, I felt as if I didn’t care for the characters as much as the game wanted me to. If it goes on sale for around 20$, pick it up.

(Addition: I feel like some mechanics didn’t get as fleshed out as they should have been. They end up just feeling like one/two-time gimmicks, like that day/night cycle affecting ball.)


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