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About This Game

Welcome to Customerania – the world of Shoppe Keep 2! You play as a trusty town merchant, tasked with selling armour, food, clothes, potions and weapons to warriors and rogues.

Shoppe Keep 2 is an open-world fantasy business management game, inspired by the NPCs we know and love from classic RPGs and MMOs. Embark upon an entrepreneurial pursuit either in single-player or with 2 – 4 players in online multiplayer.

Jumpstart your business escapade by designing your store and stocking it with goods of your choice. Order items through suppliers, or take on lucrative and dangerous missions in the wilderness to secure high quality stock that will fetch higher prices and profits.

Expand your Shoppe from a single room to a multi-storey bonanza! Watch customers flood into your store looking to buy new clothes, weapons and food. However, keep an eye out and defend your store from tricky thieves ready to snag your valuable items and make a dash for the door!

Clean, repair, renovate and upgrade your store as you race to become the most successful Shoppe Keeper in Customerania. Sweep the floors, maintain displays and impress customers to boost your customer satisfaction and store reputation. Indulge in shoppe customisation with a range of flooring, wall and interior designs available.

Colourful wildlife, mobs of six foot spiders, wolves, farmland goats and bandits roam the lands beyond the gates of Customerania. Make sure to arm yourself with a trusty sword, bow or staff, and venture out to see what discoveries await you! Collect fur, equipment and more to sell in your Shoppe.

As your Shoppe grows and evolves, so will the town around you. Customerania is home to various characters and services – work with cooks and blacksmiths to secure a steady supply of stock.

A successful shoppe means a richer town. Upgrade the town to unlock new stock to sell, bring more customers into your store and more.

As powerful new citizens arrive, decide who to work with – but be aware that your decisions will reap specific benefits and drawbacks from competing families.

Can you rise from zero to well-coined hero? Have you got what it takes to run a profitable business amidst the chaos of thieves, spiders and bandits?
    • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
    • OS: Windows 7/8/10 (64bit)
    • Processor: Intel Core i3 2GHz or equivalent
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Dedicated graphics card with 1GB memory
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
    • Storage: 7 GB available space
Shoppe Keep 2 - Business and Agriculture RPG Simulation-0
Shoppe Keep 2 - Business and Agriculture RPG Simulation-1
Shoppe Keep 2 - Business and Agriculture RPG Simulation-2
Shoppe Keep 2 - Business and Agriculture RPG Simulation-3
Shoppe Keep 2 - Business and Agriculture RPG Simulation-4
Shoppe Keep 2 - Business and Agriculture RPG Simulation-5
Shoppe Keep 2 - Business and Agriculture RPG Simulation-6
Shoppe Keep 2 - Business and Agriculture RPG Simulation-7
Shoppe Keep 2 - Business and Agriculture RPG Simulation-8
Shoppe Keep 2 - Business and Agriculture RPG Simulation-9
Shoppe Keep 2 - Business and Agriculture RPG Simulation-10
Shoppe Keep 2 - Business and Agriculture RPG Simulation-11
Shoppe Keep 2 - Business and Agriculture RPG Simulation-0
Shoppe Keep 2 - Business and Agriculture RPG Simulation-1
Shoppe Keep 2 - Business and Agriculture RPG Simulation-2
Shoppe Keep 2 - Business and Agriculture RPG Simulation-3
Shoppe Keep 2 - Business and Agriculture RPG Simulation-4
Shoppe Keep 2 - Business and Agriculture RPG Simulation-5
Shoppe Keep 2 - Business and Agriculture RPG Simulation-6
Shoppe Keep 2 - Business and Agriculture RPG Simulation-7
Shoppe Keep 2 - Business and Agriculture RPG Simulation-8
Shoppe Keep 2 - Business and Agriculture RPG Simulation-9
Shoppe Keep 2 - Business and Agriculture RPG Simulation-10
Shoppe Keep 2 - Business and Agriculture RPG Simulation-11
Size: 6.8 GB


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Posted: May 4, 2018
Early Access Review

I have 161 hours played in Shoppe Keep 1. I found running an item shop to be very enjoyable.
There are a million and 1 adventuring game available.
Shoppe Keep 1 is unique for allowing us to run an item shop.
I had hopped this game would expand on that experience.
Instead, it adds a big open would to go get materials from (?).
And, the shop itself has less functionality than it did in SK1.
What happens in a typical RPG item shop is the adventurers sell all the random loot they have acquired, buy provisions (i.e. potions, food, ammo, etc.), buy new gear, and sell their old gear. I had expected to move a bit closer to this in the new game.

Some suggestions:
-Add the ability to purchase loot from customers. (e.g. a pawn desk}
-When customers buy gear which replaces gear they already have the old gear should be sold to the shop (e.g. customer with bandana buys a leather helm, sells bandanna)
-Add the ability to specify what items go where in which displays. (SK1 had this)
-The price gun is frustrating and annoying to use. Change the denominations to +1, +10, +100, +1000, +10000, and display the entire price. As it is trying to set a price like 2345, displays as 2.34k, and you have you counted how many times you have to push the + button to get the gun to change by +1000? I didn’t, it’s a lot….
-The crafting is interesting. It would give us something interesting to do with all the loot the customers sell to us (If they did that). But the wait timers are just pointless waiting. Please remove the wait timers.
-Running to all the crafting shops every day gets old quick. Add a fast travel option.

-I understand the questing and gathering could be fun for some people. But, there are a million and one games out there that already do that. It should be optional, and give material rewards (e.g. gear to use, items to sell in shop, etc.). The beginning quests, which act a bit like an extended tutorial are good, for teaching us how to unlock the town. Otherwise, the crafting recipes and Item order scroll should be unlocked by improving the town alone.

I really hope, in the coming months, this game can grow to be a more enjoyable experiece.
But, for now, I wouldn’t recommend this game to anyone. And, for anyone who was interested, I’d tell them to go play SK1, instead.


Posted: May 3, 2018
Early Access Review

the first shoppekeep was a surprisingly fun game that was unique and focussed on you running your shop. when I heard this game was in the works I was pretty hyped since the first game had so much potential.

unfortunately, the devs decided to change the whole premise of the game instead of just building on what they had going for them. in this game, you manage a shop, but it’s mostly just a side task. instead, you’re forced to run around doing other things in order to unlock things to sell.

in the first game, you got small tables that could hold shields or other larger items at the beginning of the game. in this game, you need to
1. run your shop for a relatively long time (enough to get about 1k in taxes).
2. buy the cook and do his quest
3. buy the blacksmith, get an axe+bow, and get his quest
4. chop down loads of trees (which spawn few and far between in a dull landscape)
5. go back to town and CRAFT the tables
6. if you chopped enough trees, you can now buy tier 1 tables
7. if you’re playing multiplayer, every player must do all these steps.
this kind of "learn how to make before buying" slows the game down immensely and makes it boring. you may initially believe you have the choice of questing vs. shop keeping, but you’re forced to do this to unlock things.

since this is early access, i am willing to excuse bugs and missing features (you can slaughter innocents with no reprocussions). however, the devs focused more on quests and exploring, turning shopkeeping into a dull chore to get money, with the only upside of being able to walk around the map.

i understand it is still in development, and i have hope that it will see great improvement. but in its current state I cannot recommend a purchase.

Jarl Baalin

Posted: May 5, 2018
Early Access Review

Unlike Shoppe Keep 1, Shoppe Keep 2 wants you to go out and harvest resources that you can use to craft items for selling. There are quests that are there to guide you through the various activities in the game, like fishing, chopping wood, killing creatures and mining.
The game is definitely not complete though. Most of the activities are rather tedious than enjoyable, and there are a lot of imbalances, and performance issues that need to be squashed before I can recommend it.

The tediousness of the game isn’t that the activities aren’t fun. Chopping wood in video games is often always satisfying. But it gets tedious because you have to travel long distances to get to the "choppable" trees. Let’s say I want to stock my shop with wooden staves. I would then have to run 100 meters to one tree, chop it, then run another 100 meters, chop it, and so on.
This applies to the other activities too. Want to stock up on leather? You will then have to run between the wolf spawns, back and forth until you have the supply you want.
Maybe they will resolve this by having things like "wolf caves" or "iron mines" but we are still waiting for the developers to respond.

The imbalances in the game mostly concern the effectiveness of items and their value in gold. For example, some wheat will give you 15 health points instantly for the prize of 6 gold. A health potion will give you 25 health points over time for the prize of 300 gold. And you have to pay attention to the value of the items before crafting. For example, crafting an iron bar at the blacksmith costs 50 gold, but you can buy it for 15 gold. So taking the time to mine iron ore and smelting it into iron bars makes you lose profit.
There is no easy way to be able to see this either. If you want to play the game effectively, you should have a calculator at hand.

Lastly the game has FPS issues. Your game will be fine the first hour you play, but it will start to dip down to a steady 30 FPS after a while. Tediousness and imbalances can be played around, but if you are like me and start to get headaches when you see things in 30 FPS, then I recommend you wait until the developers fix it before you get Shoppe Keep 2.


Posted: May 12, 2018
Early Access Review

In its current state, SK2 hasn’t surpassed the enjoyment brought on from the original Shoppe Keep, but it has good potential to far exceed it.

I look forward to seeing how the game progresses with future updates.

Changes I would personally like to see with the development of this game, are:
1. Live enemy attacks on the town, similar to barbarian raids in SK1. (multiple threat types would be preferred, like barbarians, thieves guild, competing towns, mages, animals, etc)
2. NPC townsfolk able to defend the town using the gear they buy from the player
3. More challenge to acquire money and end game items
4. Better explanation of the skill tree functionality (it doesn’t currently explain why players are unable to purchase affordable skill upgrades, which can be confusing for new players)
5. New quest variety
6. Player spells
7. Rare spawns having worth while loot (I received 1 meat from paintstakenly kiting Fang with a bow, for a couple minutes)
8. New enemy spawns outside of town, other than wolves and spiders
9. Additional achievements with increasing difficulty to accomplish
10. Objectives that make multiplayer worth while
11. Additional ore/metal types to mine
12. Trees that offer more than 1 wood
13. Random chance based events, like wandering merchants arriving at town with rare items the player can buy for rare crafting, festivals that request many specific items for the player to craft, or new customer types unlocked by either skilltree or town upgrades.
14. More insentive to explore the open map
15. Possibly new shops to acquire, like sawmill (for new wood themed items), jewel crafter (for trinkets), Farms (for different cooking ingrediants), an inn with upgrades and furnure spots to charge more for tenants, a Tavern (could offer quest potential from tavern patrons, as well as use hopps and barley to create/sell ale, etc), a Tannery (for leather goods), a Tailor (for cloth goods)
16. Hirable NPC’s from the management office, to supply with gear to gather specific resources like wood and iron for the player, for a cost
17. If the Champion from SK1 will not be in SK2, offer different difficulty scaled dungeons/challenges for the player to repeatedly accept, to acquire those special hard to get
rare end game resources

I haven’t completed all that is currently available in SK2 yet, but I hope to see a return of the grindable resource fluid tanks (inludcing skeleton bones), and the player garden.

Keep up the good work!


Posted: May 3, 2018
Early Access Review

The release date got pushed back a month so they could make multiplayer work, I’m okay with that, because it allowed them to release a decent game.
There are a few bugs, but nothing that’s overly annoying, it’s the first day, and most of them will likely be fixed with the first patch. All in all, I’m having fun with this game, and I think it’s EASILY worth what they’re asking. Throw some money at this game, you won’t be dissapointed.

Also, No need to have played Shoppe Keep 1 to play this.


Posted: May 4, 2018
Early Access Review

The game just came out in early access – mind that the review was written for one of the earliest versions of the game and it might improve in the upcoming months / years, so take it with a grain of salt.

I was quite sceptical buying the game in early access since the developers left the first Shoppe Keep in its unfinished state and now it’s pretty much an abandonware despite being buggy and an incomplete experience without an actual ending to it. Why did I buy the second game then? Well, the game’s concept is cool and while the previous game left much to be desired, it was quite fun for the first 20ish hours of playtime. Also, both games were cheap, so worst case scenario, I’m gonna be left disappointed and at least I’ll know better next time to not buy anything from the developer anymore.

Now let’s focus on the actual gameplay. Shoppe Keep 2 starts off pretty much exactly the same as the previous game – very slowly, you can purchase the most basic items, such as stools to put your goods on. The first thing that is dramatically different from the first Shoppe Keep is that there are quests and most of them are repeatable infinitely. Also they’re a complete waste of time after their first completion as they provide less gold than running around searching for stuff in garbage bins. The second difference is, that for most items you can purchase, you either have to tell some NPC to make them for you, or unlock them by doing a quest – which is tedious and not really fun at all as all the quests involve running errands, killing animals (combat is stupidly boring left-click spam style) and other World of Warcraft type questing – if WoW had only 10 quests in its entirety that you did on repeat.

While the 1st Shoppe Keep wasn’t quite as complicated as the 2nd one, sometimes there’s fun in simplicity and unnecessary complications make some games tedious and boring – just like in this case. There’s a lot of ideas being thrown around, but a lot of them already were in Shoppe Keep 1 – the core concept remains the same which is still pretty fun, however the new things they’re trying to put in the game are just not that interesting, they’re not original, only repetitive and all in all not that fun to do. In the end, all you do is sell stuff you acquire, level up your buildings, purchase new and more advanced goods, sell those and earn more money, rinse and repeat. The same exact thing as the first game, only with more tediousness added to it.

Another thing I’ve noticed is a pretty drastical drop in FPS once you upgrade the town for the first time – the game was running at stable 100 ish fps before and with choppy 30 fps after the upgrade. Not sure what causes it, putting all my settings on low did nothing.

To sum it up, Shoppe Keep 2 is exactly like the first game with the addition of concepts that are really not that fun to do. I wish the devs chose a different approach, perhaps tried something more inovative than doing quests, killing animals and farming crafting goods. The only really big improvement is the addition of multiplayer, which I believe could be really fun if they added more content. Honestly who knows, it’s still in early access and perhaps the finished product ends up being a fun little chill-out game.

Zach The Drifter

Posted: February 26
Early Access Review

whats up with all the negative reviews? this game is so fun! I got it in a bundle and i’ve been binge playing since. It’s cutesy art and fun gameplay just makes this game a small masterpiece.


Posted: May 3, 2018
Early Access Review

3 hours and I’m hooked… so much better and improved since the 1st one. no more just buy and selling… liked the idea of getting ALL of the shopping materials on your own… whether it’s thru hunting, farming, fishing, crafting, cooking or mining. So much fun, never a dull moment. always there is something to do… sure the begining is a bit slow until you gather enough capital to exit the town… but when you do that…oh man… thepossibilities are many.. dozens of quests are waiting for you… Highly recommended !!!


Posted: July 16, 2018
Early Access Review

I played the first Shoppe Keep and fell in love with the feel of the game. I’m a shop owner, and I can have full control over everything from killing those pesky thieves; to setting my price for what I wanna sell an item at. Now here comes Shoppe Keep 2! The fact that it’s now multiplayer… Boom! Now the ideas, the possiblities, and the FUN can be multiplied!!! Let’s not forget that now there is OPEN WORLD aspect involved now! Before I could only go around a small inner town and there wasn’t much to see, or do. However, now with the amazing graphics, the fully interactive world is at my fingertips! I can go farm for leather, string, or crab pieces to make armor or weapons. I can do whatever I want, whenever I want. No longer must I open my shop, and wait the 15 mins for the day to be over to move stuff around in my shop, OH NO! I can open my shop whenever I fell like it, and close that baby 2 secs later if I want! Ain’t no limits to hold me back now baby! You can set your own tax rates on items as well. Do you wanna make all the money, and slowly unlock the new buildings in town? Do you wanna make the bare minimum, and unlock everything super fast! Well the customization can allow you to play at your own pace. If you’r restarting for a new run, you can blow past all the old stuff quick if you want to. If your new, you can take your time, and learn all the game has to offer in each stage of the gameplay. Go explore the map. Find out new things each time you play it. It has an endless amount of possibilities to add to the game. For a game that’s super early on in it’s life… It’s by far a gem worth investing in. It’s not the $20-$60 titles that run the risk of giving you all these high goals that they want to achieve, but fail to meet up to down the road. *cough cough* Dayz *cough cough* If you’ve played the first game, you can already see the massive improvement this game had made already. Even for the early stages of it’s growth. 10/10 from me based on how well this is compared to other early acces games I’ve played, and seen throughout the years. Keep up the great work Devs, and let’s make this game an absolute GEM!


Posted: June 1, 2018
Early Access Review

The bots — the best part of the first game — suck now.

This is really a let down, since the premise of the second game is that you’re supposed to spend a LOT of time outside the shop, exploring, gathering, and fighting.

Since bots are now utterly incapable of running the store unattended, this feels like a major step backward. Especially since there’s nothing interesting about the combat or gathering…