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About This Game

What is Star Story: The Horizon Escape?
The archaeological research mission faced some unexpected difficulties. Your spaceship crashed. Can you escape from this planet? But how? No one can help you. You are here all alone. Or not? Do you have a plan? Will you find what it takes to be a hero?

Sounds great! Give me more details!
Star Story: The Horizon Escape is a turn-based adventure game with text-rpg elements.
Tune into the story of the aspiring space-archaeologist Van Klik on his mission to the mysterious planet of Horizon!
  • Non-linear plot development, 24 alternative endings

    Your choices define the story. Totaly. Some will turn out better than others, some will worse and some will be straight up hilarious. You are to find the real true ending among your possible destinies and become a hero. Or maybe something more…
  • Text-based gameplay diversity

    The core classic. Dive into the stories and find a way to exploit EVERY possible situation. Did you know that if you throw a lockpick at an attack droid, it will decide that you are stupid and will deactivate? Build your character, choose your alignments, learn the lore of the world. You will need it all to succeed.
  • Game mechanics

    The story will throw a mix of dialogues, choices, turn-based battles, puzzles, weapon and resource crafting, technology research and more at you. You will use all you can to survive the challenging world of Horizon.
  • Turn-based philosophy

    The player decides on the speed that he wants to play the game at. Everything is turn-based. There is no time-limit for making decisions, no quick-time events, no rush: you can take any amount of time to make your turn.
  • Beautiful world

    Enjoy the wild and crazy sceneries of the world of Horizon. Deserts, jungles, cities, underground caverns… the list goes on.
  • Colorful characters

    Meet the locals! Who is more to your liking? Side with “Bullet King” and uncover an ancient cryptic artifact. Or choose to undermine his brutal regime and make the local revolutionary your friend. Or screw them and go try to play romance with the alien girl? Or blow up the planet? Or… You get it!

Need A break? The Horizon Is Waiting!

P.S. Space shrimps are included…
    • OS: Windows XP, 7, 8, 10
    • Processor: 2.0 GHz+ Dual Core Processor or higher
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Intel HD 3000 or higher
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 4 GB available space
    • Sound Card: Standard audio
Star Story: The Horizon Escape-0
Star Story: The Horizon Escape-1
Star Story: The Horizon Escape-2
Star Story: The Horizon Escape-3
Star Story: The Horizon Escape-4
Star Story: The Horizon Escape-5
Star Story: The Horizon Escape-6
Star Story: The Horizon Escape-7
Star Story: The Horizon Escape-8
Star Story: The Horizon Escape-9
Star Story: The Horizon Escape-10
Star Story: The Horizon Escape-11
Star Story: The Horizon Escape-0
Star Story: The Horizon Escape-1
Star Story: The Horizon Escape-2
Star Story: The Horizon Escape-3
Star Story: The Horizon Escape-4
Star Story: The Horizon Escape-5
Star Story: The Horizon Escape-6
Star Story: The Horizon Escape-7
Star Story: The Horizon Escape-8
Star Story: The Horizon Escape-9
Star Story: The Horizon Escape-10
Star Story: The Horizon Escape-11
Size: 746 MB


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Posted: February 26, 2018
Light, casual, kinda weird. Made to be replayed.

English is a mixed bag. Does not appear to have a ton of the writing checked by an english speaker. Spellcheck doesn’t tell you if you got the right word!

Edit: after sleeping on it, decided this game really lives or dies on its writing… which gets progressively worse. Switched to not recommended. It would only take a little editing to make it *good*, and without that… it’s just a gathering game.


Posted: June 18, 2018
This game was not ready for release and really needed an editor. The dialog and written narration contain mispellings, poor grammar, missing words, and mangled sentences.

On such a text-heavy game, the poor text quality is completely unacceptable.


Posted: May 4, 2018
This is a cute, low budget and casual, choose your own adventure style point and click. The graphics are crisp, and cutesy, the soundtrack is not awful, but it does get a little redundant. The story is simple, but still engaging, but as other reviewers have pointed out, English is not this developing team’s first language. There are mistranslations, and, in some cases, words outright missing. I didn’t find it affecting the gameplay too terribly, but there were some decisions that I had trouble deciphering what EXACTLY I was deciding. With 24 endings, there is a lot of replayability here, but I don’t think the game holds up well enough to finish an ending, and turn around and do it 23 more times. I do think it could be a game you come back to every few months or so and breeze through another playthrough to see where the wind takes you. $15 USD feels a bit high for this, so if you can get it on sale, there are worse ways to spend your money.

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Posted: November 4, 2017
Product received for free

Star Story: The Horizon Escape is one of the most unique and enjoyable games I’ve played in recent months. I was absolutely astonished by the degree or workmanship and level of talent displayed by small indie developer Evil Corporation Games. I had the great honor of hosting a live stream event for the developer, and during this fun event I learned a lot about the journey of this hidden gem.

Ultimately, a game can only go as far as its development team is willing to go, and this team really goes above and beyond. EvilCoGames spent 3 full hours with #GamersRule on stream, shared dozens of keys with viewers, answered questions, and even shared future development plans with us. That’s really something special.


Star Story: The Horizon Escape is a vibrant side-scrolling adventure RPG with turn-based and text elements. It takes place in a beautifully drawn and unique environment with nods to sci-fi, steampunk, and the Wild West.

I hesitate to compare the game to text-based questing games, because it’s so much more, and while I don’t generally enjoy the old text-based questing games on PC, I thoroughly enjoyed Star Story: The Horizon Escape. Therefore, I will instead describe it as an immersive, “Choose Your Own Adventure” brought to your PC EvilCoGames-style.

This small Russian development team has a wonderful sense of humor and creativity, and these were evident to me both during the live stream event and also during gameplay.


Star Story: The Horizon Escapes begins as the player crashlands onto an unknown planet. From there, our journey continues with exploration thereby allowing us to gather resources, identify new substances, unlock new weapons, and make use of the crafting mechanic in home base.

Battle instances are turn-based but really felt about as close to real-time combat as a turn-based combat mechanic can be. With the addition of extra weapons, shields, and secondary weapons like grenades, it was much more enjoyable to me than I ever expected for what are technically turn-based battle instances. I spent just as much time exploring, collecting resources, and crafting as I did in combat, and for this type of game, that was a very nicely achieved balance.

In regard to time commitment, my first playthrough was right at 3 hours. However, it was also during the live stream event, so most gamers can probably complete it even faster. Even though there are 24 endings, they need not all be completed at once. This is definitely a game where short increments of playtime would be just fine. The game saves your progress, and even if your character dies, it simply respawns back at home base, so no raging necessary. It’s a casual game and certainly family-friendly for those looking to enjoy a game with children


Graphically, Star Story: The Horizon Escape is gorgeous, with vibrant colors and striking artwork. Upon launching the game, my eyes were immediately drawn to the crystal clear, almost sharp, images with beautiful shadowing and color combinations. The creative and artistic team really went above and beyond. Players will find a variety of resolutions as well as fullscreen options in the settings menu to ensure the best personalized graphics experience.


The soundtrack lends another layer to the immersive experience. It’s truly enjoyable, a combination of ambient sounds, combat sound effects and musical soundtrack. During the live stream event, viewers took note of the soundtrack and commented that they also enjoyed it. Everything about Star Story: The Horizon Escape was charming and engaging, including the soundtrack.


Developmentally, this is a very solid game. While a recent patch was issued to fix an issue with Steam achievements, I can not say that I encountered any issues during gameplay. In fact, quite the opposite. I felt that the game was intuitive and included really solid construction. With a foundation like that, the only place that EvilCoGames can go from here is up.

Content is certainy not in short supply, and if I was surprised by anything, it was the naturally smooth game progression. Star Story is played with a mouse and keyboard; there is no controller support at this time, nor am I aware of plans for future implementation. However, being a gamer than prefers a controller, I honestly didn’t miss it here. For those who require or prefer a controller, I would recommend a Steam controller. There are already profiles available for games with a similar control scheme, so that should be possible when necessary.

At this time, Star Story includes support for both English and Russian languages with more to come in the future. In fact, that was one of many questions asked by viewers and answered by special guest EvilCoGames.

Another developmental question that was answered was in regard to availability on mobile and other digital platforms. At this time, Star Story: The Horizon Escape is available on Steam and Itch.io, but there are plans for a future release on mobile platforms.

Star Story is the winner of the Deconstruction Workshop at White Nights in St. Petersburg 2017 and GTP Indie Cup winner for Best PC Game in 2017.


This is a game where choices and outcomes are abundant, and what the player chooses to do really does change the outcome of the game. In fact, there are 24 different endings and a multitide of methods for getting there. After the first complete playthrough, I can’t imagine ever playing it twice in exactly the same manner. This game has replayability in spades.


Ultimately, I absolutely recommend Star Story: The Horizon Escape. The unique blend of atmosphere, graphics, sound, and text-based elements with surprisingly enjoyable turn-based combat, that feels anything but, compels me to recommend the game. This is certainly a hidden gem, family-friendly, with a massive amount of replayability and 24 different endings. Star Story will appeal to gamers looking for a casual game and those seeking a new and unique RPG or adventure game.


If you missed the live stream event or would like to view gameplay footage, video is available on Twitch at: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/180597874 and also on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7VcHK9i9XZM

GamersRule sends our very sincere grattitude to Evil Corporation Games for spending time with us during the live stream event, and we can’t wait to see what they come up with next.

…because #GamersRule

Lady Dawn

Posted: April 13, 2017
Product received for free

Review updated February 16th, 2018 after full release.

What’s new:

Charge mode. Weapons have a finite number if uses, which can be restored using raw materials found while exploring. As such, combat becomes more reliant on strategy.

Removed the fuel station in your base.

Fleshed out some existing scenarios and added new ones. Now the story branches, prompting multiple playthroughs to see every scenario. 24 total.

The paths you’ve chosen before are highlighted so that you don’t make the same decision on accident. You also keep the stats you’ve earned from the previous run.

What still needs work:

Unfortunately with that addition came mistakes in grammar. Punctuation and tense changes mid-sentence. Kind of important in a text based adventure

.Bottom line.

Not much has changed since early access–just the fleshing out of an already solid choose your own adventure. Additional scenarios give more reason to replay the game, adding to its replayability.

You can find my initital thoughts below.

This is an Early Access Report, meaning it only comments on the game in its current state, which may or may not change by the end of the Early Access period. As such, it will be revised later.

Star Story: The Horizon Escape is a linear space adventure in which your choices actually matter. It features a unique art style, fast-paced turn-based combat, a crafting system where your available recipes are tied to your personality, and logic based puzzles that can be solved by choosing the necessary items based on their description. It’s a great casual exploration experience paired with not-so-casual strategic combat.


What it offers now

In its current state, Star Story is mostly finished. It tells the story of a space archeologist who crash lands and loses his memory. His story becomes your own as you make decisions and tackle the game the way you want to. Will you fight every enemy that comes your way or will you be tactful? Will you try to befriend alien natives or will you trick them into servitude? You decide.

The music is nice to listen to and I absolutely love the art style, so the atmosphere is great. Particle effects and the like are fittingly futuristic and the U.I is nice and clean, showing you what you need to see at all times without blocking any of the on-screen action.

It will take you around 4 hours to complete the content that the game has to offer right now–and that’s if you take your time. If you strictly played to beat the story line, avoiding oprional combat and not unlocking any of the craft trees, you could probably do it in an hour.

The game also includes:

Crafting, the recipes for which you can unlock via personality points that are awarded upon making tough decisions. In order to craft, you’ll need the correct materials and blueprints—both of which can be found during your exploration.

Combat is turn based, pitting you 1v1 against an opponent. Usually they’re grotesque alien shrimp, but you’ll run into humanoid enemies as well. In order to attack, you select from the weapons on your toolbar, many of which inflict status effects. Weapons have cooldowns and durability (which can be reset if you go back to your ship), so you’ll need to balance between bare-handed attacks and armed ones.

Exploration is carried out by interacting with nodes. You’ll find components valuable to crafting as well as enemy encounters and random events that can be resolved non-violently and result in rewards based on your response.

The story of a space adventure told through interactions with our hero and the people/holograms/aliens he meets. How you approach them will decide how the universe treats you.
I haven’t found any bugs as of yet; it’s been smooth sailing despite the initial spaceship crash.

What it Promises

The game will be in Early Access for only a few months. During that time, it will have a complete story, more crafting recipes, new locations, more monsters, and bug fixes.

The price will raise after the game leaves Early Access, so get on this early if you want to save some cash!

What I’d Like to See Implemented

  • Hands-on moments. Even if these are just little mini games during the in-flight moments or added to crafting, it would be nice if the game was more hands-on. As it is now, merely clicking a button to do everything makes it feel like a choose-your-own-adventure that just so happens to be presented with pretty moving figures in a colourful setting. This is not a bad thing because the game is still immersive, but it’s something to think about.
  • QTEs. This is piggybacking off of the point above. Since progressing in your journey is done by clicking arrows, this could be done easily. A timer would add a sense of urgency, during which you’d have to think on your toes and select the right option. I’ve run into something like this once already (and selected ALL the wrong options), but it can be improved upon.
  • A way to go back to completed areas and find hidden secrets. This would just be fun. The areas are lovely and I’d like to spend more time in them. Maybe a tech upgrade later could make it so that you can scan for more nodes?
  • More variety in random events. The majority of them are a toss up between combat or get a random item. Maybe add natives to teach us more about the Horizon?
  • Bosses. Combat is challenging, sure, but nothing beats facing off against a big, hulking enemy that can squash you in an instant. The developer promised more enemies, so hopefully this is in the works.
  • New game plus. Or some sort of incentive to play again. As the game stands right now, it’s pretty linear even with the randomized events since those draw from such a small pool of possibilities.

.Bottom line.
I recommend this game. It’s charming, it’s a nice way to pass the time, and it has a lot to offer with its problem solving and personality development aspects. If the art style is what brought you here, don’t be fooled because this pretty package has some depth to it.

I’ll definitely be playing this one to completion—or as close to it as possible until it leaves Early Access.

As of completing what the game has to offer thus far, I still recommend it. The price tag is a bit high considering the game is mostly complete and what is currently available will take roughtly 4 hours even if you dally. Keep that in mind if you’re going to purchase.

If this Early Access Report helped you, please give it a thumbs-up. For more content like this follow the NeedtoKnow Gaming Curator page <3


Posted: November 15, 2018
The setting is interesting and multiple-ending system pretty cool however the characters seem pretty bland to me serving as just NPCs necessary for endings (only reached a couple because this game got boring very quickly) and the english in multiple areas needs improving. What could be an interesting experience was tarnished for me by an unnecessarily high difficulty level not worth playing through and unpolished text and story.


Posted: April 2, 2018
Product received for free

Star Story: The Horizon Escape
From the hand of EvilCoGames we find a great adventure that contains some chips of the RPG style and with some innovations. Embark on an adventure, along with your staff (Verdana) and some other companions that you meet along the way, to the unknown destinations of Horizon.

Positive points
•The first thing that can be highlighted in Star Story is the quality of the graphic style, something that although a simple sea is very pleasing to the eye and above all it is little seen in the world of video games.
•The mechanics of decisions, everything you say will have an impact on the future: resolution, perception and goodwill. When you reach a certain score with one of these you can unlock new recipes to create objects that will help you during your trip.
•The combats are by turns, which makes them totally simple for a person who says that he starts in the world of games but at the same time, makes them complicated enough for people who want some strategy.
•All the elements and resources that we find on the map and at the end of the combats have not been of great help for the progressive power in the course of the history of the object that is the sea, since everything that is used.
•There is a sense of progress at all times, starting only with the machine of technologies, the creator of objects and a gun but ending in a varied number of weapons and many other things that can serve us as capsules or droids.
•A machine that can be put in the bag to sound in the background. Very original.
•In this game predominates more than everything else before the sounds and the realization of great way, giving as an example the previous point, but neither leaves the side of the sounds that are not bad at all.
•The combat system is something that really matters in this title, we have 3 health bars; Life, armor and shield. Our main task is to keep those 3 bars as full as possible for the final meeting with the bosses in the last scenario.
•It has 4 characters with whom you can relate during the journey of the story of which each has 6 endings, which gives us life with a total of 24 different endings to discover and a golden ending that we will all get by completing them all . (Personally I do not get to complete all the endings, since it is something very tedious for me but those that end up are totally different from others)
•The animations have the characters, especially during the battles, but they are very well done and they give a great effect at the moment of the combat.
•The requirements to play this game are small and any computer could do it.
•The HUD is very polished and very complete, weak at some points but it is as important as the start menu.
•Have a Demo to test the game before buying it!.

Neutral Points
•It is only found in 2 languages, of which one is the most spoken (English) but it is feasible because it is produced by an independent study and must focus its attention on other aspects.
•The enemies are original and well designed but they are very few in terms of quantity, around 3, which are constantly repeated throughout the story.
•Imagine a situation where you are in trouble, and then imagine all the possible exits to the problem. This game will give you all the exits you can imagine in that kind of situations, but with a price, you have to have the object what is required for it and once you use it you can not use it again.
•The amount of weapons there are enough if you want to play the game once or twice but when you start a third time you get bored of always using the same tactics and the same objects.
•The setting of the scenarios is very well done but the fact that it is a static image takes away too many points.
•The developers constantly update this title and listen to what the community has to say but during the last months there are no big changes, it will be for the parties I suppose.

Negative Points
•The movement of the player on the game map is null, it is only a scenario where we will go through the phases without interaction with the scenario, except sometimes where one can find chests but in any case one can not move freely by this same .
•The modifications that we can do in the settings screen are minimal, they only include the volume of the sound and the music, the resolutions and the fullscreen option.
•Its price, is something too high for what is expected, there is a lot of games Triple To what for less value they give you much more content and a quality what a project of an indie company you do not know if you can provide it.

Star Story is a great game with a good future if you keep updating it and paying attention to what the community has to say but at the same time it has many defects, as well as the amount of endings it has (They could simply eliminate some endings and add them to history) as the price of the product. I recommend giving this title a chance, which insurance will give you some laughs, but only when you are at a discount.


This review was sent to Gaming Until End, through the generous contribution of HellCow.


Posted: May 12
here gameplay consists of picking text options, clicking background icons for minerals, and 1v1 old rpg style battles. the game play it ok but overall i have problems with getting enough minerals for crafting, random encounters having no effect on the story, and there are some combat balance issues.

it’s cute if you can get it cheap but overall disappointing. 4/10


Posted: December 3, 2017
‘"Again? Rly?" you thought.’

I’d expect proper English in a shoot’em up brawler with no story. This game is heavily based on story, and should not be using that sort of language.

The gameplay, so far, is enjoyable (if kinda simple and maybe even boring), but the spelling errors and mistakes in writing are really distracting.

Numerous, numerous spelling and grammar mistakes, and a story that doesn’t quite make all that sense.

The gameplay is rather simplistic, as well. The battle’s aren’t that interesting. It’s kind of like a child’s first RPG, except I wouldn’t have a child play a game that teaches them bad English.

Hyper Dimensional Detective

Posted: March 17, 2018
Thanks Evilco, this game is a ton of fun to stream, though I would have had a blast with it regardless. I haven’t played a choose your own adventure game like this in awhile, and honestly the combat is a lot of fun. I wouldn’t go in expecting the most depth but compared to a lot of systems its pretty great.

Its kind of suprising to me that this game isn’t more well known, it does have some strange use of english at times. But I consider it a good time, and an adventure where your choices actually do matter is something I always appreciate.


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