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About This Game

Steamburg is an award-winning puzzle adventure game with story exploration elements and unique gameplay. The game is made by Telehorse, a steampunk games company. It was awarded the Best Upcoming Game at IMGA in San Francisco in March 2017.

The main character, professor Vincent Cornelius Moore, fights robots that invaded the city of Steamburg. The gameplay is unique – Vincent is unarmed, so he must choose his moves wisely. He can only throw small electro-bombs which lure the robots and halt their progress for a while. Vincent has to walk through the streets in such a way that the robot chasing him hits upon a Tesla coil and is destroyed. It seems quite easy in the first levels. Then you have to fight several robots at the same time, the robots become faster and faster, some of them can fly and other respond to Vincent’s every move.

Narrative elements are of great importance. In 2016 Steamburg won an award for Best Storytelling at White Nights in Helsinki. Dialogues reveal Vincent to be a scientist responsible for testing a new weapon in Steamburg. At the same time he is searching for his fiancée who was reported to be in Steamburg when the robots attacked. Some narrative elements are connected directly with the gameplay. Players can also find many letters and photos and discover the love story of Vincent and his fiancée.


• Unique, addictive gameplay
• 32 levels set in atmospheric steampunk locations
• Several hidden locations and dozens of narrative objects to be explored
• Outstanding American and British voice actors including Bruce Glover (known for Diamonds Are Forever and Chinatown)
• Original score by Silver Rocket
    • OS: Windows XP SP2+
    • Processor: Intel Core i3 @ 1.7 GHz Dual core
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GT
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
    • Storage: 3 GB available space


Posted: December 1, 2017
Steamburg is a game made by an video game artist, and I don’t mean that in an abstract way. The game looks fantastic, sounds great and even has some very competent voice acting, but the gameplay/AI/everything to do with programming is quite terrible. Now it is playable and hasn’t crashed on me but the movement or throwing stuff around(the only things you really do) are not what I would call competent let alone good. It is clunky as hell.

Just to list a couple more things hitboxes feel inconsistent at best and incomprehensible at worst; the bulk of the game consists of very simple, uninspired and fully execution-based puzzles/levels; the enemies barely differ from each other AI-wise. And so forth.

Now all that said this is not the kind of hot garbage that Steam is filled with nowadays, clearly a lot of love has gone into this game and the gameplay is manageable. The story and visuals do absolutely carry it quite far for me at least; I am still making my way through(currently at lvl 18 out of 32). Some of the story stuff ties into gameplay moreso than in these kinds of games usually too but it’s nothing big.

So yeah if this dev decides to make another game they might want to consider getting a programmer. As far as Steamburg goes I have found myself enjoying it enough to recommend, but only with the huge caveats mentioned and if you can get it cheaply. It has heart.


Posted: January 4, 2018
Nothing special really, simple puzzle game and mobile port. Feels very simplistic, slow and clunky. Visuals are ok but nothing special, 2d isometric graphics looks like made 10 years ago but what it is more important you can’t be really sure if robot will see you if you stand around the corner or not. And on top of that that ale coulds, balloons and airships flying above everything and obscuring your view to the point you have to wait until they pass to play again, if game itself wasn’t slow enough.

Thumbs down from me, not worth your time even if you get this game for free :/
And most steam users seams have the same opinion, there are 2% of users with first and easiest achievement, "kill 9 robots" you need to pass 6 levles to do that but most players was to bored already to reach that far 🙂


Posted: August 12, 2018
Steamburg wouldn’t be a bad game is it weren’t for the sticky, sluggish controls! The character sticks to nothing, moves like a slug and it adds artificial difficulty to the game. It’s just asinine of the developers not to make the game mechanics function better. As with too many indie titles, the controls ruin the game.


Posted: June 30, 2018
Awful title. Annoying background music (the volume slider is very badly designed), annoying tutorials and overall a boring experience. One screen puzzle platformer isometric "game" thingie.. no one should waste money on this.



Posted: December 7, 2017
So boring that I would rather spend time rearranging icons on my desktop. I enjoyed nothing about my brief time with this game. Bad art, bad music, bad gameplay. Slow and clunky. Feels like a bad tablet game.


Posted: January 1, 2018
Fun realtime puzzle game, AND Steampunk! Lead the mad inventor through the maze-like, one-screen districts of Steamburg, so that the evil robots are fried by Teslacoils. It has a better story than expected. controls well, has a nice soundtrack and is all in all a nice game.
It’s mobile origins are obvious, but don’t matter much. I stopped playing, because it isn’t my kind of game, and I got stuck in the western district, which enrages me, so I move on. But the first 30 minutes were pure puzzle and maze fun. AND STEAMPUNK!

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Posted: February 24
Creepy steampunk game !!!


Posted: November 21, 2017
Marvelous game.
Intriguing puzzle.
Hypnotizing music.



Posted: November 22, 2017
Beautiful game! Best graphics – happy that it is not a shity pixelart again 😉 Cool soundtrack and gameplay is really original. Thumb up.


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