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About This Game

Tactical digital board game in the world of Dark Ages!


  • Six factions with unique generals and squads: the nimble nomads of the Horde, the well-armored and disciplined Imperial soldiers, the mad Normanna clad in furs, the League’s guilds wielding gunpowder, the proud knights of the Order, and the exotic cults of the Mesopotamia.
  • Over 50 types of squads based on real historical troops. No armored bikinis or spiked pauldrons here!
  • By surviving battles, your squads gain experience and develop their skills. Fresh recruits have nothing on a seasoned veteran.
  • Generals are the linchpin of a squad, and their skills and abilities can drastically change the outcome of a battle. Each general has a unique personality generated at the beginning of each game. Each has their own appearance, character traits, and abilities. It’s impossible to predict who will appear the next go ‘round: a brave but simple knight, a talented but greedy tactical genius, or a bloodthirsty barbarian who instills fear in friend and foe alike.
  • A pantheon of chosen generals: put your greatest leaders here to re-use them from campaign to campaign, or hire legendary figures feared and revered throughout history, such as Joan of Arc and Genghis Khan.
  • The numerous scenarios offer a huge variety of different challenges: win a civil war, fight off nomads, deal with pirates raiding the coast, save a kingdom ravaged by plague, or crush a peasant uprising.
  • Battle formations: effective positioning of your troops is half the battle. Tactical tricks, feints, and ambushes are at your disposal. Win your battles through quality, not quantity.
  • Terrain and weather: even the perfect army may lose in unfavorable conditions. It’s generally a good idea to lure enemy cavalry into a bog, under your arrows – but remember that rain and fog make your archers useless.
  • Upgrade your soldiers’ weapons and armor at the royal forge.

Dark Ages is a turn-based strategy game set in the violent world of an alternate Middle Ages. Vikings against war elephants, musketeers against the Mongol cavalry, ancient phalanx legions against crusaders; the deadliest armies in history clashing in bloody war.
An army without leadership is merely a mob. In Dark Ages, troops follow the lead of their commanders: unique leaders with their own virtues, vices, talents, and weaknesses.
Take the throne of a small kingdom being torn apart by feuds and threatened by militant neighbors, and try to survive the Dark Ages.
    • OS: Windows 7
    • Memory: 3 GB RAM
    • Storage: 1500 MB available space
Strategy & Tactics: Dark Ages-0
Strategy & Tactics: Dark Ages-1
Strategy & Tactics: Dark Ages-2
Strategy & Tactics: Dark Ages-3
Strategy & Tactics: Dark Ages-4
Strategy & Tactics: Dark Ages-5
Strategy & Tactics: Dark Ages-6
Strategy & Tactics: Dark Ages-7
Strategy & Tactics: Dark Ages-8
Strategy & Tactics: Dark Ages-9
Strategy & Tactics: Dark Ages-0
Strategy & Tactics: Dark Ages-1
Strategy & Tactics: Dark Ages-2
Strategy & Tactics: Dark Ages-3
Strategy & Tactics: Dark Ages-4
Strategy & Tactics: Dark Ages-5
Strategy & Tactics: Dark Ages-6
Strategy & Tactics: Dark Ages-7
Strategy & Tactics: Dark Ages-8
Strategy & Tactics: Dark Ages-9
Size: 1.1 GB


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Posted: December 16, 2017
This game had much potential but the simple (close to non existing) battle-mechanics totally ruin the game for me.
There is no interaction for the player no "game" in the battle mechanics -whatsoever.
On top you can watch the battles after knowing the outcome – what makes no sense for me.
I made my point in the early access time and was told this would change – it didnt.
The nice art style is in vain. I dont understand the devs creating a game called strategy and tactics without battles.


Posted: December 22, 2016
Early Access Review

Nice game, a bit like rome total war with auto battles
Devs idea of medium difficulty is a bit trollish, 2 of the levels you’re like wtf this is impossible. Can be done tho
Replayability is decent, you have the armoury to upgrade units and the pantheon where you can retain favourite generals.
Levels can be replayed and you get same amount of money etc

Couple glitches, Had an issue where if your windows desktop scaler wasn’t set to 100% when at 4k you had mouse issues, devs seem to have fixed it now (im at 150 btw)
Does occasionally crash, but auto saves at start of round and fights don’t seem rng(otherwise no point in good generals i suppose)


Posted: February 7, 2018
I have no idea how this game could receive a 73% positive rating. It does have potential but despite constant crashing has so many design flaws that it is mediocre at best.

The tutorial is a prime example. Instead of explaning the game it manages to run you through a "click this, click that, Horray you won, now you know the game" routine. Nowhere in this game the stats are explained. Hmm my warrior has an attack of 19 and a defense of 20 … what does that mean? Yeah it´s better than an attack of 18? Brilliant … but what happens when an attack of 20 hits a defense value of 10? Or one of 20?

Generals movement is a pretty big offender in my book as well. 90% of the generals can only move 1 province per turn. And so can your enemies … meaning catching a fleeing enemy is a slog that takes several turns … what is even worse … if an enemy sends a 0 Troop General he can still claim your provinces … meaning you now have to send a General of yours or will lose your income to a single General riding through your backlands.

Story … dont get me started … let´s say I was playing a scenario where I was leading an English Nobleman feuding with another … not only was the most of the map occupied by French-Neutrals (that remain Neutral until you attack them, and otherwise just move troops aimlessly around their lands … slowing down the AI Turns) … nope suddenly I am attacked in the Back by a Mongolian Horde… that is just bonkers and shows the lack of polish this game received before release.

I could continue to pick the game appart, but that seems like more efford than what it´s worth.

Guys … dont get this game … if you want a fun Turn Based Strategy Game in medieval settings grab Battle Brothers … that is just 1000% better. Or one of the older Heroes of Might and Magic (3 is brilliant) … or Banner Saga …. or Civilization or … or .. god there are so many better games out there. Just dont get this…


Posted: February 16, 2018
Game is very simple and you win by using cheeze tactics like buying merc armies and riots to destroy ememy since your own troops will never get the job done. It also crashes a LOT. and in my current game it crashes every turn and riots do not work (they crash it). I regret purchase even at 45% discount. has some potential if not so buggy and full of cheeze tactics.

AB Normal

Posted: February 28, 2018
This game, although sold as full released, is abandoned; only 9 scenarios available (including tutorial scenario), no editor, minimal battle mechanic, few different types of units… don’t buy it, in a standard FREE game-demo there is far more content than in this half finished game.


Posted: February 22, 2018
This game delivers some depth in thinking your strategy and tactics in terms of choosing the most effective formation and unit combination. The game might seem a bit difficult at first but once you start grasping the battle mechanics, the game becomes pretty easy to beat although somewhat time consuming depending on which scenario and how much upgrade you have invested on certain type of units. This game delivers some fun and challenge while providing a reasonable challenge and replayability for the price. What makes this game quite replayable once you beat all the scenarios is that you can choose and spend your glory points to keep highly skilled generals and use them again in other scenarios. Also once you have invested in weapon and armor for certain type of troops of your choosing, that upgrades stay for good so when you play other scenarios, you start those scenarios with upgraded stats for the units that you have invested in.

Although this game provides some fun with interesting combat mechanics, I have to say this is a game with some great potentials that are not fully developed. I will list them below:

1. Players are unable to try all different factions and units because of the limitations in current scenarios. (Ex. There are no scenarios that allows players to play with Caroligian faction or Holy Alpine faction so you are unable to try some of their units such as Caroligian Knights or imperial trappers.)

2. Besides adding more scenarios, the game will become infinitely more replayble if players have options to create custom games with random map generator that will allow choosing factions of their liking and also being able to set higher difficulty with more glory point rewards proportional to the level of challenge.

3. AI behavior definitely needs some work in order to make the game more challenging; Ex. Once you release enemy generals on ransom, the AI too often leave those generals with no troops instead of replenishing them with fresh army. The AI should be programmed to continuously hire more generals and recruit more troops instead of just sitting there once their army are beaten. On higher difficulty, the neutral AI players should be more prone to backstab or declre war on human players instead of fighting among themselves and thus making it easy for human players; in some scenarios you just need to wait a few turns until AI factions kill each other and you simply start taking their lands with little resistance. Also I never see AI generals using their special abilities such as building forts or storehouses so the AI is almost always poor financially and can not afford to create more army.

4. Battle mechanic needs improvement particularly when you are trying to launch attack on several enemy army on the same tile. The most idiotic aspect of it right now is that when you attack a multiple enemy army stack on the same square, your single army stack either has to kill all of them by itself or die trying even when you have your other armies on that same tile available to launch attack. This can result in losing your best generals and your experienced units because there are only 9 units you can give to any single army per general and no matter how good your general and how experienced your units are, there is no way to beat 3 or more full stack enemy army with your single army stack. Human players should have an option to pick another fresh army stack to fight the next battle on that same tile instead of having to wait until your initial army stack gets decimated trying to fight multiple enemy army stacks all by itself. After each battle, the human players should be presented with a choice to whether to keep fighting with that same army which might have taken heavy casualty in previous battle, or pick a fresh army to fight the second battle with one of enemy army stacks on that same tile and so on. This way your army is not forced to fight to the very last man and get destroyed even when you have reinforcements ready to fight on that same tile. I think this issue can be resolved either by letting players select more than one army at the same time and have them all attack all attack simultaneously instead of one by one, or by giving players an option whether to choose different army stack for the next battle taking place on that same tile on that same turn.

5. Lastly the game crashes often on some scenarios. I had to keep restarting the games multiple times when playing Babylonian and Mongolian scenarios so please fix this issue as well.

Overall, developers did great jobs on coming up with this game but please put some more contents to it and make the game more challenging by working on the issues I mentioned above. The game has a great potential to become even better with proper development.

Thank you.


Posted: February 18, 2018
According to the tags on store page, this is a "sandbox RTS grand strategy atmospheric real-time with pause dark fantasy RPG strategy" game. These tags are completely wrong and deceiving. This is only a "minor" (casual) strategy boardgame, for there’s nothing to do beyond the simplest supremacy/domination victory by moving and killing pieces.


Posted: March 25, 2018
Agree with all the reviews that tutorial is terrible and strategy is minimal. Looks pretty, but gave up on the tutorial, especially after I realized it sold for so much.


Posted: August 29, 2018
I like the game very much, and I would absolutely support more with money as long as I see some sort of update to the gameplay, maybe the graphics. Please update with some new things! Maybe diplomacy with the other countries so you can switch sides of something! Please, it’s such a great game and become so much better! Thank you for all the hard work!


Posted: October 21, 2017
Very good and simple game focused on generals, formations and strategic movements (not single battle tactict, but it’s OK for me). Very interesting also the weather and the place of battle modifiers. IMO this game should be a base for a napoleonic or civil war era wargame.


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