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About This Game

You are the commander of an elite Strike Team aboard the warship, HYDRA. Your first combat mission will have you leading your team in vicious ship-to-ship battles against the Sethari, a mysterious alien race whose soldiers are genetically bred for war.

In Strike Team Hydra, you lead an elite squad of futuristic soldiers in grueling, turn-based combat. Using an intuitive, action-point system, command each warrior to use cover, suppressive fire, advanced weapons and iron will to defeat the enemy. Always outnumbered, your soldiers will depend on your tactical brilliance to prevail.

•COVER: Use barricades and barrels as cover for your soldiers. Less conventional force fields and tachyon fields can also grant a tactical edge to those that hold them.

•SUPPRESSION: Use suppressive fire to pin enemy soldiers in place before finishing them off in close assault or with a well-placed grenade.

•ACTION POINTS: Every action, including movement, attacks and special abilities, requires action points. Spend them wisely to achieve victory.

•MORALE: Your soldiers and the enemy are affected by their courage and determination. If the battle goes well, they fight with grit and determination. If it goes badly, they will focus more on saving themselves than the mission at hand.

•CHARACTERS: Build a team from 12 different character classes ranging from heavy-weapon specialists, snipers, rangers, to exotic classes such as the deadly psi-operative. Freely switch members of your team as you progress through the campaign and enlist heavy robots and other units for special missions.

Play through a campaign featuring 28 intense firefights including various mission objectives and grueling boss fights. An additional 20 combat missions are available to hone your skills.
    • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
    • OS: Windows® 7, 64-bit
    • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E4700 2.6 GHz or AMD Phenom 9950 Quad Core 2.6 GHz
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 1GB ATI Radeon HD 5770, 1GB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 or better
    • DirectX: Version 10
    • Storage: 2 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX compatible sound card
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Strike Team Hydra-0
Strike Team Hydra-1
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Posted: December 29, 2017
Product received for free

Strike Team Hydra is the debut title from indie developers, Wave Light Games, beginning its life on mobile and now available on Steam.

In Strike Team Hydra you play the role of a commander in charge of a six-man strike team sent aboard the SS TALWAR, a stricken battleship on patrol in system NS-14. After heavy fighting the TALWAR has been boarded by enemy aliens, the Sethari, and it’s your job to get on board, rescue the survivors, and wipe out any Sethari you find.

Kick some Sethari butt, commander!

The game is in 3D, with all levels taking place inside the TALWAR. Stages are well made, though rather small, with cover and interesting gadgets and scenery to look at. Some appear to be multi-levelled, but you’ll find you can’t use the stairs; they’re only for show.

Enemy and character graphics are also good, with lifelike animations. Animations on prefabs are synchronised, though, meaning that enemies all check their guns at the same time, which is a bit dodgy. Weapon and special ability effects look good, with glowing force fields, bright lasers, explosions, and other cool stuff going on.

The interface doesn’t quite work. Sometimes you’ll have to move the pointer back and forth over target hexes multiple times to get the interface to show the terrain/cover modifiers or allow targeting, or change to a different character and then back again. This seems to happen more when zoomed in, but it’s not consistent. It’s also more fiddly than it should be; in the lobby you can’t look at characters’ abilities without loading up the swap screen. And on the swap screen you can only swap one at a time. The lack of tooltips for any in-game items — and for some of the UI overlay — is frustrating, too, as is having to right-click to find out information; why not just hover like a normal tooltip?

Sound and music are mostly well produced and functional. Weapon and effect sounds are appropriate, though teleporting is a bit too loud. Music is typical science-fiction-actiony fare, electronic with some dramatic bits, but there are too few tracks and it gets repetitive quickly. There are voices for character actions, too. These range from outright terrible to not too bad, but even the bad ones are mostly amusing so I’m glad they’re included.

The Unity launcher provides the standard options: resolution selection, full-screen / windowed mode, and one graphics detail selector from Fastest through to Excellent. An in-game menu includes independent voice, sound effect, and music volume sliders, as well as some PC-only graphical toggles. These add some great shadows, fancy-looking effects, and other assorted coolness. All up the game looks rather good.

Strike Team Hydra first appeared on Android and iOS before coming to Steam, with the magic of Unity allowing for deployment to multiple platforms. It’s unfortunate that its heritage shows, with the tutorial still describing touch-screen controls and on-screen buttons that don’t exist in the PC version. With a bit of playing around you can find out that WASD pans, Q/E rotates, and mouse wheel zooms the camera; I’m not sure if you can tilt up/down. There’s also no way to remap controls; the standard Unity launcher’s ‘input’ tab doesn’t provide anything obviously useful in this regard and there’s no in-game menu providing the functionality either. And there’s no Steam integration yet, either: no achievements, cloud saving, or trading cards.

The game is a squad-based, turn-based strategy game, played over a series of campaign missions (28, by the look of it, plus a similar number of ‘extra missions’) on the besieged SS TALWAR. You control six soldiers from a selection of 12, each of whom gains experience and levels, unlocking new abilities. You can also buy and sell armour and weapons, as well as receiving them as rewards for missions, but many seem to only be for flavour, having no obvious effect on a soldier’s stats. The game plays a lot like the combat part of the original XCOM / UFO: Enemy Unknown from the 1990s. You can swap out characters between missions, which is excellent, allowing you to pick and choose as you like, or even double-up on some character types. There’s no character customisation, but there is a good range of abilities across the 12 characters, so you can try a few different play styles.

Most of the game rules are explained via a Rules tab, but anyone familiar with turn-based squad games should find them relatively straightforward. For some reason you can’t check the rules in-mission, either; you can only do it from the lobby. There’s no overwatch, which is a bit of a shame; the counterattack feature that replaces it works well enough in response to enemies that directly attack a unit, but movement through fire zones or attacking other soldiers will not trigger a counterattack. There are a few other silly game mechanics, too, such as the 15-85% range for attacks and criticals, and the undo movement feature, which is great, but lets you move to collect power-up items and then undo your movement.

Other than that, it’s typical turn-based combat, and it’s mostly very well done. Each character has an Action Point (AP) pool and a number of actions or abilities to use, each of which uses a certain number of APs. Movement costs differ between characters, too, allowing your faster and lighter soldiers to move further and do more than your slower and heavier ones. There are no restrictions on ordering of moving and shooting; as long as you have the APs you can do what you want. Once you’ve moved all your soldiers it’s the aliens’ turn, and so on until you’ve met the mission objectives (usually kill everything that moves) or died.

There’s no manual saving in missions, but the game does have an auto-save feature that seems to save at the beginning of each turn.

Unfortunately there are a number of gameplay issues that detract from what would otherwise be an excellent game. First, it’s one of the most unstable non-EA games I’ve played in the last few years. It’s crashed on me about once an hour, which is bad enough, but all but one of those crashes has been when I’ve just finished a mission. And that lovely auto-save feature I just mentioned? It doesn’t work; the game deletes the auto-save when this happens and I’m left having to redo the mission again, losing the progression and item I just received.

Less important, but still annoying, are the weird interface issues mentioned earlier, line of sight that doesn’t quite make sense, weird pathing stuff-ups on one mission that made characters walk around the whole map to cover two hexes, and the numerous grammar errors throughout. It’s the crashing issue that drove me to give up, though.

Pros and Cons
+ Core gameplay is great fun, with plenty of tactical options
+ A range of well-balanced characters

– Horribly unstable, no manual saves to cope with it
– Glitchy and frustrating interface
– Mobile heritage is evident

Strike Team Hydra ended up disappointing me for all the wrong reasons. Presentation is good, there’s a lot to do, and the core gameplay is great fun. But the game interface is glitchy and fiddly, and the game is often unstable, crashing at the worst possible times. This would be excusable to a degree if you could save mid-mission, but the auto-save system doesn’t cope and all too often I’ve lost whole missions. It’s got to the point now that I just can’t be bothered trying anymore.

If you’re a fan of turn-based strategy and don’t mind a few rough edges then Strike Team Hydra is definitely one to watch, and pick up once the stability issues have been fixed. I would love to recommend it, but until the developers fix the crashing I’m not going to.


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Chico Mao

Posted: May 18, 2018
Strike Team Hydra is an indie turn based strategy which reminds me of the classic xcom series.

The game starts off with a basic story, where the player is an elite force that combats hostile aliens.

Players control a team of 6 different characters of their choosing, all with different abilities.

The characters have an experience bar for leveling up, allowing character progression.

There is also an equipment screen, enabling customisation to a certain extent.

The "missions" are not limited to just elimination, there is also variants like escort, survival etc.

Clearing "missions" award exp and random item drops that are beneficial to building the team that the player desires.

+++ The Good +++
1) Well planned maps, decent 3d models and character animations.
2) There is a tutorial that teaches the basics of the game.
3) Music and sound effects are decent, fits well with the game’s environment
4) There is a certain degree of strategy mixed in, depending on the player’s team structure and their equipment.
5) Wide selection of characters to build your team, very uniquely different with their own skillsets.
6) There is mission variety and replayability.
7) Devs are friendly and approachable, open to suggestions and feedback

— The Bad —
1) Skills are a little unbalanced, some skills are utilised most of the time, while some are barely used.
2) Even though there is an auto-save feature, there is no manual-save feature, so players have to clear the mission before the game is saved.
3) Learning curve is a bit steep, tutorial only teaches the basics, casual players will need to spend more time figuring out the more advanced features like skills, equipment.
4) The game is still dependent on RNG % rolls, can be frustrating when high probability leads to failure.
5) Can be a little grindy at higher levels, when you need to level up your chars and farm better equipment, so as to clear the next mission.

I enjoyed Strike Team Hydra as it reminds me of the classic xcom series to a certain extent. It is turn based, there is strategy involved, based on your team builds and positioning.

It is a rough gem in the making, I believe there is room for improvement, such as a better storyline, more character customisation, unlockable skills at higher levels, more ship customisation(upgrades), manual-save features, etc.

With the devs being friendly and open to suggestions/feedback, I’m sure this game will get better with more updates.

This game will appeal to casual players who are new to strategy turn-based games, or experienced players who want to enjoy classic xcom nostalgia.

Final Score : 7 / 10


Posted: December 8, 2017
I’m an old Julian Gollop fan from ZX Spectrum days and enjoy this style of TRPG a lot. Strike Team Hydra is a very accessible 3D hex-based (if that makes sense.. units stand in a hex but the view can be zoomed and rotated) tactical squad shooter. Kind of a simpler/more arcadey XCOM. Quite a lot of use of terrain and ranged attacks vs direct scrapping, plus use of return/suppressing fire. If you dont play the tutorial first time (I admit it, I skipped it as I’d played this already on IOS but forgot a few things…) it doesnt pop up again but can be started from Missions/Training.

Runs smoothly on my Surface Pro 2017 (i5/8GB RAM/Intel HD 620 integrated graphics) at 2736×1824 on "Good" mode with extra effects turned off (transparency/dynamic shadows/post-processing effects) as I’m more interested in the mechanics not the visuals; I should probably just play in a much lower res. Install was fast but you have to pick your graphic preferences on first startup and I intially chose the top settings and even the main menu screen struggled a bit..

Basic Touch funtionality is ok (ie mouse-click-as-finger), but I didnt get a right-click for a touch-and-hold when wanting to look at a unit/terrain detail. And two-finger pinch or rotate didnt control the zoom/angle for me even in tablet mode.

A few interface glitches; some of the UI/menus are a little inconsistent – eg some screens have a red "Leave" button, others expect you to press ESC – and at the resolution I play the scrollbars are so tiny i have use scrollwheel/two fingers to move down menus. And if you arent paying attention you’ll start relying on the End Turn button to find your units that still have action points left..

The game mechanics are easy to pick up and the missions/specials are compact enough to have a quick game as and when.

Overall – great graphics and mechanics, decent amount of content, a few UI blemishes. Fresh, faster-paced take on the genre.


Posted: December 11, 2017
game took the best from the best games: tactical turn based gameplay seems to be similar to xcom games;
the extremely vast variety of items in shop looks to be similar to borderlands series, enemies look like those ones in doom games – and in addition to it – very beautiful overall game design – starting from user interface to heroes and levels – game is a whole world you can dive into.


Posted: May 9, 2018
Yes, this is a phone port, but it has been well optimized for PC play. It is a simple version of an X-Com type of turn-based tactical shooter, RPG. It is a lot of fun. You can choose up to 6 team members from a field of 12 different types which each specialize in different weapons/tactics. There is a Team Leader, a Medic, a Melee Assassin expert, a Flame Thrower, a Shot Gun, a Space Marine, a Psi Ops, a Missle Launcher, a Small Tank, a Sniper, and a teleporting Cyborg.

There are 28 mission battles in the linear campaign, and an additional 20 special one-off missions that you can also fight between campaign battles. The tactical fights are on a space cruiser, so tight quarters in corridors and small rooms. You can use cover to hide behind and suppression fire. Don’t group your team (beware of grenades). Each team member has Morale, Action Points and Hit Points, special abilities, different weapon skills, etc.

You unlock the next mission as you successfully complete a fight. You can find loot (e.g., armor and weapons) to use/sell after battles, and you can sell/purchase better weapons, armor, etc., in the store between missions.

The stats are simple and easy to figure out. If you have played any X-Com type of turn-based tactical shooter, RPG game, you will pick this up in a few minutes once you complete the tutorial. About the only thing missing is cover fire, but the Dev said that was becaused he wanted it to be a more fast-moving, offensive tactical game and less defensive fighting (think "Strike Team" not "Ambush Team").

Overall for what you get for the very low price, this is a gem and a steal, a 9/10. Try it, you will like it.

Also, the very small Dev Team, Wave Light Games, is extremely active on the Steam discussion boards, and has just put out two new games called "Demon’s Rise: War for the Deep" and "Demon’s Rise: Conquest of the Deep". They are turn-based Fantasy, RPG, dungeon crawlers, and just really great fun as well. Enjoy!


Posted: July 26, 2018
Product received for free

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In A Nutshell
Strike Team Hydra (STH) is a turn-based tactical RPG set on the Battleship TALWAR, a human spaceship invaded by aliens, and that must be liberated again by your strike team.

The game will be divided in five chapters, each having five missions, except the first that also includes tutorial ones. Each mission will be stand-alone, with a defined objective, and once concluded you will unlock the next, and also be able to return to your Camp to manage your team. The last mission of each chapter will always contain a Boss fight. Campaign Missions and also Special Missions are present, the latter have to be unlocked by completing Campaign chapters first, and count basically as "side quests" to get more loot and XP. Each mission can be farmed any number of times to get loot or XP if needed.

You will be able to manage your team, and select who is going to be deployed from a roster of 12 specialists, but only 6 can be put in the Strike Team at the same time. Of course, each hero has unique abilities and roles such as Support, Medic, Frontline, Assassin etc. Also, your team members can be equipped with RPG-style loot, featuring different randomly generated statistics for each piece, and rarity levels. Some equipment can only be put on certain specialists, while most of it is universal. Equipment is gained at the end of each mission, most of the time, but in small quantities, or purchased at the Shop using Credits earned.

Combat is turn-based on an Hex grid, it features cover systems with different levels, classic RPG elements such as crit. chance, dodge chance, armor etc. and uses an Action point system. Generally, combat is tactical-paced and using the abilities of your team correctly is paramount, especially creating effective combinations between them to gain great bonuses from multiple skills stacking together, creating powerful buffs.

Overall I found STH to be a decent turn-based tactical game, it is far from perfect and has some problems as you will read further, but still can provide enjoyment to those who like this type of game and have already played all the other similar titles.

Gameplay Analysis

General Gameplay
Gameplay will mainly be divided into Team Management and Combat. Each team member will level automatically when getting enough XP, and have better overall statistics such as max. AP, health, armor, precision and so on. Leveling up also means unlocking more advanced and powerful skills for each specialist. Gear has no level restrictions so you can equip very powerful gear on any of your soldiers from the start, if you manage to get it. An hero getting KO on a mission will not receive XP, and be resurrected when the mission ends.

Missions generally have a handful different objectives. The most common being to exterminate all enemies, while also escort, defense, survival and timed missions are present, but in lesser frequency. Boss missions will have as only objective to kill the Boss creature.

The fact you cannot customize how your soldiers level up takes away depth, with no branching skill trees or different progression options. The addition of RPG-style loot is unusual and good in some ways, but also is unbalanced and too much relying on RNG (chance) to determine if you get very good, game-changing pieces of equipment. In later missions, you may be forced to grind already completed ones for money and items, in order to finally get good equipment on all your soldiers.

Story will be quite minimal and consist of mission briefings, an introduction, and little else. The whole game story is basically the fact you need to cleanse the TALWAR from aliens, and that’s about it.

Combat System
Combat is classic turn-based, hex-grid style, with a strong focus on positioning and buff / debuff stacking on allies and enemies. Preparing your team adequately with such things will be invaluable to survive the alien attack. Enemies come in various sizes and shapes, and aswell have classes such a frontlines, assassins, heavy, etc. each with unique abilities. As you progress in missions, enemies will come in more powerful variants and some also will be completely new.

Combat may be decent enough but also relies a bit too much on random chance for my taste. An unlucky critical hit on a team member will mean instant death in most cases, while in later game enemies will have to absorb way more then a couple of criticals to be destroyed.

An interesting mechanic is Counter Attack: any targeted player or enemy, if in range of the aggressor, will counter attack immediately after being attacked, up to a certain number of counter-attacks per turn, that can be improved with skills and levels.

Content & Pricing
It takes around 14 to 18 hours, depending on your playstyle, difficulty, grind amount etc. to finish all the campaign missions and special missions. There is nothing else apart from this to do. for being a mobile port the quality is decent, but i’d still advice to wait for a discount before buying, as the overall quality does not justify full price.

Balancing & Challenge
There are some balance issues: critical hits rely too much on luck and disfavor the player’s side considerably, some skills both enemy’s and player’s are way overpowered if stacked together, easily granting monstrous stats such as 100% critical chance, or 80% evasion bonus, or absurd weapon ranges and damages all the time. When stats like these come into play, a lucky shot is all that makes the difference between losing and winning, as enemies can insta-kill you and aswell you can insta-kill them, or kill even the toughest ones rapidly.

Difficulties above normal transform enemies into huge bullet sponges, with also a little increase in damage (it already is high in Normal). This leads to battles lasting longer, and also be frustrating for the sheer amounts of HP the enemy has, overwhelming you just because you simply have not enough DPS, hence it all goes back to the "farming more gear and levels" shenanigans. Better ways to implement difficulty such as different objectives, more advanced (and not spongy!) enemies, or additional mission parameters, would have been so much better.

Technical Analysis

Graphics are not that good, but considering it is a mobile port, they are decent enough. Animations are a bit janky, effects are mediocre, and textures are not the top, but sufficient.

Soundtrack, voice lines and effects are really nothing special, nothing impressed me enough to be mentioned, negatively or positively.

Performance & Stability
Nothing to report. Good.

Enemy AI will not be very smart, as it will run in AOE damage areas such as fire all the time, and die in the process, or attack less vulnerable specialists when a more vulnerable one is in range.

Quality of Life
UI has some problems of scaling, as some elements of it are very small and hard to read, while others appear deformed and stretched in weird ways. Nothing of this breaks the game, it just makes it clunkier and less user friendly.

Bugs / Issues
Obstacle detection regarding firing ranges is quite broken and many times you will see enemies, and also allies, being able to fire through walls or at impossible angles and hit enemies. Cover system is also not always reliable and sometimes it will just not give cover, or give cover when there isn’t, to both enemies and allies.

Conclusion & Rating
Strike Team Hydra is a sufficiently well-made tactical RPG, with several issues, part deriving from being a mobile port, and part being not very good design choices. It is not THAT bad, but it’s not very good either.

RATING: 6.0 / 10


Posted: May 9
this game isn’t bad and feels better than the fantasy ones but it still have the budget-ness to it. i also have issues with my people getting 1 shoted by the 3rd level, like wtf. i also never get why someone trained with a gun would have a 60% miss rate and more so if it’s at close range. i just can’t recommend this over something better. it’s ok if you just want to mess around as i feel it’s about a 5/10 so if you can get past the issues you can have some fun with this.


Posted: May 26, 2018
An x-com style turn based game wihtout the reasearch or base operations. You get to pick from a pool of charcters who have different weapons and abilities. Can’t go wrong for the price

Emperor Fooble

Posted: September 23, 2018
Fun game well and truly worth it’s asking price!

It’s XCOM that has traded away the pesky base management for more in depth soldier classes and loot!

You choose your team of 6 soldiers, out of a whopping 12 character classes, and exterminate varied aliens that are boarding your enormous battleship.
Each of the classes are very different, ranging from rocket launcher toting fellas in heavy armour, to sword wielding ninjas, cyborgs and even a pair of magic (psychic) users. Lots of synergy between classes, lots of abilities, lots of combos.
Add to that, RPG styled levelling up and gear.
There is a shop that sells you weapons, armour and mods (in-game currency only, there is NO premium currency). You can also acquire gear at the end of each mission.

One of my favourite features is that swapping between characters is seamless. In between missions you can swap out one of your 6 people for another class – all experience and gear from the swapped character is transferred.
Meaning, no more grinding for hours if you wish to use a diverse roster, hurrah!

In short it’s a lot of fun and I’m glad I spent money on this and not a cheeseburger.

Ames the Banes

Posted: May 17, 2018
Product received for free

I won a key for this game in a giveaway

-Looks decent and it isn’t too ugly
-The levels are clear and the mission goal is simple.’
– Most lines are clear and can be heard
– Characters have unique looks
– The menus were clear and easy to use
– Looks like some effort was put into making it.

-It wasn’t very clear when a character died, it didn’t really let you know other than not being able to use them anymore. They also came back to life the next mission so it only really matters if one lives at the end of each one.
-The insect like enemy seemed to have too much health, even in early missions. It just took quite a lot of moves to deal with one, let alone the 2 or 3 that show up later on.
-The character models don’t match the image icon for some, this meant it was harder to keep track of which ws which. No big deal though and I soon got past this
-After 45 minutes of playing the game crashed suddenly, I don’t know what went wrong but a message saying it had an error and then the game stopped.
-The cover system was rather poor.

A good effort, can’t say whether it’s worth the price or not seeing as I got it for free. If you buy this, expect a simple style of game which is easy to get used to. Don’t expect Xcom type quality, it is a turn based game but this is a low budget version. I personally think it was rather fun, was enjoying playing until the crash happened.



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