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About This Game

Cake the Wizard is dead, and his Magic Dog is out of control!
Can you save the world? Can you save the Dog?

Venture the dangerous hills of Minestronya as Dude, a Baker with the power of bacon! Confront angry fire-people as Dudette, the unstoppable Plumber! Defrost the laser volcano as Dudward, the Candy-Healer-Wizard, or just be awesome as Dudorah the Influencer!
Super Cane Magic ZERO is a local co-op Action RPG for 1 to 4 players.


  • More than 20 hours of crazy story and characters from cartoonist Simone "Sio" Albrigi
  • Challenge your friends in 8 furious local-multiplayer arenas

  • Unlock more than 15 playable characters with crazy abilities
  • Explore the world of WOTF and loot hundreds of randomized and unique items!

  • Follow your tastes and find a balanced diet. Eat at least four types of rock!
  • Choose what to believe in and make it real! Improve your abilities by unlocking 7 belief trees
Big Couch not supplied for Story and Arena multiplayer modes. Use your floor!
    • OS: Microsoft Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 (32 or 64 bit)
    • Processor: Intel Core2Duo 2GHz or AMD equivalent (or better)
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Intel HD series 5000 (or better) or discrete video card
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Storage: 2250 MB available space
    • Sound Card:
    • Additional Notes: Windows-compatible keyboard and mouse/touchpad, or controller required (Xbox 360, Xbox One or Play Station 4 controllers recommended).
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Super Cane Magic ZERO-0
Super Cane Magic ZERO-1
Super Cane Magic ZERO-2
Super Cane Magic ZERO-3
Super Cane Magic ZERO-4
Super Cane Magic ZERO-5
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Super Cane Magic ZERO-7
Super Cane Magic ZERO-8
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Size: 1.9 GB


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Posted: August 26, 2015
Early Access Review

Super Cane Magic Zero is a zany roguelike featuring the hilarious (and quite famous) Italian comic book artist, Sio. For example, "learn to count with John the Toilet":
Now Studio Evil and Sio are teaming up to bring this wacko comic style to the action rpg/roguelike genre.

I’ve watched these guys build this game from afar for a long time, from their super-fast Greenlight, through their Kickstarter (Italian only) and now on Steam Early Access.
You move around. You pick up anything. You can throw those things. Or eat those things. Depending what you eat and what you "believe", your abilities change. The art style is hilarious, with parrot-heads moving around on wheels, skeletons with steel underwear, melons, ham, pirate hates and lots of strange elements.

While it’s still early access, it’s also really coming together into a unique, hilarious, almost party-like game. If you like local co-op games like Castle Crashers and/or unique beautiful 2D art games like Binding of Isaac or anything Nintendoish, you might just love Super Cane.

It’s already fun and funny and I can’t wait to see where they go with it. Recommended!


Posted: August 27, 2015
Early Access Review

Even in its current "early access" state the game shows a lot of promise. The art is very nice and so is the music and the humor. I can’t wait to see what they come up with in the story mode, but throwing stuff around in local multiplayer is already a lot of fun!


Posted: May 2, 2016
Early Access Review

I play this game with my 4 and 6 year old daughters.

They love this game’s art design.

And they like throwing monsters in the lava.

Highly recommended.


Posted: September 2, 2015
Early Access Review

This preview is based on Build 6.

It’s kind of hard to explain what type of game Super Cane Magic ZERO is. It’s kind of like a top down RPG since you can gather armor and other items to equip. The game also kind of plays like an action game where you and your buddies run around the screen throwing items at the enemies trying to kill them.

At this time the game is kind of early in development, lacking some of the features of the final game including the campaign. The game does already shows promise though. For some reason it is fun just to run around the screen throwing random items at enemies. The game already looks like it will be a fun multiplayer experience. I am interested in seeing what the game ends up doing with the campaign mode since the artwork is already quirky and I think the game could be funny if enough time is put into the game’s story.

Note: I received a free review copy of Super Cane Magic ZERO. Other than the review copy I received no other compensation for this review and receiving the free copy had no effect on the contents of this review.

Read My Full Review [www.geekyhobbies.com]


Posted: June 28, 2016
Early Access Review

This game is very… unique. It’s art style reminds me of Castle Crashers (especially the character select/team screen) and the gameplay is quite different than most games of this genre. Instead of your standard hit-the-stuff-with-a-sword-until-it-dies type of combat, fighting is more based around throwing stuff at your enemies OR hitting them, then they go into a "knocked out" state in which they can be picked and can A) Be throw at a wall to do lots of damage B) Be thrown at more enemies causing damage to both C) Be throw into water/lava (whichever damages them, lava for most enemies) or D) be left alone/put back down, which isn’t the best idea (talking about combat mostly because it isn’t explained well in the tutorial, and in the later levels you’ll need all the tips you can get) Also, the game doesn’t use traditional objects for things. What I mean is, you’d expect the game’s explosives/bombs to be, well, bombs. But they’re not. They’re cakes, danishes, and other baked sweets called "lava sweets". It makes the game feel unique and gives you a sense of discovery when you find out what use objects have (and there’s a LOT!) All the characters (I’ve seen so far) have very diverse play styles and generally feel fun to play. Would recommend 😉

Sweet Potato

Posted: December 23, 2015
Early Access Review

Good game but I would wait untill story mode


Posted: December 2, 2017
Early Access Review

What a perfect couch coop game!

Easy to learn, alot of stuff to unlock or loot!


Posted: March 19, 2016
Early Access Review

Ate a gameboy and got achievment. 10/10
This game is worth every penny, especially for being Early Access. I cannot wait for story mode. Anything from the quirky mind of Sio is amazing. Buy this game, you won’t regret it!


Posted: August 28, 2015
Early Access Review

Beautiful art and fun gameplay. Even in its current "Early Access" state it’s extremely enjoyable to play!


Posted: March 8, 2016
Early Access Review

Ate a croissant and blew up
10/10 pretty realistic


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