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About This Game


Super Street: The Game is the official arcade racing game for Super StreetTM, the world’s number one in automotive tuning culture. Start from the bottom with nothing but scrap as you build your dream ride part by part, and use it to tear up asphalt in a wealth of different game modes and environments.
Experience intense action-packed classic arcade racing pushing your car to the limit. Customize your ultimate street racer using tons of authentic car parts and unleash it on the streets, leaving behind a trail of spectacular and detailed destruction. Super Street: The Game delivers street racing as it should be.

• The first, official Super Street game!
• Old-school classic arcade street racing
• Tested & tuned by pro tuners & gamers for most fun car handling on the market!
• Go from scrap to supercar building your dream ride
• Spectacular destruction: feel the danger of racing and witness true-to-life crashes
• Extensive and authentic customization: tons of branded aftermarket car parts
• A single player campaign featuring over 60 missions divided over 5 atmospheric environments and 8 Distinct game modes
• Accessible controller handling & wide-ranging wheel support
• Demolish the competition online with up to 4 players.
• Split-screen is back! Play together in 2 player local multiplayer!
    • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
    • OS: 64-bit Operating Systems (Windows 7, Windows 8.1 & Windows 10)
    • Processor: Intel Core i3-4340 / AMD FX-6300
    • Memory: 6 GB RAM
    • Graphics: nVidia GeForce GTX 660 2GB / AMD Radeon HD 7850 2 GB
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Storage: 9 GB available space
Super Street: The Game-0
Super Street: The Game-1
Super Street: The Game-2
Super Street: The Game-3
Super Street: The Game-4
Super Street: The Game-5
Super Street: The Game-0
Super Street: The Game-1
Super Street: The Game-2
Super Street: The Game-3
Super Street: The Game-4
Super Street: The Game-5


Posted: September 12, 2018
Okay, Super Street: The Game, the game that has potential but needs *alot* of work before it will be considered worth the price i paid for it.

1. Customization: Okay so the first point i would like to make is the Customization options for the cars in this game are pretty in depth, as always though there is always more that could be done. Front bumpers, rear bumpers, sideskirts, front/rear lights, hoods, roof scoops etc. One flaw i found with the performance upgrades is that the first option effects the tuning exactly the same way the very last option does but the prices are different. (Engine upgrades aren’t like this thankfully) There are also a few obvious bugs with the placement of some of the parts, the interior seats when changed to aftermarket ones are actually floating. (not sure if thats just an issue with my car (The S15 crossed with an Acura NSX)

2. Menus/Interface: The interface is pretty nice, easy to navigate, etc. Found a bug i’m not really happy with i have two screens and the game appears on my secondary screen not my primary one, thats kinda annoying, other games have a choice, this game just picks and chooses for you weather you care or not. The Explode view is a pretty cool feature however it looks very forced in the sense that the car when it goes into the animation/leaves the animation the car snaps back into place, its very cheap looking and could be improved, also the track width isn’t retained when going into the explode animation so that looks pretty odd looking

3. Racing Gameplay: The driving physics in this game are extremely questionable, my current car (S15 cross NSX thing) is fully upgraded and yet the brakes feel like they don’t really work at all and the steering physics are pretty horrible if i’m completely honest, the car really likes to understeer regardless of how much i attempt to brake before a corner which usually leads to me smashing into a wall, i’ve tried using the handbrake to turn corners but it seems to be "hit or miss" with regards to weather it actually works or not, sometimes you get it just right, sometimes you over do it and spin out and sometimes you experience that weird snap back that pings you back the oposite direction into a wall/pole/racer etc
Overall in my opinion the driving physics in this game need to be completely re-done from scratch so cars are actually usable and not a chore to drive. (Low powered cars are easier to handle and are managable but as soon as the car has some power its kinda useless in races as you can’t turn corners)

4. AI: The ai in the game are better than i expected they do sometimes function as expected although on curtain tracks they tend to randomly drive into walls and other things when they get slightly off path because of a traffic car etc Their biggest flaw however is how oblivious they are to the players vehicle, they are extremely agressive at times and spin you out etc. I did find the AI extremely easy to beat in the first race series but now i am in the second and they are alot harder
(that might just be because my car is upgraded alot)

5: Overall: Overall this game has potential, but only that, i don’t think what i paid for it was worth it in the sense that the gameplay isn’t reallly that amazing and the driving physics aren’t exactly desireable. The customization is a cool feature but could do with something *more* to give it that wow factor. With updates adding more features (Like the ability to change the god damn car, *It may already exist but right now i cannot find that option anywhere*) as well as modding support so the community can add more cars/parts/features to the game themselves this game could really transform into something much better than what it already is. My advice for new buyers is to stay away for now and see what the developers do about the issues i have explained in this review.

Please Note: This review is unbiased and is entirely the truth, i do not hate this game by any stretch of the imagination, but i can’t say i like it much either.


Posted: September 12, 2018
Ok so in this game , driving fast is NOT FUN at all….
the customisation is great but the driving physic is just disgusting
even those free racings games that i have on my phone have way better physic then this game … like guys C’MON !!
The driving systeme is something that’s need to be rework ASAP


Posted: September 12, 2018
I never normally write reviews, however this game is infuriating beyond belief. First of the game is unstable it’s crashed 5 times in the 5.3 hours i have played it, second the races are complete RNG if you win or not for example, the AI’s cars are much faster than yours to begin with and their handling physics puts Need for Speed Most Wanted (the 2005 one) to shame, allowing them to go around corners much faster than you and brake much later than they should be able to, even with a fully upgraded car the handling feels like an aircraft carrier. the game was delayed once already originally due to release on september the 4th, then was supposed to be released on september the 11th but missed its own release date which really speaks volumes about the quality you’re dealing with. TLDR: Avoid like the plague.

Update: I recently finished the game and it appears that you can only have 1 car, which i find laughable especially for a game that costs £34.99. Iv’e seen amateur racing games contructed in unity that have more content and are more stable, it’s really bare bones and once you finish career mode there’s nothing except a restart button which completely elminates all the progression you spent a whole 6 hours on, yes it takes 6 hours to finish a £34.99 game. need i really say more at this point?

[504] Rest

Posted: September 12, 2018
This game is possibly one of the worst racing games I have played. There are worse games yes, but they usually price themselves at a couple of cents or a dollar maybe, but this game has the audacity to charge $50. Yet you get a game where your car can’t turn and the physics are god awful. The customization is really good, but that doesn’t mean anything when you can barely drive.

Je Boy Barend

Posted: September 12, 2018
Don’t buy this game yet, really boring after the first hour and gameplay wise its not really that good either. Price is simply way to high for the lack of quality and content so my advice wait till it has been updated some then buy it if you want.


Posted: September 18, 2018
UPDATE. – 29/10/2018
Since the update they have fixed the majority of issues related to the handling. While it is still not perfect, (seriously i just want to drift my corners) it has become a LOT more playable and a MASSIVE improvement.

This is a prime example of developers listening to their feedback and changing them accordingly. Brilliant job guys! i look forward to wasting some hours racing in this game.


Super Street: The Game… Where to begin.
So many mixed feelings about this.

Is it fun? Yes
Is it complete? No.
Having played the game now would i have paid $50USD for it? No.
Do i recommend it? Yes but it needs work. Wait for a sale.

Honestly, the game is cool. It’s a nice take on an arcade racer. However when it says ‘Tested & tuned by pro tuners & gamers for most fun car handling on the market!’ I feel they are exaggerating this a tad.

*****MAJOR ISSUES*****
My main beef with this game is PURELY the handling. In my opinion, that is the only thing wrong, but it’s bad enough for me to REALLY be in the mood to play this game.

Classic example is drifting around corners. Prolonged drifting does not exist. No matter what i try, (Camber, ride height, wheel width) I simply cannot seem to prolong the drift in a way that is smooth and fluid. There’s either way too much oversteer or or no-where near enough. There is no inbetween.

Handbrake is great when you want to perform 90 degree turns, but even then it’s hit and miss. For example U-Turns (in the VERY odd times you have to use one) is borderline impossible without coming to a complete stop and rotating your car around to get into a position where you can accelerate well.

My advice would be to start turning early, tap the hand break very lightly and hope for the best as you counter steer around the corners.

Probably the only other large issue i can see with this is the fact that when you roll your car onto the roof (again, super rare) it doesnt reset your car onto the track. You have to restart the whole race.

*****MINOR ISSUES*****
The other thing that stumped me was there really doesn’t seem to be a need to spend money on the more expensive parts when the cheaper parts give you the exact same performance increase. Not sure if this was overlooked or put in on purpose. Just seems weird to me.

Not that i mind too much, but all of the ‘Crew’ members seem to be female. And the animations on the models are quite strange at times. For example the photographer seems to walk funny and isn’t rendered anywhere near as well as the rest of the game. It would be nice to see detail in the models as what is in the cars.

When your coilovers/suspension are showing, they don’t move with the animations of the wheels. Just seems strange again.

Improved explanation of the ‘Wheel Tuning’ would go a very long way for people who don’t exactly know what they are doing or for those who don’t know what ‘Camber’ or ‘Wheel Spacing’ does for them.

I feel you should be able to purchase more than one car. It’s a bit underwhelming at times.

Also i’m not sure if this was included but when purchasing your first car. I can’t recall it displaying if it is a RWD, AWD or FWD. Again not sure if the mechanics in the game allow for this but if they do, it would be nice to know what the cars have.

*****THINGS I LOVED*****
Thank you for bringing back Need For Speed Underground 2 Level of customisation and even a bit more on top of that.

The fact that i can change engines, turbos, coilovers etc is awesome.

Graphics are amazing (except for the models.)

Environments are interesting and nicely rendered.

The Destruction is very cool. Especially when you crash hard enough your car falls apart. Very cool to watch.

I see a lot of people saying that the AI is challenging to beat. On some races this is true but i found the difficulty balance to be just that. Balanced. More often than not i was 8 seconds or more ahead of my opponents. Whether the others reviewed the game in an earlier state or not might be the case.

All in all. Good job. But please fix the handling. It’s the only thing killing this game.


Posted: September 12, 2018
if they keep updates coming and bring more content (more cars specifically) then i will 100% buy this game again. but for now i had to rufund because there is only 8 cars and the game needs some work. once thats done i will 100% buy the game and enjoy it, customization is awesome but the rest needs work. this game has a future if they bring more content and fix the game

Tangos Stud Muffin

Posted: September 12, 2018
RIght off the bat..really can’t change the controls? That is just a joke like come on the most simple thing in the world!

RoBroBoY weetj

Posted: November 1, 2018
I am very excited about the latest patch, the game plays much better now!

I bought Super Street on release and have been playing for a while now. At first, I disliked the physics, the game didn’t feel smooth and there where some small flaws in the game. However, the developers did a great job with the most recent patch. After the recent patch the game plays really smooth and the physics are way better (comparable with other AAA games). The graphics are also suprisingly good, and I would recommend giving it a shot. Not only racing, but also with the endless customization (which I heard they will expand in future free DLC and am very excited about).

jewish foreskin

Posted: September 14, 2018
Was excited for this game however it was the biggest letdown to a game that was suppose to revive the feel of NFS: Underground. The handling and how the car just flips out of control after a minor crash is just ridiculous. The braking is just utter garbage. Turning in this game is the absolute worst. I gave this game 2 runs and i must say i am not going to play it again (meaning i refunded it) until they fix some issues. Also, with that price tag, the game just not justify it,