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About This Game

Blurring the lines between cautious strategy and unbridled mayhem, SUPERHOT is the FPS in which time moves only when you move. No regenerating health bars. No conveniently placed ammo drops. It’s just you, outnumbered and outgunned, grabbing weapons off fallen enemies to shoot, slice, and maneuver through a hurricane of slow-motion bullets.

With its unique, stylized graphics SUPERHOT finally adds something new and disruptive to the FPS genre. SUPERHOT’s polished, minimalist visual language helps you focus on what’s most important – the fluidity of gameplay and cinematic beauty of the fight.

SUPERHOT Features:

  • Endless Mode – how long can you last against unyielding waves of enemies?
  • Challenge Mode – take on SUPERHOT with your bare hands, no restarts, timed runs, and more.
  • Replay Editor – edit and upload your best runs for all to see on superhot.video.
  • Extras – delve further into SUPERHOT with mini-games, ASCII art, and [redacted].

Thirty months in the making. Thousands of hours put into development and design. From its humble origins in the 7 Day FPS game jam, through a hugely successful Kickstarter campaign to a plethora of awards and nominations from industry experts, SUPERHOT is a labor of love by its independent, dedicated team and thousands of backers from all around the globe.

Already addicted? Want it to get even more real?


You are independent. You will not take orders.

MIND CONTROL DELETE will set you free.
    • OS: Windows 7
    • Processor: Intel Core2Quad Q6600 2,40 GHz
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: GeForce GTX 650 (1024 MB Ram)
    • Storage: 4 GB available space
Size: 1.2 GB


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Posted: June 15, 2017
The game is awesome good fun for everyone, even those who’d consider themselves FPS challenged. Can’t aim? No problem, we’ll give you a whole day to line up your shot. Dodge a bullet… easy peazy when you’re in control of time itself. Heck when you master the hotness you won’t have to, you’ll just blow minds away.

And the graphics are superstylistically indie masterpieces of motion. Turns out all you need to make the next great jump in the genre is red, white and black and to have time and motion inexorably linked.


Posted: September 9, 2016
Great game but too expensive.

The game is indeed very, very good.
It really is innovative and felt very fresh.

But at the time I’m writing this, the game costs 23€ here on steam.
That’s too much for a game that I finished in 3 hours.

I don’t mind short games.
Not at all.
But the price needs to reflect the content.


Posted: December 14, 2017
Rating: 7/10
Only flaw I have with this game is that it’s expensive for what you get. If you like shooters, add it to your wishlist and get it when it’s on sale. You won’t regret it. THERE ARE NO SPOILERS IN THIS REVIEW!

Short Review:
SUPERHOT is a Sci-Fi Augmented Reality Shooter (you are essentially Neo in the Matrix) that is incredibly immersive. It breaks many 4th walls and although isn’t really neccessary for this sort of game, is executed flawlessly. The clever lore, beautiful aesthetics and simplicity add up for a great game, although it seems to pump itself up a bit much with the price tag. There is some replayability with "The Endless" and a "Challenge Mode" but for the most part you’ll be replaying the same levels with minor tweaks.

Long Review:
As you can tell by my hours, I LOVE this game. I can’t get enough of it. When playing through the story for the first time I was truly focused and in awe as I discovered the truth behind this game. The graphics are very clean and sharp; the only colours you’ll encounter are red, black, and white. In the menu screens, you will also find a very aesthetically pleasing ASCII-inspired ‘Operating System’. Performance is also not too much of an issue due to it’s minimalist design. There are easter eggs scattered throughout the game which if you can find will allow you to really see what this game is actually about. As you can tell, I really don’t want to spoil it for anyone, because it’s so well done.

As you discover easter eggs, you will learn more about the nature of the game, although most answers you receive are very open-ended and if anything, ask more questions than they answer. In the end, there is some interpretation to the reality of the game, but if you talk with someone who has also completed SUPERHOT you will be able to agree on most things.

In terms of gameplay, the SUPERHOT Team have nailed it square on the head. Dodging bullets, slicing, bashing and blasting away red dudes is very satisfying both visually and aurally.

I would rate SUPERHOT a 9, possibly a 9.5/10 if it wasn’t so expensive. Even I, one who fell in love with the series from the first free demo think that 25 USD is too much for most players.

– Beautiful graphical design and execution
– Immersive and detailed lore
– Highly satisfying gameplay
– Aesthetically pleasing in all aspects

– Very high price-to-hour ratio.
– Levels are VERY bright; exploring for easter eggs may require you to adjust the in-game gamma settings or contrast on your monitor, especially if you are photosensitive.

A "MORE MORE MORE" DLC / expansion pack which includes more levels. I would love to see more content for this game as it’s incredibly fun and well designed.
OH MY GOD, SHRL.exe (a free standalone expansion for SUPERHOT) IS IN EARLY ACCESS! YEEEEESSSSS!


Posted: September 27, 2016
Great fun game, but not worth price of $25 and the story is about 3-4 hours long.

get this when it goes on sale.


Posted: June 27, 2017
A overpriced, good game. Buy this on sale!


Posted: March 25, 2018
Superhot is an experimental first person shooter. Graphics are simple but good: the whole environment is white, weapons are black and enemies are red. Weapons include a pistol, shotgun, katana, your fists, etc.

The standout feature is that the time is slowed down while you aren’t moving, so that you have enough time to plan you next move. The action thus goes like this: you slow down time to think then you speed up to attack. This gives you such a rush of adrenaline! The down side is that the game is short.


Posted: December 28, 2017
Steam really needs a review system that allows for more than just "Recommend" or "Don’t Recommend", because I feel like SUPERHOT is, like many other games, neither good nor bad enough to be placed into one category. That said, this is ultimately a positive review, because I did have a good experience and most of my complaints are about a lack of getting more of that experience. It’s the most innovative shooter I’ve played in years! But that doesn’t mean it’s without flaws.

First off, SUPERHOT plays extremely well. There’s something about the slow-motion, time only moves when you do combat that is just inherently satisfying; if you don’t believe me, there’s a prototype/demo online (search "superhot demo" and you should find it) that will give you a taste. There’s nothing too fancy aside from that, at least at first: just different weapons (pistol, shotgun, assault rifle, baseball bat/tire iron, katana), the ability to throw them, the ability to pick weapons up after punching an enemy to stun them (or hitting them three times to kill them). Later on you gain the ability to "hostswitch" from one body to another, but you only have it for a few levels.

The level design makes the gameplay all the better. While the earlier levels are either easy to beat on your first try or have an obvious, clearly placed solution, the game very quickly moves to a point where most levels take a few tries to beat. The game feels almost like a puzzle. Since ammunition is not unlimited and you’ll often run out of bullets before you run out of heads to put them in, you have to conserve it as best you can while trying to make your way to the next gun. Since every punch or bullet will kill you instantly, but bullets move slow enough for you to dodge them and you can always hit an enemy before they’re in range to do the same, you have to engage in a slow dance-like movement occasionally, carefully sidestepping oncoming bullets and beating down nearby enemies before they can attack. Even looking around consumes precious time, meaning that on some occasions you can’t even aim at an enemy without giving another one time to shoot. (Here’s looking at you, elevator level.)

The story… see, this is where the bad parts of SUPERHOT come into play. The story is actually an interesting idea, but you don’t get even close to enough of it for them to properly deliver. Which wouldn’t be so bad, if the story didn’t take control of the game for long periods of time, preventing you from bashing in red polygonal men’s heads in favour of watching a story that starts off intentionally obscured and almost pretentious. But right as it starts to seemingly expand on that, the game… well, the game ends.

The complaint many people have about SUPERHOT is that it’s too short, and I think that is an entirely reasonable complaint. The gameplay is fun, but just as they start to move out of tutorialized levels to begin to combine the tricks they’ve taught you into interesting challenges, it ends in a climactic fight. Enjoyable, difficult, calling back to previous things you’ve learned, but ultimately… well, the end.

It feels like SUPERHOT is the tutorial to a much greater game. The story gets interesting; in the final "cutscene" (they aren’t really cutscenes, but they serve the same purpose). The levels become sprawling arenas and headscratching puzzles; in the final segment. I beat the game in under two hours. I’ll be the first person to say that length isn’t everything about a game – I have played many games that I beat in similar amounts of time, and some of them are ones I consider masterpieces – but SUPERHOT is not a movie-in-game-form, nor is the gameplay explored well enough to leave me satisfied.

I think it really comes down to whether or not you’re willing to pay as much as they’re asking. I paid $21 CAD when it was on sale (40% down from $35). Is that worth a little under 2 hours of enjoyment? That’s up to you to decide, but consider this: of my favourite games of all time, quite a few were bought for about $20, or even less. Many more were more expensive, but also far lengthier.

Do I regret buying SUPERHOT?

Do I think I would have bought it knowing what I know now?
I’m not sure.


Posted: November 22, 2017
Hi, [FRIEND NAME HERE], you have to check out this game. It’s the most innovative shooter I’ve played in years.


Posted: January 8, 2017
This game is SUPER HOT!

It’s also SUPER OVERPRICED so buy it on sale.

JD Herrera

Posted: October 27, 2017

"SUPERHOT is the most innovative shooter I’ve played in years!". Kind of true, it’s involving, original and fun to play, but let’s get to the details.

INTRO. What is SUPERHOT about?
You are a guy, some kind of hacker, mostly a gamer, through a chat you get to know and try a new innovative shooter called SUPERHOT. Truth is SUPERHOT is not a simple shooter, it’s something more, but your will to know the truth will cost you a lot.

GRAPHIC. Engine And Artistic aspects.
That sound like an involving intro but the retro aspect of the interface and the minimalistic graphic and gameplay should be enough to resize your expectations for the game. Menu is something for experienced gamers old enough to have lived in the dos era when Norton Commander was the thing, as it has all its looks, including the blinking cursor moving from block to block. Every portion of the story you’re being told is revealed with a chat… That looks like a DOS command line. Otherwise there are some short ingame messages that flash for 1 or 2 seconds on the entire screen. Ingame there are no textures at all, just white/light grey walls and the red polygonal guys to kill with black polygonal guns.
Minimalistic is the appropriate word for the approach adopted by the developers. Yet it works damn well, who needs fancy menus, this retro feel is simply appropriate considering the atmosphere. And the white/red/black contrast is simply perfect. Makes easier to focus on the action. It isn’t pleasant to see (except for menus, but I’m a nostalgic). But it works damn well. Everything developed smoothly in Unity.

SOUNDTRACK. Themes and Accompaniments.
No soundtrack. Which is ridiculous, the game and the gameplay itself could give greater emotions with some badass soundtrack. Dear developers, Does it cost too much to make your own soundtrack? Give players the opportunity to throw some mp3s in a default folder to play randomly. Considering the slowmotions it might be fun to hear some music that slows down or speed up according to the game’s speed. Or maybe not, some plain music could have been fine at all.

GAMEPLAY. How does it work?
Gameplay is VERY simple. According to the description AND the very first message flashed ingame "Time moves only when you move". Which sounds cool but is half true. Time moves 1:1 when you move, and slows down a lot when you’re still. Which makes things more fair and not too easy. There will be weapons around which can be carried and used. No additional ammos, only shots in the clip, once you’re out you can throw them on the red guys’ heads (I’m dead serious) and if they carry a weapon they’ll immediately lose it throwing it on the air. And if you’re close enough you can grab it and use it. Just to add some irony to the game with style. After the Story campaign the game will unlock the challenges and the endless mode (I guess it’s not necessary to explain this one) to add some life to the game.
All in all the gameplay is the real core of the game itself, which is simple yet extremely effective. Standing still while avoiding a bullet and watching it slowly fly next to you is pure style. I bet this game must be simply awesome with VR, but I will know it only in a not so near future.

LAST NOTES. What doesn’t work?
"Story mode" is short. 2 Hours. Literally. On the bright side the story is quite involving, almost breaking the fourth wall, with some meta moments and some rare/original ideas. The problem is the campaign is extremely short and themes are quite superficial. I’ve realized on my second gameplay that there are some secret terminals, once you find them the "protagonist" will ask "the game" ONE question. The first questions have very interesting answers that makes you think the plot thickens and gives you doubt on how deep this "conspiracy" can go. Then all answers suddenly become generic, evasive and disappointing at the very least. It’s a waste of potential. They had a working general line, they had the right style to work on it but it looks like a stub.
The game itself is fun and all, and if the story is not enough for you there are challenges. Too bad that they take place in the exact same maps. No new maps for challenges, except for endless mode, so you will find yourself always playing in the same areas. Just with different conditions. So if the story is short, these challenges won’t add too much life, not because they’re not enough to entertain, but because they don’t entertain enough. That’s when a game fails.
Harsh words, yet I still advice playing because I paid a misery for this (not from steam’s official store, of course) and because I played as long as it was fun for me. One thing that helped were the many easter eggs hidden inside the menu. Folders are not there for mere aesthetics, but if you dig enough you can find some real retro pixel art, hidden minigames, a "fake" chat room which has been a great fun to read. It seems like a bottled version of a reddit forum, or whatever.
And once again, I will definitely try the VR version to see how much the headset can improve the awesome gameplay and which problems it might bring.

TL;DR. Pros And Cons

  • GAMEPLAY. The game by itself is simply awesomeness and style. Time moves when you move, otherwise it’s almost still. Kill the red guys. Plain simple and simply fun.
  • SHORT LIFE. Unfortunately, even though the story is intriguing, it’s extremely short. And challenges run in the same maps so it’s easy to get bored.

I played this game on this machine:
Intel Core i7-4970
GeForce GTX 660
Windows 10 Professional x64

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