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About This Game

Juliette Waters wakes up in an empty apartment from the seventies, buried underground by a landslide. With the help of her ghost recording equipment she manages to escape and make contact with Walter, the owner of a local boat business. She learns that her boyfriend Jonathan is looking for her, and she decides to look for him too. She borrows Walter’s boat to travel the flooded landscapes of Saginaw Park, and heads for the coordinates written down on a post-it note stuck to the ship’s computer.

Sylvio 2 is an atmospheric, first-person horror game completely without chasing enemies or cheap jump scares. The unique gameplay mechanic of the video and sound analyzing tool lets you find hidden messages and clues on how to interact with your surrounding and progress through the game.

The game consists of nine levels and a flooded main area with twenty islands, free to explore. Estimated gameplay time is 6 hours.

Sylvio 2 is a sequel to critically acclaimed Sylvio, nominated for Best Original Game on the 2015 TIGA Awards and listed as one of the best horror games by PC Gamer. It is created and developed by Niklas Swanberg, owner of horror game studio Stroboskop. Juliette Waters is once again portraid by Swedish actress Maia Hansson Bergqvist.
    • OS: Windows 7 or higher
    • Processor: Dual core 2.4GHz
    • Graphics: Video card with 512 MB of VRAM
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
    • Storage: 7 GB available space
    • Additional Notes: Use headphones if possible.
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Moe Anthropomorphism

Posted: October 14, 2017
Absolutely terrible. Everything that made the original game feel unique and interesting has been stripped down to a boring cycle of walking to glowing orbs, waiting for a clip to play [you don’t even actually use your mic to record voices, they just automatically happen when you stare at the orb] and either walk to the next orb that popped up or do the same scan minigame from the original. The big "addition" to this sequel is videos you can scan through, but they are much, much worse than pure audio for a few reasons. First, most of them are actually just audio tracks you’re trying to scan back and forth at different speeds to find voice snippets anyway, but instead of having the waveform in front of you so you can tell what parts to check, you just have to scan through the whole scene. Secondly, the ghosts all over the videos are not scary or even interesting. Actually seeing so many ghosts without any pressure is like a bad monster movie where they wave the terrible prop in front of the camera in broad daylight. Finally, a lot of the notes you’re trying to get from the video clips are just invisible silent tags that unlock without any indication of what you’re supposed to have learned.

On to my biggest problem. There is no potato gun, because there are no puzzles. There are things that seem like they’re puzzles, but they aren’t. You’ll learn a 3 digit combination from a ghost, but when you go to the lock afterwards, you just click on it and it vanishes. It’s functionally the same whether you get the location for a key or just another floating orb you stare at until you learn the name of a ghost to interview. Most of the areas are just apartments with bad wallpaper, and the overworld is a joke. In the first game you spent a good portion of the first level fixing up a car and used it to explore the overworld. In Sylvio 2, you just click on a boat, plug in some coordinates [a new set gets told to you by a ghost for no good reason every level] and click on a bed to skip the travel time. The design of the overworld is an endless foggy ocean spotted with giant black coils of very unhealthy looking poop. You climb on some poop heading for the floating glowing orb until you get teleported into another apartment with bad wallpaper.

The voice acting seems to be done by the same lady who was in the original game, and she does a fine job with what she was given. There is barely any other voice acting in the game, again comparing poorly to the original which had the lengthy audio logs from the kid who was killing crows or whatever. The story is terrible, mostly shuffling you along one too-obvious ‘tragedy’ to the next without any depth to the characters or situations presented, and the main character seems to instantly lose all interest in the ghosts she’s interviewing the moment one of them bafflingly spits out another coordinate to feed into the boat’s GPS. I wish I could say it was all made up for by the completely stupid ending, but even that was too insubstantial to be interesting.

In summary, this game is a pale shadow of its excellent predecessor. Sure it’s less frustrating and confusing, but for all the wrong reasons. Give me an interesting but flawed concept over a laser focused snorefest any day.


Posted: October 11, 2017
Update/Edit: I still recommend this game but I found myself recently wondering why I haven’t gone back to playng Sylvio 2 despite the first one being one of my favorite games of all time. I put a lot of thought into it and I think the reason is this: the first game had an open world quality and in between the open world and story bits, there were these odd shooting parts with a potato gun that actually broke up the monotony really well. That being said, this game does away with the open world and the shooting, leaving just the voices and the video playback mechanism. While this makes for a decent game, it doesn’t have the same feeling of the first game and hasn’t quite grabbed me like I thought it would. My initial excitement over this game wore off pretty quickly and now I haven’t gone back to playing it. I still recommend it as the story is very well done and the video mechanic is still incredibly intriguing but I do very much miss the style of the first game. I have no idea when I will play Sylvio 2 again as it’s stuck in my backlog now. The first game made me want to keep playing it. I played it on PS4 and I got every single trophy and did literally everything the game had to offer within a week and was hungry for more. I think this game is just different enough from it’s predecessor to draw some people in but others (like me) may be slightly pushed away. It’s an unintended consequence of course but it’s happened none-the-less. There will still be many who greatly enjoy this game. But unfortunately, it’s not quite on the level of the first one. I felt it was my duty to update this review since I haven’t gone back to playing the game and couldn’t help but wonder why. Maybe I will return to it one day but maybe not. Time will tell.

Original Review:
I’m only about an hour in so far but MAN is this good! If you’ve never heard of Sylvio, I strongly suggest you play the first one as it is an EXTREMELY underrated game. I played the first one on PS4 early this year and just absolutely fell in love with it. I bought Sylvio 2 as soon as it went up for sale this morning and I played it a little bit this evening.

The graphics are not fantastic or anything but they work really, really well with this type of game. The fun in Sylvio is basically walking around with a recorder and recording voices in the static. Ghosts and whatnot. Then, playing those recordings at 6 different speeds (forward, fast forward, slow forward, backwards, slow backwards, fast backwards) to pick out hidden voices that will give you story info and clues. Using the information and clues you move the story forward, etc. In Sylvio 2 you do the exact same thing only last time it was just audio…this time it’s audio and video. You record ghosts and play back the video. It’s actually quite addictive.

The game has many locations but I’ve only been to three so far (I just arrived at my third location). This game has a similar open world structure to the last game only this time you are on a boat and each location is an island that you visit by punching coordinates into a computer.

I’ll update more when I’ve played more of the game but so far, this is definitely an improvement but more of the same at the same time. I couldn’t be happier with it so far. Do yourself a favor, if you are thinking about checking this one out, I do highly recommend the first one. Maybe watch some videos online to see if it’s something you would be interested in. I find the game unique and facinating.


Posted: December 30, 2017
This game stinks.
Having playerd the original was hoping this would be a follow up but boy was i disappointed.
Everything good has been removed and replaced by a tedious flow of messages.
Puzzle solving made the first this has none of that.

The new video gear is awful. I admit getting rid of the handwriting makes things easier to understand but the loss of the tape machine is very sad.

Thumbs down


Posted: January 3, 2018
A thoroughly disappointing sequel for the diamond in the rough that was Sylvio 1.

The game basically takes away anything that made the first title thrilling – you no longer have to track down voices in the static or anything else because the game conveniently signals their presence via glowing orbs which you can see across the entire level.

The combat system (which admittedly was flawed) has been removed altogether so there no longer is anything you actually have to be scared about; save for some EVPs which quickly get tedious as you simply switch the forward/backward buttons on various speeds to get the info you want. Riddles likewise are no longer present – at best, you pick up some code for a lockpad from an EVP, which is automatically entered when you approach the associated door.

The world design is equally disappointing: Whereas Sylvio 1 had you walking through the expanses of an abandoned amusement park, Sylvio 2 sets you into an ocean with a few dozens islands, all of which look like glorified Unity tech demos. The interior design of the few "dungeons" you get to explore generally is not much better, even if each of them has its own little theme.

And then there’s the ending. Without wanting to spoiler anything, it takes the many questions Sylvio 1 left open, gives you a good slap in the face, and leaves aforementioned questions open.

In all seriousness: If I had to take a guess, I would say that Sylvio 2 is one of those titles whose kickstarter failed, and which still was pressed out anyway despite of a notable lack in time and resources. Which, given it’s really decent predecessor, is just a pity.


Posted: May 11, 2018
Game is not fun when compared to the original. The clucky combat mechanics and the fact that you were always on your toes in the original is what made it fun. So what if we can see the ghosts we are recording that doesn’t matter when you remove what made the previous game good.

Kain Klarden

Posted: October 21, 2017
Original Sylvio was a game that came out of nowhere and charmed me with its very unique approach to horror-themed action adventuring. Being centered all around the EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) it went against the usual horror expectations – focusing almost entirely on terror, unease, tension and it was almost exclusively audio-based in how it evoked these feelings. Rare (and, to be fair, clunky) encounters with "enemies" weren’t horrifying and didn’t make you jump. Most things usually made you stop, slowly back away while trying to comprehend what you’re seeing and hearing. And while the action adventure elements with those rare action parts and physics-based puzzle solving, or the open map exploration weren’t always good and felt clunky, they added something very special to the game. The game wanted to be much more than it could, being a budget one man team product, but what it achieved was still good, unique and memorable.

Imagine my surprise at the fact that Sylvio 2 ditches everything but the basic audio analysis and exploration.

Sylvio 2 project is very different from the initial concept the developer was, sadly unsuccessfully, pitching at Kickstarter. Video analysis is still here, but it feels more like the audio analysis+visuals. Granted, original pitch didn’t promise it to be much different, but it also seemed to focus only on video, while the end result still keeps the audio analysis, now with spectrograms, the way it worked originally and, as such, video feels almost redundant and there to bring more conventional horror ideas in.

Which is my personal biggest disappointment, which might instead feel like a huge plus to some people. While game still avoids any conventional horror jump scares, there’s now much more focus on the visual side of horror of the kind that makes me want to look at the screen through the fingers (I’m easily impressed -_-). A lot of it is still creative and unique, but it’s no longer slow, tense and all up to your imagination in these moments. It’s much more in your face, even when it’s static and not jumping into the camera.

And I feel like this change of focus also bleeds into the story of the game which overexplains everything by the end. Where original was vague, weird, obscure about the things that happened and why they happened, this game ends on something that just made me go "…really?" All the little stories are still interesting, and piecing them together is interesting, but the overall feel of the game’s narration is just messy.

Oh and while you still piece things together and analyse audio and visual recordings, the game just breadcrumbs you through everything with visual "go here" pointers to every single point of interest. Which feels… clumsy. Sure, it solves the strange issue original had where new messages could pop up in places you went to and you would just walk in circles without clear understanding on what else you can do, and it was bad. But just putting markers on the map, always visible through walls, feels just as bad if not worse and kills quite a bit of the mood.

Which is not to say that it’s not there. The mood is still top notch when you filter out all these huge issues mentioned above, and music is as fantastic as it was in the original game. Sitting in a dark corner, trying to figure out what you just heard mumbled in the static is an experience that no other games try to do, and I loved it as much as in the original game. Which is why I’m still glad I’ve played Sylvio 2. But… it feels like this is the first prototype, and the first game was the proper release, while, surprisingly, it’s the other way around. I can understand the possible reasons for why it happened, but they don’t change that I simply feel disappointed about Sylvio 2.

If you’ve never played the original game – give it a go and if you want more, definitely play Sylvio 2, just don’t expect it to be a worthy sequel. If you just want so ghost story spooky horror and can ignore ugly visuals, you might actually enjoy Sylvio 2 as well, so feel free to give it a go.


Posted: January 1
If I am supposed to say something nice about this game, I have to pretend that I didnt reach ending. (WTF WAS THAT) so anyway:

For anyone who is not experienced enough with horror games this might be a great start. Sound effects in this game can really set the scary mood. There are no enemies but ,corridors and places you visit can still give you the claustrophobic feeling and during gameplay I turned around numerous times in order to see if someone is not behind me. I would recommend this game for people who generaly enjoy stories and are mostly non-gamers. Game has some pretty neat moments which non-horror genre players will find enjoyable ("thats not Ruth" or Hotel scene with whiskey….that was really good one) Those were really memorable and shows how the game could be good……unfortunetaly thats it….

You basicaly go from one white dot to another, analyse the recordings and thats all. The stereotype game creates after second set of coordinates is really boring. The only reason I finished the game was because I wanted to confirm my suspicions about the story. But the ending……..no way someone could expect that…nothing could prepare me for the dissapointment I have received. I am curious if creator really wanted to kill this franchise so badly, to do something like that. There is no other way to explain it.


Posted: December 19, 2018
Like everyone already mentioned, Sylvio 2 is a downgrade from the first game.
Probably the only thing I enjoyed was the voice acting lady from Sylvio 1.

The game had a lot of potential as there was an early demo for Sylvio 2 that showcased not only
audio recorder but video too, unfortunately the funding failed so this is what we got.

But yeah the game is pretty much glowing orbs, no potato gun, and non existent puzzles,just go from this location to the next and follow the globs and scan the audio recordings and repeat.

Personally I would have enjoyed more a Sylvio 2 set with the same mechanics as Sylvio 1 but different location/story.
I still hope that Niklas will get back to the Sylvio 2 DEMO and maybe release it as a Sylvio 3, I really don’t want the series to die…

Skip Sylvio 2, Buy Sylvio 1!!!

PS: for people that don’t know the S2 DEMO :



Posted: October 13, 2017
Sylvio 2 is an odd duck when it comes to video game sequels, its common for the sequels in this medium to be improvements in pretty much all respects. Sylvio 2 is an improvement to 1 in some ways, but in other’s it’s a bit shaky.

Sylvio 2 is much more of a pure adventure game this time around, gone are the spud gun, malevolent shadows, and awkward platforming of the first game. It makes for more of a linear experience, especially because all ghost phenomena is indicated by orbs of light now that guide you to them, but the ghost gadget mechanics have been improved on with the addition of the video camera, which adds even greater creepy atmosphere to the game. And said atmosphere as just as great as the first game, with you now exploring abandoned apartment buildings and the like. The soundtrack also maintain the first’s quality.

The overworld this time is a bunch of islands in a huge lake that you navigate by boat. This honestly feels like padding, especially because you can skip the long travel times by sleeping in the nearby bed in the ship’s bridge. The islands tend to either have the subterranean buildings you to need to go to progress, strange symbols you can collect, and bodies that grant you keys that gives you access to doors in the ballroom area. I think it would have been stronger to have the game be set in a singular building, but that would probably complicate the ending. And let me tell you about the ending…

The ending is one of the most torn I felt with a videogame ending in a while, because while on one hand it’s a huge jarring genre shift with very little foreshadowing from either game to the point it feels like its almost a joke, it actually gives you a good explanation of what was going on in both games when there really wasn’t a clear definitive answer. It’s also ridiculously conclusive.

Ultimately Sylvio 2 is still a flawed game like its predecessor. Its ghost hunting mechanics are great and I’d like to see more like it in other games, but the ending and some of the execution (Namely how the ghosts’ narratives could have been stronger) kind of bring it down. It’s still a really nice atmospheric horror game worth playing though.


Posted: January 23, 2018
This game is very different from the first installment (which was just almost great). In Sylvio 2 there are very few challenges and zero combat. The storyline is practically nonexistent. Most of the creep factor has vanished. For the couple of genuinely disturbing moments in this game which make you think, wow, I really want to know what’s going on!–the sad news is that there’s nothing but anticlimax and lazy writing in store for you. This may be worth one playthrough, but definitely only at a severely reduced price. But if you’re more of an achievement hunter than someone who would rather pay for/play games for story, character and atmosphere, you might enjoy this one.


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