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About This Game

You love repetitive low skill one-button shooters? You don’t bother with Character progression and tactical decisions, your RNG is great anyway? Enjoy using the same few low damage weapons which all feel the same? We neither. Synthetik may be your game!

With Synthetik we wanted to bring new depth and mechanics to the genre while leaving a lot of freedom for experimentation and different playstyles. It is inspired by the late 90’s Era of games when people put in all the Features they enjoyed without streamlining to the bare minimum.

Fight against relentless opponents and unforgiving bosses encased in ever-changing environments. Master the uniquely deep and satisfying weapon mechanics and the unprecedented amount of customization. Discover many dozens of weapons, items, perks and character upgrades. Join the fight alone or through seamless 2 player online co-op, but be careful, death is permanent!


> Master SYNTHETIK’s uniquely rewarding magazine eject and active reload mechanics!
> Weapons can jam and produce heat, check yourself before you burn yourself!
> Tame the movement based recoil, discard and switch between varied ammo types.
> Savor the uniquely satisfying and direct weapon handling, rewarding precision and mastery!
> We even brought headshots for the first time to the top-down perspective !


Discover and experiment with over 80 weapons, each with many variants, attachments, and upgrades. Supplement your arsenal with 125 items that grant new offensive and defensive capabilities. There are many choices to make, risks to take, and everything can work!


Select between 8 unique and highly customizable class specializations – Play as a Riot Guard, Breacher, Sniper, Assassin, Raider, Heavy Gunner, Engineer or Demolisher, each with their own weapon specialisations, loadouts, benefits and perks. Class unlocks persist through death!

M O D U L A R  D I F F I C U L T Y

Choose from 11 different modifications which can be independently combined for a tailored experience. Up the ante for greater risks and rewards or play it safe.

2 P  O N L I N E C O O P

Online co-op allows you to bring reinforcements to the fight. Better yet, share perks, items, buffs and loot with your comrade. Or, if they get in your way, share your bullets.


Legion Rising is the first expansion of SYNTHETIK and heavily upgrades the Core of the Game with new Boss encounters, Items, Weapons and the 8 class specializations!

1985. After many years of slavery, the AI servants of Kaida Corporation, the world leader in robotics, have formed the "Machine Legion" and have set out to destroy humanity. Awakening in Kaida Corp. Headquarters, you are the human consciousness of a forgotten Android prototype; the last straw holding the Legion from unleashing the Heart of Armageddon. Only you can battle through the levels of Kaida Corporation’s Headquarters, defeat the battalions of enemies within and put an end to this madness.
    • OS: Windows XP SP3, Vista or higher
    • Processor: Intel Celeron G1820 2.7 GHz / AMD FX 8320 3.5 GHz
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: GeForce GTX 460, Radeon HD 5770, 768 MB Vram
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Storage: 600 MB available space
SYNTHETIK: Legion Rising-0
SYNTHETIK: Legion Rising-1
SYNTHETIK: Legion Rising-2
SYNTHETIK: Legion Rising-3
SYNTHETIK: Legion Rising-4
SYNTHETIK: Legion Rising-5
SYNTHETIK: Legion Rising-6
SYNTHETIK: Legion Rising-7
SYNTHETIK: Legion Rising-8
SYNTHETIK: Legion Rising-9
SYNTHETIK: Legion Rising-10
SYNTHETIK: Legion Rising-11
SYNTHETIK: Legion Rising-0
SYNTHETIK: Legion Rising-1
SYNTHETIK: Legion Rising-2
SYNTHETIK: Legion Rising-3
SYNTHETIK: Legion Rising-4
SYNTHETIK: Legion Rising-5
SYNTHETIK: Legion Rising-6
SYNTHETIK: Legion Rising-7
SYNTHETIK: Legion Rising-8
SYNTHETIK: Legion Rising-9
SYNTHETIK: Legion Rising-10
SYNTHETIK: Legion Rising-11
Size: 456 MB


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Posted: March 18, 2018
What’s this?

This is SYNTHETIK. An extremely versatile, top-down, class-based, rouge-like (dungeon?) shooter. It’s easy to learn, hard to master, incredibly satisfying to play, and has co-op.

How does the actual game work?

Much like the Binding of Isaac, in this game, you do runs, the items you get in one run doesn’t carry on to the next. And when you die, you start the next new game with just your starter loadout. Random crates are scattered throughout the levels, each giving you either an item, a weapon, ammo, health, upgrades or dungeon-currency. You enter and exit the level via teleporters which require a few moments to charge up. Every 3, 4, or 5 levels, you meet a boss level, which might require you to dismember a particularly large robot, or has an objective you need to complete. But that’s where the similarities end.

So in other words, it’s just another dungeon shooter…?

Not quite. The game is versatile in the sense that you can try to go stealth and sneak your way across a level, go full Marvel’s Punisher™ mode and clear out a level, or be a speedster and start up the teleporter before running away to hide and returning when the teleporter is ready without actually facing any of the pesky androids. I say TRY to go stealth because you’re up against robots which can hear decibels of the smallest value, and have a pretty gigantic vision cone. But you do have options besides killing every moving pixel.

…I don’t like RNG drops…

Well, you can’t completely nullify RNG, but you can certainly tweak your chances. SYNTHETIK has 4 classes to choose from before starting a run. Each class has its own starter pistol and consumables. The random weapon drops you get in levels are also tied to the class you chose prior to the run. For example, a Guardian is more likely to get a shotgun; a Commando: an assault rifle; a Specialist: a flamethrower/something weird, etc.

What’s this reload thing everyone’s going on about?

The default game utilises a two-part reload system where you have to eject the magazine manually before performing an active reload. Funnily enough, this tiny mechanic introduces a whole new feeling to the game. Managing to dodge behind cover halfway through ejecting a magazine, then performing a perfect reload just as the Headhunter moves in position for you to gun him down with a couple of well-aimed headshots while you’re on your last dregs of health will give you a sense of exhilaration and satisfaction like no other.

…okay, tell me more

SYNTHETIK also has its own difficulty modifiers, where you can turn off stuff like the manual ejecting, gun jammings to make your game easier in exchange for less experience and menu-currency; and turn on stuff like enemy crits, faster projectiles for more experience and menu-currency.

Menu-currency (Data) is what you spend out in the main menu to get more starter guns, consumables and lots of other stuff, you earn them by completing runs, and opening certain crates in dungeons. Dungeon-currency (Credits) is what you use to upgrade weapons and items inside the dungeon, you earn them by killing enemies, this does not transfer over to Menu-currency and is only contained in that particular run.

All in all, the depth of this game was unexpected, and very much welcomed. I’ve tried my best to describe it with words but this honestly doesn’t do it justice, there’s so much more to say that I am too lazy to type out. You have to try it for yourself to know what it feels like.

Also the art is amazing.


Posted: March 18, 2018
What a gem! If you like rogue-lite/like games and topdown shooters, this is a must! 5/5

Pro tip: Turn off the music and play any darksynth music from DEADLIFE, Roborg, 3Force etc. instead (not saying the OST is bad)

EDIT: OK guys, it seems that I have found the best music that suits this game.
Vulta – Sigils (FREE DOWNLOAD)[vulta.bandcamp.com]

[MSFT] Esty

Posted: March 20, 2018
Looks like just another top down shooter roguelike, Wrong! There is wayyy more that meets the eye here. Biggest of all, the gun play and the way the guns all feel are the best i ever seen in a top down game. The feeling of lining up those sweet sweet headshots and landing that beautiful crit cant be explained. Upgreading your charecter and your different guns adds a lot of depth through the runs, dont sleep on this game youll thank me later !


Posted: June 21, 2018
The good stuff: The guns shoot realistically at first, but Synthetik deviates by favoring intense gameplay mechanics over realism. There’s a lot of things happening in this game; the three or four weapons you can carry can overheat, you have to manually eject clips and actively reload them (gears of war style). Not only that, you can have 8 items (passive or active). With so many things going on that the player is responsible for, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Before the final boss, I always have to mentally prepare myself about which items are going to be used, and when. It’s a skillful game I feel I have a lot of agency over my own success, despite it being a rogue-like with random elements.

Nitpicks: Since the game is intense, you’ll likely die from a large amount of damage over a blink of an eye, rather than being slowly whittled down. To mitigate this, you can always stack up on defensive items to the point where that stops happening. This puts a premium on defensive items, yet 2/3rds of the items are offensive in nature, which means 2/3rds of the time, you’ll have bad luck. This is a personal opinion of mine though; not all players gravitate to pure defense, and some of the most coveted items are offensive. The coop can get buggy at times. There can be memory leak issues. Both of these issues are being worked on, as far as upcoming patch notes reveal. Almost all rogue likes have that "easy first stage", where there’s not much of a challenge, and you don’t really lose any resources; Synthetik is no different. I wish there was a way to skip the first two stages through some sort of officiated option, but it’s not yet possible. The game has a lot of cool mechanics and items, but at the same time there might be too many, because some of the mechanics need to be looked over and rebalanced; there’s a lot of items in the game I just plain ignore, but at least the game gives you the power to do that. My last nitpick is the difficulty spike; the final stage is wayyyy harder than the stages preceding it.

Gameplay: It’s a twin stick shooter. The shooting feels very satisfying, especially when you find the right weapon. The coop is playable; having latency over 75ms is pretty bad since there’s so much going on. This game starts off as a rogue-like, but if you level up a bit (the leveling doesn’t take too long to max out), you can put points into influencing which items/guns you want to see more of. Your ability to appraise items or guns will also be put to the test, and thankfully, Synthetik has a lot of visible numbers, so making decisions on your own is certainly possible. There are games like the Tower Defense genre, where you can have *too* many numbers that you can’t realistically make a good decision about an upgrade; you have to just try it out and hope for the best. This isn’t really the case for Synthetik, so each run tends to be enjoyable in discovering new things or combination thereof.

Graphics: Passing. My biggest gripe is the player character’s avatar, who looks like Robocop. There are four classes in the game, which are pallete swaps of Robocop.

Sounds: Pretty good. Lots of guns, and lots of different gunfire leads to pleasing shots reverberating through my headset. The music is utterly forgettable, so I like to put on a youtube playlist on.

Story: Nonexistant. You might wonder why the bad guys say "Die, betrayer", but once you realize that’s about 1/10th of the game’s dialogue, you stop caring.

Bottom Line: This game is for people who like difficult games, where difficulty is fair, and your ability to click things to death isn’t the only thing that matters.


Posted: March 17, 2018
Synthetik delivers high on cyberpunk roguelike and high on RNG rollercoasters, it’s very almost excellent – *almost*

Synthetik is an odd beast, a 2D tilted overhead view roguelike where you, a far future android, get to blow stuff up and are to find the Heart of Armageddon, a doomsday machine that will usher in the end of humanity. Yeah yeah, find big nasty, blow up big nasty, win game.

Fires up game, pauses…

… Two buttons for reload? What sorcery is this? You actually have to press a button to *eject* clips? And a third (though you can do it with the "R" button if you want to be dirty) for an active reload?

Initially the mechanic seems entirely counterintuitive, games like Enter The Gungeon already got the whole reload idea down to a fine art, except when you play the game, it rapidly becomes second nature, and the eject button is a conscious choice because in this game unless your weapon is modded the right way, reloads waste the remaining clip which means if you are one of these people who tends to reload obsessively to keep your gun topped up on the offchance that there’s a big firefight around the corner, this can get very, very ammo expensive in a hurry.

The Eject button suddenly stops being the thing you press automatically and something you size up at the end of a frantic firefight – do you have enough in the clip to really *need* to toss a bunch of ammo simply to get the benefit of a full gun, are those last few rounds going to cost you down the line? For some guns this is much less of a problem (SMG’s in particular you can ignore nearly half a clip and merrily be on your way as long as your ammo total is good), Sniper rifles? You’ll be counting each and every shell as if it’s a precious child of death that you need to cling to.

So fine, this game has one of the most realistic (for a game) ammo reload systems I’ve seen, that’s cool, it’s still a… wait what headshots? In a 2D game? HUH? I have to *aim* at the enemies heads? And there’s a modifier that gives them realistic hitboxes?

Not so cocky now are you Mr. Tiger…

Okay, so yes, I’ll admit, I went into this expecting a far future version of Enter the Gungeon, the reality is probably somewhere between a 2D version of CS:GO plus Teleglitch plus EtG welded together in some kind of strange, beautiful experiment that has resulted in an almost perfect union. I say almost because there’s a few issues with the game, some of which don’t actually connect to the gameplay itself, but design decisions like for instance – LET ME TURN OFF THE ONLINE CHAT AND LOBBY NOTIFICATIONS, ALL OF IT. Some of us do not need the constant prompting that there’s lobbies going up, we don’t need a reminder that global chat exists, just give us a tickbox in the options menu that says "We’re antisocial, let us get on with the game."

Also – locking a high tier starting pistol behind that survey is annoying as all sin. It turns out said pistol has some hefty damage alpha to it and is way, way ahead of the ones you get as the class base, so that scores you a negative mark. The 1,000 data cost for it was deliberate to get people to go to the survey, not cool.

Those are the only two significant blemishes on the game. I can’t yet speak for the boss encounters (expect my review to be updated once I have) but the moment to moment gunplay, the grabbing of various upgrades and the fact the levels include enough variety to keep you interested regardless of whether it’s the first or tenth or hundredth attempt shows testament that they’ve tuned their design exceptionally well.

We need guns… lots of guns

There’s a *massive* variety of guns to play around with, as of the time of this review there’s four classes to play with (There needs to be a Pistol+SMG specialist class possibly marked as "Soldier") and there’s an ungodly level of depth once you get into the whole "Upgrade your guns with things that can drastically affect their behaviour" during the game. Enemies too come in a vast number of varieties and variants, and their elite versions quickly force you to think strategically and time your reloads in cover.

This is a game that is built around, and specialises in gunplay, and it does this with superb style and aplomb, given the 2D nature this is particularly tricky as translating the weight and power of weapons can be a real issue, but suffice to say, it’s been executed excellently, along with a solid soundtrack that keeps you engaged and perfectly fits the edge of armageddon vibe that’s going on.

For the price of entry? You’re going to get a lot of replayability, and if the devs support the game post release with extra classes and content, this game is easily one of the picks for the first half of 2018.

Verdict: Highly recommended.


Posted: September 12, 2018
I really like this game. The developers are friendly towards the community and they fix everything we ask for and then some. The Co-op is not the most stable but each update it became at least twice as stable as before. The gameplay however is unique. It’s mindless fun unlocking stuff, prestiging then doing it again.

The best thing is that THE GAME KEEPS GETTING UPDATED every month or bi months as of now. I played since the release of version 12 and i must say it was worth buying even on full price. The content here will keep you busy for hours and more is on the way too.

I simply recommend it. You have to experience the game for yourself to get why I love it so much.
Love what you done here guys!


Posted: October 5, 2018
You know normally I’d write a long, eloquent analytical review if I do review a game.

This is not needed here.


This game exists on the same plateau as Doom, as Descent, as Contra. It just works. And then the good people over at Flow Fire reworked it, made it better and did it for free. Buy this game. Just buy it. You’ll thank yourself.

Tasker 2016

Posted: April 17, 2018
This game owns. If you consider yourself a true psychogamer you must play this game.

Gameplay is reminiscent of Brigador or the Crusader series. Except unlike the Crusader games, the controls are actually good.

Just hop in and start playing with a minimum of BS. My only complaint, as always, is that unlock systems are dumb. Just give me access to all the loadout options and let me pick the ones I want.

EDIT: Played a lot more and I think this is the best game made in like the last five years. I just want to frag.

EDIT 2: Rebind both eject and reload to space bar. Trust me on this one.

vincent stapler

Posted: November 5, 2018
It didn’t take long for this game to show its potential among the kings of top-down games recently in my opinion, along with Heat Signature, Helldivers, Enter the Gungeon, Ruiner, Nuclear Throne, and many others I can’t think of right now.

I’m gonna keep it simple with a list of things I love about this game.
– Headshots in a top down shooter
– Active reloading
– Weapon jamming
– Movement based recoil
– Tactical gameplay that requires careful planning rather than mindless shooting due to above things
– Your drone pal that does a number of helpful things
– Overall look and feel is excellent whilst still being clear and playable
– Multiple classes that play quite differently in terms of aggressiveness
– Satisfying skills/abilities/weaponry/sounds in general/etc.
– You can trick enemies into shooting each other


Posted: March 19, 2018
Quick Version: Very solid roguelike for it’s unique and deep mechanics and nice setting. Very active and outreaching developers.

Full Version

– A top down shooter with HEADSHOT MECHANICS!
– A Unique reload system, press E to release magazine, every bullet still in the magazine will be lost and press R to reload, a second corretly timed press will make it so the gun reloads faster (similar to Gears of War)
– Weapons can also jam.
– Can be stealthy, it’s all up to you, the pace of the game depends on how many enemies have spotted you and are currently shooting you. A.I. works well enough.
– It also has difficulty modifiers to make the game harder or easier. For example the reload system can be switched to the classic "Press "R" to reload" system.

This game also has a progression system with 4 classes with a loadout system, featuring diffrent starting weapons, items, perks and body upgrades like more HP, shields, luck ecc… (body upgrades are lost upon death and are found in game.)
There’s also a variety of diffrent weapons, items and ammo types, like corrosive, burning, bleeding.

Let me tell you another thing I personally like about this game: EVERYTHING IS USEFUL!!! Have you ever played a game where you get things like "CHOOSE AN UPGRADE" And they’re all either very situational or provide a very minimal benefit? Yeah not in this game, it’s very appreciated having to actually ponder over what upgrade to get.

Visuals are nice and polished and the UI is designed to be as practical as it can.

There’s not much bad in the game really, some bugs and collision issues but they are getting fixed every day by the developers who I think have the right approach to developement (very open to community suggestions but they don’t just please the community’s cries, they listen to themselves first which is the way it should be.) Maybe even too open as we don’t really need links to reddit forums and global chat notifications in the game.

It’s honestly a very satisfying game to play.

!!! Has online co-op but i personally haven’t tried it so I can’t vouch for it.