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The prophecies of the Dragon Cults have come to pass…

Three Draconic Lords have returned to their ancestral home in the Firelands, each one claiming dominance over territory and fighting to claim the legendary Crown of Command as his own. For he who claims this mighty artefact shall be crowned Dragon King, and all living things will bow to his tyrannical rule or suffer his rage. A new quest for the Crown of Command has begun, more terrifying and dangerous than ever before … an era of terror and flame is at hand!

The Dragon is an epic level expansion, forcing the characters to confront fearsome dragons and deadly challenges throughout the game. Players draw dragon tokens at the start of their turns which commonly results in placing a dragon scale on one of the Draconic Lords. When a Draconic Lord accumulates three dragon scales, he becomes the new Dragon King and one of his dragon scales is placed on the game board. Characters encountering a dragon scale on a space on the board must draw a Dragon Card instead of drawing from the regular Adventure deck. Characters may claim the dragon scale on their space if they kill an Enemy from a Dragon Card. Each dragon scale a character claims increases his fighting prowess against the Draconic Lords and their minions. When a character builds up enough power and courage, he must reach the Crown of Command in the Inner Region and vanquish the Dragon King to win the game!

Talisman: The Dragon adds a dangerous new Inner Region for heroes to conquer. The Draconic Lords and their legion of dragons are represented in over 300 new cards and tokens. Six brand-new characters offer fantastic new player experiences.

Ascend the Dragon Tower and confront the Dragon King!
    • OS: Windows Vista
    • Processor: 2.0GHz Dual Core
    • Memory: 2 MB RAM
    • Graphics: 1280×768 resolution on board graphics
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
    • Storage: 100 MB available space
    • Sound Card: On board
Talisman - The Dragon Expansion-0
Talisman - The Dragon Expansion-1
Talisman - The Dragon Expansion-2
Talisman - The Dragon Expansion-3
Talisman - The Dragon Expansion-4
Talisman - The Dragon Expansion-5
Talisman - The Dragon Expansion-6
Talisman - The Dragon Expansion-7
Talisman - The Dragon Expansion-8
Talisman - The Dragon Expansion-0
Talisman - The Dragon Expansion-1
Talisman - The Dragon Expansion-2
Talisman - The Dragon Expansion-3
Talisman - The Dragon Expansion-4
Talisman - The Dragon Expansion-5
Talisman - The Dragon Expansion-6
Talisman - The Dragon Expansion-7
Talisman - The Dragon Expansion-8
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Talisman: Digital Edition
Hello all,

A new update is now live – v. 68904.

Patch Notes

  • Able to get expansion icons on base game character cards.
  • Can’t use dark fate on a Troll who rolls.
  • Logic fixes for how Ghost are affected by Runestones.
  • Mutant ability to stop toading is controlled by the wrong player.
  • Dark binding issues when a Troll decides to regenerate instead of moving.
  • Crash fix for when a player turns into a Ghost.

  • Crash fix for Phobos and Deimos swapping place on their last life.
  • Fix for Auto-Kill being wrongly presented against Amarok.
  • Cave Troll no longer disappears when it regenerates.
  • Fix for Zephyr incorrectly taking 2 lives.
  • Aeon Demon’s event ability no longer triggered if a player evades.
  • Absorbed Beasts should now correctly be removed from the board.
  • Fix for Jurassus not correctly getting a modifier.
  • Evading enemies in combat who can’t be evaded should now still count as a loss.
  • Fix for incorrect dice being displayed during Trovius’ movement.
  • Trovius missing a line of rules text.
  • Fixes for Phobos’ Fury rule.
  • Atropa no longer heals lives when a character in a different region uses fate.
  • Trovius can now move all ways in the City.
  • Ifrit Sultan no longer disappears after s player burns a card.

  • n/a

  • No longer able to use the Healer’s Kit on the Cursed Glade.

  • n/a

  • n/a

  • Logic fixes for the Grand Bazaar.
  • Harbinger rule should override Breach rule.
  • Loop fix for the Ruined City.
  • Crash fix for rolling a 6 for the Six Fates Inn card then starting your next turn.

  • AI improvements for co-op endings.

  • No longer able to use Frozen Winds Beast reward with no targets.
  • Frozen Wind now considers all regions.
  • Frozen wind now considers whether targets are alive or not.
  • Fix for the Lost Knowledge miss a turn outcome..
  • UI cleanup for the resume lobby button.
  • Deep Realms now auto-disables in online play if the owner of the City and/or Dungeon leaves.
  • UI cleanup for the Beasts tab.
  • Enter key no longer triggers the top command option.

Thank you all for your continued feedback and helping us improve the game.

Could we have in the settings an option to set as a default to always Skip to next Human Player? rather than manually having to do this every time. This is a skip feature is a good one, was it always there? i haven’t played in a while and only noticed i…






Talisman: Digital Edition
Hello all,

The Guardians of the land begin to rise…

The land of Talisman has suffered at the hands of man. Wizards and witches have scorched the earth, warriors and combatants have left blood and bodies across every available space, heroes and adventurers have given little regard to sacred soil that exists beneath their feet.

Now, something is stirring… The quest for the Crown is no longer the main concern of heroes when the long dormant behemoths and titans of Talisman finally wake from their slumber….

Today marks the release of the second digitally exclusive expansion created by Nomad Games!

With The Ancient Beasts comes a new layer of strategy to add to your adventure. No longer can the biggest Troll simply take whatever he wants. No longer can the strongest Witch simply cast her way to the Crown. The Guardians of the land are constantly moving obstacles to overcome. Some Beasts will hunt you down. Some Beasts will hunt each other. Some Beasts really don’t care that anything else is around them.

Among Sentinels, Portals, Enemies, Strangers, and other players… Now something new stands between you and the Crown of Command.

The rulebook can be found here[www.nomadgames.co.uk].


This build will likely make your old saves incompatible due to the fixes that will be included in this build.

As is standard, tracking specific bugs between the live build and different builds that we’ve been working on is normally tough so we are unable to produce a list of bug fixes. If you want to know if anything specific has been fixed then please ask.

Dev Note

Another standard for a new update, please complete any games that you want to complete on the old build before updating as old saves on the new build may be rendered unplayable.

Along with this, if you lose your Runestones and XP, please go to the leaderboard and hit refresh.

Special thanks…

As always, we are grateful for all the hours that people choose to give to helping us improve the quality of Talisman: Digital Edition. For this expansion we gave more people access at an earlier stage and some folk really went above and beyond in helping us ensure the highest standards possible.

Thanks especially to Neil, Nemo, Chesh, Potterman and talismanisland for your continued hard work and support.


Umbrella Incorporated



Hello all, The Guardians of the land begin to rise… The land of Talisman has suffered at the hands of man. Wizards and witches have scorched the earth, warriors and combatants have left blood and bodies across every available space, he…

At the very least, it’s a deceptive and unfair business practice, because the developer gains an unfair competitive advantage over another that would honestly define their "season pass" as covering only finite amouint of expansions. As lootboxes and oth…

Samurai Rabbit




lonely hobo

Posted: May 24
I love this game (IRL) but after giving the digital edition multiple chances over a long period of time I’m sad to say that the experience has always been riddled with bugs and frustration. Coming back to the game after this latest patch with high hopes I feel even more annoyed as it still plays as a buggy POS filled with issues (maybe even more so than the last time i played pre-patch), connection problems, random crashes and mechanics that don’t seem to interact at all.

For a game that many times take several hours to finish it really kills the experience when you experience a mid or late-game crash and then are unable to reconnect (Not that this should be seen as acceptable during any stage of the game) and when you give the game several chances and always end up with the same disappointment as the last time, or worse, it leads me to believe that the proper care and thought has not been put into the game by the devs… This might be the final straw in terms of playing Digital Talisman for me 🙁


Posted: May 29
ENG- I almost bought seassonpass for this game cause it was fun but than i saw seassonpass does not include new dlc’s and character dlc cause people who created this game decided to screw things up and make few enemies in gamers : /
POL- chciałem kupić seassonpass jednak okazało sie że nie zawiera on nowych dlc i nie będzie zawierać tak samo jak z niektórymi postaciami co sprawia że z fajnej gry zrobiło się coś co w sumie okrada nas za kupno seasson passa który miał dawać wszystko jednak nagle twórcy zmienili jego opis bo tak



Posted: May 27
It’s an awesome board game with ton of interesting mechanics. Just don’t buy Season Pass – it’s bad. As long as you play online – other players can share all DLC with you while you have only base game.



Marik B.


Lone Sylvan


Me and my partner like to play with no respawns so once a character dies the other player wins. I was hoping the new expansion would allow us to become ghosts and get back to our bodies giving us an extra step before being wiped out entirely but it doesn’…

Hello,if I have all the expansions, my friends who only have the basic game, can they play with expansions if I am the host?

Talisman: Digital Edition


Thank you to all supporters of Talisman and its digital counterpart over the past 5 years. Without the fans of Talisman and without fans of Talisman: Digital Edition, we wouldn’t be in this position to add to the illustrious tapestry that is Talisman. We love this game and we hope that the future of Talisman continues to be full of adventure and victory.

Talisman Season Pass

When we originally introduced the Season Pass purchase option for Talisman on January 10, 2014, we did so in the interest of offering a great deal for players that were wanting to get all of the content we were recreating digitally from the physical board game. Fans that were familiar with the physical board game could get the Season Pass and know that they were getting a digital copy of that complete experience they loved about the physical board game, with the content delivered as we completed creating it over the following months and years.

After a couple of weeks of being on sale, it became clear from feedback and discussions that we hadn’t communicated clearly as to what would happen for new content that we wanted to create beyond the 4th edition re-creation. So we updated the store page for the season pass on January 27th 2014 to clarify that the season pass would include content from just the 4th edition board game.

Over time, we finished building that 4th edition content and delivering it to all the customers who bought the season pass. We have recently released a brand new piece of content that wasn’t part of the original 4th edition board game and expands the game much further and we currently have plans for more exclusive DLC. However, we have had customers who have highlighted that when they fully invested in supporting Talisman it was during a time that we promised all content for the game and we have since changed the terms of the product they supported. This has been a topic that has been debated and discussed many times. After much internal discussion, we have made the decision to grant all content that will be made for Talisman: Digital Edition to all Steam users that supported us in those early days by buying a season pass upon the release of the game. So, we’ve worked with Valve to make sure we can grant all future content to those players who bought the Season Pass during that time. If you bought the Season Pass between January 10 and January 27th, 2014 you will now see the latest DLC in your library.

This decision comes late in the day and so we can only apologise for how long it has taken us to support those people that supported us back in ye olde days. We hope that the decision that has been made is a positive one and that we can all look forward to the new content being created by Nomad.

Future of the Season Pass

As season passes exist for pre-purchasing content we will seek to retire the current season pass as Steam offers better ways (bundling) for users to buy all content and/or complete their collection.

We will get a bit more creative with our bundles so people who have bits and pieces of DLC will be able to complete their collections at a discounted price.

Digital Exclusive Content

Although some users have requested a new season pass that will deliver digital exclusive content to a pass in the same way the old season pass handled the Revised 4th Edition content, this won’t be achievable for the new content. Although we never knew just how far the physical content would go there was a wealth of content for us to add a reasonable price to with a roadmap for delivery. The digital exclusive content has different requirements for creation and implementation and we don’t have a back catalogue of DLC to include here and so our knowledge of exactly where the content will go is limited to our current approved designs and, as such, we can’t appropriately price a pass for this.

We will create a mini-pack that will be available for purchase before the release of our next expansion, The Ancient Beasts, and it will allow users to purchase the next 3 pieces of DLC at a reduced cost. We will release more details of the future content when this pack goes live.


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